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Title: A short devotional on maintaining a walk with God.

Text: 1 Tim. 4:7b “But refuse profane and old wives' fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness.”
Aim: To promote a bird’s eye view of what it means to walk with God, and to suggest a few steps which
will help in maintaining a walk with God.
1. Word meanings and implications:
A. “exercise” means to train, to train vigorously, to discipline, work, sustained effort, taking
active steps. – This is an athletic term. The idea is that a walk with God involves duties.
B. “unto” means toward. We strive after a goal. We want to reach that goal. It is attainable.
C. “godliness” practically means “walking with God.” It is reverence toward God, piety. This
involves developing strong affections or devotion to God as the years go by.
Note: A walk with God is a balance between duties and devotion, between priorities and
proportion. The athletic terminology helps us in three ways:
Note 1. We should spare no effort to walk with God. (Tenacity)
Note 2. We should discard every “sin and weights” that beset us. (Heb. 12:1)
Note 3. We should keep an eye towards the prize. (Jesus Christ – to be like Him)
2. Suggested steps in the maintenance of a walk with God.
A. Prayer (communion with God) – adoration, confession, thanksgiving, intercession,
B. Bible reading – for devotions, and for study.
C. Church attendance – faithful membership, and ministry involvement.
D. Giving – tithes and offerings, alms giving, others. (Give sacrificially, completely, and
E. Service – in the church, towards fellow Christians, towards the lost.
F. Seek for spiritual help – confide with Pastor and Pastor’s wife (for ladies), a delegated
churchman or churchwoman, other godly counselors (hopefully, not peers but older than
yourself), godly friends.
F.1. There is a need to open up and be sincere.
F.2. When godly advice is given, pray about it and follow through with it.
F.3. Do not make hasty decisions without prayer and considerations from godly counsel.
G. Keep short sin accounts with God and others – confession, repentance, restitution. Stay
H. Maintain constant self-examination. Regularly in church services, personal devotions, etc.
I. Mortify sin (Romans 8:13) * a whole new study, here. Ha!
J. Failure to recognize a problem eventually leads to spiritual ruination. First, a lackadaisical
attitude towards one’s spiritual coldness or “lukewarmness,” then zero spiritual activity, then a
resignation of the will toward carnal thinking and living, making peace with the enemy (sin, self
or flesh, world-system, Devil), a refusal to be challenged, ends up living for the enemy.