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Dascha’s Yoga Instructions for Daily Practice

May 2008


Easy Lotus with Start in seated pose with legs crossed in front of you EASY LOTUS. Rotate
Rotation the body in gentle movement focusing in easy flow of breath. Reverse the

Seated Twist to Inhale bringing the arms up and twist to side with hands on the side of
Sides Body. Couple deep breath. Big inhale, bring the arms up and twist to the
other side.

Front Spine Big inhale, bring the arms up and extend the spine in front you, releasing
Extension – Feet The tension in the shoulders, neck and allowing your forehead to be very
straight out in heavy down toward the floor. Breath deeply into your lower back. Opening
front the space between your kidneys. Notice where you hold the tightness. With
focusing on exhalation release as much tension/tightness in your body and

Upper Torso Lift Inhale bring the arms up and place them behind you, now inhale and lift the
torso up to the sky, opening the heart and lungs. Breathe freely deep into
your belly. Exhale releasing the torso down in front of you, go little bit
longer and deeper than before.

Torso Lift onto Inhale the arms up, exhale the arms behind you and now lift the sitz bones
Knees off the floor, staying on your knees. Open the heart and lungs little bit
deeper than before, smooth, and hold with deep breath. Exhale and release
the torso in front of you, letting go of your worries, anxieties, fears, feeling
the gravity of mother earth. Inhale and come back up to seated pose.

Easy Lotus Side Place right elbow down and stretch the left side of body rotating your
Stretch heart toward the sun, hold for couple of breaths. You could stretch left leg to
the side, and stretch the back of your leg by pressing through your heel.

One Knee Down Now lift up on your right knee, left leg to the side, the torso extended up and
other Leg open the arms to the sides. Visualize opening between your shoulder
Straight to Side blades by reaching with the arms to the sides. Continue stretching the side
of the body to one side and then to the other. Repeat last two steps to other


Start in seated pose, legs extended in front of you. Both hands on the side
Basic Table of your sitz bones, fingers pointing toward your legs. Bend your knees, feet
hip distance apart on the floor, now lift your torso , making the legs, the
arms and torso at 90 degrees, just like coffee table. Your intention is to
make torso straight parallel with the floor. Perfect champagne table. Hold
couple of breath. Release your sitz bones down the floor, Exhale and
straighten your legs, both arms above your head, with the exhalation
release your torso down, extending and releasing, hands toward your toes,
torso toward your thighs, forehead toward your knees.
Table – Extend Inhale and lift back to the table, now stretch one leg parallel with the floor,
Legs Parallel to Hold for couple of breath. Switch the other leg in front of you. Release your
Floor sitz bones down the floor, Exhale and straighten your legs, both arms above
your head, with the exhalation release your torso down, extending and
releasing, hands toward your toes, torso toward your thighs, forehead
toward your knees.

Table – Cross Inhale and lift back to the table, now bend one leg over the opposite knee
one Leg over Hold for couple of breath. Switch legs. Release your sitz bones down the
Opposite Knee floor, Exhale and straighten your legs, both arms above your head, with the
exhalation release your torso down, extending and releasing, hands toward
your toes, torso toward your thighs, forehead toward your knees.

SIDE PLANK SIDE PLANK ---- On next inhalation, both legs parallel , ( you could bend
Right/Left one leg over), right arm down, extend with left arm , visualize opening space
between your shoulder blades. Hold for couple breath.

Front Spine Exhale and forward bend, legs straight or crossed

Extension – Feet
straight out in
FRONT PLANK Place the arms behind you, fingers pointing toward your back, legs
extended in front of you. Press your feet into the floor and raise your body
up like a violin string. Opening the chest, breath deeply, the arms strong,
stretching and strengthening the whole front of your body.

Front Spine Exhale and forward bend- legs can be crossed

Extension – Feet
straight out in
CHILD POSE Anytime you need to regain and refresh the energy go to child pose
PARTY TIME Drink plenty of fluids- in winter for immune system strengthening, squeeze
lemon into your water, add cayenne pepper, and for smoother taste add 1 or
2 tbsp of grade B Maple syrup (it contains more minerals). Bon Appetit!

Knees In Wiggle Squeeze the knees in with both hands, pressing the heels into the floor and
Toes wiggle the toes freely. Pay attention to your straight back, releasing the
tension from shoulders, breathing into your belly.

Spinal Roll – Place your hands on the outside of your feet, squeeze the chin in to get
Knees Bent, Seal deeper stretch on the back of the neck. Now roll freely back and forth like an
feet clapping Easter egg. Continue for several rolls, so you release any tension in the
back and get a nice spinal stimulation and massage.

PLOW POSE At back of roll straighten legs and place toes on the floor behind your head.
If your feet are on the floor, stretch more through your heels, so you get the
benefit of stretching through the back of your legs. Breath freely into your
abdomen. Hold for several breaths.

SHOULDER Lift one leg straight up, keeping the other bent or if able bring both legs
STAND straight up. Hold for several breaths. Head and back of the neck is released.
Focus on lifting the energy from your shoulders up to your toes.
Energy sparkles coming from your toes.
RELEASE EARS Release the legs bending so knees are beside ears. Relax into it as much
TO KNEES as you can.

SPINAL ROLL Slowly roll the spine down, starting with the neck, upper, middle and lower
back, as you would be releasing it one vertebrae at the time keeping the
legs straight, going very slowly as much as you can without any jerky
movements. When the heels touch the floor, the arms above the head, bring
the head toward your knees, exhale twice. . Do at least 3 sets, ideally build
it to 10 daily. 3 or more times a day keeps the chiropractor away.

CAT AND COW On your hands and knees, hips and shoulder apart, squeeze your chin in,
round up your back exhaling pulling the abdominals and your organs toward
the front of your spine. Release your tail bone toward your heels, and with
inhalation squeeze your lower back and slowly extend the spine up lifting up
with your crown of head. Repeat several times.

Flat back on Slowly lower the spine back on the floor.
Ground Become aware of how much and easily is your back of body touching the
floor. Press gently your lower back into the floor. You could place the hands
underneath your lower back and press them into the floor, repeat couple of

Knees In Flat Now keeping the back on the floor, bend your knees and squeeze them with
Back your arms into your chest. You want to feel your back and hips open and
your back flat as diving board. With the exhalation keep squeezing deeper.
Make sure that your chin is pressing into your breast bone, so you can get
extension and release on the back of your neck.

Flex and Point Now bring the legs straight up into the sky, and just flex and point, rotating
Toes the ankles. Charlie Chaplin

Sitting Up Bent the knees to the sides, feet facing each other, With hands over your
BUTTERFLY feet, keep squeezing your heals toward your belly bottom, and opening the
WINGS knees away from you. The back and your hips are getting opening and

EYE OF THE Make sure the body opens in your hips evenly Start with your feet on the
NEEDLE floor, knees bent. Next, cross your left ankle over your right thigh, making
sure that your anklebone clears yours thigh. Actively flex your foot by pulling
your toes back. The center of your foot will line up with your kneecap, which
will prevent stressing the knee ligaments. Threat your left arm through the
triangle between your legs and clasp your hands around the back of your
right leg. The goal is to avoid creating tension in the neck and shoulders as
you open the hips, so choose a position that keeps your upper body
relaxed. Use strap if necessary. Release your pubic bone down away from
your navel toward the floor.

BIRD OF If you are ready to open your hips deeper, continue with pose of This pose
PARADISE – is extremely effective hip opener with front leg working in external rotation
Left/Right and the back leg in position to stretch the psoas muscle. Being on your
hands and knees, bring the left knee forward and place it on the floor,
ideally getting 90 degrees between shinbone and thigh. If the hip is tight,
make the angle narrower until comfortable; having both hips even and level.
Stretch the right leg behind you keeping the leg and knee in neutral rotation.
Maintain even level sacrum. Release forehead toward the floor. Stay in
position for couple of breaths, change to the other side.

Arms Straight on Get on your hands and knees, hips and shoulders apart, rotate the tailbone
all fours body in circular movement, keeping the arms extended (no elbows bent), breath
rotation deeply.
Wrist Circles Sit on your heels, interlace the fingers, keeping the palms together, rotate
your wrist. Stretch the fingers and palms away from you by lengthening the

Open Book Do Open book wrist rotation toward you and away from you.

DOG FACING With the palms and fingers firmly attached to the mat, press the energy
DOWN – one leg through your toes and heels. Inhale and exhale, lifting your tail bone way up
at a time – then high, bent one knee, pressing the other heal down, stretching the back of
both legs the leg as much as you can. Switch to the other side.
Now lift both heels up and slowly, keeping the tail bone high release and
lengthen the back of the legs. Remember our bodies are perfectly balanced,
while the front of the legs are getting stronger, the backs are lengthening
and stretching. Stretch the arms, opening the shoulder blades and extend
the spine, looking gently toward your belly bottom, breath deeply and freely.
Hold the pose for couple of breaths.

ROCKING CHAIR Press through your heals, lower your back and extend the torso lifting up
- with or without through crown of your head. Go back and forth several times, very slowly,
rolling over toes inhale the head comes up, exhale the head goes down. Feel your muscles,
ligaments, feel the blood and energy flow. Connect to the feelings in your
body as much as you can. The slower you go the more benefits, also it
teaches us patience. You can alter the Rocking chair by going over your
toes front and back into the dog facing down and up.

PLANK POSE Keep the body parallel with the floor, looking gently toward your hands,
head in line with spine, breath into your lower back, keeping it strong, press
through back of your legs and toes.

COBRA WITH Lower the abdomen down to the floor, twist starting from your lower back,
TWIST looking gently to one side, then to the other, repeat one more time.

BEACH POSE Relax in the beach pose, belly down, arms crossed in front of you, head
resting down on your forearms. Legs swaying freely from hips with bent
knees. Notice the freedom of breath.

DOG FACING Repeat DOG FACING DOWN, lift one leg straight up, one extension from
DOWN - Leg your finger up to your toes, sparkles of energy in your toes, hips and
Extended Up Left shoulders parallel. Switch to the other leg up
PLANK POSE on Release in PLANK POSE this time on your elbows. Hold for several
Elbows / 1 foot breaths. Bring one foot over the heel of other, hold, and switch.
up at a time.
Carpal Tunnel Sit down on your heels, interlace the fingers and rotate the wrists. Twist
Wrist Stretches hand in front of face. Extend arm straight out from shoulder, palm and
(2) stretch fingers down.

Shoulder Stretch Sit on your heels, interlace the fingers and stretch the arms away from you
on Knees
Walk on Knees Extend the arms above your head and walk on your knees. This will
strengthen Your knees gently.
KNEE TWIST and Now side twists, sit your heels, or to the side and stretch the
Shoulder Stretch Arms to the opposite site. Go back and forth couple more times. Getting
nice and lean waistline and great massage for your internal organs. Good
stretch for your lower back.

Neck Stretch Lie down on back and firmly press head to ground from ear to ear.

STANDING POSE Come up to the STANDING POSE. Realign your feet to be parallel with
– Arms Swinging each other and open hip distance apart. Gently swing the arms and twisting
the torso, allowing the arms to become very heavy, the blood flow into your
finger tips, gently alternating tapping on our lower back and the shoulders

SIDE TO SIDE Bring the arms above your head and willow to the left and right. Keep the
Willow stretch alignment with shoulders and hips, flat, exhale when the head goes down,
inhale when the head goes up.

OCEAN BREATH Continue to open the torso with the Ocean breath - inhale the arms above
the head, exhale to forward bent, the arms rotating in full circle behind you
coming above the head and exhale down again completing the movement.
Dutch windmill.

Standing Re Come back to the edge of matt, place the hands over the heart charka and
-Center Energy find your center. Ground your feet, release the shoulders, lift with crown of
your head.

Warrior 1 Open the left foot to the side and step out with right leg, keeping knee bent,
90 degrees, knee above your ankle for full support for both. Your hips and
shoulders aligning up parallel with the floor. Gentle expression on your face,
breathing deeply and smoothly into your lower back. Raise the arms up to
the sky, opening wide and welcoming heavens to enter your body.

Warrior 1 Arms Now stretch the arms parallel with the floor, right arm front. Hold and relax
out to Side into the pose for couple of breath. The strength comes from within, become
very quiet. No judgment no criticism, just being with your body. Feel your

Arch Back Place the left hand on the back of your left knee and open and stretch with
left side of your body and arm up to the sky. Remember sparkles of energy
in your fingertips, grounding yourself with your feet, extending through the
crown of your head.

Warrior 2 – Bring the arms back to parallel with the floor, and from back of your left heal
Triangle Bent extend through front of left hip joint, extending the spine, open between the
Front Knee shoulder blades, and open the arms away from each other into WARRIOR

Reach for the sky Bring the torso and arms up, keeping both legs straight, extending way up
legs straight to the sky. Reach and extend for couple of breaths.
Front Bend Release the torso toward the right leg, gently releasing your forehead
Hands on side of toward the knee, the hands on the side of your leg on the floor.
front Foot Come back up with the hands on your lower back opening the torso, stretch

Warrior 2 Twist You can add warrior 2 with twist, the right elbow on the left knee, opening
hands in prayer the left side body up, switch to the other side.
Forward Bend Come back to center release in forward bent.

Table Arms Straight legs and table top swinging arms and exhaling strong
Swing Exhale
Arch Back Place Hands on lower back – arch back and look toward back wall

Hop Like a Bunny Relax in gently rotating the torso and swinging the arms, hop up and down,
Spin, dance and sing you are ready for fun.

Eye Stretch Move your sight from one side of the room to the other very slowly taking in
each point. Repeat all directions including up and down and diagonal.

Easy Lotus- Massage hands and feet

Gentle Massage
Tap on Body Tap on Body
Cleanse Aura Cleanse Aura
Refresh Aura Refresh Aura
Shivasana Shivasana - breathing

Namaste !
Bring a big smile, love and compassion into your heart and share it
will all living things, all the plants, all animals, all people, yourself, our
beautiful mother earth and all who are no longer with us.
Have a beautiful day, Love , dascha

With much gratitude and affection to my editor and friend Susan Aird