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Vocabulario legal básico

Agreement / contract: contrato, acuerdo
Breach: incumplimiento
Covenant / provision: pacto
Deed: escritura, títulos de propiedad
Duty: deber, obligación
In witness whereof: en virtud de lo cual
Provided that: siempre que, a condición de que
Pursuant to: de conformidad con
Remedy: acción legal
To enforce: hacer cumplir, ejecutar
To execute: firmar, otorgar o formalizar un documento
Undertaking: compromiso, obligación

Expresiones relacionadas con law ("ley")
Abide by the law: atenerse a la ley
Apply the law: aplicar la ley
Break the law: quebrantar la ley
Enforce the law: hacer cumplir la ley
Obey or observe the law: obedecer la ley
Pass a law: aprobar una ley
Practise the law: ejercer el Derecho

Settle out of court: llegar a un acuerdo extrajudicial. An entire defence can depend on discrediting the witness.The law forbids or prohibits: la ley prohíbe The law permits or allows: la ley permite The law provides or stipulates: la ley establece The law requires: la ley requiere Expresiones relacionadas con legal proceedings ("casos judiciales") Appeal against a decision: recurrir una sentencia. The goal is to arrive at a settlement that satisfies the interests of both sides. The Judge will enter judgement against you and tell the clerk to schedule the sale of your home. The airline has committed a serious breach of contract. The author had not appealed against his conviction for forgery. The defence witnesses will appear in court tomorrow. . To issue a claim form: poner una demanda. The witness gave evidence regarding the Murdock case. The police are carrying out an investigation into the Irish murders. Discredit the witness: desacreditar al testigo. Enter judgement: dictar sentencia. To defend a claim: contestar a una demanda. Give evidence: declarar o testificar. Appear in court: comparecer en un juicio. Most road traffic accidents are settled out of court. Breach a contract: incumplir un contrato. To carry out an investigation: investigar un caso. Arrive at a settlement: llegar a un acuerdo.

8. Marcos is dropping me off at the airport today. María got promoted when they found out she has excellent business skills. maquillarse. inventar. Making up for lost time. Carry out: llevar a cabo. Can you pick me up at the train station? También puede significar "aprender por casualidad": I picked up some French while I was living in Paris. Come up with: ocurrirse (una idea. También puede significar "dar marcha atrás" o "hacer una copia de seguridad". Don't bring up the budget during the meeting. Give up: dejar un hábito. 7. Set up: fundar. Get along: llevarse bien. I went to the park and came across your brother . 15. I have always wanted to set up my own freelance business. Can you turn the lighs off when you leave. 2. The rest of the team backed her up when she told Management about her plans. Do you get along with your English teacher? I think she's really cool. Let me check out some numbers and I will get back to you with an answer this afternoon. Turn out: ocurrir de manera diferente a lo esperado. Otros posibles significados: hacer las paces. Turn on/off: encender/apagar. 18.. Get back to: responder más tarde. please. establecer. John didn't get the job in Advertising -he is going to Australia for a gap year instead. 3. Drop off: dejar a alguien en un sitio.he is looking so grown up now! 5. Point out: señalar. Make up: recuperar. 9. Remember our IT problem? Well. Turn up: llegar o aparecer. Mike hasn't turned up yet. Pick up: recoger. 4. Hurry up: darse prisa.. Find out: averiguar. Back up: apoyar.). 20. Get over: superar. John -otherwise we could have made a big mistake. please? 19. 14. 17.. 12. 16.. I gave up smoking last May. Come across: encontrarse a alguien por casualidad. Hurry up or we will never make it in time! 13. Look after: cuidar de alguien. Do any of you know where is he? . 10. He has gotten over his breakup quite well. También puede significar "rendirse". Bring up: mencionar algo. I'm looking after the children while my sister is at work. The company is carrying out a plan to increase salaries by 20% next year. As it turns out. Thanks for pointing this out. Carlos has come up with a great solution! 6. don't you think? 11.Lista: los 20 phrasal verbs más usados con ejemplos 1. solución.