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Andover Primary School

Minutes for 28-May-2008 Parent Council

Parent Council

Fiona Murray-Knowles Mandy Thomson
Kay Cameron [KC] Jackie Robertson [JR]
Elsie Hogg Graeme Reid
Claire Fitchett Doug Robbie
Craig McKay [CAM] Philip Craisj
Liz Howson [EH] Karen Kennedy
Lynette Mimiec Steven Grieve
Jan Mimiec [JM] Sarah Mathieson
Sharon Hanna Sheila May
Ally Troon Kim Clark
Linda Cartlidge Paul Lowrie [PL]
Duncan Ritchie Jo Whaite [JW]

Jackie Williamson Sally Wood
Ruth Bergen

Minute Who Action
2. Paul Lowrie – Transport Team PL Submit plans
Following the observations of the working JM Write thank you letter on
group, Paul presented his proposal to the behalf of the council
Parent Council (see Paul Lowrie’s Sketch):
a fenced, marked bus lane on the third of
the roundabout that has pavement, and
zebra crossing style painted lines on the
lock-block brickwork of the path crossing
the roundabout.
Paul’s plan was unanimously accepted by
the council and the next step is for Paul to
submit detailed plans to the council that
will be actioned within weeks.
3. Previous Minute – matters arising
Ruth Bergen accepted the position of
Ms. L. Rankin was proposed by JM and
seconded by KC for the position of
4. Feedback from Parent Council Reps All To notify CAM of any areas
meetings of concern within the
Craig had little to report as all the school or Angus to be
initiatives are in their infancy. There are taken before the
resources in the cluster and generally consultative group,
within Angus to support our Parent chaired by Jim Anderson.
One of the ideas that was found wide
interest in these external meetings was
the idea of a school motto, in English, like
Stracathro’s “Small and Mighty”.

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Andover Primary School
Andover Primary School
Minutes for 28-May-2008 Parent Council
Parent Council

Another suggestion was to get parents

into the school for a brainstorming
session on the Journey to Excellence.
5. Bullying EH To copy parentcouncil @
There was considerable discussion on this on all
emotive issue. Most council members emails to Brechiner. The
were disappointed in the tone of Brechin council may then track
Advertisers article. It also appears that how many stories are
the Brechiner does not publish all the published.
good news stories that are sent through.
EH To send updated good
news story regarding the
success of the Make Ten
The specific incident was discussed and it
was explained the adult who was present
acted as quickly as possible, and that the
new school walkie-talkie system is going
to improve communications in the
playground. The justification for the
letter home was given: not to target
children but to ensure parents had read
the letter and received the facts. It was
felt by some the letter was unnecessary
but others used it as a positive
opportunity to discuss this sensitive issue
with their children.
6. Cycle Training
Mandy Thomson and P7 staff are to JR To use contacts to find a
conduct the training and it was suggested suitable retired tester.
that the council approach a retired
tester/police officer to be paid for one day
to conduct the testing, such that formal
“proficiency” can get be achieved by
7. Finance and Wishlist
The sponsored walk raised £4153 and
there is over £4000 in the PSG fund.
The teacher’s wishlist totalling £6,190.92
(see Wishlist) was unanimously approved
by the council.
8. Jo Whaite detailed the options for JW To write bid submission
obtaining an “Award for All” grant to add JM To sign
adventure hardware to the school EH/LC To find external person to
playground. testify on behalf of the
A Climbing Wall (traversing, only a foot off school (Karen Frain –past
the ground) is the cheapest and easiest to DHT )
install - ~£2k.
An adventure trail is larger and more
costly (up to £20k)
Karen Kennedy observed that doing CAM To ask Dana to interview
“something different” to distinguish her peers with a video cam

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Andover Primary School
Andover Primary School
Minutes for 28-May-2008 Parent Council
Parent Council

ourselves would help our case: such as and post on flickr.

getting the children to do a podcast
detailing their hopes and aspirations for
the new equipment.
9. Next meeting 27th August 2008.

Item Cost
12 Cameras (Sony 7megapixel) 580.92
1 interactive whiteboard (wall mounted) 1,500.00
Library Resources – bean bags, more books 500.00
Speaker system for the main Hall 1,800.00
Garden Shed 350.00
Buses for Trip 1,460.00

Paul Lowrie’s Sketch

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Andover Primary School

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