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My dream

I had a pleasant dream last night. I went to bed late and was fast asleep. Suddenly I felt that I was
in the fairyland. There was a big garden. Flowers were blooming. The fairies were singing
beautiful songs.
One fairy came to me and greeted me with a sweet smile. She offered me a small chair to sit on
and enjoy the dance. Then I saw a little child playing on the flute. He arrived in the midst of the
fairies. The child started dancing with the fairies. There were some dwarfs sitting nearby. There
was a beautiful river. The sun was shiny and a cool breeze was blowing.
I sat under a shady tree. The tree was laden with fruit. The child brought some fruit for me. Then
the chi started singing and dancing. The fairies stood aroid me. It was a beautiful scene.
When I was taking fruit and enjoying dancing, suddenly woke up. My mother asked me to get up
and prepare for school.

My last birth day

I celebrated my 10th birthday last Saturday. I invited all my friends to my

birthday party. My parents has invited some of our relatives too. In morning, we
did somepooja at home and in afternoon the guests began to arrive. I put on
my birthday dress which I was specially sewn for me. The house was decorated
beautifully by my sister and my mother. In evening, I cut my birthday cake.
The cake was very beautiful with colourful icing and big chunks of chocolate.My
friends and family members sangbirthday song for me and they wished me a
very happy birthday. All gave me lots ofgift packets. Then my friends and I
danced together. The guests were served sweetsand drinks. Everybody was in
a joyful mood and enjoyed a lot. The guests took dinner and went away
midnight. When the party was over, I unpacked all my birthday gifts. I was
surprised to see such lovely gifts. I then thanked my parents for holding such a
pleasant party to celebrate my birthday.
Importance of forests

The Importance of Forests in India

Indias forests cover about 23% of total geographical area of the country. Forests play a vital
role in the economy of the country. They give fuel wood to poor people for cooking purpose.
Forests also provide material for industry. Those who build houses get timer for house
building and for various other purposes. Besides forests please the attracts rains and stops
erosion of the soil.
Evergreen forests are found where the rainfall is heavy. There are such forests in the Western
Ghats and the Sub-Himalayan regions. The category of the forests yield hard wood such as
teak rose wood and bamboos. The monsoon forests are found in large areas of Deccan
plateau. They provide teak, shal, sandalwood etc. The hill forests found at places above 500
feet above include the best timber and other trees. In recent years, lakhs of fast growing
eucalyptus trees have been planted along the roadside to attract rain.
Indias forest wealth has been reduced as a result of senseless cutting of trees. People need
firewood. Even official agencies clear vast jungle areas for constructing dams, roads and
buildings. The axe and bulldozer have been in common use. Grazing causes another problem
in large parts of the country. So the annual rate of the loss of forests is a serious threat to the
countrys economy.
Nobody would be able to escape adverse effect of this destruction. The disappearance of
forests results in changing rainfall pattern and causing drought conditions in large areas.
There is a report that about 25 per cent of all the drugs are derived from trees. Trees also yield
vital industrial oils, resins and dyes.
Now we understand the importance of forests in the countrys economy. We also realize their
value in maintaining the ecological balance. Now the government tries to save the forest land
and reserve forest in the country. But the destruction of forests continues lakhs of fresh trees
are planted every year in India but they perish, for lack of care.
We get many things from the forests. They include bamboos of different kinds. We get
grasses of various types. Medical plants gum and lac are provided by forests. It is also widely
used for medicines. In India there are over 20000 types of medicinal plants. So forests are of
great value. They deserve much greater practical attention than they are getting now.

Honesty and friendship

How important is honesty in a friendship? For most, honesty is a very important
factor in any relationship; unfortunately, the hard fact is there are times when it is
easier to lie than to be honest. If a friend has made a decision or choice to do
something that you don't agree with, that you maybe even feel could be harmful, do
you speak up, telling them your real feelings, or pacify them because they might not
want to hear what you really think?
Choosing to be honest is not always easy, but it is a defining element in how people
perceive us. If people see someone that walks on the fence in between honesty and
dishonesty, then eventually the perception would be that person is untrustworthy, and
in a friendship that can lead to a very negative relationship.
Honesty produces trust, and trust produces confidence. It is very important that the
individuals in our lives see a person they can trust, count on and have the utmost
confidence in. This should be the basis of any true friendship.

Being a true friend does not always mean appeasing or pacifying an individual just to
make them happy. A true friend is, however, an individual who will care enough to tell
you the truth under any circumstance, and at the same time stand by your side, even
when you make a mistake.
Why honesty in a friendship is important
Honesty is an important attribute because it is one of the ways that people judge you. If you cannot be
considered as being honest, you will not have good business relationships, good friends, or perhaps even a good
life. Honesty replies a refusal to steal or deceive in any manner. It means integrity or chastity. It is a great virtue
which is adored by all and the one which most important in relations including friendship. It is rare to find a
truly honest person. As the sun is known by its clear rays, so an honest person can be identified by his simple
nature and amiable behaviour among many. An honest person is fearless and truthful and honesty is most the
important feature in a friendship. An honest person is trusted and respected in the society. He keeps his head
high within its social circle and his character is as bright as a sharp sword. It is said, 'honesty is the best policy'.
Honesty leads one to morality and purity of character. A dishonest person is disbelieved and hated by all.
Dishonesty is a sin which comes out sooner or later. If we are dishonest with are friends, the life of the dishonest
person becomes miserable, as he loses all faith, sympathy and support of the his friends and everyone starts
getting against him. Friendship is a sentimental bond between two people and this bond is broken by dishonesty.
Honesty is important in friendship so that our friends believe that what we say. If we are known to be honest
about all things then when we tell our friends something they believe you. If we are known to be dishonest for
just once, none respect us. For example if I ask information about someone to my friend, he gave some
information which is not truth. When I came to know that, I won't believe my friend next time. Even it will
make gap between us.
In conclusion honesty is important to succeed in every part our life. Being known as an honest person is one of
the highest honours you can achieve in...

Friends are as our outer family defending our feelings just like the closed walls of
the house ready to defend any danger coming from four sides. They have lots of
contribution in developing our outer trust layer around us with the relation name
friendship. And if there is no honesty then friendship has no meanings. Why
honesty is important in a friendship? Friendship tells who we are to others. Their
significance in life is beyond description. Friendship is important to all of us. You
may have thousands of friends, but if you dont have a true friend then your life is
not accomplished. During our studies from elementary school to universities, we
have lots of fellows. Among them, we choose special ones for our friendship.
Whatever, in any friendship, honesty is the basic manner. Our parents feel affection
for us because they are the ones bring us to this world. Our sisters and brothers
love us because they are born with us. But friends are something different. Friends
feel affection for us without any such stipulation or relation. They completely care
and are devoted to us without any hope or assurances. We get a hold to share the
largest part of love and relation with friends. Friends, who remain true to each
other and never lie or hide or even never act for anything and enjoy their friendship
at all stages of life.
1 Healthy and mature growth of friendship are based on Honesty.
2 Honesty is a secret of successful friendship
3 Honesty is liberating element in Friendship
4 Honesty- the good stuff

5 Friends Trust when No one else can

6 Friends Remain Loyal to Us
7 Honesty takes us to true company of friends
8 Inspiration and Motivation
9 Share secrets.
10 Boost self-confidence.