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Checking authenticity of my ON 100% Gold Standard Whey


1. Aim of this document .01

2. Background ....01
3. Retailer Information...01
4. Product specification..02
5. Detailed Pictorial Product Description.03

Packaging and Quality of the Tub/Jar/Printed Labels04


Manufacturing information ...06


Quantity and Number of Servings07


Nutrition Facts.08


BAR CODE and scan results.09


QR CODE and scan results...10


Manufacturing date/ Expiry Date /Batch Number at the bottom 11


Cap of the Tub/Jar with ON Authentic Hologram (Apparently)..12


Plastic Seal on the Cap after removal..13


Cap/Lid after removing plastic seal ....14


Neck of the Tub/Jar..14


The Scoop...15

6. Summary16


Date: 09-August-2016

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1. Aim of this document

To verify if the Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein (5 LB)-Double Rich
Chocolate is authentic or fake.

2. Background
I joined a nearby gym in the beginning of year 2014. I am an absolute layman when it comes to
supplements. On various suggestions I bought my first supplement i.e. Optimum Nutrition 100%
Gold Standard Whey Protein (5 LBs Tub)-Double Rich Chocolate in the beginning of year 2015.
I consumed the same within 2-3 months. Thereafter, I switched to some other products.
Why do I need to check the authenticity?
Obviously I need to know what I am taking. Further, now I wish to switch back to ON Whey.
The previous retailer is offering me ON 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein (Double Rich
Chocolate) 5 LBs for Rs. 5400 and 10 LBs for Rs.9500 (as on 08-August-2016).
Also, I am now aware of the issue of authenticity being faced by ON products in India. After
watching scores of videos on YouTube and other relevant sites some doubts have cropped up in
my mind regarding the ON Whey I had consumed back in 2015. I wish to know if the product
described herein is authentic or fake.
In order to be comprehensive I will be generous with pictures and details of the product. For
further information I can be contacted at

The facts which give rise to suspicion have been written in red font while the
facts which pointed towards authenticity of the product have been written in

3. Retailer Information
The concerned product was purchased from Retailer Name - Just Nutrition
Retailer Address
Shop Number 141, Vardhman Star City Mall, Dwarka Sector 7, New Delhi, India,
PIN 110075
(By sharing retailer information I do not wish to conclude that this retailer deals in fake products.
This document merely intends to invoke consumer awareness by exchange of information.)


Date: 09-August-2016

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4. Product Specification
a. As mentioned on the tub/jarProduct -Whey Protein
Brand Optimum Nutrition
Category 100% Gold Standard
Weight 5 LB (2.27 Kg)
Number of Servings 74
(Contents per scoop (30.4 g) Protein -24 g, BCAAs -5.5 g and Glutamine & Glutamic
Acid- 4g.)
Flavour Double Rich Chocolate
Expiry Date -10/16
Manufacturing Date 10/14


Batch# 0000719409
Manufactured ByOptimum Nutrition
975 Meridian Lake Dr. Aurora, IL 60504
Manufactured in the USA

b. As observed upon consumption

Texture Almost Fine powder
Colour- Light Chocolate
Mixability Mixed well with water and double toned milk (using a shaker)
Taste- Neither too chocolaty nor too sweet, it had a hint of chocolate though.


Date: 09-August-2016

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5. Detailed Pictorial Product Description

5.1 Packaging and Quality of the Tub/Jar/Printed Labels
a. The quality of the tub/jar seems good.
b. The labels too have a fine quality print.
c. Apparently there is no spelling or grammatical mistake on the printed


Date: 09-August-2016

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Date: 09-August-2016

Page 5

5.2 Manufacturing information

Manufactured ByOptimum Nutrition

975 Meridian Lake Dr. Aurora, IL 60504
Manufactured in the USA


Date: 09-August-2016

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5.3 Quantity and Number of Servings

5.3.1 Net Wt 5LB (2.27 KG)

24 G Protein, 5.5 G BCAAs, 4G Glutamine & Glutamic Acid per scoop of 30.4 G

5.3.3 Number of Servings - 74


Date: 09-August-2016

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5.4 Nutrition Facts


Date: 09-August-2016

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5.5.1 Results on scanning the barcodeThough the barcode app did not show the product information but a Google
Search hinted at Optimum Nutrition Whey. An Amazon search too showed
up results for Optimum Nutrition Whey.


Date: 09-August-2016

Page 9

5.6 QR Code

5.6.1. Results on scanning the QR CodeThe QR scanning code app did point to Optimum Nutrition website. But the
link displayed a 404 Error.


Date: 09-August-2016

Page 10

5.7 Manufacturing date/ Expiry Date /Batch Number at the bottom of the
EXP 10/16 MFD 10/14 12:02
BATCH# 0000719409
Expiry Date has been mentioned
Manufacturing Date is written First)




Date: 09-August-2016



Page 11

5.8 Cap of the Tub/Jar

Importer Logo/Sticker/Hologram ( for e.g. Neulife etc) is absent
a. Top view - with plastic seal

b. Side view ON Logo (Apparently a Hologram Sticker)


Date: 09-August-2016

Page 12

5.9 Plastic Seal on the Cap after removal

5.9.1 Quality of the seal was good, once removed from the lid, it cannot be resued.
a. Outer view of the seal

b. Inside view of the seal

The ON Authenitc hologram (apparently) is not a hologram but is printed on
the plastic strip/seal itself. On a closer look, it does not look like a hologram but
has been printed in glossy golden colour.


Date: 09-August-2016

Page 13

5.10 Cap/Lid after removing plastic seal

a. Top View

b. View from inside

5.11 Neck of the Tub/Jar


Date: 09-August-2016

Page 14

5.12 The Scoop

National Measures 70 cc embedded at the bottom of the scoop


Date: 09-August-2016

Page 15

6. Summary
6.1 Facts in favour of authenticity
1. The retailer is located in a reputed market of Dwarka, New Delhi, India
2. The retailer stocks prodcuts from various brands
3. The quality of the jar/tub was good
4. Labels were of good quality without any mistake either of spellling or grammar
5. Barcode and QR code did give a hint to Optimum Nutrition Whey
6.2 Facts against authenticity
1. Absence of sticker of any authorized importer
2. Expiry date was mentioned before Manufacturing date
3. The quality of the seal on the lid/cap was good and cannnot be possible reused.
4. The apparent hologram on the seal placed at the lid/cap of the jar does not seam to be
an acutal hologram. It is printed on the seal itself and has not been affixed upon the
seal externally.
My judgment remains inconclusive about the authenticity of the product I purchased. But you
may provide me your valuable judgment (regarding the product I have purchased and as shared
in this document) on


Date: 09-August-2016

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