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June 2008 Volume 19, Issue 6

Next Meeting, June 2:

DACS Photo Wizard Ken Graff on
the Art of Sharing
Your Digital

Sharing your
digital media
DACS rescues the film
Energy Futures
Recycling eWaste
Battery power - a primer
Beware of iFrame attacks
Plus, Commentary and Answers to your
computing questions
after June 19. Of course, I still plan to
President’s File attend it. Membership
Both the Virtual Computing and Tech Infor mation
Projects SIG will continue as is for now,
dacs.doc, ISSN 1084-6573, is published
but even they have been victims of my
T oday is the dead-
line for the June
article submissions, and I
radical schedule changes due to per-
sonal and vocational time constraints.
monthly by the Danbury Area Computer Soci-
ety, 4 Gregory Street, Danbury, CT 06810-
4430. Annual subscription rates: $45 to regular
members, $30 electronic access (included in
find myself without much With summer around the corner I want dues).
to write about. Work has to get into some ‘build-it’ type projects. Postmaster
kept me extremely busy Well, today has been much longer than Send address changes to Danbury Area Com-
it needed to be and there are a few things puter Society, Inc., 4 Gregory Street, Danbury,
with some new initia- CT 06810-4430.
tives that have required I need to button up. Until next time…
attending training. The —Rob Limbaugh Editorial Committee
kids have various activities they need to
Managing Editor: Patrick Libert
get to. Factor in the other home and fam-
Production Editor: Marc Cohen
ily time and activities that need to be
done; there has been little time for extra- Directors’ Notes Copy Editor: Patrick Libert

curricular things. Contributors

Charles Bovaird Richard Corzo
For the past year, I had structured my Sean Henderson Mike Kaltschnee
time to give as much as I could to DACS
as long as DACS was willing to make ap-
propriate use of it. I’m finding out that
A regular meeting of your Board
of Directors was held at the DACS
Resource Center on Monday, May 12, 2008,
John Lansdale
Flo Ferrara
Jeff Setaro
Lisa Leifels
Jim Scheef
Richard Ten Dyke

for this year that time is being greatly at 7:00 p.m. Present were Howard Berger,
Charles Bovaird, Richard Corzo, John DACS, its officers and directors assume no
dictated by outside factors. As a result, liability for damages arising out of the publi-
choices have to be made with my time, Gallichotte, John Lansdale, Patrick Libert, cation or non-publication of any article, ad-
and that in turn affects DACS. Rob Limbaugh, Anna van Ommeren, Jeff vertisement, or other item in this newsletter .
DACS should continue to have a Setaro. President Rob Limbaugh presided The editors welcome submissions from
“Windows SIG.” It makes sense to have and Secretary Anna van Ommeren kept the DACS members. Contact Patrick Libert at
860-567-9586 (
it since it rounds out the “Linux” and record. Minutes of the last meeting held April
Advertisers, contact Charles Bovaird at
“Mac” SIGs. There should be a SIG that 14, 2008, were presented and approved. (203) 792-7881 (
is “all things Windows” to help users get Treasurer Charles Bovaird reported
the most out of that OS and applications current cash assets of $7,573.15, con- Nonprofit groups may request permission to
sisting of total bank and postal accounts reprint articles from dacs.doc or
for it. Unfortunately, June 19, 2008, will by sending e-mail to Re-
be the last “Windows SIG” for which I in the amount of $7,564.15 plus postage printed articles shall credit the copyright holder
can be the ‘leader’. I’m willing to ‘co- on hand of $9.04. Subtracting a liability and a copy of the final publication shall be
lead’ or help out but I cannot ‘lead’ it of prepaid dues in the amount of mailed to:
$1,493.00 left a net equity of $6,080.19.
He also reported that the current mem- Danbury Area Computer Society, Inc.
4 Gregory Street
IN THIS ISSUE bership is at 257 - 151 of which receive Danbury CT 06811-4403
the mailed Dacs.doc newsletter. Attn. Reprints
PRESIDENT’S FILE 2 Charles presented several spread-
sheets to the Board itemizing DACS’s ex- Links to articles reprinted on the web can be
DIRECTORS’ NOTES 3 sent to: reprints@dacs.0rg
penses and costs, and demonstrated pro-
jected balances against hypothetical num- Tec hnical Suppor t
bers of members. The options for poten-
dacs.doc is prepared using PageMaker 7.0 and
REVIEW - THE REMOTE DESKTOP 4 tial cost adjustments and discontinuing Acrobat 7.0.Software packages used to publish
some expenses were discussed. He also dacs.doc include: Microsoft Windows XP,
mentioned the newsletter expenses, high- Office 2003, TrueType fonts, Calendar Creator
8.0 for Windows. Internet access provided by
BUCKY MILAM CARTOON 5 lighting variable printing expenses and
projected cost. Charlie showed the
BOVAIRD TO THE RESCUE 5 RapidRepro charges for printing the news- Applications & Hardware to
AN ENERGY CORRECTION 6 letter and compared the expense for color enhance dacs.doc are welcome.
versus all black & white printing. He also
RECYCLING EWASTE 7 mentioned RapidRepro recently had to in-
SIG NEWS & NOTES 8 crease their printing fees, however they
also give DACS a 10% discount. The ben-
CALENDAR 9 efits of the new color cover and the ad-
POWER SOLUTIONS 10 vantage of the improved look was weighed
against the increased expense. Patrick sug- Patrick Libert
APCUG Liaison
IFRAME ATTACKS 12 gested the new color cover should be
given a trial period of 6 to 12 months.
Rob relayed some changes to the
ASK DACS 15 general meeting lineup. The HGTV pre-
DIRECTORS NOTES, Cont. on page 3

2 • June 2008

DIRECTORS NOTES, Cont. from page 3
Officers sentation for June has been rescheduled
to August and Ken Graff has offered to
PRESIDENT: Rob Limbaugh (203) 648-9176 fill in and will be discussing “Sharing
VICE PRESIDENTS: Flo Ferrara, Sean Henderson your pictures online” for the June meet-
SECRETARY: Annette van Ommeren • TREASURER: Charles Bovaird ing. Speakers for Nov 2008 and Jan-Mar
2009 are still to be decided upon. Rob
Directors also mentioned positive comments from
speakers who have received the DACS
Charles Bovaird (203) 792-7881 membership gift.
Howard Berger (860) 355-9837 Anna brought up the subject of the
Richard Corzo (203) 797-1518 DACS feedback form. It was discussed
John Gallichotte (203) 426-0394 who should have the responsibility of
Sean Henderson (203) 837-7068 answering the form submissions. Rob
John Lansdale (914) 533-2002 suggested it be directed to two people
Patrick Libert (860) 567-9586, to ensure requests receive a timely re-
Rob Limbaugh (203) 648-9176 ply. Richard agreed his email be added
Jim Scheef (860) 355-0034 and both Anna and Richard will respond
Jeff Setaro (203) 748-6748 to submissions the same alternating
Annette van Ommeren (914) 232-0149 month as updating the DACS web site.
One of the form submissions requested
Committees information about local recycling. The
Board discussed adding a page to the
NEWSLETTER: Patrick Libert:, (860) 567-9586 DACS website listing recycling sugges-
PROGRAM: Flo Ferrara ( tions, helpful resources and links. Rob
WEB MASTERS: Richard Corzo (, (203)797-1518 suggested a separate link on the Home
Annette van Ommeren (, (914)232-0149 page to highlight the new page.
MARKETING AND PR: Sean Henderson ( As appreciation for services pro-
APCUG LIAISON: Patrick Libert ( vided by Charlie, the CT Film Fest orga-
RESOURCE CENTER: (203) 748-4330 • WEB SITE: nization has offered to add a link to
DACS with our press-release information
HelpLine on their sponsor page. Jim Sheef’s varia-
tion on the About DACS text was agreed
to be the best to submit and Charlie
Volunteers have offered to field member questions by phone. Please agreed to forward this to the appropriate
limit calls to the hours indicated below. Days means 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; persons.
evening means 6 to 9:30 p.m. Please be considerate of the volunteer Rob mentioned that he and Flo will
you are calling. HelpLine is a free service. If you are asked to pay for not be able to attend the August general
help or are solicited for sales, please contact the dacs.doc editor; the meeting. He also recommended Its
person requesting payment will be deleted from the listing. Can we add, a website which pro-
your name to the volunteer listing? vides information about tax deductible
credits applicable for individuals who
volunteer their time for nonprofit orga-
d = day e = evening
nizations such as DACS.
The subject of door prizes at the gen-
Program Name Phone # eral meetings was discussed; members
APL Charles Bovaird (203) 792-7881 ( e) in good standing are eligible and need
ASP.Net Chuck Fizer (203) 798-9996 (d )
to be present to win. To encourage more
participation and attendance at the meet-
C/UNIX/ObjC Kenneth Lerman (203) 426-4430 (d e)
ings, the possibility of awarding a larger
C#, VB Chuck Fizer (203) 798-9996 (d ) prize on a semiannual basis was consid-
DOS John Gallichotte (203) 426-0394 (d e) ered, however, the legalities and tax is-
Electronics Andrew Woodruff (203) 798-2000 (d e) sues would have to be researched. The
Hardware John Gallichotte (203) 426-0394 (d e) possibility of a raffle, with the remaining
money being donated to a charity was
Interface-Instrumentation Andrew Woodruff (203) 798-2000 (d e)
also brought up. Howard talked about
PhotoShop/Dreamweaver Annette van Ommeren (914) 232-0149 ( e) fundraising and contest topics such as
SAS Lewis Westfall (203) 790-0229 ( e) photography or digital art, and poten-
Statistics/Data Analysis Charles Bovaird (203) 792-7881 (d e) tially showcasing the winners on the
SQL Lewis Westfall (203) 790-0229 ( e) DACS website.
SQL Server, MySQL-5 Chuck Fizer (203) 798-9996 (d )
Howard mentioned the ongoing
DACS collaboration with the GDNRC
Malware Jeff Setaro (203) 748-6748 (d )
Technology Committee, an organization
VB.Net, Visual Basic Chuck Fizer (203) 798-9996 (d ) DIRECTORS NOTES, Cont. on page 4 June 2008 • 3
DIRECTORS NOTES, Cont. from page 3 Meeting Review
which assists nonprofit agencies with
their IT (phone and computer) require-
ments. They appreciate our participa- The Remote Desktop
tion and suggestions regarding various
technical issues non-profits have to by Flo Ferrara
deal with. DACS acts as advisors to the fly; and how that operating system

S PROMISED, the May presenta-
their organization at this point, and has tion, given by The Network Sup- can be any OS. The choice can be based
offered to build them a virtual server port Company staff Danbury on a menu or even the time of day.
and virtual PC to demonstrate the pos- along with a team from Citrix
sibilities to new nonprofit organiza- Systems, was very impressive.
tions. We will offer our consulting abil- John Pugliese, Vice President
ity as advisors and can provide direc- of Sales and Marketing for The
tion. An added benefit is that this work- Network Support Company
ing relationship is improving DACS’ began the evening with a com-
position in the community. prehensive outline of services.
— Anna van Ommeren These include services in the
industries of hospitality, fi-
nance, municipal, and educa-
Be Informed tion, to name a few. John
pointed out that TNSC offers
by E-mail a broad range of remote, onsite
and value added services to
Members who wish meet most small-to-medium-
to receive DACS email size (SMB) business commu-
messages who have not nity budgets.
Fred Zering, the Citrix CT/
received an email notice Upstate NY Field Sales Man-
for the General Meeting ager was introduced by John.
Fred gave a brief summary of
should send a request to the Citrix Xen™ products. Not
be put on the DACS only about what they are to-
email list to: treasurer day but how and why they
evolved the way they have. Presentation And lastly, Marc Morris of Citrix, Inc. Server is now called XenApp™. Fred ex- came on stage to discuss XenSource™.
plained that unlike the traditional method Xensource is the leading provider of en-
of delivering applications remotely, terprise-class virtual infrastructure solu-
XenApp™ virtualizes applications by tions based on the open source Xen™
Smart advertisers separating where the application is used virtualization engine. XenSource™ is go-
ing to give VMware™ a run for its money
from where it runs. All components are
can reach over maintained and secured in the data center. according to Marc.
Virtualization will not only save orga-
IT consolidates application management
250 centrally, while enabling users the freedom nizations time and management efforts,
to operate from any location, on any de- but it is also another way companies can
active computer vice, over any network. Fred also spoke ‘go green’ by saving energy and reduc-
briefly about XenServer™ and ing their carbon footprint.
users and XenDesktop™. So, to sum it up, with the completion
The floor was then given to Tom of the XenSource™ acquisition, Citrix now
software buyers Kilstrom of Citrix, Inc. Tom spoke about adds two new product lines to its portfo-
application streaming and how with the lio, XenServer™ for server virtualization
by taking Xen™ products IT can centrally manage and XenDesktop™ for desktop
virtualization. Combined with the
advantage of all Windows-based desktop applications.
The Edgesight™ product helps IT pin- company’s existing application
the attractive point root-causes of bottlenecks and al-
lows for both proactive and reactive sup-
virtualization products, these two new ad-
ditions seem to give Citrix one of the
advertising rates port. Citrix now has a single sign-on pass-
word manager and a self-serve reset tool.
industry’s most comprehensive end-to-
end virtualization portfolios.
in This allows the user to unlock an account
by answering a series of security ques-
If you would like to know more about
these products, I am sure John Miniello
tions. Those of us who have staffed help or John Pugliese from The Network Sup-
DACS.DOC desks can surely relate to that. Tom also
spoke about Provisioning Server. How it
port Company in Danbury would be
happy to enlighten you.
can send down an operating system on - FLO FERRARA, ACTING VP OF PROGRAMS

4 • June 2008

Meeting Preview
Sharing Your Digital Media
Our 2008 General Meeting
By Flo Ferrara
Schedule is changed for the

ACS IS VERY FORTUNATE to be how to organize, correct and most first half of 2008.
have Ken Graff, leader of the Digi- importantly share images with family
and friends.
Our General Meetings will
tal Imaging SIG, volunteer to give
the June presentation,. Entitled Digital The audience will gain knowledge be held on the
Wizardry: The Art of Sharing Your Digi- of how to create digital photo albums, FIRST MONDAY
tal Media, this slide shows,
presentation is scrapbooks, ani- of January through June
most timely—es- mations, special 2008.
pecially for those effects, and more! The FIRST TUESDAY
of us who will take So round up all
hundreds of pho- the people you schedule will resume next
tos this summer know who fit the month, July 2008.
alone. At events profile of digital
running the gamut media hoarder—

DACS Comes
from graduations, neighbors, family
family reunions, and coworkers—

to the Rescue
weddings and va- and join us on
cations, cameras Monday evening,
will be clicking in June 2. Their fam-
high gear. People
of all ages “ teen-
agers to grandpar-
ily and friends
will thank you for
I T WAS GETTING close to the big event,
and The Connecticut Film Festival was
in panic mode. They were having trouble
ents” are getting DACS meet- getting their local network to recognize
in on the digital camera action. But, ings are held at the Danbury Hospital the fancy Boca
while more and more pictures are get- auditorium. Activities begin at 6:30 p.m. printer that spins
ting taken, fewer are getting shared. In with registration and casual network- out tickets for the
fact, most of the pictures remain on the ing. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. with festival events.
memory card of the camera; or, if you a general question and answer period So they called
are like me, on the hard drive of the com- (Ask DACS), announcements and a Charlie Bovaird,
puter. short break. The featured evening pre- DACS' technol-
Ken will show us how to make use sentation begins at 8:00. ogy ambassador
of free software and resources available As a reminder, our General Meetings to the Danbury
on the Internet to inspire and instruct. are free and open to the public so invite community, for
Attendees will learn to make the most anyone you know who would be inter- some advice and
of their digital creations. Included will ested in this topic. assistance. For more than a decade,
Charlie has been helping the city and
the local non-profit community to set-
up networks and solve their computer
problems, and spearheading DACS pro-
grams to refurbish and distribute used
computer systems.
After sizing up the problem, and
consulting with fellow DACS guru,
Bruce Preston, Charlie identified and
fixed the problem—instructing the LAN
to look for the specific IP address of
the printer.
The festival management gratefully
acknowledges Charlie's assistance on
its Web site (http://ctffnews.blogspot.
"Thanks to the generosity and IT
genius of DACS founding member,
Charles Bovaird, the festival was able
to get their new online ticketing system
and printers up online and running." June 2008 • 5

of Carbon is 12 and Oxygen 16 so the
Commentary weight of carbon dioxide is 12 + (2 * 16)
= 44. The relative weight of carbon diox-
ide to carbon in gasoline is 44/12 = 3.7. A
An Ener g y Cor r ection. gallon of gas weighs 6.3 pounds which
is 83% carbon or 5.5 pounds of carbon.
by John Lansdale Then 3.7 * 5.5 = 20.37 pounds.
*Note that petroleum consumption

RECENTLY WROTE an article about number for the car’s carbon dioxide emis- is energy use. CO2 emission and energy
energy use in computers. It was based sion is way off. efficiency is the same topic.
on verifiable information gathered from According to a recent US Department
various web sources, of Energy report (4)
mostly Wikipedia Or- average miles traveled
ders of Magnitude (En- per vehicle is 12,041 Rec
cyy c l i n g Yo u r
ergy) (1), which I’d put with an energy inten- eWaste
into a spreadsheet so I sity in gallons per 1000 by Richard Corzo
could extend and com- miles 49.5 or 20.2 miles
pare. I was hypotheti- per gallon. A burned
cally worried whether
there would be enough
gallon of gasoline cre-
ates about 20 pounds
A S THE APPLE User Group contact
for DACS, I recently received an
e-mail from our regional liaison.
energy in the world to of CO2 (5). So an aver- Keeping our earth healthy is
power a billion geeks for age US car would burn everybody’s responsibility, IMO. A cable
the next 50 years. You 12,041 / 20.2 = 992 gal- TV channel is helping to do just that. If
know, so there wouldn’t lons of gas x 20.37 = you go to and
need to be a world war 20,200 pounds of car- enter your zip code, you will get infor-
and all the poor people in China can be bon dioxide. mation about where to take your out-
fed and we won’t live in poverty in a bleak, Techsoup author’s conclusion should dated computers, TVs, cell phones, ste-
pollution scarred landscape and all, have been: reo equipment, and so on, instead of
sustainability. “... A car emits about 20,200 pounds dumping it in your trash.
The numbers spoke for themselves. of carbon dioxide per year, meaning that For the full story go to http://
When talking of sustainability, efficiency the energy you will save over the course
in computers makes little difference. Even of the 7 computer’s lives (21 years
if using super low power 10 watt laptops. =20,160 lbs) will equal a bit more than
Automobiles and heating use far more taking a car off the road for a year.”
energy. Any efficiency campaign has to Please though, do your own calcula-
start there. In energy economics I noted tion. Use good, official data and be care-
the brain using 20 watts x 24 hours = 413 ful with the detail.
calories of energy per day was a more sig-
nificant topic. References
Surprisingly someone at techsoup (2), (1) Wikipedia Orders of magnitude
Microsoft’s Mindshare project (3) (energy)
(Microsoft’s outreach to local user groups,
we belong to it) has written an article on a Orders_of_magnitude_(energy)
similar topic and came up with a different (2) Microsoft’s techsoup - Reduce
conclusion. They compared an Energy Your Computer’s Power Consumption in
star (109 watts active, 58 off) to a conven- Minutes
tional (115 active 81 off mode) computers. You may already know that DACS
They published: (3) Microsoft Mindshare - faq has offered to recycle old cell phones.
“Assuming that you shut down your h t t p s : / / w w w. m i c r o s o f t . c o m / Just bring them to the general meeting
computer for 16 hours a day (versus keep- mindshare/faqs.mspx or drop them off in the designated box at
ing it active 24-7), you could save $0.16 (4) Household Vehicles Energy Use: the Resource Center the next time you
and 2.63 pounds of carbon dioxide per day, Latest Data & Trends attend a SIG meeting.
or 960 pounds per year. A car emits about I don’t have an old cell phone, but
2,666 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, nhts_survey/2001/ among other electronic things I have
meaning that the energy you will save (5) Department of energy Carbon Di- an old cell phone recharger and bat-
over the course of the computer’s life (3 oxide weight per Gallon of Gas Calcula- tery. I tried the recycling Web site and
years = 2,880 lbs) will equal a bit more tion found out that I should be able to turn
than taking a car off the road for a year.” these items in to the local AT&T Wire-
Somehow they implied this was eco- co2.shtml less store at the mall. Why not give
nomically significant and environmental. The way this weight is calculated is this site a try
The amount of money saved by not using interesting. When gas burns, one carbon to see if it works for you. Let us know
your PC at all (strangely not using Energy (C ) atom is combined with two oxygen’s if you have success
Star as they described), 16 cents / day = (O2) from the air to create water (H2O) and or failure with any of the information
$58 / year seems reasonable. But their carbon dioxide ( CO2 ). The atomic weight provided by this site.

6 • June 2008

shorter the life of your power supply.
Tips & Tricks Power supplies are a lot cheaper to re-
place than a motherboard, CPU, hard drive,
or video card. In fact, you should always
The Art of Keeping Cool invest in a couple more good fans to aid
Part 1: Computer Fans in cooling your computer. The manufac-
turers are looking to save costs so they
By Jerry Goldstein are never generous enough with those
fans. You’ll always save money in the

HEN THE WEATHER is The standard computer comes with at long run with longer lasting parts kept cool
cold, you may not be least four small fans built onto the case by those extra fans. That is if you remem-
thinking of the need to cool walls and the CPU. These fans are self- ber to install them. Those extra fans won’t
down. No matter contained units help while they sit on the shelf waiting to
how cold it gets that either blow be put in.
outside your per- cold air into the Fans also have a bigger drawback:
sonal computer computer or hot air noise. When you start up your computer
still needs to be out. You will find that noise you hear is the fans starting up
cooled. Comput- these fans spread and running. The more fans you use the
ers generate a throughout your more noise you get. It's worth spending a
great deal of heat computer with their bit more to get a better quality, quieter
and need a means location depend- fan. Check the computer magazines or
of dissipating it. ing on the on-line for reviews. Using one large fan
Heat reduces the life of your computer manufacturer’s design. There is also a that moves more air than two small ones
parts. Block your computer vents and fan made to blow cool air directly onto an will also save you noise. The law of di-
your motherboard will fry leaving you add-on video card, a notorious heat mon- minishing returns comes into play with
with lots of nothing. Inadequately cooled ger for gamers. The fan uses one or two fans. At some point adding another fan
computers suffer crashes and freeze-ups expansion slots and sits over the video will not help anymore, as the enclosed
as the parts overheat. card forcing cool air onto the card. When space can only move so much air.
You can check your computer’s tem- adding fans think about placing some fans The lower you keep your computer
perature during startup by going to Setup to bring in the cool air while having other parts' temperature, the longer they will last.
when your computer starts. Unless you fans suck out the heat. Good airflow will Taking the time to strategically place com-
do it through a reboot after you have been keep things cool and lengthen the life of puter fans will save you time and money
on the computer for a while you will not your computer. shopping to replace those overheated
get a true reading. There is software avail- For gamers, who always want the latest blown parts. Keep cool year round.
able to monitor your CPU’s temperature. and greatest equipment, (meaning heat gen-
Constant temperature monitoring is prob- erating stuff), there’s nothing like a huge JERRY GOLDSTEIN is vice president & newsletter
ably not needed unless you are fan built right into the top of the computer. editor, The PC Users Group of Connecticut,
overclocking your computer (running your These fans are larger than standard com- He can be reached at
CPU faster than it is set for at the factory) puter fans, usually as large as the case is
or have packed in way too much gear. wide. They sit on the top of the computer This article has been provided to
To combat the heat computer users sucking the heat up and out as it rises APCUG by the author solely for publica-
have a wide selection of choices, some through the computer. Way cool. tion by APCUG member groups. All other
that work better than others. This article Of course a fan cooled computer will uses require the permission of the author
will introduce you to a variety of means of do you no good if you pack your computer (see e-mail address above).
keeping your computer cool. into too tight a space or a closed environ-
As computers get faster and smaller the ment. Be sure to keep a few inches for air to
parts are getting hotter and hotter. The circulate in and out of the computer fan
smaller the computer case gets, the less
space that heat has to go. For a while com-
vents and don’t put your computer in a
closed cabinet. There is a reason computer Be Informed
puter cases were getting bigger. About eight desks come with an open back cabinet to by E-mail
years ago I had a nice full size tower that put your desktop into. Air circulation is
had plenty of room for lots of gear and open also the reason why internal computer Members who wish
space for the heat to dissipate. I still had cables are no longer flat. They found the to receive DACS email
extra fans running on that computer but the flat cables blocked air flow. The round
computer ran cool to start with because it SATA cables now in use cut back on air
messages who have not
had space for the heat to go. flow restriction. SATA cables are also made received an email notice
In the last few years the over-the- thinner to further increase airflow. Check for the General Meeting
counter computer started to be made with how your cables run and maybe move them
smaller cases which meant parts are being to the side to increase airflow. Air circula- should send a request to
crammed closer together. That also meant tion equals good. Closed-in, tightly packed be put on the DACS
there was less room for the excess heat to computer equals bad. email list to: treasurer
move away from the equipment. Adding One drawback to fans is that they run
fans are becoming more of a necessity as off your computer’s power supply. The
more is crammed into less space. more fans you put in your computer the June 2008 • 7

Special Interest Groups SIG NOTES: June 2008

ASP.Net. Focuses on Web site/server application develop- Contact: Jim Scheef
ment using Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, VB, Javascript and Meets 2nd Thursday, 7 p.m., at the DACS Resource Center.
SQL Server programming tools. Starts with Random Access, Next meeting: June 12
followed by a programming discussion with examples.
Contact: Chuck Fizer Tech Projects. This SIG Will work on DACS "Online Community
Meets 1st Wednesday, 4-6 p.m., at the DACS Resource Center. projects as well as other areas from practical application solu-
Next Meeting: June 4 tions, to brainstorming and to tweeking Commercial products. All
skill levels and backgrounds are welcome. The goal is to mix,
Digital Imaging. Digital cameras, retouching and printing. match and customize technology to fit our needs.
Contact: Ken Graff at 203 775-6667 Meets 1st Wednesday, 7p.m. at the DACS resource center.
Meets last Wednesday, 7 the DACS Resource Center. Contact: Rob Limbaugh at (203)648-9176,
Next Meeting: June 25 Next meeting: June 11

Jobs. Networking and jobs search VB.Net, Visual Basic-6. Focuses on Smart Client Windows ap-
Contact: Charles Bovaird, 203-792-7881 plication development using Visual Studio, VB, C# and SQL
Meets by e-mail. Server programming tools. Starts with a random accss ses-
Next meeting: TBA sion , followed by Object Oriented discussions and program-
ming with examples.
Linux. Provides Help in installing and maintaining the Linux Contact: Chuck Fizer, 203 798-9996 or Greg
operating system. Also of interest to Apple owners using OS X. Austin, 845 494-5095
Contact: John Lansdale 914-533-2002 Meets 1st Wednesday, 7p.m., at the DACS Resource Cen-
Meets 3rd Wednesday, 7:30 pm at the DACS Resource Center. ter, preceeded 1 hour with a shared cost pizza snack.
Next Meeting: June 18 Next Meeting: June 4

Virtual Computing. This SIG will explore virtual computing tech-

Macintosh. Focuses on all aspects of the Mac operating system.
nologies and how to leverage them as additional system re-
Contact: Richard Corzo
sources. Our main focus will be on the free VMWare products,
Meets 1st Thursday at DACS Resource Center at 7 p.m.
but we will also look at other technologies and tools.
Next Meeting: June 5
Meets 4th Tuesday, 7 p.m. at the DACS Resource Center
Contact: Rob Limbaugh, 203 648-9176
Open Source Web Programming. Focuses on open source Next Meeting: June 24
tools for Windows and Linux.
Contact: John Lansdale, 914-533-2002. Web Design. Applications for designing and creating Web sites.
Meets 3rd Monday, 7 p.m. at the DACS Resource Center. Contact: Anna van Ommeren
Next Meeting: June 16 Meets 3rd Tuesday, 7-9 p.m. at the DACS Resource Center.
Next Meeting: June 17
PC Maintenance. Review of PC hardware and OpSys main-
tenance and use. Windows. This SIG will discuss ways to get the most out of
Contact: Charles Bovaird, 203-792-7881 your system and applications, how to do new things, ans
Meets on 4th Thursday, 7 p.m. at the DACS Resource Center. other options in terms of hardware and softwareto help male
Next meeting: June 26 life easier. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to
Server. Explores Back Office server and client applications, Contact: Rob Limbaugh, (203 )648-9176
including Win NT Servers and MS Outlook. Next Meeting: June 19

SIG News & Events

ASP.Net - C#VB.Net. The 4-6pm session started with an initial Materials of the former Windows app were distributed in sev-
round of questions regarding the IP address of routers and eral machines and are now based in a server using ASP 2.0.
WIFI’s. At issue is the possible contention between the two de- Those earlier Windows objects, together with logic and business
vices. By default, it seems that the equipment manufacturers rules were transferred to an ASP.Net browser application but the
choose as the default address for both devices. database was not. Procedures were conceived afresh with ac-
What happens when a WIFI user wants to log on to the router to cess privileges and membership classes placed in a server en-
manage its functionality? We discussed the pros and cons and vironment. Greg gave us a demo of some pages in the Web
the impact of the IP address, apparently to everyone’s approval. application. A key advantage is that updates can be done once at
Then, have you ever puzzled over a question whether a Win- the server instead of done repeatedly at several machines.
dows application can be engineered afresh as a Web applica- Chuck then gave us a glimpse of some work he is doing in an
tion? Greg Austin showed us how he did it with his customized application to monitor RSS feeds (Real Simple Syndication). He
Windows management information system built a few years showed us some differences between usage with AJAX as con-
ago and still usable. Now his user population can take advan- trasted to usage without it. This work in progress provides an-
tage of its features through the Internet. SIG NEWS,Continued on page 10

8 • June 2008 June 2008 • 9
which made consumers reluctant to ex-
Tips & Tricks change disposable batteries by recharge-
able batteries:
• After purchase, rechargeable batter-
Scotty, I Need More Power! ies have to be charged before they can
be used.
By Alan Mildwurm • Rechargeable batteries lose the
stored energy rather fast.

HEN MY KIDS WERE young, I • has a high performance
bought batteries by the bushel. • has a long shelf life with no loss of • The state of charge is hard to deter-
All of their energy mine.
toys required some • Continuous charging or frequent
• can be used everywhere
batteries. The phrase charge (without complete discharge )
“batteries not in- • is cheap in purchase and us-
age can destroy the battery.
cluded” raised almost
as much terror as • is environmental friendly • Proper charging is complicated for
“some assembly re- an average consumer
• is easy to use
quired.” I still recall • The charging takes quite long and
going out one Xmas So far, these requirements rapid chargers are expensive.
morning in search of could not be satisfied by a
single type of battery. • All these negative attributes have
“C” size batteries be- one root-cause: self discharge.
cause we missed the The consumer had
the choice between dis- Self-discharge means, that a charged
warning on the box. battery slowly discharges itself without
(7-11). One very cool posable batteries or re-
chargeable batteries any equipment consuming any current.
pool toy took 16 bat- This is the reason for rechargeable bat-
teries - in 3 sizes. Disposable batteries have several ad-
vantages: teries being sold in discharged state. And
In those days, rechargeable batteries this is the reason for that keeping
were garbage. Most rechargeables were • they can be used immediately
charged batteries for some time did not
nickel-cadmium and with a memory that • they have a long shelf life with low make any sense. When you needed then,
made them useless after a few charges. Shelf loss of energy the energy was gone.
life was a joke and power output dismal. • they are rather cheap in purchase
For several years, I bought throw away al- How was the self-discharge re-
kaline batteries at Costco because they were • they are easy to use and no charger is
required duced? (For you techy folks!)
cheaper than those clever bunny batteries.
Not environmentally friendly, but definitely These advantages of disposable bat-
Modern Ni-MH batteries consist of
kid toy friendly. As the kids grew up, their teries however, had to be seen alongside
two metal stripes (anode and cathode),
needs for batteries diminished (actually they several clear disadvantages:
which are separated by a non-conduc-
now buy their own), but my need for batter- • they can be used only once and there- tive porous plastic foil ( separator ).
ies is increasing. Wireless keyboards, wire- fore mean substantial waste and risk for These three stripes are laid on top of
less mice, gps, wireless game controllers the environment. each other and are wound to a coil. This
(the Wii-mote takes 4 batteries per control- • they have to be purchased over and coil is put in a metal can and immersed
ler and there are 4 controllers), iPod external over again and are therefore expensive with a liquid (electrolyte). Then the metal
power units, camera accessories and on and considering the life-time of your equip- can is closed with a cap.
on. I am going through more batteries now ment. • The self discharge of Ni-MH batter-
with my toys than I ever did with the kids! ies is caused by three main reasons:
Luckily, rechargeable battery technology • they are not quite powerful enough in
has come a long way. certain applications (like digital cameras) • the chemical decomposition of the
Sanyo produces the eneloop (www. • they are being offered in many variet- cathode, According to their spec ies and special application-specific • the natural disaggregation of the anode,
sheet, the AA battery is rated at 1.2 volts types, which confuses the consumer. • Impurities of the anode.
and 2000 mAh. Not bad for a recharge- The classical advantages of recharge- Now, how could the self-discharge
able. (A disposable usually is 1.5 volts.) able batteries are: in the eneloop been reduced?
There are two sizes of eneloop batter- • high performance, especially if high The chemical decomposition of the
ies, AA and AAA. They also produce C discharge currents are required ( like in cathode has been reduced substantially
and D size cylinders in which you insert digital cameras) by the use of a new superlattice alloy.
AA batteries. As an additional benefit the superlattice
• cheap in use, because they can be re-
charged many times. alloy increases the electrical capacity of
From their site: the battery and reduces the internal re-
eneloop is a totally new type of battery, • environmental friendly, because one
rechargeable battery replaces 1000 dis- sistance, which allows higher discharge
which satisfies in a unique way the needs currents. Another advantage of the re-
and expectations of the consumers. posable batteries.
duced decomposition of this alloy is the
Consumers would like to have a bat- • good performance at low temperatures. fact that less Cobalt is needed to stabi-
tery, which can be used right after the Given these advantages, rechargeable lize the alloy. The anode has been
purchase batteries also have some disadvantages, strengthened by another new material,
10 • June 2008
which reduces the natural disaggregation. SIG NEWS, Continued from page 8
Additionally the separator and the used other Web usage. The ASP.Net SIG will continue to work with this project and refine
electrolyte have been optimized for low it with additional functionality. Two working versions of the application were distrib-
self discharge of the eneloop. uted to registered SIG members. The initial version uses PostBack exclusively,
while the second version contains incomplete but working AJAX implementation
They really are good batteries! that will be refined for further SIG Sessions.
A hearty crew needs hearty refreshment, and we took pleasure in our traditional
I have been using eneloops for several pizza break.
months. They work fine. I have both a wall As the C#VB.Net session time 7pm approached, we then moved smoothly into
charger and two battery (AA or AAA) USB database issues, thanks to Chuck, who demonstrated each point with his SQL
charger. Both chargers work very well. I like Management Studio. The database issues revolve around another application
the USB charger and I love the fact that project (BriefCase) the SIG is developing. The BriefCase application is a web
they come charged and ready to go. server application that provides a browser Brief Case file storage system con-
The kit shown below lists for $50.00 tained on the SQL Server database Server that mimics a Windows Explorer. The
but is available at Amazon for $32.00 It application contains Folders, sub Folders and Files that are reachable from the
comes with 4 AA, 2 AAA, and 2 spacers internet using a browser. Additional project development will ensue at future SIG
each for C and D plus a charger. I have meetings.
found even better deals with more batter- In starting this application, several considerations emerged. The database
ies at Costco!! can be managed by Visual Studio 2008 where it is attached to a SQL Server
Express as a database named ASPNETDB in the App_Data project folder. Or the
database can be managed directly by the SQL Server 2005 Express and appropri-
ately named BriefCaseDb stored in the data folder of the SQL Server. We also
talked about database instances that are associated with their own thread and a
port. By employing multiple instances we get multiple threads with better through-
put of transactions.
Our initial start with the application was the creation of the database using a T-
SQL script. We discussed the merits of using SQL Server Management Studio to
execute the script creating the database, and then experimenting with VS2008
Server Explored tool to perform the database creation again. The functional differ-
ences between the SQL Server Management Studio and VS2008 Server Explorer
quickly became apparent when we discovered that our complete T-SQL script
would not execute via VS2008 as it did in SQL Server Management Studio. VS2008
Server Explore is not quite as feature endowed as SQL Server Management Stu-
dio, but does contain functionality a developer needs in a programming environ-
An examination of the T_SQL script revealed that virtually every command was
preceded by a SET ANSI_NULLS ON command. Of course, our newly created
ALAN MILDWURM is president, Diablo Valley database was devoid of data and full of NULLS. This observation oriented the
PC Group, California, You discussion to NULLS. As such in SQL, user-defined variables have a prefix as in
cn reach him at @var1 and SQL system-reserved variables have a prefix as in @@var2. The
This article has been provided to APCUG concept ‘NULL’ must be understood as not a value but as a description that no
by the author solely for publication by information is available. Undefined variables are tolerated as in this expression:
APCUG member groups. All other uses re- declare @null int. They are defined in this expression: @null int set @null=null. A
quire the permission of the author (see e-mail not NULL but UNDEFINED variable as @null int (only), will be resolved to NULL if
address above). ANSI_NULLS is ON. Since NULLS implies that no information is available, it
further implies that a variable containing a NULL cannot be equal to any other
variable NULL or otherwise. However, a developer must be able to ascertain the
NULL status of a variable and does so by using the IS NULL test. SET ANSI_NULLS
FREE ON assures that the test will be conducted consistently for variables that truly are
The discussion pivoted to web server database processing for anonymous
user access. And, in user access control another range of issues arises. With
DACS members may standard users U1, U2, U3 authenticated in the database system, a user access-
ing apart from them can have their identity verified so that through impersonation
publish noncommercial, this user can link and share the privileges of a standard user for accessing the
computer-related classi- database by way of the web. This impersonation issue will arise more convinc-
fied ads in dacs.doc at no ingly as the BriefCase application project matures at future SIG meetings.
charge. Ads may be sent Macintosh. As a prelude to the upcoming general meetings on digital photogra-
by e-mail to Charlie phy, we took a look at the new iPhoto ’08 in our May SIG meeting.
Bovaird at aam@mags. The new iPhoto has a new way of organizing photos that you import. Instead of
the old idea of film rolls, iPhoto ’08 groups photos into events based on the date
net, or hard-copy may be information embedded in the digital photos. This makes sense since it’s likely
submitted at our monthly that all the photos that you take on a particular day pertain to a particular event such
as a wedding or birthday party. If you’ve previously imported photos into a folder,
general meeting.
SIG NEWS, Continued on page 13 June 2008 • 11

• eHawaii Portal - - 992
Safe Computing pages
• The World Clock - -
944 pages
Internet Security: iFrame Attacks • Boise State University -
By Brian K. Lewis, Ph.D. - 471 pages
• The U.S. Administration on Aging

’M SURE THAT MOST of you read- Russian web site, which subsequently (AoA) - - 425 pages
ing the title of this article are asking disappeared. The code placed on the
• Gustavus Adolphus College -
“What is an iFrame?”. Well, sit back, AskWoody web page linked to a web - 312 pages
get comfortable site in China and
and I’ll tell you subsequently to • Internet Archive - - 261
about the latest the Russian web pages
method hackers site. This was all • Stanford Business School Alumni As-
are using to steal done by a short sociation - - 157
information from length of code pages
you. that set up a • BushTorrent - - 147
First, the defi- single, invisible pages
nition of an pixel on the web
iFrame, which is short- page. The code • ChildCareExchange - - 131
hand for inline frame. was designed to pages
That clears it up load data from the • The University of Vermont - -
doesn’t it? I guess I’d Chinese web site. Any- 120 pages
better add some more one with an unpatched IE • Hippodrome State Theatre - Gainesville,
to that. An inline frame 6 that visited the FL - – 112 pages
is code within a web page that AskWoody web site would • Minnesota State University Mankato
permits a second page to be im- probably have been infected. - - 94 pages
bedded inside the first page. For ex- However, it was never determined
ample, they can be used to imbed an ad just what was being delivered by the off- • Medicare – – 12 pages
that is located on a different web site. shore web site. In many instances it appears that the
One example is the clickable scrolling The worst part of this scenario is hackers were able to “harvest” passwords
ad you frequently find on web sites. that the owner of the AskWoody web which gave them access to these sites.
IFrames generally load after the main site did not find out about the iFrame Then, if the site did not have current in-
page and may sometimes have their own exploit until he started receiving mes- put validation patches, the iFrame could
scroll bar. The iFrame may contain sages from someone who advised him be added to web pages. In some cases,
Javascript programming code which can that their AVG Resident Shield said his home users may have been the source of
permit interactive content. Some site was infected. That was followed by the initial password theft. By use of a
iFrames may be invisible and may con- Google advising him that his site was keylogger a hacker can obtain passwords
tain code which can redirect the user to infected and down rating the site. to any protected site visited by the user.
another page or download trojans or vi- Google also provided a warning to any- In other cases clicking on a banner ad
ruses. one attempting to link to AskWoody that attracts you can result in the down-
Whenever your Internet browser sees warning them that visiting the site might load of a bot, a trojan or other spyware.
an “iFrame tag” in the web page code it infect their computer. This is especially true if you are still run-
sets aside the space requested in the tag. The question becomes, how did the ning an unpatched Internet Explorer 6. It
It also goes out to the web page specified iFrame code become attached to the web appears that Firefox is less vulnerable to
in the code to download the requested page? The code pages on web sites are these types of exploits. Also, clicking on
information. generally password protected. Access an executable file in IE 6 generally results
So is this something new? I thought it to these pages for the purpose of mak- in running the file. In Firefox you are usu-
was until I read a report in a tech newslet- ing changes is controlled by the web ally only given the option to down load
ter (Windows Secrets) about an attack on site host and the hosting software. the file. Obviously you should never
the AskWoody web site. It turns out that However, there are several programs download or run any file that you don’t
iFrame attacks have been recorded since available which enable hackers to take know or don’t recognize. This is espe-
2004. The first exploit implanted a worm advantage of holes in web site secu- cially true when the site tells you that you
on thousands of computers. The only rity. Some of these are described as need some kind of add-on or special
thing that stopped it was a patch that “kiddie scripts”, indicating their ease viewer to see the information you want.
Microsoft had to apply to Internet Ex- of use. Others, such as Mpack, require This is the type of social engineering be-
plorer 6. In June 2007 over 10,000 pages a more sophisticated knowledge of pro- ing used to tempt users into download-
were infected in Italy. In November 2007 gramming. The problem is that thou- ing spyware. had to shut down as a re- sands of respectable sites have been There is also a danger related to the
sult of an iFrame attack. Then, this year infected. The following are only a few firewall you are using on your computer.
the AskWoody site had iFrame code that were reported in March 2008 by A keylogger or other trojan needs to be
added to its main web page. His research Dancho Danev’s blog (a security infor- able to report “home” without the user
indicated that the code originated on a mation web site): being aware that information is being sent

12 • June 2008

out. This is done by opening a “back door” 8. OR another option would be to
to the Internet; an outgoing port in one the verify that the address is safe before go-
thousands on every computer. If your ing to it. You can do this by checking it at:
firewall doesn’t check on all outgoing data h t t p : / / l i n k s c a n n e r. e x p l a b s . c o m /
and requests permission for new unknown linkscanner/default.asp
activity, then you will not be able to block As you can see, for Windows users,
the trojans back door connection. So it is the Internet is becoming more of a hazard
very important that your firewall check both to navigation. You, as a user, must always
incoming and outgoing data. Then, any- be cautious about clicking on links or ac-
time your firewall requests permission for a cepting downloads. If in doubt, don’t do it!
program, one you don’t recognize, to con- If everyone practiced safe-surfing, it would
nect to the Internet, just say NO. be harder for the hackers to succeed.
There is one other recognized method
for obtaining the information needed to get
into web page code. Hackers can purchase DR. LEWIS is a former university and medical
school professor of physiology. He has been Do you have a burning computer
web site administrator information on the working with personal computers for over
black market. One software application used question, but can’t make it to the
thirty years; teaching, developing software
to hack web sites, Mpack, sells for about and assembling systems. He can be reached at meeting or just never seem to get
$1,000 US. The person behind this software your hand up in time? Email your
is known as $ash in the Russian under-
ground. The software exploits six flaws in This article has been provided to APCUG inquiry to Jim Scheef, the answer
by the author solely for publication by guy, at askdacs@dacs. org, and
Windows and Internet Explorer. Thus for APCUG member groups. All other uses re-
not a lot of money, hackers can obtain ev- quire the permission of the author (see e-mail your question will be taken up at
erything they need to exploit weaknesses address above). Ask DACS at the next meeting.
in web pages.
As you can see, the iFrame attack is a SIG NEWS, Continued from page 11
real danger for those who surf the Internet.
iPhoto can also use that as the basis for creating an event. You are free to rename
If you want to read more about these at-
the events, as well as merge or split them.
tacks, a Google search will provide you with
On the main iPhoto page you will see all the events, each one represented by a
tons of information. If you want to protect photo from the event. You can quickly browse the photos in an event by passing
yourself from these attacks, your ability is your mouse cursor over it left to right (or right to left). If you’d like to choose a
limited. It is really up to your ISP and the different photo from the first to represent the event, just hit the space bar when you
web hosts to provide the security needed see the right photo as you’re browsing with the mouse cursor.
to prevent the web page intrusion of an Photo comes with a few essential editing tools which it is good to familiarize
iFrame. So what can a home user do? The yourself with before investing in an additional program such as Photoshop Ele-
following will help, but are no guarantee of ments. Open an event and choose a photo you’d like to edit. If the exposure wasn’t
protection. right when you took the photos, try using the 1-click Enhance tool. With this or any
1.Beware of pages that require soft- other tool you can undo the edit if you decide it’s not an improvement.
ware installation. Do not allow new soft- A much finer control over the photo can be had with the Adjust tool. It will show
ware installation from your browser un- a color profile graph with sliders at the black point, midpoint, and white point. For
less you absolutely trust both the Web instance, if you see that there is a gap between the black point and where the
page and the provider of the software. colors actually show up in the graph, you can move the slider and see the changes
live as to how they affects the photo. If you try the other controls in the dialog—
2. Scan with an updated antivirus and exposure, contrast, highlights, contrast, etc.—you can see the effect on the graph
anti-spyware software any program down- as well as the photo. If you have several photos that need the same adjustment,
loaded through the Internet. This includes you can copy and paste the adjustment.
any downloads from P2P networks, Other more specialized tools include the Red-Eye removal, which we found to
through the Web and any FTP server re- make the eyes more blue than might be realistic. The Retouch tool can remove a
gardless of the source. freckle or other blemish. The Straighten tool shows a grid over the photo so that
3. Use only a firewall that checks both you can correct a horizon that’s not, well, horizontal. Special effects, such as creat-
incoming and outgoing data. ing a sepia-toned photo, can be created with the Effects tool. iPhoto always keeps
the original version of your photo, so whatever edits you do to a photo can later be
4. Beware of unexpected strange-look- reversed by selecting Revert to Original from the menu.
ing emails, regardless of their sender. We ended by showing how to create a photo gallery from iPhoto. The easiest,
5. Never open attachments or click on if you have a .Mac account, is to use the Web Gallery tool which will take any
links contained in these email messages selected photos and post them in an attractive gallery page which you can make.
6. Enable the “Automatic Update” fea- accessible over the web at an address like<your .Mac ID>/.
A thoughtful behind-the-scenes feature is that, if you edit any photos present in the
ture in your Windows operating system
gallery, the changes will be automatically uploaded later in the background.
and apply new updates as soon as they
The other option is to use iWeb which you can initiate from iPhoto. This is more
are available flexible in that you select a theme and it will create a photo page, either at http://
7. Always have an antivirus real-time<your .mac ID>, or in a folder which you can upload to your own
scan service. Monitor regularly that it is Web site. If you click on a photo on the page in iWeb, a Photo Grid dialog will allow
being updated and that the service is run- you to select the maximum number of photos on a page, and iWeb will automati-
ning. cally create the overflow pages for you. June 2008 • 13

around since the days of NT 3.5 and thus
Circuit Writer is quite mature. Presentation Server
(ZenApp) adds the ability to make an appli-
cation running on the central server look
Version 5.10 like an application running on your normal
by Jim Scheef PC. In other words, the application on the
remote server appears in a window on your
Water Cooling is New? healthcare industry has been focusing on
the needs of providers and payors (insur- local PC. This middle ground offers central
Again we start with IBM and the head-
ance companies) rather than consumers management of major applications like SAP.
line, “IBM Ships First Water-Cooled
(you). Duh! Microsoft seeks to change the Network managers use Remote Desktop to
Supercomputer” I
way we access our healthcare remotely manage servers. I use it to elimi-
remember when all “serious” comput-
records by giving us a place to nate travel to client sites to fix most prob-
ers were water cooled.
store (and control) those lems.
That’s still true, but
records. As this resource The next stage of desktop virtualization
now it’s serious
builds, Microsoft is a different way to share that big central
gamers who use water
hopes that if they box. Rather than many virtual desktops
cooling to keep their
build it, consumers within one OS, this time many virtual ma-
over-clocked chips
will come with their chines run in a hypervisor on the big cen-
cool. The new
data and developers tral box. The user views the desktop using
supercomputer in the
will come with appli- a remote desktop technology like VNC (Vir-
article is called Bluefire
cations to analyze the tual Network Computing) or Microsoft’s
and will replace three
data and make possible col- RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Now each
older systems that are no
laboration between patients and user gets his own, separate OS that he can
longer quite so super. Re-
their healthcare providers. The idea reboot as needed – something that is not
member when we talked about
is to give you the same access to so easy when rebooting means closing
computer performance in terms of
healthcare records that you get to your fi- down every user on the central box. The
MIPS, or millions of instructions per sec-
nancial records at the bank. Only this time, tricky part to this plan is to store and save
ond? The new Bluefire is claimed to offer 76
you don’t need to get all your services from each user’s personal settings while still cen-
teraflops, or 76 trillion floating point opera-
one provider to centralize your data. What trally managing the application environ-
tions per second. Keep in mind that each
happens then is anybody’s guess, but the ment. Much newer, this technology is much
floating point operation requires several in-
key is that you will be involved in the deci- less mature.
structions to execute.
sion. The third type of desktop
The customer is the National Center for
virtualization is called client-side
Atmospheric Research NCAR -
virtualization. One of the presenters talked reminds me of an Desktop V ir tualiza tion
briefly about this technology when he
interesting factoid. Weather prediction was Before the main presentation at the
described a scenario where a bare-metal
the application that first got John Mauchly May General Meeting, I tried to get the
PC can boot to a copy of Windows that is
interested in building an electronic com- presenters to start with the very basics
passed down to the PC on an as-needed
puter. That was in the late 1930s and he and explain everything. Instead we got a
basis. What he didn’t mention is the pos-
went on to co-invent ENIAC, the first all time-compressed version of their regular
sibility to put the virtual desktop on a USB
electronic digital computer. The Bluefire will sales presentation. I was disappointed.
key that the user can carry from PC to PC
be used to study the effects of climate Well, there is a very good eWeek article
as they move about during their workday.
change. that explains what we
Your personal computing environment
becomes a sort of personality module that
Net Neutrality While they totally missed explaining
you can plug into any PC.
Our Congress-people in the House of it, Citrix has a product called ZenApp. It
My columns are available at http://
Representatives have taken up the issue of used to be called Presentation Server which, where there
Network Neutrality at least gives a clue to its function. Like
are more links and comments are welcomed.
again. Representatives Ed Markey (D-MA), Microsoft Terminal Services (aka: Remote
There is even an RSS feed!
and Chip Pickering (R-MS) have introduced Desktop), Presentation Server runs on a
the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of big central box that is shared by many
users. Both Terminal Services and Presen- JIM SCHEEF is past president of DACS and
2008. The act seeks to enshrine the princi- leader of the Server and Networking SIG.
pals of net neutrality into law as national tation Server turn Windows into a multi-
policy. Email your Congressperson today user system by creating virtual desktops
and tell him you want him to support this in the central server that you view remotely New Members
bill. using client software on your local PC. From 1/2008 to 5/25/2008
Since you don’t need a full PC to run the
HealthVault ault client software, a thin client device can
Darwin Rosario
replace the local PC. This is the Windows John Pugliese
Could Microsoft finally have its heart
in the right place? I mentioned HealthVault version of the old mainframe model with Edmond Burke John Miniello
here several months ago when it was first the OS and applications running on a Jini Lander Alan Mathews
announced by Microsoft. I created an ac- shared server with the user sitting at a
terminal device. There is only one OS and Kenneth Henneberry Tony Santostasi
count immediately. An eWeek article http:// suggests that the one installation of the applications to Dan Miller Carolyn Melillo
maintain. This technology has been
14 • June 2008
The authentication problem may
Ask DACS require a new email client. Mozilla
Thunderbird seems to be the
May 2008 preferred non-Microsoft email
client. In my column I have often
by Jim Scheef recommended using an email service
that is not dependent on any

E WELCOME QUESTIONS FROM the floor at the start of our General Meet-
ings. In addition, members who are not able to attend the General meeting particular Internet service provider.
may submit questions to We will ask the question for Examples are Yahoo Mail, G-Mail,
you and post the reply in DACS.ORG. Please provide as much information as possible and AOL/AIM email.
since we can’t probe during the session.
Q: I am running into a problem upgrad-
Q: What is a blog? dial-up to broadband with Verizon ing from IE 6 to IE 7 using Win-
A: The Wikipedia definition http:// DSL, but I am still using AT&T dows Update, can anyone help me WorldNet for my email. I am using out with this?
summarizes the first responses Eudora for my email software and I A: It sounds like the update to IE 7 failed
offered at the meeting. From am having trouble accessing my to complete successfully. Several
Wikipedia: A blog (an abridgment of email account over my broadband people recommended installing a
the term web log) is a website, connection. The behavior seen is second browser such as Firefox, Opera
usually maintained by an individual, that Eudora will activate the old or Apple Safari (now available for
with regular entries of commentary, AT&T dial-up when sending email Windows) as a safeguard to provide
descriptions of events, or other A: Solutions were offered on several web browsing should IE fail.
material such as graphics or video. levels. First, AT&T has changed Personally I suggest using Firefox as
Entries are commonly displayed in their security settings making their the primary browser. No definitive
reverse chronological order. “Blog” email service incompatible with older solution was offered beyond trying
can also be used as a verb, meaning versions of Eudora. The required to uninstall the failed install of IE 7.
to maintain or add content to a blog. authentication uses SSL which is The Microsoft IE 7 Solution Center http:/
The collection of all blogs and not supported by the version of /
their interconnections is referred to as Eudora used by the member. probably has an answer, assuming you
the “blogosphere”, although this term The discussion morphed into a can get past the catch-22 of no web
seems to have fallen out of favor of discussion of how the newest access. Apparently enough people have
late. Eudora is based on Mozilla this or similar problems that Microsoft
A blog can be on any topic of Thunderbird which has resulted in offers free telephone support for IE 7
interest to the author; I will not changes to the user interface. This installation and set-up. The number is 1-
repeat the examples offered. is one solution to the SSL 866-234-6020.
The information in a blog is authentication issue but will not
stored on the blog website. Space address the dial-up versus network Q: I have installed a legacy program on
is typically limited by the service issue. We’ll get to that below. my Windows Vista PC that I would
provider. It is not difficult to host Another point was that sending now like to remove. I am not able to
your own blog. There are many email may or may not require uninstall the program or remove the
websites that offer blogs as a authentication based on whether or not directory where it was installed. I
service, both free and not. you are connected directly to an ISP’s am getting the message that I am
Different blogging software offers network. While true, this also does not not the owner of the program.
varying feature sets. Many blogs address the fact that the member needed A: The problem seems to revolve around
accept anonymous comments to send and receive by way of the Verizon having administrator privileges while
while others require that a connection, not AT&T. uninstalling the program. One
commenter authenticate him and/ The solution to the networking suggestion was to use the “take
or herself in some way. issue is to make some changes in ownership” function in Windows
While there is no single index of the Internet Options applet in Explorer to resolve the ownership of
all of the blogosphere, Technorati. Control Panel. You can also reach the directory in question.
com bills itself as “blogger central.” this by selecting Internet Options in
Since they are websites, many blogs the Tools menu of Internet Explorer.
are indexed by the various search When it opens, click the
engines. Blogs often offer an RSS “Connections” tab and then click the
Are you up to
subscription to make it easy to keep “Never dial a connection” radio button
your nose with
up to date. near the middle of the dialog.
computer ques-
Blogs are used increasingly by Assuming a conventional home
tions?. DACS
corporations as a means to network and router, click the “LAN
Special Interest
communicate with customers, the Settings…” button and make sure that
Groups may have
press and the public. My Circuit none of the options are checked. Click
the answers. If not,
Writer blog is at http://circuitw OK and OK. Now when you tell your
let us know, and email client to send or receive it will do
we’ll try to create a
so using the local area network’s
new SIG that helps
Q: I have finally switched my ISP from connection to the Internet. June 2008 • 15

Nonprofit Organization
Danbury Area Computer Society
Danbury, CT
4 Gregory Street
Danbury, CT 06811-4430

Help give the
gift of speech
Call Shirley Fredlund
at 203 770-6203
and become a
Voice for Joanie

Future Events:
J une J ul
Ken Graff: Lesa King: How to Shoot &
Sharing Your Edit Like A Pro, Camera
Pictures Techniques & Adobe
Online Elements With Gary Spring,
of Ritz Camera, Danbury CT

August September
Ken Yessin of Sounds Chuck Masi of Ergonomix
Incredible: HDTV and Associates, LLC:
Home Theatre Ergonomic Solutions

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ISSUE DATE__________
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Sketch ad in this box ___________________________________________
anbury Area Computer Society is a non- In addition to the general meeting, DACS sponsors many
profit corporation organized under section special interest groups (SIGs) where members can learn and
(501) (C) (3) of the US Tax Code. Its purpose share information about a specific topic. Each SIG plans its
is to promote education, knowledge sharing, net- own meeting schedule and program topics.
working and communication between users of per- Our newsletter, dacs.doc is published monthly for
sonal computers. DACS is an all volunteer organi- our members, and mailed to arrive before the general
zation, with no employees. The major source of in- meeting. It features articles written by members and oth-
come is member dues. Members can volunteer to ers on timely topics including product and software re-
become instructors, lecturers, DACS officers and views, issues and trends in personal computing and “how-
board members, committee members, or SIG to” articles on sound, video, digital photography, etc. In
leaders. addition, each issues includes the calendar of meetings,
We sponsor or participate in community sup- announcements on SIGs and other DACS events.
port projects by collecting, repairing, and redis- dacs.doc has won numerous prizes over the years for its
tributing used computer equipment and software design and content.
to community service providers such as schools, Through its activities, DACS offers numerous op-
libraries, and patient/client support groups. portunities to network both professionals and computer
DACS members provide pickup, refurbishing, hobbyists. Our Special Interest Groups are an excellent
installation, and training assistance as needed. way for members to both learn and share application or
Firms or individuals with equipment to donate hardware knowledge. Any DACS member can form a
should leave a message on the DACS Infoline special interest group on any topic where there is inter-
(203-748-4330).or send an email to est. Most SIGs meet in our Resource Center in down- town Danbury.
The Voice for Joanie program was created in If you have concerns, requests, or suggestions re-
1992 through the initiative of DACS member, garding DACS or its programs, please contact
Shirley Fredlund. This program provides computer- DACS officers and board mem-
assisted speech for victims of amyotrophic lateral bers’ phone numbers are listed on page 3 of dacs.doc.
sclerosis (“Lou Gehrig’s Disease”).
DACS members have contributed volun-
teer time and technical assistance since
the program began. Voice for Joanie and
DACS have earned national computer in-
dustry recognition and financial assistance
for this vital collaboration.
Our general meetings are held on the
first Tuesday of each month in the Danbury
Hospital Auditorium at 7 p.m. These
meetings are open to the public.The main
presentation is scheduled from 8-9:30,
preceded by casual networking, an-
nouncements and Random Access, an in-
formal question and answer session. A
free product raffle is often held at the con- The DACS Resource Center is in Ives Manor, Lower Level,
198 Main Street, Danbury, CT 06810 (203-748-4330).
clusion of the main presentation.
Family Membership Application
Personal Information
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Basic membership with mailed newsletter - 1 year ( ) $45.00

Basic membership with online newsletter access -1 year ( ) $30.00
Corporate membership is also available. More information and forms online:
Each member has access to the HelpLine volunteers, newsletter online in PDF
form, group related news via email, SIG meetings, and any group-only related
events, promotions, or activities.

Pay by cash (at the General Meeting), or go to, and

check or money order, payable to: click on JOIN DACS NOW
Charles Bovaird, Treasurer
4 Gregory Street
Danbury, CT 06810-4430

Tell Us About Your Interests

Please take a moment to answer the following questions as they apply to you.
Hours a week you use computers _____ How did you learn about DACS? __________
Hardware: PC___ MAC___ desktop___ laptop___ palm___ other_______
OPSYS: Windows___ MAC___ LINUX___ other_________
Communications: Dialup___ HI-Speed____ WiFi____ LAN____ other_______
Applications: Office____ Financial____ other______
Digital: Music___ Photo___ CAM___ TV___ other______
Business: Corporate Employee___ private employee___ professional___ business owner___
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Office use only: Paid ______________ Check # ______________ Membership # ____________

Danbury Hospital
Meeting Location 24 Hospital Avenue
Danbury, CT
Traveling West on I-84, Take Exit 6. Turn right at exit
ramp light at North Street. Turn right on Hayestown
Avenue’ Turn right on Tamarack Avenue. Follow
Tamarack Avenue uphill to traffic light. Turn left at
this light onto Hospital Avenue. Follow Hospital
Avenue to appropriate visitor parking lot on right.

Traveling East on I-84: Take Exit 5. After stop sign,

go straight ahead to intersection of Main Street and
North Street. Go straight through onto North Street
Turn right off North Street to Maple Avenue. Go on
Maple Avenue to Osborne Street. Turn left on
Osborne Street. Turn left onto Hospital Avenue
Follow Hospital Avenue to appropriate visitor
parking lot on right.

Enterprise Software Development

(also Access, Excel, and Delphi)

Desmond Nolan, Consulant
Advanced Business Continunity Systems, Inc.
(203) 984- 0787