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MTR RTE is positioned as a healthy and purely vegetarian product. It

basically plays on the sentiment of the Indians regarding home-made
vegetarian food.
The Value Proposition captures the following

PNC uo rentriv tei on ui esn t

NEV a lstuu y e r Aa f vlo ar i Ml a ob ni l ie t y

Some of the key attributes of positioning- such as Pure, Natural etc.

can be captured from the packaging above.

Marketing Mix
The Products are listed as follows:

Sambar Rice
Palak Paneer
Chana Masala
Dal Makhani
Veg Pulao
Paneer Butter Masala
Paneer Makhani
Rajma Masala
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Muttar Paneer
Navratan Korma
Shahi Paneer
Alu Methi
Khadi Pakoda
Paneer Tikka Masala
Masala Upma
Kesar Suji Halwa
Dal Fry
Bhindi Masala
Alu Mattar
Rajma Chawal
Tomato Rice
Masala Rice
Pav Bhaji
Lemon Rice
Rasam Rice
Peas Rice
Jeera Mushroom Curry
Tamarind Rice

As the list suggests, the products are varied in accordance with the
tastes and preferences of the customers across India. So, MTR has
tried to widen its reach by offering something for almost all regions of

There are several other brands offering similar kinds of products such
as ITC, Haldirams etc. Also, there are certain local players who also sell
similar products and offer non-vegetarian options. But, MTR provides a
lot of variety, reach and traditional dishes.
However, MTR RTE products here come as a very safe option for people
who believe in preparing quick meals as opposed to investing a lot of
time in the preparation.
Also, the food is authentic Indian, as opposed to being very nontraditional. The 100% vegetarian assurance also helps the product to
gain value.

The pricing model is very strategic keeping in mind the target audience
for such products. Typically prices range from about Rs. 65-85 per
packet of 300 gm.
This is essentially a very beneficial strategy for the customers as well
as MTR. The prices are affordable and hence the customers would be
willing to pay a bit more for the comfort and convenience.
A packet of MTR RTE Jeera Rice costs about INR 60 for 250gm.
Premium quality basmati rice in India costs around INR 200 per kg. So,
we see that MTR charges round about the same amount for a precooked dish as compared to raw ingredients. Definitely, the price point
is a little higher than preparing the same at home, but the customer
also gets the much desired comfort and convenience.
For MTR, selling small packets all priced below INR 100 helps achieve
economies of scale as well as economies of scope. A customer is more
likely to purchase multiple packets of MTR RTE products at the given
price range rather than purchasing a single packet offered at a higher
price point.


MTR RTE has national as well as international presence, also popular

among NRIs. However, the presence is predominant in the southern
part of India. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh contribute to about 70%
of the sales of the RTE variety. However, the penetration is also quite
rampant in the metro cities of India. Currently, the distribution network
is in the process of being strengthened. The organization expects sales
to grow by 10% more.
Also, there is a substantial presence in the foreign markets- mainly US
and the UK. European markets are yet to be captured. However, they
are very soon planning to expand to the Scandinavian countries.
MTR RTE has online presence- it is available on websites such as, Snapdeal etc. It is also widely sold on
Needless to say that it is easily available on Mega Stores such as
Bigbazar, Spencers, Star Bazar etc. and also at our very own local
Kirana/Grocery Stores.

MTR floats advertisements on mass media as well as over online
channels. It is a very honest way of connecting with your customers
because the still here depicts a scene from a famous Sanskrit epic.
Since the value proposition of MTR RTE is very traditional or desi, the
masses are expected to connect very well with these commercials that
can stir the emotions of several Indians.

Also, they use very direct form of promoting their product via
traditional marketing approach. Below is a commercial that tempts the
audiences to grab some sweet meat right away!