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Qualifying Test will be cover: (1) English grammar and correct usage; (2) reading

comprehension; (3) logical reasoning; (4) quantitative reasoning/data interpretation; and (5)
leadership/ knowledge of management concepts. Now, Im not sure about the previous years
since Ive only taken the test last year but I remember that approximately 80% of the test
questions fall under topics 1 to 3. So worry no more, fellow mathematically-challenged
candidates. There are only about 20 25 Maths questions and you can answer them with logical
reasoning or completely ignore them ( dont! ).
To review for the English-based questions, you may use those college entrance exams reviewer
and try answering the English part. I myself used my boyfriends younger sisters MSA
reviewers, available in all SM malls. No, reviewing those alone will not make you pass, but it
will condition you brain to look for patterns, vocabulary, and writing styles that might appear in
the test.
There is no substitute to reading. So read. Newspaper articles, scholarly journals, speeches by the
Foreign Affairs Secretary published in the DFA website, comedy websites, Harry Potter,
anything. Read alertly and take note of the different communication and writing styles. Develop
an ear for reading. The choices on each test question will not be between obviously wrong
options and one correct or correct-looking option. Most of it will be between options that all look
correct, and options that all look wrong, and some that might be correct or wrong, 50-50,
depending on how you interpret it. Fun, right? I selected the options that sounded right.
Quantitative Data/Data Interpretation
As Ive mentioned. there are only about 20 to 25 questions for this portion. You dont need to
memorize any formula; you can solve the problems using logical reasoning as most if not all of
the questions are word problems. Some of the websites I visited to help me review for this part
are actually for kids like Purple Math. They even have some practice problems that you can work
on. Again, these are not the actual questions that will appear on the test so I dont want to receive
any emails or comments saying I gave wrong tips because yaddayaddayadda.
Management Concepts
This part is made up of around 20 to 30 questions. Instead of buying an entire book on
management, browse online about various management ideas and concepts. Google is your
friend. Though to be honest, despite reviewing numerous articles on this area, I had to apply
concepts that I learned from my actual job than from the aforementioned articles.

So, to those of you who will be taking the Qualifying Tests this March 10, good luck! If you have
any questions for me, put it in the comments section.
Qualifying Test. (At Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, 8 am to 12 nn.)
This exam is pretty much like a college entrance exam. It covers basic high school
knowledge (logic, grammar, math) but the time limit is so tight that it seems the
test was not designed to be completed. Youll just have one minute to answer each
question so budget your time well. In my case, I shotgunned about 30 questions!
(Take your pick C is the key or A is the way.) Skim through the whole exam and
answer the easy questions first. For the reading comprehension section, read the
questions first so youll know what to look for when you read the selection. I think
you know these already.
People say this exam is a more sophisticated version of the Civil Service Exam (CSE)
which, I heard, is a no-brainer. But, of course, dont underestimate it! I used the CSE
reviewers sold in National Bookstore and MSA reviewers I borrowed from a friend.
Familiarize yourself with the test types to save time in answering them. Just keep on
answering the reviewers and youll be fine. Also, be sure to sleep early the night
before. This can make or break you.