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Klüberfluidâ C-F 3 ULTRA

Operational lubricant for large girth gear drives

Description: Please consult Klüber Lubrication

München KG, dept. MA-LSS, phone Klüberfluid C-F 3 ULTRA
Klüberfluid C-F 3 ULTRA is a newly
089-7876-0 for information on their
developed lubricant especially for
suitability. The lubricant film on the
• Operational lubricant for
the lubrication of medium-size to open gear drives
tooth flanks can be made visible by incorporating immersion,
large girth gear drives. It is based
using a UV lamp of at least 366 nm. circulation or spray lubrica-
on synthetic hydrocarbons and
mineral oil. It provides good tion systems
adhesion, excellent resistance to
high pressure and protection • For normal to elevated
component temperatures
against wear. Klüberfluid C-F 3 Minimum shelf life:
ULTRA is suitable for use at • Free from heavy metals,
component temperatures up to 120 chlorine, solvents, bitumen
°C. The minimum shelf life is approx. and solid particles
36 months as of manufacturing date
Klüberfluid C-F 3 ULTRA is free if the product is stored in its original • Easy application
from bitumen, solvents, heavy closed container in a dry place; the
metals, chlorine and solid particles. container should not be exposed to • High wear and tooth flank
It corresponds to AGMA 9005-D 94 direct sunlight.
in accordance with table 4, “Visco- • Low maintenance, lower
sity range for AGMA lubricants”, and disposal costs
is classified under “AGMA lubricant Package sizes:
No. 14 R”. • Light-coloured, transparent
25 and 50 kg bucket product
180 kg drum
Klüberfluid C-F 3 ULTRA can be
applied by immersion, paddle
wheel, circulation and spray lubrica- Product data:
tion. Application possibilities are
not restricted, neither by gear size Colour brown
nor gear performance. A peripheral
speed of 10.0 m/s should not be Texture homogeneous, viscous
exceeded. 3
Density (20 °C) DIN 51 757, g/cm , approx. 0.92
Such drives are found in rotary
kilns, tube mills, drums and similar Kinematic viscosity, DIN 51 562, pt. 1
machinery used in the cement, lime, 20 °C, mm /s, approx. 90 000 (extrapolated)
40 °C, mm /s, approx. 16 500
gypsum, mining and chemical 2
100 °C, mm /s, approx. 500
industries and in power plants.
Further applications are found in Viscosity index, DIN ISO 2909, approx. 170
sugar and paper production as well
as in the marine and offshore Four-ball tester, welding load DIN 51 350, pt. 4, N ≥ 8 000
FZG standard test A 8.3/90 °C, DIN 51 354, pt. 2
scuffing load stage > 12
specific loss in weight, mg/kWh < 0.2
Application notes:
Application by immersion, °C 15 to 120
When applied by immersion,
Klüberfluid C-F 3 ULTRA is directly Application in circulation lubrication systems, °C 15 to 80
transferred onto the tooth flanks.
The “Klübermatic PA” circulation Application in automatic spray systems, °C 15 to 120
lubrication system can also be
Functional lubricant film, °C to – 30
employed to re-circulate the
lubricant under pressure onto the Resistance to thermal loads, °C to 120
tooth flanks. Klüberfluid C-F 3
ULTRA may also be applied via Flash point, DIN ISO 2592, °C > 200
other customary spray systems.
Pour point, DIN ISO 3016, °C < 10

Product information 5.257 e Edition 08.02, replaces edition 04.97

The data in this product information is based on our general experience and knowledge at the time of printing and is intended to give information of possible applications to a reader
with technical experience. It constitutes neither an assurance of product properties nor does it release the user from the obligation of performing preliminary tests with the selected
product. We recommend contacting our Technical Consulting Staff to discuss your specific application. If required and possible we will be pleased to provide a sample for testing.
Klüber products are continually improved. Therefore, Klüber Lubrication reserves the right to change all the technical data in this product information at any time without notice.

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