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Hawkins Daily Gazette

South Jordan, Written and Edited by Tricia Hawkins

Friday, August 5, 2016

The true facts behind

the Clinton email

the favorite among voters, but in light

of recent events her overall
trustworthiness has come into question.
The aforementioned personal
investigations are gradually conducted
throughout this campaign a point that
was highlighted by the FBI director,
James Comey, himself is the
carelessness of Hillary Clinton. Jason
Chaffetz explained that, The FBIs
investigation is surprising and
(continued on p. 2)

Assistant, I have seen how easy it is

for men and women on my side of
the work to lose their temper, get
frustrated. I have also felt the joy
that comes with serving another
human being.
(continued on p. 2)

Photo: Clinton defending the huge gaps of

information in the investigation of her actions.

The 2016 campaign trail continues

to heat up there is one question serious
voters will ask themselves, who will
they vote for? Before answering this
question a thorough investigation must
take place. Usually Americans that are
willing to do the work conduct this
examination; but that would be too
easy. This go-around there is more
accusations and deception that are
flying not only among the candidates
but also throughout the Federal Bureau
of Investigation. Some of the major
points of concern should and could be
shining a light on the carelessness of
the Clinton campaign, and how it will
be affected if Ms. Clinton were to be
indicted. Hillary Clinton is seemingly
Chaffetz continued, individuals
who skirt the law must be held

Editorial Title
In the past, the care and
treatment of the elderly has been
something that most would look at
as a privilege; a way to give back to
people that have helped us or our
families grow and be successful. It
is no secret that many abuse this
opportunity. In recent years it seems
that more and more people have
been exposed for doing
embarrassing, dehumanizing things
to the elderly. As this abuse occurs
it is the obligation of coworkers and
family members to report these
grievances. As I have had the
chance to be a Certified Nursing

Bellamy, Russell and Grant in character for their

movie debut.

Movie Review Title

His Girl Friday is a film
directed by Howard Hawks; written
by Charles Lederer, Ben Hecht and
Morrie Ryskind. This 92- minute
film was released January 18, 1940
starring Carry Grant and Rosalind
Russell. The films plot is centered
on the life and love of two recently
reunited reporters and the dramatics
that come when they are willing to
do anything for success.
The film begins in a newspaper

accountable. (FBI director to testify

before Congress about Clintons email
investigation, 2016). This all comes
with the thought in mind that Clinton
herself has stated on many occasions
that in hindsight she shouldnt have
dealt with the information the way that
she did. Many have said that Clinton
does not follow the same rules as
everyone else; and it could be argued
that this point was demonstrated by her
lack of compliance with policies in the
Federal Records Act. (Hillary Clinton
broke the rules for using private email,
State Department says 2016)
While Clinton may or may not get in
several different kinds of trouble on her
own, there are other people to take into
consideration. The FBI has ongoing
investigations, looking into the
misconduct of the following: Cheryl
Mills, Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan,
and Bryan Pagliano, to name a few;
Colin Powell has also been found
guilty of many of the same counts of
misconduct as Clinton, and to top it off
he has been accused of withholding
more evidence from the government.
Clinton stated in an interview, I think
there are about 300 people in the
government, mostly in the State
Department, but in other high positions
in the government with whom I
emailed over the course of four years
they, I believe, did not believe they
were sending any material that was
classifiedThey were pursuing their
responsibilities. I do not think they
were careless. (Rappeport, 2016)
Many have come forward stating that
they should support the Secretary,
and never to speak of the Secretarys
personal email again. Lack of
transparency among the Clinton office
has been the biggest contribution in the
length and possible severity of this
investigation. Bryan Pagliano, one of
the aides previously mentioned has
recently invoked his Fifth Amendment
Rights. Unfortunately for Pagliano, this
will only prohibit prosecutors from
using the Paglianos own words against
him. In a subpoena against Pagliano he

Throughout time, humans have

proven to be one of the most
compassionate and caring species.
Archaeologist have recently found
evidence of an elderly man that
dates back to 500,000 years ago.
After further analysis the bones
proved to belong to someone that
was severely disabled and would
have required support and
assistance from his group or people.
This evidence would suggests that
the beauty of taking care of another
human, especially an elder.
(Anderson) The role of the elderly
in society has been something that
ranges from people seen as
grotesque in the Dark ages to
people that evoke wisdom and
beauty in the Age of Enlightenment
to being another number in a
workhouse or poorhouse in the
19th century. Generally, as modern
medicine has progressed so has the
treatment of the elderly. It has even
progressed so much so that
governments across the Western
world have instituted social welfare
programs to provide income for
older people that are not able to
work anymore. Furthermore,
Medicare and Medicaid were
formed to ensure that seniors had
access to medical care not matter
what their mental, physical, or
economic situation.
Unfortunately, even with the
advances that the world has made to
better care for seniors, nurses and
Aides across the country have been
posting embarrassing photos of
elderly residents on social media
such as Snapchat, violating their
privacy, dignity and, sometimes, the
law. (Ornstein) Some of these
allegations lead to criminal charges,
some public embarrassment for not
only the victim but the culprit as
well. This abuse is not necessarily

office, thus setting the tone for the

rest of the film. In the first scene
you are introduced to the ambitious
and recently unavailable Hildy. A
character that I felt was very easy to
identify with, a woman that wants
more out of life. She is returning
from a hiatus from her beloved
career, and to a family that she had
clearly cultivated for a long time.
We then meet her husband-to-be,
Bruce Baldwin - played by Ralph
Bellamy - a man whose life seems
to be a lot more conservative than
his fianc. In contrast Walter Burns,
played by Carry Grant, seems to be
the likeness of his female
counterpart in every way. He
challenges her and treats her as one
of the guys throughout the whole
movie; which seems to be part of
the reason they were divorced.
Not too long into His Girl
Friday you start to notice a pattern
of cunning behavior on the part of
Walter to undermine any marriage
plans for his ex-wife. Hildy had
agreed to take on a lead following a
story to uncover high-level political
corruption in; which leads Hildy to
question whether or not she should
see the story through or leave the
reporting world for good. Her
voiced desires of becoming a
mother and raising a family in the
Albany countryside are humorously
contradicted by her innate yearning
to follow the hottest lead.
Admittedly, His Girl Friday
seems to be a run of the mill
comedy from this period in time.
The film had a stage play-type
quality: with blocked scenes, and a
handful of repeated sets. I thought
those qualities of the film gave way
to the clever script and
performances, Hawks set up a
perfect opportunity to highlight the
acting talent of each actor. As I

swore to give testimony in a

deposition Monday in a lawsuit probing
whether Clintons email arrangement
thwarted the Freedom of Information
Act and the release of public records.
(Justice Dept. granted limited
immunity to staffer in Clinton email
probe, 2016)
As Clinton continues of the
campaign trail many wonder if she is
still eligible for the Democratic
nomination. Upon first look into the
files and emails that have been
investigated, high ranking officials,
such as Jason Chaffetz have suggested
that Clintons future access to pertinent
classified information be blocked. One
cant help but wonder how a
presidential candidate might run the
show without having all of the
necessary intelligence at all times. As a
suggestion for the worst-case scenario,
many believe that Clinton might be
forced to resign. The Clinton family
has been through many personal and
political scares while they have been
campaigning and in office; this could
mean that Hillary would be up to the
fight. The Democratic Party faces a
deadline that makes any decision time
sensitive. As a result, depending on
timing, the party might move to
replace Mrs. Clinton with Vice
President Joe Biden, a sentimental
favorite, or Secretary of State John
Kerry, whom many in the partys
leadership think more substantive, less
prone to gaffes and, because of his
2004 loss against President George W.
Bush, more deserving. (What if
Clinton Gets Indicted? 2016) As
stated, because of electoral college
laws the Democratic party is hard
pressed to make a decision sooner
rather than later due to the electoral
college laws in at least 12 states that
carry 150 of the Electoral votes. If the
party acts after Clinton has been
officially placed on the ballot it could
be almost impossible for anyone to win
the election.
Hillary Clinton has demonstrated a
level of professionalism while being in

limited to physical, non-verbal

abuse, but also verbal degrading.
Data compiled in 2012 by the
National Center on Elder Abuse and
the Bureau of Justice Statistics
indicated further details of elderly
neglect and elder emotional abuse
rates in American. Neglect was the
most common form of elder abuse
in 2010, occurring in more than half
of all reported cases of elder abuse.
(Paul) One instance, for example,
occurred at a rehab center in
Centralia, Washington; a nursing
assistant sent a co-worker a
Snapchat video of one of her
residents sitting on a portable toilet
singing and laughing with her pants
below her knees. Another
occurrence in St. Charles, Illinois
was a recording a nursing assistant
using a nylon strap to lightly slap a
97-year-old woman suffering from
dementia in the face. One the video,
the elderly woman is heard crying,
Dont! Dont! as she was hit.
(Ornstein) Fortunately, many
accused of such crimes are
suspended and/or fired usually
pending legal investigations.
As these acts progress and
develop there are ways to identify
and protect our family members and
friends. There are several triggers
that an elderly person may display:
Low self-esteem, avoiding eye
contact, often seems hopeless or
scared, mood swings, sudden
changes in sleeping or eating habits.
These are among the many
emotions and/or actions that seniors
may display to cope with what is
happening to them. If suspected it is
important to report the suspicions to
government officials. (Paul) In May
2015, a story emerged about the
wife of radio DJ Casey Kasem. His
wife, Jean Kasem, of 34 years
avoided charges of elder abuse that

watched this film there were only 23 notable instances that I felt
confused about the direction of the
film; I feel this could mostly be
attributed to the hustle and bustle of
what was happening during that
scene. Hawks reportedly encourage
the actors on his films to improve
their scenes and lines. As with most
films from this period of time, the
acting is dramatic to a point that it
can be very humorous or extremely
romantic. Another common attribute
to films at the time is the dialogue
and accents that are typically used.
Because of the date of the film, it is
in black and white. The quality of
the film seemed decent, considering
how long ago it was filmed. I
thought that the plot development
was consistent and demonstrated the
relationship and growth between
Hildy, Walter and Bruce.
I found His Girl Friday, to be a
humorous and insightful change in
what I usually watch. This was an
interesting spin on the difficulties of
seemingly unrequited love, and the
effects of jealous love. I appreciated
that this film highlighted a woman
that was not only smart and tough,
but she was illustrated with feelings,
and dreams; she was someone who
was career-focused and family
oriented. The concept of His Girl
Friday was so ahead of its time that
the gender politics and
entertainment not only thoroughly
entertain, but teach an important
lesson. I would recommend this
film to anyone that is looking to
expand his or her video library.
need to know about
genre? In Johnson-Eilola, J., &
Selber, S. A. (Eds.). Solving
problems in technical
communication. University of
Chicago Press.

the limelight for the election - and

doing quite well and reacting to the
negative press that comes with the
allegations of unethical behavior. As
the FBI Director recently announced
his opinion on the findings of the
investigation many have looked at the
true capability that the democratic
hopeful really brings to the table. Her
actions have not only affected the
nation and each and every American,
but several of her colleagues, peers and
assistants. Not only has this campaign
given us a chance to see who the
candidates really are but it has shown
their resilience when the bad press and
allegations come around; but can
Clinton really withstand this kind of
pressure and pushback from her own
party delegates? As we look deeper into
the future of this country, and true
investigation should be conducted to
decide what each and every American
thinks is right and wrong; especially
when the actions of a person who has
the potential to become their highest
leader are called into question.
Understanding all the information is
not easy, and more evidence and
information will come to light in the
coming weeks. But, it is our job to
make sure that we are informed before
we act.

Scott, Eugene, and Deirdre Walsh.
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were brought on by the concern of

her adult step-children. Kerri,
coming to the defense of her father
and his death, attests that this
neglect hastened her fathers
demise, but prosecutors said Casey
Kasems longstanding profound
health issues made it possible to
prove abuse or neglect, permitting
Casey to walk free from the charge.
(Snelling) Meanwhile, Linda
Maureen Raye pleaded guilty to
murder and elder abuse toward her
own mother, Yolanda. Raye was
homeless and convinced her
hindered mother to move into a
one-bedroom apartment from her
nursing home to let her provide
better care for her. Over the course
of two years, Raye saw to her
mothers death through severe
neglect, allowing bed sores to lead
to septic shock, and refusing inhome professional treatment.
As the truth is uncovered
regarding various situations, the
state will assign a governmentaffiliated caregiver to evaluate the
victim. The role of this caregiver is
to ask various questions to
determine the reason for concern.
They will ask such questions as:
how they are cared for on a day-today basis? What are their favorite
activities? And they may also ask
who they enjoy spending time with
the most? And why? After the cause
is determined the elder will be
placed in a safer setting, and given
the proper therapy, medication and
accommodations necessary to help
them recuperate.
This is not to say that people are
not trying to combat this abuse.
Sen. Charles Grassley, and Iowa
Republican, reached out to social
media companies and federal
agencies asking what they are doing
to end the abuse. Snapchat has

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Careless With Emails." New York

come back reporting that suspected

abuse requires the affected person
Times. N.p., 8 July 2016. Web. 10
to file a complaint a near
impossibility for elderly people
July 2016.
with dementia and limited access to
organize such a grievance. Grassley
"Updated: The Facts About Hillary
wrote to Snapchat on June 28th, An
elderly nursing home resident
Clinton's Emails." Updated: The
victim in unlikely to have his or her
own snapchat account or have the
Facts About Hillary Clinton's
knowledge or ability necessary to
Emails. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 July
report abusive snaps on his or her
own behalf. (Huseman) in
response to Grassley, Facebook and
Snapchat have said they are doing
Graham, David A. "From Whitewater
everything they can to assist in
resolving an violation of their terms
to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal
of service which clearly prohibits
any proof of abuse or neglect. As
Primer." The Atlantic. Atlantic
we resolve these concerns, little by
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protection they deserve.
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