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To CIF Master Data from R/3 to APO system, we need to do 2 primary steps
a. Creation of integration model
b. Activate the integration model and send the data
STEP 1: Go to transaction CFM1 and give the model name, Logical system of APO
System and APO application and check the material check box and provide
Material number and plant name and then press F8

Integration model is generated we will get below screen

STEP 2: Go to Transaction CFM2 for activating the integration model. We will get below screen then press F8. .

Now the status is so it is in Active state .click on the new status (Inactive).Double click on Products Select the latest integration model which is in the top in the list .

Please provide Selection criteria as much as possible for example We need to CIF Sale order from R/3 to APO system while creating integration model (CFM1) . NOTE: 1. While creation integration model select variant rather than giving values for example if we need to send PO to APO system then select variant PurOrder form the list then give material .we will get log with message ‘Material master data is Now got APO systems go to transaction /sapapo/mat1 we will see respective product and location. plant and other related information I avoids blocking another queues and maximum number of hits . 2. .Now Press on Start button transfer to SCP system.

For APODB. APO application can access data speedly. For Production CIFFING related issues please contact Bob division or Bob Crowe. (liveCache is one of the function of MAXDB). And some part of transaction data (most of the part) are stored in liveCache. (liveCache data is accessed by special routins that are called . liveCache has more bigger datacache. you can use MAXDB for APODB and liveCache. Since most of the data are stored in dataCache (it is better to be stored in datacache. MAXDB. APO system has 2 database APODB and liveCache. For liveCache. (Compared to normal DB. plant and related information of Sale order. MSSQL.Provide Material. Otherwise expensive disk access occur). From new SCM release. If you have DB knowlege. Please follow the above procedure to do CIFFING in quality and development systems only. So all data can be stored in dataCache. Generally master data and some other data are stored in APODB. (But still there is 2 kinds of DB). maybe you can get rough image of liveCache. 3. While generating integration model we will get some popup message due to previous Blocked(error)integration models Then press Ignore button which means ignore the previous errors 4. if we give only plant name then all the sales order belongs to plant are transfer to APO system. liveCache is one of the database used in APO system. their is no choice. you can use normal DB like Oracle. DB2. <Off course this require certain amount physical memory>).

This interface is called CIF. you have to be careful to the consistency between APO and R/3 (this consistency check can be done by delta report) and APODB .liveCache. Therefore liveCache is called memory based database. and if most of the data is stored in liveCache. The data exchange between R/3 and APO is done by qRFC. (Since some of the data are stored in APODB and liveCache. As well. So same as other DB. Then when it arrive in APO. this means data is on memory.from function module start with /sapapo/OM*) liveCache is often called memory based database. APODB and liveCache is accessed via several function modules including /SAPAPO/OM*. Then this data comes back with R/3 document number to APO with qRFC format. it is recommended to store all the data in dataCache in liveCache. And its copy is stored in dataCache (memory). About the connection between R/3. and there is some relatation between APODB and liveCache) I hope this explanation help you . qRFC is executed and within this function module. So if you use SCM system. So this created data is sent to R/3 and stored in R/3 database. But actually it also has DB (disk). So if someone create data in APO. this creation also create some even to create qRFC data to R/3. transaction data is stored in liveCache. The difference between other DB and liveCache is. DB(disk) has all data.