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Determine the form, meaning and uses of past and present participle.


Describe illustrations that elicit the use of past and present participle.


Use past and present participle correctly in a given context from a group differentiated


Construct sentences in a narrative manner through the use of past and present participle


Subject Matter


Present and Past Participles


Freeman, D. & Murcia, M. (2008). The Grammar Book. Participles.

Thomson Learning Asia. pp. 18


Observation, Simple Role Playing, Making Conversation, Creative



Deductive Method and Grammar in Situational Context


Pictures of objects, Posters for discussion, Posters as worksheets for

practice, Recorded clips for activity instructions,Task boxes, Banners and
for practice, Scoreboard for completed tasks , Task Envelopes for practice.


Learning Procedure

Teachers Activity
1. Preparation
a. Routine
Prayer and Greetings
Everybody stand and let us pray. Can
somebody please lead the prayer.

Students Activity

Our Father, Who art in heaven,Holy be

Your Name;Your kingdom come,Your will be
done,on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,and
forgive us our sins,as we forgive those who sin

Good Morning Grade 9-Hertz!

Attendance and Classroom Management
Please arrange your chairs properly and
be seated. Secretary, please report the class
attendance, now.

against us;and do not lead us to the tempt,but

deliver us from evil. Amen.
Good Morning Ms. De Villa!

(The class secretary will report the number of

b. Motivation
attendees in the class.)
In the previous meetings, we have
discussed about verbals. Now, what are the two
verbals that we have discussed?

Today, we are going to learn another

verbal through the help of a well-known
personality on television. Who among you
know about the Pinoy Big Brother?
Kuya will be joining our discussion
here and I will be his house guest and you are
his housemates. To have your surprise budget
price for this day, you have to complete Kuyas
Let us now hear Kuya from Pinoy Big
Brother Grade 9 Edition!

Your first task will be this:

Divide the class into five groups. Complete the
statement by using the verb in the parentheses
to describe the following pictures. For this

We have discussed about the verbal

noun which is gerund and the verbal that acts
as an adjective, adverb or noun which is an

(The students will raise their hands.)

(The students are listening to Kuyas voice.)

Good morning, housemates. Welcome to my
house. Another week has passed and its now
time for new challenges. You will face 4 Daily
Tasks as a part of your weekly challenge.
As for your first task today, Always
remember, a picture speaks a thousand words.
Its not just what you see, but you have to ask,
how you see it. Houseguest Ms.De Villa, please
go to the confession room for the task.

task, you only need 2 representatives each to

go to the board.

(The students are performng the tasks

Group 1

Group 2

______stick (burn)

Group 3

______pond (freeze)

_____stamps (collect) _____stamps (collect)

Group 4


_______leg (break)
Group 5

2. Presentation of the Lesson

Highlighting the Form
What do you call the verbs that are
used to describe the following pictures?
What is a participle?
What are the forms of a participle?
How do we write participles?

When do we use present participles?

How about past participles?

How can we distinguish if its a verb or

a participle?

Tell whether the given example is a

past or a present participle.

______ice (crack)


These are called Participles.

A participle is a form of verb that can
act as an adjective.
Participles fall into two groups: present
participles and past participles. You can
identify these two different types of participles
by their endings.
Present participles end in ing. Past
participles generally end in ed but may also
have irregular endings such as t and en.

Present Participle (-ing) is used to

describe something or someone.
Ex. The interesting show is worth to watch.
Past Participle (-ed) is used to describe
how someone feels or what happen to
Ex. Interested, Jack watched the show.

3. Controlled Practice
Good job. Let us listen to what
bigbrother has tosay.

1. The ___(whine) sound came from the

engine of the car. (present)
2. ___(disgust), Len walked away without
saying goodbye. (past)
3. We remind him of his ___(forget)
promise. (past)
4. The ___(cry) baby had a wet diaper.
5. His ____(hurt) feelings will never be
cured. (past)
Let us move on to our next task.

A verb shows an action or a condition

while a participle acting as an adjective
modifies a noun or pronoun.


(The students will listen to Kuyas voice)

Housemates, how are the tasks so far?
Always remember, its not enough to just
recognize, but it pays a lot to use what you
have learned so youd be prepared for real
world tasks. Housemate Class President,
please go to the confession room for task 2.
(The student will read the task.)
Put the correct participle on the answer boards
provide to each group for the sentences that the
teacher will flash. Raise your answers as the
teachers go signal.
(Students will listen to Kuyas voice.)
Housemates, I know its getting tougher. But
always remember, cooperation, creativity and
perseverance are the names of the game.
Housemate Class Vice President, please go to

the confession room for task 3s instruction.

(The student will read the task.)
Have a representative for each group go in
front. Pick the number that will be provided by
the teacher.
The number that is assigned to you will be
your briefcase number. Have the
representatives stand in front holding the
Each briefcase contains a level of difficulty of
the task that you will do. Decide whether you
will do it or pass it to other groups because a
wrong answer will deduct 2 points from your
total score. So, is it a deal or a no deal?
Briefcase #1 - Easy

Present or Past?
Underline the participle and indicate whether it
is present or past.
1. The howling coyotes woke the
neighborhood. Howling-present
2. Stumbling, Nicole dropped her books
in the hall.Stumbling-present
3. The torn tent was no protection against
the wind. Torn-past
Briefcase #2 Easy

Verb or participle?
Write if the underlined word is verb or
participle. Write V if it is a verb and P if it is a
1. My little brother loves frozen yogurt.P

2. The cat frightened the bird. V

3. The Baskins are moving to Toronto. V
Briefcase # 3 Difficult

Put the correct participle on the blank.
1. A ______ crowd greeted us. (shout)
2. He held out his _____ finger. (bite)
3. A ______star streaked across the clear
sky. (fall) (falling)
Briefcase #4 Average

What does it modify?
Underline the participle and put an arrow
pointing to the word it modifies.
1. Smiling, the official shook my hand.
Smiling- official
2. The cracked ice looked like silvers of
glass. Cracked-ice
3. The captured rebel died after a few
days. Captured-rebel

Briefcase #5 Average

Present or Past?
Underline the participle and indicate whether it

4. Performance
You all did a great job. Now for you
final task, let us hear again from big brother.

is present or past.
1. Hurt, Vivian ate lunch by herself.
Hurt, past
2. Howard turned off the blaring radio.
Blaring, present
3. The police are recovering the stolen
jewels. Stolen- past

(The students will listen to big brother.)

Congratulations housemates! You are about
to complete successfully your weekly tasks. But
for your last challenge,your clas should be
divided into two. This is to test your
cooperation with the other groups. Groups 1
and 2 will be mergedwith the half of group 3;
groups 4 and 5 will be fused with the half of
group 3. Each group will narrate what they
will do in the givensituation by using
participles to describe specfic objects or
person that they will include in their
sentences. Make 5 sentences only. Highlight
the participles that you used.
Be able to act out your narration as a
group while your representative is reading
your work.
Team 1
A girl was walking downtown. Suddenly, she
fell down on her knees and cried a lot. You saw
her crying, what will you do?
Once upon a time, I saw a crying little
girl down town. _______________________

5. Evaluation
On a sheet of paper answer the following.

Team 2
You saw a man shoplifting from a convenience
store. The personnel of the store was
unmindful of what he is doing. What will you

Fill in the blanks with the correct participle.

1. The _____ car gathered speed slowly.
a. Overloaded
b. Overloading
2. The _____rain forced us to stay
a. Poured
b. Pouring
3. The ____ train pulled down the track.
a. Chugging
b. Chugged
4. ____, she should not follow the
a. Confused
b. Confusing
5. The _____team vowed to practice
a. Disappointing
b. Disappointed
Write whether the underlined word is a
verb or a participle.
6. The train is arriving on Track 7.
7. The theatrical company has been
touring major cities.
8. The moving truck arrived an hour late.
9. The directions confused her.
10. Usually, by this time of the year, the
pond has frozen.

Once upon a time, I saw a shoplifting

man from a convinience store. ___________

1. A
2. B
3. A
4. A
5. B
6. Verb
7. Verb
8. Participle
9. Verb
10. verb

Make a story slideshow of pictures with sentences that use present and past participles. Do it
by group. Make sure that the participles that are used are emphasized. Submit it on an .avi
or .mp4 file type. The story might be fictinoal or factual.

Philippine Normal University

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In partial fulfillment of the course requirements in

Prof. Ed.-15- Practice Teaching
A Detailed Lesson Plan in English
Subject Matter: Present and Past Participles
Grade/Year Level: Grade 9

Prepared by:
JIeme Y. Ortiz
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