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Foundations of Marketing
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Foundations of Marketing
2. Marketing
Marketing can be defined as a management process in an organization through which the
organizations transformed the basic concept of the innovative ideas into the final goods and
services for the customers (Hollensen, 2015). An effective marketing involves the integration
between four important elements within an organization, commonly called as the 4Ps of
marketing, which are as follows:

Identify, select and develop a product.

Determine the price of the product.
Select a distribution channel through which products will be delivered to the customers.
Develop and implement an effective promotion strategy.

2.1 Concept of marketing

The marketing concept can be defined as a management philosophy through which an
organization achieve its goals through satisfaction and identification of the consumers unstated
as well as stated needs and wants. The concept of marketing mainly focuses on meeting the
needs of the customers and their satisfaction level for generating revenues (Jobber and EllisChadwick, 2012). The concept of marketing is different from the selling concept because the
selling process focuses on attracting people through techniques and tricks towards the products
of an organization so that they exchange their cash in return of the companys products. Selling
does not focus on creating value for customers like marketing concept and its all about the
exchange of the money.

The marketing concept views the business process as an integrated effort of different
departments to identify, create, provoke and satisfy the needs of the customers. Moreover, the
marketing concept does not focus on the payments of the products and it only focuses on
developing a demand of a product among customers and fulfill the needs of the customers.

2.2 Orientation of marketing

The orientation of marketing can be defined as a business model that involves the
delivery of products which are designed according to the current needs, desires, requirements
and wants of the customers. Moreover, it also focuses on the production efficiency and the
product functionality that can be simply called as the production orientation. Ajay K. Kohli and
Bernard J. Jaworski stated the concept of the marketing orientation in the Journal of Marketing
as, marketing orientation is the generation of the market intelligence within the organization
that aims to identify the current and future needs of the customers, diffusion of the marketing
intelligence across different departments of an organization and the collective response of the
overall departments to the marketing intelligence (Matsuno and Mentzer, 2015). The figure
below clearly depicts the difference between the marketing orientation and the production
orientation and it is very important for the organizations to understand the difference between
these two basic concepts of marketing.


Components of marketing oriented organization

There are three most important components of a marketing oriented organization and
these components are as follows:

Inter-functional Co-ordination
Competition Orientation
Customer Orientation
A market oriented organization is always focused on its customers first and make untiring

efforts to satisfy the needs of its customers. Long term profitability is the primary goal of the
market as well as customer oriented business and same goes for the organizations which are
production oriented (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). However, the companies that are


focused on a marketing orientation model have realized that they can generate heavy revenues
only when they will deliver superior customer services through innovative products and also
offer products and services which are according to the current and future needs of their

7. Example of an organization
The assignment highlights the marketing process of one of the leading medium sized
organization in the technology industry of UK called as Avecto. It has been considered as a
leading organization in the security sector of UK with $3 billion end point security (Avecto,
2016). Avecto deals within the security software and they provide security solutions to their
clients. The strong relationships of Avecto with its investors help the company a lot in
strengthening its marketing operations.
Avecto makes untiring effort to produce more innovative software, products and services
for providing effective solution to the issues of their clients. The company sets out competitive
prices for its products, services and security software; however, in some of the products, Avecto
has first mover advantage. The strategic partners and investors of the Avecto help the company to
promote its software in the market and they provide solutions to clients problems at their
The overall marketing team of the Avecto along with other departments makes efforts to
generate fantastic results for the company. Besides that, the shareholders of the Avecto also play
an important role in the marketing process of the company.

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