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RHHS Student Council Minutes

Monday, June 2, 2008

Start Time: 3:45 PM
End Time: 4:40 PM

Fiona X Abbas X
Josh X Jay X
Tiffany X Jason X
Esther X Mahmood X
Shelley X Jacob X
Terry X Nirav X
Zimu X Jawad X
Jason X Seveil X
Frederick X
Kennedy X MacPhail X


Student Council Video

z Will only involve Student Council executives
z We will be filming during the summer (send your schedules to Esther so that we can establish a date!)
z Jay will be directing and coordinating the video

Student Council Logo

z We will be holding a contest amongst Student Council members to obtain the best logo
z If you wish to participate send your logo to Zimu by the end of next week
z Mr. Glezakos will be covering the full cost of the t-shirts

Teacher Advisors
z Confirmed denials: Axelrod, Del Bianco, Brar, Lipton, Sudy
z We will be asking:
c Mr. John (Fiona)
c Mr. Doucette (Fiona)
c Mr. D'Aversa (Mahmood)

Transition Day
z will take place September 2
z it is being held for grade 9s and their parents (no other grades will be attending)
z StuCo will help in planning Transition Day and attend it
z events: introduction to Admin and Safe Schools, mini-time table, lunch BBQ, Stuco video and club intros

z we are disowning spirit week and adopting spirit day (several spirit days spread throughout the year)
z we'll combine this with TGIF (thank god it's Friday) which will encompass games/activities during student

z students will be able to purchase permits that will let them out of class to see certain sports games
z we need to draft a form (with parent and teacher signatures) for that purpose
z Athletic Council and StuCo will be working together
z will be earlier for better weather, three options for dates include November 7, 14 & 21
z the event should ideally be on a Friday
z this year's semi will be held at Paradise Banquets (ticket prices may be higher)

Visiting Feeder Schools

z Student Council may be holding 1 hour briefings with each feeder school to build hype
z Divisions:
c Crosby: Fiona, Jason, (maybe Tiffany)
c Bernard: Mahmood, Jawad, Nirav
c Trillium Woods: Josh, (maybe Vitu)
c Silver Pines: Shelley, Terry
c Moraine Hills: Seveil, Frederick

Tech Stuff (for grade representatives)

z Our Internet Home:
z Our Email Address: (anything sent to this location will be delivered to every
StuCo member’s email inbox)
z All exec positions have a forwarding address (see site)

z we will be booking a permit for Valentine's Day, but whether the dance will happen is still in question
z we may be having a Student Council overnight get together during the summer
z idea: often StuCo has a hard time getting teachers to supervise events. We could offer an incentive:
preference in supervising prom

EVERYONE 9 Send your contact information to Freddy
9 Send your summer schedule to Esther (for exec filming and StuCo camp)
9 If you want to enter the logo contest, send your logo to Zimu by the end of next week
Fiona 9 Ask Mr. John and Mr. Doucette if they can be teacher advisors
9 Talk to Mr. Glezakos about the date for our StuCo celebration
Josh 9 Talk to athletic council about buyouts
Zimu 9 Coordinate logos
Esther 9 Establish a day for filming the StuCo video, coordinate summer schedules
Frederick 9 Assemble contact information
Tiffany 9 Obtain contact information (phone numbers and emails) for feeder schools
9 ask Vitu if he can participate in the feeder school visitations
Shelley 9 Talk to Disanto about the cake
9 talk to Jay about the feeder school visitations
Mahmood 9 Ask D'Aversa if he would like to be a teacher advisor

Monday, June 9, 2008: StuCo Party With Mr. Glezakos (backup: Thursday)

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