just being {me} layout

A Purple Cows Designer Project
by Robin Gibson http://ohscrapblog.blogspot.com


Purple Cows Smart Trimmer #1060 Purple Cows Click Blade Colonial #2810 Purple Cows Freestyle Mouse #6040 Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator #3025 Dymo Tape Tool


Purple Cows Hot Pocket #4050 Anna Gri n Blue Isabelle Paper Anna Gri n Isabelle 3D Die Cut Stickers Clearsnap Colorbox Cat’s Eye Ink Sour Apple Making Memories 5th Ave. Green Velvet Ribbon Nicole Arts Pearl Strand Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive Piece of lace, needle, thread, Ranger Adriondack Alcohol Ink “Lettuce” Me and My Big Ideas Icons Rhinestones Making Memories Tiny Alphas “mixed ledger” American Crafts Thickers “sprinkle” green Dymo Green Tape Clearsnap Smooch Spritz-Electric Blue

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just being {me} layout
Step by Step:
1. Using the #1060 Smart Trimmer, #6040 Freestyle Mouse and #2810 Colonial Decorative-edged blade, trim Blue 'Isabelle' patterened paper by Anna Gri n, as follows: Lay the full sheet on the cutting mat, trim each corner o the paper, so that the bottom and far edge are both 138mm ( 5 1/2") in length. This is to your liking really, if you choose to have more 'clear space' in your layout, you'll need to trim the pieces to a smaller size. Do this all the way around, so you have 4 equal sized 'corners' for your layout background.

2. To create the rst 'clear space', trim 13mm (1/2") o of the now diamond shaped paper remaining. Now you'll need to trim the inside of the diamond shape, keeping the edge intact, as follows: Using the pointer arrow on the top of the Freestyle Mouse, watch your trim line, and cut 13mm (1/2") inside your edge, all the way around. You just created a narrow diamond shaped strip. 3. To create the next 'clear space', in the way you just trimmed the inside edge, you'll trim 25mm (1") all the way around the inside. You should have a diamond shaped piece (for the middle background) that measures about 9" from top to bottom. The measurements are really all up to you. Make this uniquely yours and have more or less clear space ear to your liking!
Y n te e

4. Ink all edges of the pieces you'll keep to make your background, with Colorbox Cat's Eye Ink Queue 'Sour Apple'. Ink the edges of your photos or photo mat, as desired. Turn the #3020 Laminator on for a quick heat up, while you position your pieces to make your background layer.

5. Take a #4050 12x12 Hot Pocket and open it out on a at surface. Position the cut and inked pieces to create 'clear spaces' as shown, making your background. Be sure to position the corner pieces so your outside edge will appear to be 'lined up' once enclosed in the Hot Pocket. Position photos to your liking once the cut pieces are postioned. When you're happy with placement, run the whole page through the Laminator, and prepare to be amazed! Voila! Instant layout background that is fully protected, just waiting for some embellishment! 6. Create your lace ower by sewing a wide basting stitch along the bottom edge of a piece of lace. Measurement will depend on the type of lace used. This particular pattern was easier to choose by the number of pineapple designs. I chose 8, which gives my ' ower' 8 petals. If you're using a di erent type of lace, sew the stitch and gather the lace along the stitch line. When you have the desired amount of 'gather' and can connect each end with a couple of knot stitches, you're done. Trim this and adjust the gathers on the ower to your liking. Embellish the center with a coordinating 3D die-cut sticker from the Anna Gri n 'Isabelle' line. The Purple Cows Inc. 3210 North Canyon Rd. Suite 307 Provo, UT 84604 USA edges of the sticker should be inked with Colorbox Cat's Eye Ink Queue
www.purplecows.net • information@purplecows.net

just being {me} layout
7. Cut 2 lengths of Making Memories, 5th Avenue Green Velvet Ribbon, to frame your photos on the far right and bottom edges. Trim 2 lengths of the Pearl Strand, by Nicole Arts, to weave around the ribbon lengths. Adhere these to the far right and bottom edges, as shown, weaving the Pearl Strand around the Green Velvet Ribbon as you go. I used 450 Quick Dry Adhesive, by Helmar! 8. Next you'll measure another length of Pearl Strand, to drape around the far left and top edges of your layout, to your liking. Once you've positioned this as desired, adhere with Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. 9. Using Ranger's Adirondack Alcohol Ink 'Lettuce', ink 3 Me and My Big Ideas 'Icons' Rhinestones, and let dry. These are self-adhesive, so once dry, you can adhere them to the corners of your 'frame' as shown. 10. Place 3 clear Me and My Big Ideas 'Icons' Rhinestones on the body of the 3D Butter y sticker, {coordinating Anna Gri n 3D sticker sheet 'Isabelle'}, and place the sticker on the left edge of the Green Velvet Ribbon along the bottom edge of the photos. Place the 3D larger ower sticker in the upper right corner, where the Pearl Strand meets. 11. Using the Making Memories, Tiny Alphas 'mixed ledger', spell 'just being' and place in the upper left hand corner, just under the Pearl Strand corner meet. With the American Crafts Thickers 'Sprinkle' in Green, spell {me} just under the tiny alphas, as shown.

Year n te e

12. With green tape in the Dymo tool, spell out the titles or roles you play. Or words that describe you, and trim the edge of each word on an angle. Place these in list fashion, along the left edge of your photos, as shown. 13. I colored the intials and bracket pieces, along the bottom in this way: With the Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Ink 'Lettuce', I applied color to American Crafts Thickers 'Jewelry Box' in white. Let dry. Place the colored letters, and brackets {American Crafts Thickers 'Sprinkles' in Green}, in the Clearsnap ColorCatcher Box, and spray with Electric Blue Smooch Spritz Sprays. Let dry. Adhere along middle bottom of layout.

Purple Cows Inc. 3210 North Canyon Rd. Suite 307 Provo, UT 84604 USA www.purplecows.net • information@purplecows.net

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