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5/14/01, 2:18 PM

TEFLON- Reg TM E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

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5/14/01, 2:18 PM

Variable area Flowmeters (rotameters) are used to measure the flow rate of
liquids and gases in a variety of laboratory and industrial applications. These
meters consist of a spherical float moving vertically in a glass flowtube with a
tapered inside diameter. As the flow through the flowtube increases, the float
rises in the flowtube. A scale marked on the flowtube (along with calibration
charts and correction factors for fluid density, temperature and pressure) is
used to obtain accurate measurements of flow rate.
These Flowmeters contain the following features:

Correlated and direct reading all in one easy to read meter.

Accuracy as good as 2% of reading. Also available with NISTtraceable calibration 1% of reading accuracy at calibrated points.
Rugged constructionideal for industrial and laboratory use.
Stainless steel, PCTFE or PTFE and glass wetted parts.
Interchangeable dual, direct reading scales.
Available with or without 14 turn precision valve.

Two scale cards are supplied for direct reading of air and water under standard operating conditions (70 F, 1 ATM) and a blank scale is supplied for use
with the correlated scale of the meter. These scales are installed over the
process connections at the back of the Flowmeter and held in place by the
two palnuts (see Figure 2).
An additional float made of stainless steel is supplied with each Flowmeter.
This float can be used in place of the black glass float installed in the Flowmeter to extend the range of the Flowmeter by approximately 1.75 times for
air and 2.12 times for water.

Carefully unpack and check contents. If any components are missing or
damaged, save the packing list and material and advise the carrier of the

Flowmeter Stand Kit. Includes one base,
one rod and two mounting clamps
Flowmeter Base
Rod, 18 in L
Mounting Clamp, includes wood screws



5/14/01, 2:19 PM

1. Unpack the Flowmeter and retain all packing material until proper product operation has been verified.
NOTE: If used for vacuum applications or when back pressure compensation is required (as in gas blending), the metering valve
must be positioned at the outlet (top of the Flowmeter) by inverting the frame assembly in relation to the flowtube assembly.
NOTE: Meters are supplied with the 0-100 scale divisions on the
flowtube set up for use with the printed tables. If direct reading
scales are to be used, see the instructions at the back of the
2. Before installing, open valve of the Flowmeter (if equipped) and check
that the float moves freely in the flowtube. In some cases, floats may
appear sluggish or do not move due to condensation resulting from temperature changes during shipping. It is advisable in such cases to blow a
dry clean gas through the meter until the float is freed.
3. Leave the Flowmeter valve partly open during installation (it is shipped
in the partly open position).
4. It is important that all lines to be connected to the Flowmeter are purged
of any dust or other residual contamination prior to installing the meter.
NOTE: In some applications a particulate filter should be installed at
the inlet of the Flowmeter. Select a suitable filter for the particulate matter to be removed.
5. Isolation or shut-off valves should be installed in the system to permit
removal of the meter for cleaning or servicing.
6. Mounting:
a. The meter must be mounted in a vertical position. A deviation of
5 degrees or more from vertical will affect the accuracy of the meter.
b. Connectors on the meter are supplied with wrench flats which must
be held firmly when threading mating connectors, to prevent loosening of the connectors.
c. Paste sealants are generally preferred. However, applications which
are sensitive to contamination and require inert sealants, TEFLON
PTFE tape is recommended.


Care must be taken to avoid shredding of

TEFLON PTFE tape which can foul meter


5/14/01, 2:19 PM

7. Base Mounting: Secure the Flowmeter to the base by means of a

1/4 in-20 screw threaded in the hole in the bottom block. (See ACCESSORIES for Flowmeter Base model number GF-4001.)
Panel Mounting: Locate mounting holes per Figure 1. Secure the Flowmeter to the panel by means of nuts threaded over the inlet and outlet
fittings. Hold the fittings across the flats with an open end wrench when
removing the nuts so that the O-ring seal remains tight.
8. Be sure that the piping is adequately supported to prevent undue strain
on the Flowmeter.


A leak test must be performed when hazardous fluids are involved. Perform the leak test
using a non-hazardous fluid. Start with a low
pressure and gradually increase.




65 mm scale
(All Flowtubes)

5.65 in
0.60 in
4.50 in
1/8-27 0.78 in
1.00 in
1.75 in
1.25 in
(143.5 mm) (15.2 mm) (114.3 mm) NPT (19.8 mm) (25.4 mm) (44.5 mm) (31.8 mm)

150 mm scale
10.02 in
0.60 in
8.81 in
1/8-27 0.78 in
1.00 in
1.75 in
1.25 in
(200-235 Flowtubes)(254.5 mm)(15.2 mm) (223.8 mm) NPT (19.8 mm) (25.4 mm) (44.5 mm) (31.8 mm)
150 mm scale
12.64 in
0.79 in
11.00 in
1/4-18 0.95 in
1.50 in
2.13 in
1.75 in
(240-250 Flowtubes)(321.1 mm)(20.1 mm) (279.4 mm) NPT (24.1 mm) (38.1 mm) (54.1 mm) (44.5 mm)


5/14/01, 2:19 PM


Close inlet valve prior to start-up to avoid sudden pressure surges and/or shock.

1. Gradually open the metering valve and adjust the flow to the desired rate
using the valve of the Flowmeter. The impact of the float at the top of the
flowtube can damage the meter if exposed directly to full line pressure.
Avoid sudden pressure surges and shock by closing inlet valve prior to


Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure 200 PSIG (1379 kPaG) or maximum temperature of 250F (121C).

2. Flow rate for air and water at standard operating conditions 1 ATM
(98 kPaG), 70F (21.1C) can be determined from reading the scale at
the center of the float and appropriate direct reading scale or supplied
flow tables.


Proceed as follows:
1. Select desired direct reading scale, i.e., desired range, float and media.
2. Position scale such that the desired scale faces the front of the Flowmeter.
3. Align zero mark on scale with zero mark on flowtube and tighten the
palnuts to retain in position. See Figure 2.
4. Remove the four screws holding the Front Shield in place.
5. Remove the Front Shield.
6. Using a 3/16 in hex wrench, loosen the Cylinder Screw at the top of the
Flowmeter, approximately 1 to 2 turns.
7. Rotate the flowtube to position the scale on the flowtube to the side.
8. Using a 3/16 in hex wrench, tighten the Cylinder Screw to secure the
9. Reinstall the Front Shield and the four screws.


5/14/01, 2:19 PM



Greater of 2% of reading or 1
scale division using correlated
flow tables.
Greater of 5% of reading or
3 mm of scale using direct
reading scale.

Maximum input pressure:

200 PSIG (1379 kPaG)

Maximum fluid temperature:

250F (121C)

Maximum external temperature:

200F (93.3C)

Process Connections:
65 mm scale:
All flowtubes

1/8-27 NPT (Female)

150 mm scale:
200-235 flowtubes
240-250 flowtubes

1/8-27 NPT (Female)

1/4-18 NPT (Female)


Greater of 1% of reading or
1/2 scale division.


5/14/01, 2:19 PM

Gilmont Instruments warrants its product to be free of material or manufacturing defects for the period noted on the warranty card from the date
received. If any such defect is noticed, please return the instrument directly
to our factory for repair, in which case, it will be repaired at no charge.

To limit charges and delays, contact the seller or Manufacturer for authorization and shipping instructions before returning the product, either within or
outside the warranty period. When returning the product, please state the
reason for return. For your protection, pack the product carefully and insure
against possible damage or loss. Any damages resulting from improper packaging are your responsibility.

If you have any questions about the use of this product, contact the Manufacturer or authorized seller.

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5/14/01, 2:19 PM