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Preparing Every Student for College A Proposal For PSMS

Pre-AP is a suite of K-12 throughout the school such that all option for every student, it is
professional development resources students are consistently being important to have a recognized
and services. The purpose of the Pre- challenged to expand their standard for college-level academic
AP Initiative is to equip all middle knowledge and skills to the next work. The Advanced Placement
and high school teachers with the level. Program provides these standards
strategies and tools they need to for Pre-AP. Pre-AP teacher
engage their students in active, high- The second important premise of professional development resources
level learning, thereby ensuring that Pre-AP is the belief that we can reflect topics, concepts, and skills
every middle and high school prepare every student for higher found in AP courses.
student develops the skills, habits of intellectual engagement by starting
mind, and concepts they need to the development of skills and The College Board does not,
succeed in college. Pre-AP Initiatives acquisition of knowledge as early as however, design, develop, or assess
is a key component of the College possible. Addressed effectively, the courses labeled "Pre-AP." Courses
Board's® K-12 Professional middle and high school years can labeled "Pre-AP" that
Development unit. provide a powerful opportunity to inappropriately restrict access to AP
help all students acquire the and other college-level work are
Conceptually, Pre-AP is based knowledge, concepts, and skills inconsistent with the fundamental
on the following two important needed to engage in a higher level purpose of the Pre-AP initiatives of
premises. The first is the expectation of learning. the College Board.
that all students can perform at
rigorous academic levels. This Since Pre-AP teacher
expectation should be reflected in professional development supports
curriculum and instruction explicitly the goal of college as an
Sample Course: Pre Ap English Title: Pre-AP Summer Institute--Pre-AP
Event Length: 08/04/2008 8:30 AM until Professional Development for English

Professional 08/08/2008 12:30 PM

Development Workshop Directly Run By: Vancourver, USA Location: Vancouver, USA, AP Summer
AP Summer Institute at Columbia River High Institute at Columbia River High School
Dates, School

locations, and
Price: $675.00 Contact: Howard Yank
cost. Phone: (360) 313-1079
Fax (360) 313-1021

qualified teacher who is equipped with the

Why Pre-Ap at PSMS?
For the last three year’s, Port Susan
strategies and tools to engage their students
in active, high-level learning. Through
Pre-AP Courses
Middle School has been focusing a large differentiated instruction, Pre-AP students will
amount of its effort on the gain the skills, habits of mind and concepts
Pre-AP Courses
struggling student. We they need to succeed in college. We will need
have neglected our to determine what courses will be offered as There are a variety of Pre-AP courses
responsibility of Pre-Ap courses, and determine a sequence for available, including English, Music
challenging our advanced implementing this program at our school. Theory, Science, Social Studies, Studio
students. Pre-Ap will Arts, Fine Arts, Math,
provide our students the and World Languages.
opportunity to take
rigorous courses. More importantly, The How will this happen? Who?
number and quality of advanced courses a
We will need to determine how this will Sixth, Seventh, and
student takes is more significant than GPA or
happen. It could take between one to three Eighth grade teachers.
class rank for predicting college success.
years. Do we initially start at sixth grade, Initially, one teacher per
and add a grade level each year? Do we subject per grade level.
start at eighth grade and add a level
backward each year? These are questions we Where can I get more
What are Pre-Ap Courses? will have to answer together. What grade
Pre-AP courses are on-grade level level is most willing and able to implement this
academically advanced courses designed to during the 2009-2010 school year?
challenge motivated students to understand apc/public/preap/index.html
rigorous content. The coursework requires
students to engage in independent and
analytical assignments and to complete a Essential Questions
substantial amount of work outside of class.
★ How do we ensure we are ★FOR OUR KIDS
providing a rigorous and enriching ★FOR OUR SCHOOL
instructional program to the 75% of the ★FOR OUR COMMUNITY
students meeting or exceeding standard
Who Could Take Pre-AP on the WASL?
Courses? ★ Why would students who are high
achieving want to attend PSMS?
The Pre-AP model, as designed by the
★ What can we offer to our students
College Board, is based on the belief that we
and our community that other middle
can prepare every student for higher
schools in the area cannot?
intellectual engagement by starting the
★ Why do we need to change? What
development of skills and acquisition of
happens if we don’t?
knowledge as early as possible. Consistent
with the College Board philosophy, Pre-AP is
open to any Port Susan Middle School student
who selects it. Every Port Susan Middle
School Pre-AP student will placed with a