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I have spent so much time thinking my

thoughts alone that I have not had anyone

to pull me back into more conventional
modes of thought. One of the
consequences of this is that my thoughts
have become a strange mélange of
mathematics, physics, metaphysics, and
theology1, resulting in barriers of
understanding whenever I try to explain
what my mind has been doing during all
these years of lonely thought.2

I am unrepentant for this weakness, for all language is but a metaphor for
something that we cannot name. This thought is true not just for poetry,
where it is somewhat of a cliché, but also for any form of communication.
Even Mathematics, considered by some to be the most objective of
languages, is but, as I once defined it, “The study of Exact Metaphor3.”
(Everything that follows should be seen not as a truth, but as a Metaphor.)

I have discovered a pattern which, no matter how hard I try, insists on infecting
my thoughts4. A visual version of this pattern is represented by the picture in
the upper left hand corner of this page. It is the Borromean Rings5, three
cords linked in such a way that if any cord be broken the remaining two cords
are no longer linked. Thinking upon these rings, it struck me that this was the
perfect metaphor God as a Trinity6.

Other forms of the same pattern are: Spaces of Three Dimensions, Spaces of
Four Dimensions, the arrangement of Carbon Atoms in a Diamond, R.
Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetic Geometry, etc. (Truly, to me all this ties

At various times, I have tried to explain pieces of this to others. I will now include to different attempts at
explanation. The first attempt was written about ten years ago with an artist friend in mind and, though it was written

This is a return, by me, to an earlier mode of doing science. Isaac Newton. In his Principles of
Natural Philosophy, which gave us the first Theory of Gravity, referred to Space & Time as the
“Sensorium of God?” (It seems likely that Newton thought of himself as the latest in a line of
Prophets sent by the Unitary God, stretching through the Old Testament and including Jesus, to
straighten out priestly misunderstandings of the True Religion.)
This problem has been exacerbated by the “Third Person Omniscient” writing style that was
saddled on me by six years working in the “Mental Health Field.” It is hard to voice a distinctly
personal view of the world, when you are busy pretending to be impossibly “Objectively
A college friend defined mathematics as a species of “Mental Masturbation.”
Sometimes I believe that everything is a form of this pattern.
A modern interpretation of these Rings is as a symbol for Cooperation and Teamwork.
I have since discovered that this visualization of the Trinity is not original to me and the
Borromean Rings is actually a very old Christian symbol.
with a poetic7 Idiom, its language is suggestive of the actual Mathematics.

What follows is a corrected version of something I recently wrote for a friend, who more of a mathematician than I,
trying to explain my thoughts to him. It is a Theology written in the idiom of Mathematics and Physics. (I think he is
still in shock from having received it.)

I have been thinking about what I mean when I say that a

“certain algebraic expression for Space exits only in 1, 2 and
4 dimensions.” Of course this is pure horseshit because a type
of Algebra, called Linear Algebra, exits for any dimension
and in fact this gives us, by putting no restrictions on the
size of the matrices, an algebra that covers any possible
number of dimensions. I think the algebraic structure I am
thinking of could be characterized as a Normed Associative
Hyper-complex Algebra. Another characteristic of the
Algebras I am talking about is that they can be
interchangeably thought of as representing either all
“points” or all “rotations”8 (this may follow from the first

There is a nice comparison between the way Quaternions

naturally split into a Real (Temporal) part and a Vector
(Spatial) part, and the splitting of our understanding of the
world between Left Brain functions (Temporal sequences9)
and Right Brain functions (Spatial arrangements10). This is
one example of the way the world mirrors our personal
sensorium. The same split can be seen in the split between
“Time-like Separation” and “Space-like Separation” of the
Minkowski Space-time of Special Relativity Theory. (In this
metaphor, events whose separation is “Light-like” make up
the Corpus Callosum11 of the “Universal Brain12.”

Poet is from Greek, meaning “a maker.”
Or, as a “Point of View.”
The Corpus Callosum is often left out of explanations of the “Split Brain.” It is the part that
communicates (Binds) between the two Brain Hemispheres.
“God” (If we understand God, as Spinoza does, as the total of the world, then this is simply the statement
that “Man is created in God’s image.” Further, it could be seen as evidence for a pseudo “Refection
Some statements on the “Bicameral Universe” (A Trinitarian Update of Spinoza):
 Determinism is restored by the existence of two Fields of Reality — the
“Tardyonic Field” and the “Tachyonic Field.”
 The “Tardyonic Field,” “Reality,” is inherently Time-like, while the “Tachyonic
Field” is inherently Space-like.
 Events, which are potentially capable of being Witnessed or Controlled by a
Conscious Nexus of the Universe, constitute the subject matter of the
“Tardyonic Field.”
 Events, which are not potentially capable of being Witnessed or Controlled by a
Conscious Nexus of the Universe, constitute the subject matter of the
“Tachyonic Field.”
 The “Tardyonic Field” and the “Tachyonic Field” are Bounded (Together and
Separated) by the “Photonic Field” (Light).
 We could see “God” as synonymous with the “Photonic Field” (monotheistic:
“God is Light”) or we could see “God’s” Causal Effectiveness (“Actions“) in the
World (“Christ, the Son“) as the “Tardyonic Field,” “God’s” Synchronistic
Effectiveness (“Providence“) in the World (“God The Father”) as the
“Tachyonic Field,” each bounded (in both senses) by the “Photonic Field.” (The
“Tardyonic Field” is the Field of Language; in this sense Christ is “The Word.”)
 Light is everywhere (and nowhere) and exits in timelessness — both traditional
attributes of God.
 If the latter is correct: because the Ego, in the philosophic sense, is a Conscious
Nexus, we are crippled in our ability to conceive of “God” in the fullest sense.
Even our Prayers betray us; we say “I want” and “I need.”

Principle” argument: “The Universe is ultimately indefinable and so any definition of the Universe must
also fit some smaller part of the Universe, else we would have succeeded in defining the Universe by this
definition; the universe is split between ‘Time-like processes’ and ‘Space-like processes’ and so some
smaller part of the universe (Man, etc.) must also fit this definition.”
 To truly understand God we must try to act not only at the level of Language
(“Word”), but also beyond ourselves in the Service of Others.13
 Though we are inherently time-like, we must try to be space-like. (Compare what I
have written, with the “Serenity Prayer.”)


"Anything that is done for others, and not yourself, is a Prayer, in action, to God."