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Bratcher 1

Anthony Bratcher II
Mrs. Raymond
English 1104
6 July 2016
From the Beginning
Learning to write isnt fun, but with a little practice it gets better. For me writing never came easy
because my comprehension skills were never the best. However, I do continue to practice my writing
skills to enhance them as much as I can.
My writing journey started in pre-k. I was four years old and my teacher asked me to write the
letter a. Of course as a little four-year-old just starting pre-k I didnt know how to spell an a, but that
didnt mean I wasnt going to try. I slowly started to notice that this was a lot harder than it looked. My
teacher also noticed it from the numerous scribblings on my paper. She showed the class and I how to
draw an A and handed out a trace paper so that we could learn how to write the letter. As years past, I
got better in my writing skills but, in the eighth grade that would all change. My eighth grade English
class was very different from what I expected. Going into the class I thought it would be like my seventh
grade class until we got an essay. I didnt know what to write on an essay and what it was. This time I
realized that my writing and comprehension of what a prompt was asking wasnt the best. I could never
get my point across without actually answering the question. I had to attend many tutoring sessions in
order for me to enhance my writing skills. As the school year progressed I began to see growth in my
writing. I had felt more confident in my writing. Throughout high school I continued my practice with
writing. It wasnt until my senior year that I noticed a problem with my writing again. During my first
semester I noticed that my essays didnt seem as professional as others were. I seemed to misspell words
and I didnt have the same amount of sophisticated words in mine compared to other students. I needed to
extend my vocabulary in order to enhance my writing skills. I went to my teachers office hours and over

Bratcher 2
the course of three weeks I began to notice a difference in my writing style. My thought process of what
words would fit best with the prompt and what I was talking about became comprehendible. My fellow
peers even started to ask me what I was doing differently and if I could give them any tips on how to
enhance their writing.
By becoming a better writer, I have become a better reader as well. I have increased my ability to
comprehend text and to write about what I have read. Although I am not quite where I want to be, I am
thankful all of the teachers who helped me grow into a better writer.