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Certificate of Compliance with the terms and conditions of

Sports Capital Programme
Sports Capital Grant to:

_____________________________ (name of organisation)

Grant Ref number: _____________________________

Grant purpose:


As the _________________________ (insert role within organisation) for the above

named organisation, I do hereby certify that:
1. the invoices listed in the schedule below form part of the expenditure incurred
by the above named organisation in relation to the above project
2. all of the terms and conditions of the Sports Capital Programme (including the
terms of any legal declarations or deeds) have been complied with in the
drawing down of this funding
3. the expenditure relating to this claim has not been previously claimed under the
Sports Capital Programme
4. the expenditure relating to this claim has not been and will not be recouped
from any other source (including through VAT refunds)
5. the above named organisation is open to the public and is not private or
primarily commercial
6. the above named organisation has adequate financial control systems in place
to manage this grant
7. other Government funding has been received towards this project from the
following sources (if none, please indicate NIL):
Source (name of grant



8. Is Government funding from all sources more than 50% of the project cost? YES
NO (if yes the Comptroller and Auditor General may inspect your
Please note that under Department of Public Expenditure and Reform Circular
13/2014 you are required to
acknowledge any funding received in your organisations financial statements
(treasurers report, annual accounts, annual report etc). This acknowledgment must
include the following information:

that the funding was provided by the Department of Transport, Tourism and
that it was provided under the Sports Capital Programme

the total amount of the grant to your organisation

the amount of funding received in the period covered by the financial statement

the specific purpose for which the grant was provided (purchase of sports
equipment, drainage of a pitch etc) and the elements delivered in the period
covered by the financial statement
that the states investment is protected and will not be used as security for any
other activity without prior consultation with the parent Department and
sanction of DPER.
the number of employees whose total employee benefits (excluding employer
pension costs) for the reporting period fell within each band of 10,000 from
60,000 upwards and an overall figure for total employer pension contributions.
(This applies even if salaries are not being funded by the Exchequer).
that the grantee is compliant with the tax clearance procedures



Contact details:




Role of Witness within organisation:

Contact details of witness:


Dated the ________ day of ____________ 201_

Schedule of Invoices Submitted under the Sports Capital

Grant Ref:_____________
Invoice No


Company Name


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