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Where the Undead meet their match
Armuchee, GA
OCTOBER 1719, 2014

Grow a tree for ten years; grow men for a hundred.

Outbreak Time Line

5/19/2011 - Although it may seem unbelievable, this is not a satire piece or a joke. The
U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been deeply engaged in the fictions of
Swine Flu and other so-called "pandemics," is now publicly warning Americans to
prepare for a zombie apocalypse.
11/25/2013 Dr. George P. Burdell returns to the CDC from a research trip to the
Cherokee Pickings district. Under mysterious circumstances the doctor disappears
and all communications attempts with the Cherokee Pickens District go unanswered.
1/14/2014 Researchers announce a virus has been identified, which was collected by
the doctor during his trip, that when combined with food from certain 24hr waffle
restaurants has the ability to reincarnate the dead.
2/27/2014 - The CDC announces the long-dreaded "zombie apocalypse" may already
be underway in the Atlanta area council where a human zombie was encountered by
police officers who found him literally feasting on the face of another man. The man
was later identified as the missing doctor.
5/9/2014 - The CDC has released a new zombie apocalypse preparedness campaign.
As part of the campaign the "Preparedness 101 Zombie Apocalypse" novel is viewable
online and available in Barnes & Noble book stores. Authorities are not surprised to
discover that the CDC plagiarized the Boy Scout handbook to produce this novel.
5/15/2014 All communications with the CDC stop. The zombie virus is not covered
by Obama Care the US government is unable to manage the insurances lawsuits and
in response all military funding is frozen, and there is a breakdown of our society.
6/26/2014 - The BSA announces the Zombie Apocalypse and admits the only ones
who can survive are Boy Scouts.
8/1/2014 Sign up for the Appalachian Trail District Fall Camporee opens online at

10/3/2014 Drop dead date for registration.

CHECK-IN: Check-in begins on Friday evening for all Boy Scouts
BY INVITE: All Appalachian Trail District Boy Scouts are invited for Saturdays
activities and a weekend of camping, camaraderie and zombie annihilation.
FEE: $15 for registered Boy Scouts and $10 for Adult Leaders. Meals are not
Robert Patchett
Jack Kennedy
Marc Duclose
(678.575.7714, )
Visit the Appalachian Trail website at for updates on the Camporee.


Tour Plans may be accessed via this link, located under unit tools


Zombie Apocalypse Events

We are encouraging each troop to attend the Camporee with their own patrol theme.
We would like each patrol to have a 3x5 flag representing their patrol theme for their
campsite and the opening and closing ceremonies. We are also encouraging each
troop to adorn their campsites and uniforms in the spirit of their theme. Please
remember to be tasteful and respectful.
Opening Ceremony
This ceremony will officially kick off a weekend of great competition and
sportsmanship. We will be honoring all of our visiting families, so be sure to bring your
Zombie Apocalypse Games
Description of the scout skills to be used during the games
Lashing, Communication, Athletic Skills, Organization, Teamwork, Engineering
Creativity, Leadership
Zombie Apocalypse Games
All of our competition events are based on the theme of a Zombie Apocalypse.
Because a Zombie Apocalypse has not occurred we can only speculate what may be
required to be Prepared for this Emergency. Events are set up based on the patrol method.
Patrols may try to earn extra points by showing their patrol enthusiasm with a good
patrol yell, and a patrol flag.
Events will be held at both morning and afternoon sessions:
Events will include the following:

Surprise Event 1
Surprise Event 2
Surprise Event 3
Surprise Event 4
Surprise Event 5

5 activities requiring scout skills will announce at Friday evening Scoutmaster, Senior
Patrol Leader and staff Cracker Barrel.
Troops/patrols will be recognized for first, second and third place in each event.
The Overall Troop Fall Camporee ribbons will be determined by a cumulative score of
all events won by a particular troop using the following scoring system:

First place - 3 points

Second place - 2 points
Third place - 1 point

2014 Fall Camporee

Schedule of Events
Friday October 17

Check in, campsite assignment, and setup camp-Reception Center

Please bring two copies of the Troop Roster to Registration. The Staff will retain one

Saturday October 18

Cracker Barrel for SPLs and SMs - Blackfoot Shelter

Lights Out


Breakfast (On your Own)

Opening Ceremony flag raising Blackfoot Shelter
(Activity Uniform uniforms)
Campsite Inspections
Morning Session - Competition events - TBD
Lunch(On your Own), and Free Time
Afternoon Session - Competition Events - TBD
Tug-of War competition - TBD
Dinner (On your Own),
Evening Flag Ceremony Blackfoot Shelter
(Field Uniforms Required)
Campfire/Songs/Skits/Award presentation Council Ring
(Field Uniforms Required)
Cracker Barrel for Staff, SPLs and SMs - Blackfoot Shelter
Lights Out

Sunday October 19

Breakfast (On your Own),

Vespers Blackfoot Shelter
Award Ceremony and closing comments Blackfoot Shelter
Break camp, checkout with staff, patches issued


Camporee Policies
Event Rules: Details outlined at Friday evening Cracker barrel
Scoring: Troops, patrols and scouts will be judged on their patrol method, scout spirit and participation.
Check-in: Check in will start on Friday at 5:00 pm. PLEASE have your campout roster and medical forms ready at
Check-out: Check-out will be after 10:00 am on Sunday.
Parking: Parking is limited, so please carpool and bring as few vehicles as possible. All vehicles must be in designated
parking areas.
Fires: Fires at campsite must be within SIDNEY DEW Fire Rings if permitted by the camp ranger.
Cooking: All cooking will be done on Troop provided stoves. Cooking may be allowed over fire pits or rings.
Garbage: Pack it in, pack it out. No littering will be tolerated! Dumpsters are located behind Dining Hall
Restrooms/Showers: Restrooms and showers will be available.
Water: Water is available on site.
Headquarters: The headquarters will be stationed near the parade ground.
First Aid: Each troop should be able to care for minor injuries. Major injuries will be attended to by staff. Please have the
proper medical paperwork handy for every scout.
Fees: $15 for registered Boy Scouts and $10 for Adult Leaders. Meals are not provided. Fee includes patch, camp fees,
cracker-barrel and other supplies. Not too bad for a great weekend.
Late registration is $20 per person and may not include a patch.
Religious service: A scout is reverent. We will have a non-denominational service on Sunday at 8:45 am.
Uniforms: Scouts should be in Troop Activity uniforms (Field Uniform t-shirts or other scouting apparel) with their troop
number prominently displayed at all times except during the evening flag ceremony and the campfire program. Activity
uniforms are acceptable during the Saturday morning flag ceremony to permit scouts to be prepared for the morning
competition. Field uniforms shall be worn by all at the evening flag ceremony and during the campfire program.
Remember, uniforms also count a long way toward troop spirit competition. No camouflage.
Scout behavior: Scouts will be expected to follow all rules and regulations and follow the direction of all leaders and staff.
Anyone not heeding these instructions will be asked to leave the Camporee. Remember, scouting is a safe haven for
Campsite Inspections: Campsite inspections are mandatory this year. See schedule.
Miscellaneous: No electronics, fireworks, firearms, or sheath knives shall be permitted. No alcohol, tobacco products,
illicit drugs, or illegal substances shall be permitted. Scouts with pocket knives must be in possession of TotenChip card
at all times. Violators are subject to expulsion from the Camporee.
Volunteers: BSA Troop 4900 will be hosting each of the events. Any additional adults that troops may have who can
assist with events at the Camporee will be greatly appreciated
Location: The 2014 Fall Camporee will be held at Camp SIDNEY DEW, ROME, GA:

Northwest Georgia Council

Troop Requirements
Registration: Before October 3, 2014, each troop will pre-register the number of adults and scouts online with payment
Formal Registration will take place on arrival, with exact counts, names, health forms and outstanding fees due
at that time. Make checks payable to: Atlanta Area Council
Late registration begins on Oct 4th can be done by email; Troop should bring a check made out to AAC or cash
(this will then be deposited with Council).
***Scouts must be registered on the attached Troop Roster. Scouts must stay in their assigned Patrols as switching
scouts from patrol to patrol will not be permitted. If a troop has more than one patrol, the average age of each patrol must
be equal.
Campfire Ceremony: A special activity is planned for the campfire program. It will appeal to all scouts and promote the
desire to advance to a higher level of scouting. Each troop should be prepared with at least one skit for use at the
Campfire. Skits will be screened.
Campsites: Campsites will be assigned based on pre-registrations. Have a clean and professional Campsite available for
inspection by our campsite inspectors.
Equipment: BE PREPARED! Each attending unit is responsible for bringing their troop and patrol equipment including
cook boxes, trash bags, and necessary troop and patrol equipment. Each scout needs to carry water to each event.
Cracker Barrel: Scout Masters, Assistant Scout Masters, Senior Patrol Leaders, and Assistant Patrol Leaders are invited
to the cracker barrel on Friday and Saturday night. This is an important time for discussing the events and schedule.

Campsite Inspection Sheet

Part of scout camping is maintaining a safe and organized campsite. Troop campsites will be
judged on the following criteria:

Campsite Inspection Item

Earned Score

1. American Flag
2. Troop Flag
3. Flag of your Olympic home country
4. Camporee Schedule is posted
5. Entryway with troop sign
6. Troop Areas Defined
7. Tents pitched by patrol
8. Campsite neat and orderly
9. Wood tools properly stored
10. Garbage picked up
11. Dishes washed and put away
12. Cooking area clean
13. Dishwashing facility is present
14. First aid kit easily seen
15. Fire suppression equipment is present
(filled water bucket and shovel for each campfire pit in use)
16. Stove fuels properly stored
17. Food properly stored
18. Menu for all meals posted
19. Duty roster posted
20. Creativity and decorations





Possible Score = 200



Note: The results of the Troop Campsite inspection will not be rewarded separately.
They will be part of the cumulative score for the overall fall camporee awards.

2014 Fall Camporee Troop Roster Form

Please list scouts by patrol. Use additional pages as necessary.

Troop Number: __________________

Scoutmaster: __________________


Patrol Name

Medical Form Date

2014 Fall Camporee Troop Roster Form

Please list scouts by patrol. Use additional pages as necessary.

Troop Number: __________________

Scoutmaster: __________________

Patrol Name

Medical Form Date

2014 Fall Camporee Troop Roster Form

Please list scouts by patrol. Use additional pages as necessary.

Troop Number: __________________

Scoutmaster: __________________
Scout Name

Patrol Name

Medical Form Date

2014 Fall Camporee Evaluation

Please have Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Scoutmaster fill out and
return at check out. Each and evaluation will be read and considered in the planning of future

1. What did you like best about the Camporee and why?

2. What did you like least and why?

3. What could have been done differently to improve this Camporee?

4. Were the events able to include all of your scouts? If not, which events presented problems and
what were they?

5. How were the evening programs? Content okay? Too Long? Too Short?

6. Did you feel that the staff was knowledgeable and organized? Need to improve?

7. Did the information packet include all of the information you needed? If not, what should have
been included?