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Quality Assurance

Capgemini has an internal team called Subject Matter Expert (SME) composed by
SAP expert consultants.
The SME team will analyze the processes contained in the scope of this proposal and
evaluate technically the SAP environment and ensure the topics below.

Assess and Mitigate Risks in Your SAP ECC Implementation
Understand the risks and challenges involved in implementation.
Design a comprehensive quality and risk management plan to help you navigate
complex projects.
Guide to ensure effective implementation and monitoring of the solution.

Review the Design of Your SAP ECC Implementation
Ensuring that the system design meets your business needs is vital to achieving
Business Benefits. The Design Review of SAP Solution service reviews your SAP
solution to identify any misalignments, provides you with actionable recommendations
to help support your business processes and minimize risks.
Evaluate flexibility, efficiency, completeness, and maintainability of the solution
Identify design risks and present actionable recommendations.
Assure that the proposed solution is in line with SAP standards and best practices.

Review Project Development Activities
Providing quality developments in a timely manner helps keep your project on track.
The Review of Project Related Development provides Quality Assurance review of your
functional specification to ensure quality and to help maximize the use of your IT

Review the Security for your SAP Business Suite

Strengthen system and data security – while minimizing risks. Assess current security practices. The Strategy Development for Education service helps you design an education solution strategy to maximize the proficiency of SAP use. cost of ownership. and corporate security strategy Determine an approach for each of your key security scope domains Collect information to address internal and external system audit requirements Use the results to establish best practices and standards for your security controls Assess your Testing Strategy Testing the integrity of your system processes and data helps minimize risks associated with a system implementation. Develop a Strategy for Education Deploying the correct education solution can significantly reduce risks and enable users to achieve greater efficiency. and vulnerability – with the Security Review for SAP Business Suite. Create roadmap of activities necessary to achieve the education goals of the project Determine training requirements and budgets early Plan and assign project personnel to training activities effectively . The Testing Strategy Assessment service is designed to identify the effectiveness of your testing strategy and help optimize your testing approach. infrastructure.