The Elusive Star

By Kee-Man Chuah

It was a picture of perfection
The sky was crystal clear
The moon a loyal companion
The stars the brightest of the year.
Then came the sudden blow
A break in the chain of light
A sign of a missing glow
A star has gone for the night.
It was too fast to decipher
No sign of where it has gone
No trail for others to discover
No shadow from dust till dawn.
This really couldn’t be true!
She was the glory of the sky
She was shining as good as new
She could at least say goodbye.
The search is unceasing for her
The world has lost its one joy
The cry spreads from one to the other
The hope stays no one can destroy.
In the deepest silence of the night
It was a test of patience too divine
The elusive star bolded through the fright
“Vain is the seeking, but tomorrow I’ll shine”.