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The Tool

You’ve Been

Presented to Facebook
Presented by Titan Agency


Tools have forever been seen as a means of improvement. Various types of tools help to

fix, build, and evolve the way we think about and approach problems. This is why we propose
Facebook to view Facebook Custom Audiences as the tool needed by small business to
consumer marketing decision makers to complete their promotional toolbox.

“The Tool You’ve Been Missing” Campaign creates a feeling of fear and doubt in the

current marketing strategy used by the target audiences, then leads them to the solution of
utilizing Facebook Custom Audiences. Primarily targeting small businesses, the proposed
campaign is recommended to take place over the course of fifteen days, utilizing $5,000,000
across nine different channels. The short length of the campaign is intended to be exciting
and engaging, in order to attract the target audience’s attention. The imagery of tools and
toolboxes is suggested to be used throughout these nine media channels in order to create a
cohesive campaign and represent the tool they have been missing in their current marketing
efforts. Throughout these channels, we intend to use direct mail, social media ads (Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn), various emails, a print ad, sponsored content, a webinar, a keynote speech,
a video ad, and a conference sponsorship. Given the campaign goal of gaining awareness
and consideration of Facebook Custom Audiences in small B2C marketing decision makers,
this time frame is projected to be the most effective use of the $5,000,000 budget, while also
accomplishing this goal. The campaign is recommended to be centered around National Small
Business Week, helping to further propel the message to the designated segment.

The proposed campaign is projected to generate awareness to 85% of the target

audience and develop consideration in 55% of those aware. This totals to 34,000,000 small
businesses in the United States becoming aware and 18,700,0000 small businesses to consider
Facebook Custom Audiences.




Our Primary research shows
that 100% of the small
businesses we interviewed
agree that effectiveness is
one of the most important
attributes in a marketing tool.*

Promote the effectiveness
in Facebook Custom
Audiences from awareness
to consideration through
customer testimonials.

Based on our primary
research, 75.1% of Small
Businesses agree that there
is a way to improve their
marketing efforts, but don’t
know how.

Promote Facebook Custom
Audiences as the missing tool
in their marketing efforts.

83.3% of small businesses
we surveyed strongly agree
improving customer retention
rate is important to them.

Show the retention ability of
reaching customers business’
already know through the
entire IMC plan.

From primary research which
surveyed 12 small B2C
Marketing decision makers,
we determined that 58.3%
strongly agree that having a
remarketing tool that syncs
with your existing email list
would improve marketing

Our integrated marketing
communications strategy
involves highlighting the
integration of already existing
email lists to better target
your customers. Emphasizing
this attribute of incorporating
a tool small businesses
already use into a more
effective tool, like Facebook
Custom Audiences, will drive
awareness and consideration.

In 2015, the 3.7% response
rate for direct mail
outperformed the 0.67%
response rate for all digital
channels. Additionally,
the cost-per-acquisition is
competitive ($19) compared
to Social Media ($18) and
Paid Search ($21-$30) (DMA
Response Rate Report

Send a creative, engaging
direct mail piece that stands
out from all other traditional
mail pieces.
*Primary research was conducted using an
online survey created through Google Forms.
Twelve small B2C marketing decision makers
were surveyed. Data was collected over the
course of a week beginning on April 2nd,

Campaign Goal
The primary goal for the campaign is to increase awareness and consideration of Facebook
Custom Audiences among business to consumer marketing decision makers. We know and
understand that businesses want an easy and effective way to reach the right customers and
we aim to support their needs by driving awareness and consideration. The goal holds a strong
importance not only because Custom Audiences makes it easier for businesses to purchase
ads on Facebook, but also because it makes it easier to reach potential customers, and in
turn, generate more profit for businesses. Facebook Custom Audiences exhibits powerful
possibilities which supports both the campaign idea and goal.


How The 
Message is 

Facebook Custom 
“The Tool You’ve Been 


Social Media 
Direct Mail 
 Print Ad, 

Google Display Network 

“Be seen by customers at the 
very moment that they’re 
searching on Google for the 
things your offer. And only 
pay when they click to visit 
your website or call.” 

Descriptions on their 
home page 
 How it works 
 Get Started 

LinkedIn Audience Match 

Twitter Tailored Audiences 

“Market to Who Matters”   “#TweetSmarter” 


Text Ads 
Sponsored Posts 
Dynamic Ads 


Campaign Guides 
(links on website) 
Advertising Blog  


“Ads That Work” 



Calls To 


­ Learn more about the 
marketing tool you’ve 
been missing 
­Learn how Facebook 
Custom Audiences 
completes your 
marketing toolbox 
­ Complete your 
marketing toolbox 
­ Find your missing tool 

­ Get your ad on Google today 
­ Start now 

­ Advertise on LinkedIn 
­ Learn About LinkedIn 
Advertising and 
Marketing Solutions 

­Ready to advertise on 
Twitter? Let’s go! 
­ Create better campaigns 

Retarget on 
the Web 

­ Start retargeting 
­ Get started 


Target Market
The target audience for this campaign is B2C marketing decision makers who decide on which
platforms and programs to market and advertise. This audience is segmented as follows:
Enterprise (>=1000 employees), Mid-Market (>= 25 employees), and Small Business (<25
employees). The goal is to make the target audience aware of Facebook Custom Audiences
and consider using this tool in their marketing efforts. We recommend a campaign that primarily
targets the Small Business and Mid-Market target audience segments. These segments provide
Facebook immense opportunity to grow its consumer base for Facebook Custom Audiences.
It is estimated that, as of 2015, there were 40 million active small business Facebook pages.
Out of the 40 million pages, just under two million of those pages are active advertisers on
Facebook.4 Furthermore, businesses with less than 500 employees make up approximately
half of the United States private work force.5 A little over five million of those businesses had
nineteen employees or less.6 In addition, a small business owner survey in 2014 yielded that
21% of small business owners’ top concern was attracting new customers or business.7 It is for
these reasons that we project primarily targeting the Small Business and Mid-Market segments,
because it is most profitable for Facebook in the effort to grow Facebook Custom Audience
awareness and consideration. We suggest the target market for this campaign to be the 40
million small businesses already active on Facebook. With a budget of five million, we project
to reach 60%, or 24 million, of the target market. From our primary and secondary research, we
discovered that small B2C marketing decision makers look towards trade magazines, events/
conferences, social media and email to stay updated on industry tools and trends. In fact,
small business owners are actually 54% more likely to be receptive to email marketing than
the average consumer.8 From the information gathered, we project that targeting Mid-Market
and Small B2C marketing decision makers will be the most successful strategy for Facebook.
Please see Appendix A for an image of the target market persona.


IMC Objectives
• To create awareness of Facebook Custom Audiences among 60%, or 24 million, of the small
B2C marketing decision makers by May 4.
• To persuade 50%, or twelve million, of the small B2C marketing decision makers to begin
considering how Facebook Customer Audiences could improve their customer outreach by
May 7.
Major Selling Idea
The recommended major selling idea is centered around a toolbox. We propose that since
Facebook Custom Audiences is a skillful tool to any marketing decision maker, promoting the
toolbox and “The tool you’ve been missing” ties perfectly with the message intended to convey.
We recommend this for the overall theme because we are trying to convey that the way small
B2C marketing decision makers are currently advertising and targeting their customers is okay,
but it’s not the best tool they could use. In order to best influence their intended target audience
and reach a more custom and personalized customer-base, they need the tool they’re missing.
This is the overall theme for creating awareness and consideration for Facebook Custom
Audiences and will appeal to the small B2C marketing decision makers’ target market. This
ideology is projected to attract the target market because it’s unique, interactive, and tailored to
smaller, more specific audiences.
Campaign Slogan
The proposed slogan of the campaign is, “The Tool You’ve Been Missing.” This slogan connects
with the campaign’s major selling idea through the use of tools and toolboxes which symbolize
the missing tool of a small business’ marketing plan. Small businesses use various types of
marketing tools, but using the right tool for the right job makes a big difference. By making small
B2C marketing decision makers aware of Facebook Custom Audiences and developing their
consideration of using this tool, their businesses will see the benefit of using the tool they’ve
been missing. The campaign incorporates the slogan and major selling idea through every
touchpoint, leading to a well-developed integrated marketing communications plan.


Media Channel

Calls-To-Action (CTA)

Print Advertisement

“Join us for our Keynote on Facebook Live...”

Direct Mail

“Visit to
complete your toolbox!”

Social Media Ads, ICON Conference,
Sponsored Newsletter Ads

“Learn more about the tool you’ve been
“Learn how Facebook Custom Audiences
completes your marketing toolbox”
“Complete your marketing toolbox!”

Interstitial Advertisement
National Small Business Week (NSBW)

Landing Page

“Hear from Facebook experts” “Join us for
our Keynote..” “Watch our webinar..” and “Are
you doing your targeting wrong?”
“Click to open” “Follow us” and “Learn more!”

Customer Testimonials

“Check out what our customers have to say”

Online Video

“Find your missing tool...”

Creative Rationale
The suggested campaign to market Facebook Custom Audiences is centered on the idea that it
is the marketing tool consumers have been missing. It is recommended that the imagery of tools
and tool boxes be used throughout the campaign’s different media sources and touchpoints.
The proposed theme matches the clean and modern feel that Facebook currently conveys
using the color scheme of royal blue and white. Additionally, we took into consideration the other
icons currently used by Facebook and integrated the minimalistic design into the suggested
campaign. The proposed campaign encompasses both rational and emotional appeals. The
campaign introduces a problem to the consumer, and then gives a logical solution which
supports the rational appeal. Emotional appeal is illustrated in the proposed campaign through
the scarcity towards how the consumers feel. No one wants to feel like they are missing out,
and Facebook Custom Audiences prevents missing out on the customers interested in your
product or service.

Campaign Blueprint
Please see Appendix B for the proposed Campaign Blueprint. The center of the blueprint is
recommended to be the campaign landing page. All touchpoints in the blueprint are suggested
to drive awareness and consideration among the target audience.
Promotional Mix Strategy
Campaign Landing Page
Please turn to Appendix C for the entry page and Appendix D for the campaign landing page.
The campaign landing page we recommend Facebook to use to market Facebook Custom
Audiences is innovative, interactive, and effectively grabs the user’s attention. The proposed
landing page can be accessed from the other projected elements in the promotional mix
strategy. When the entry page is opened, we propose that the landing page shows a blue
screen with the header, “Facebook Custom Audiences,” and the logo on the left hand side of
it. Directly below the heading, a small white toolbox is located underneath the center of the
landing page and reads, “click to open the toolbox.” When the user clicks on the little blue box
with the pointer finger, it is suggested that the toolbox opens and an array of small tools popout. Also upon opening the toolbox, we anticipate the slogan, “The Tool You’ve Been Missing,”
to be written on the bottom of the screen, the online video easily accessible on the right, and a
learn more button (with the Facebook ‘Like’ symbol on it) to show up as well. The call to action,
“learn more,” is proposed to direct the user to consider Facebook Audiences and read more on
directions to use it and how it provides them with the tool their missing in their current marketing
efforts. In order to access the customer testimonials, the user has to enter in their name and
email address. Once opened, it is anticipated to include four different consumers who have used
Facebook Custom Audiences, with their photo, business, and position title, and have given it a
good review. Please see Appendix E for proposed customer testimonials.
Print Ad
Refer to Appendix F for the proposed Print Ad. We suggest a full page, full CMYK color, print


advertisement be placed in Inc. Magazine during the month of April to gain awareness of
Facebook Custom Audiences. We project that this will reach the target market as Inc. Magazine
has a print audience of 1.4 million, 77% of which are business owners or decision makers.10
This advertisement announces “The Tool You’ve Been Missing” Campaign and informs readers
of a scheduled keynote speech on Saturday, April 30th.
Keynote on Facebook Live
We advise Facebook to hold an in-person keynote which will also be streamed on Facebook
Live. The suggested location is San Francisco due to its large population, startup culture, and
proximity to Facebook Headquarters. The Village, which has a capacity of 1100 attendees is
the recommended venue for the keynote. We propose presentation topics such as Facebook
Advertising best practices, Custom Audiences case studies and strategies on how to build
a strong customer base. The purpose of the keynote is to demonstrate the effectiveness of
Facebook Custom Audiences as a powerful marketing tool, the tool attendees have been
missing. We suggest the keynote to be first come first serve to attendees until the venue
reaches maximum capacity. We recommend Facebook giving away custom Facebook branded
toolboxes containing real tools and Facebook Custom Audiences ad credit to all attendees of
the keynote. By utilizing the Facebook Live feature, we can easily record and track information
of the viewers.
Direct Mail
Please refer to Appendix G for the recommended direct mail piece. The proposed direct mail
piece is a small, blue toolbox that parallels the rest of the campaign and the slogan “The tool
you’ve been missing.” Upon opening the toolbox, a paper pop-up of tools appear, as well as a
personalized card briefly describing the function of Facebook Custom Audiences and the link
to the landing page, urging the potential customer to visit the site to complete their toolbox.
We advise the direct mail piece be delivered in a sleek, royal blue box with the Facebook logo
printed in white. It is suggested that the direct mail piece be sent out to 200,000 small B2C
marketing decision makers. We suggest the direct mail piece be sent out the Saturday before 9

National Small Business Week begins, April 28th. The direct mail piece is functioning as a
tool to increase awareness among the small B2C marketing decision makers whose business
uses a Facebook advertising strategy. The landing page, to which the direct mail sends the
consumer, focuses on consideration. From the primary research we conducted with twelve
small businesses, 50% agree that direct mail is the most effective way to reach customers.
The direct mail piece we advise Facebook to use to market Facebook Custom Audiences is
unique, creative, and interactive. Yet, it is simple enough to clearly demonstrate the purpose
of Facebook Custom Audiences and how it applies to the consumer, which will further drive
awareness and consideration.
Social Media Advertisements
Turn to Appendix H for the suggested Facebook Ad, Appendix I for the proposed Twitter Ad,
and Appendix J for the proposed LinkedIn Ad. We suggest utilizing display advertising through
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is projected to gain awareness along with consideration of
Facebook Custom Audiences. We suggest to run various ads throughout “The Tool You’ve Been
Missing” Campaign. We propose running two different ads to push awareness of Facebook
Custom Audiences. This campaign suggests running this ad twice during the campaign to
maximize outreach in case the ads were not originally effective. Next, it is suggested to run a
“watch and win” ad encouraging people to watch the Facebook Keynote via Facebook Live for
a chance to win Facebook Ad credit to be used towards Custom Audiences. Additionally, we
recommend running ads encouraging people to sign up and watch the webinar during National
Small Business Week. These ads are proposed to target small B2C marketing decision makers
and should be pushed across all platforms throughout the entirety of the campaign.
ICON Conference and Missing Tool Sweepstakes
Turn to Appendix K for the proposed Conference booth set up and refer to Appendix L for the
recommended sweepstakes prize. It is recommended that Facebook become a sponsor for
the ICON conference, as sponsorship allows Facebook to reach 4,000 small business decision

makers.11 At the conference, we advise building an attention-grabbing booth using a
larger-than-life, custom-built toolbox. This will grab attendees attention to visit the booth as
well as planting the idea of “The Tool You’ve Been Missing” Campaign. We also recommend
advertising a “Missing Tool” sweepstakes that should be held during the conference to
encourage attendees to stop by the booth. The attendees can register to win a complete toolbox
along with Facebook ad credit to be used towards Custom Audiences.
Social Media Examiner
Refer to Appendix M for the proposed newsletter advertisement. We project an Email
Sponsorship with Social Media Examiner to gain both awareness and consideration for
Facebook Custom Audiences within the target market of small B2C marketing decision makers.
Of all the Social Media Examiner’s subscribers, 19% are self-employed and 59% work for a
company with two to 99 employees.12 The email sponsorship includes ‘above the fold’ native ad
placements within Social Media Examiner’s daily emails to over 450,000 opt-in subscribers as
well as Facebook Custom Audience sponsored content.
National Small Business Week
Please see Appendix N for the suggested description for the webinar below. We advise
Facebook to become a silver sponsor for National Small Business Week (NSBW). This
sponsorship grants Facebook to host a webinar that discusses benefits and marketing
strategies based upon utilizing Facebook Custom Audiences, driving awareness and
consideration. Through NSBW, small B2C marketing decision makers have the opportunity to
tune in and learn more from this webinar.
Interstitial Advertisement
Please see Appendix O for the suggested interstitial. We recommend an interstitial
advertisement be used on from Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th. has over
fifteen million unique visitors and interstitial ads have a high rate of recall. Therefore, we project
this ad will gain further awareness for Facebook Custom Audiences. We advise that the ten

second, 600x600 pixels advertisement mentions National Small Business Week and promotes
Facebook Custom Audiences.

Awareness Email Blast (Email #1):

Refer to Appendix P for the advised awareness email blast. To make the target market of small
B2C marketing decision makers aware of the Facebook Custom Audiences campaign, an
awareness email blast should be sent to the 40 million small business owners on Facebook.
The email subject line should read, “Are you doing your targeting wrong?” Upon opening, the
email is suggested to have a blue background with a white toolbox in the middle of the screen
with the slogan, “The Tool You’ve Been Missing” over top of it. This email should guide the small
B2C marketing decision makers to the landing page to learn more and drive consideration.

Conference Follow-up Email (Email #2):

Please see Appendix Q for the suggested conference follow-up email. To make the target
market of small B2C marketing decision makers consider using Facebook Custom Audiences, a
follow-up email should be sent to the 4,000 small business attendees at the ICON Conference.
The email subject line should read, “Missed us at small business week?” Upon opening, the
email should say, “In case you missed us at ICON Conference, there’s still time to complete
your toolbox. Register for the webinar on Wednesday, May 4th at 4:00pm ET!” This email should
also have the same blue background and the white toolbox located in the center in order to
correspond with the landing page.

Keynote Sign-Up Email Blast (Email #3)

See Appendix R for the proposed Keynote sign-up email blast. To make the target audience
consider using Facebook Custom Audiences, we propose that the third email should be sent out
on Monday, April 25th and direct the audience to sign up for the keynote speech. This should be
on a first come first serve basis, as the venue only has 1100 spots available. The
call-to-action is proposed to be “Hear from Facebook Experts!” The keynote is proposed to be
held on Saturday, April 30th at 6:00pm PT in San Francisco.


2nd Awareness Email Blast (Email #4)

Please refer to Appendix S for the recommended second email blast. To make the target
audience aware of Small Business Week and Facebook Custom Audiences, we project that the
email should be sent out on Monday, May 2nd. This email should say, “Happy Small Business
Week! If you’re interested in finding the tool you’ve been missing, come watch the webinar on
Facebook Custom Audiences on Wednesday, May 4th at. 4:00pm ET, 1:00pm PT.”
Online Video
Please refer to Appendix T for the proposed storyboard and voiceover script. The campaign
suggests the 30 second commercial to be uploaded to YouTube because 72% of B2B marketing
decision makers use YouTube to upload videos.15 The online video is projected to be promoted
on the campaign landing page, utilized at the ICON Conference speaker session and booth,
played before the National Small Business Week webinar, and displayed throughout the live
Facebook Keynote. By promoting the video throughout many touchpoints during the two week
campaign, it is projected to capitalize on the increased awareness by gaining consideration for
Facebook Custom Audiences. The URL for the online video is
Media Plan Timeline
Please refer to Appendix U for the proposed Media Plan Timeline. The overall length of the
campaign should be fifteen days. The media is focused around National Small Business Week
to enhance engagement with the target audience.
Budget Allocated by Media16,17,18,19, 20, 21,
Please visit Appendix V for the Budget Allocated by Media. Areas we project to allocate the
majority of the budget towards are social media ads, direct mail, and creative costs.
Please visit Appendix W for the proposed Forecast. By Facebook investing $5MM, the
campaign is projected to generate awareness to 85% of the target audience and develop
consideration in 55% of those aware.


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Appendix A: Target Market Persona






• Generating new business
• Managing the company brand
• Directing and collaborating with
cross-functional teams to ensure
messaging is on brand and with
• Determing and overseeing the
implementation and assessment
of marketing strategies and
• Identfying market opportunities
through market research and data
• Staying current with industry

Jason Seward

Rowe Financial

Marketing Director

Texas A&M University

# of



Reports to President, Owner


Austin, Texas

Evaulation Benchmarks

• Success of marketing efforts
contingent on previously set
metrics and KPIs
• Budget management and
reporting, metric strategy and
• Amount of lead generation
• Attention to detail and overall
• Quality of written, verbal, and
presentaion communication skills

Information Resources
• Peers

• Trade Magazines

• Professional Blogs/Newsletters

• Social Media

• Events/Conferences/Webinars

• Email


Appendix B: Campaign Blueprint


Keynote Speech

Social Media
Print Advertsiement

Direct Mail

ICON Conference



National Small
Business Week

Landing Page

Customer Testimonials
Newsletter Ad





Appendix C: Campaign Entry Page


Appendix D: Campaign Landing Page


Appendix E: Customer Testimonials


Appendix F: Print Advertisement


Appendix G: Direct Mail Piece

When the recipient opens the direct mail piece, cut-out cardboard
tools pop-up, with an informational card in front of it with the words,
“open.” Once the recipient opens the card, it gives a brief description
of Facebook Custom Audiences and helps them find the tool they’ve
been missing by directing them to the landing page to learn more.


Appendix H: Facebook Advertisement


Appendix I: Twitter Advertisement

Appendix J: LinkedIn Advertisement


Appendix K: ICON Conference


Appendix L: Missing Tool Sweepstakes Prize


Appendix M: Social Media Examiner Newsletter Advertisement


Appendix N: National Small Business Week Webinar


Appendix O: Interstitial Advertisement


Appendix P: Email #1

Appendix Q: Email #2


Appendix R: Email #3

Appendix S: Email #4


Appendix T: Online Video Storyboard and Script


Scene opens, camera pans empty 
workshop. (Voiceover plays. Mood is tough, 
hardworking. Script of voiceover is below.) 

Male walks into frame as the camera pans 
to the workbench. Camera angle shows 
front of workbench and male working. 
Camera shots jump from front view to close 
up, side views periodically. 

Male struggles to find the tool needed for 
what he’s working on. Attempts many tools, 
but has a dissatisfied attitude and tosses the 
tools away from the bench to the ground, 
across the shop. The current tools he’s using 
partially work, but it’s not doing exactly 
what she wants. 


Male looks up from working at the bench 
and glances across the shop to a table. 

On the table is a blue toolbox (Facebook 
Custom Audience Toolbox) which 
symbolizes the tool he’s been missing. 

Scene ends with fade to black. Facebook 
Custom Audience logo at the end + landing 
page URL. 


Voiceover: To the hard workers and dedicated leaders. To the ones who seek perfection
and push the boundaries to create something special, something unique, and something
Exceptional businesses shouldn’t use ordinary tools. Having the right tool for your
business will help you reach customers and reignite relationships.
You deserve a tool that matches your level of commitment to excellence. A tool that fits
your needs and works just as hard as you do.
Facebook Custom Audiences, the tool you’ve been missing.
Find you’re missing tool at


Appendix U: Media Timeline

Week 1

Saturday April Sunday April Monday April Tuesday April

April 27th

Thursday April Friday April


Thursday April Friday April

Inc. Magazine Ad
Direct Marketing
Direct Mail
National Small Business Week (NSBW)
NSBW Webinar
Social Media Examiner
ICON Conference
Social Media Ads
Inc. Interstitial Ad
Landing Page
Online Video


Keynote Presentation

Week 2

Saturday April Sunday April Monday April Tuesday April

Inc. Magazine Ad
Direct Marketing
Direct Mail
National Small Business Week (NSBW)
NSBW Webinar
Social Media Examiner
ICON Conference
Social Media Ads
Inc. Interstitial Ad
Landing Page
Online Video

23rd Sunday May
24th Monday May
25th Tuesday May
26th Wednesday May
April 27th Thursday May
28th Friday May
29th Saturday
April 30th
May 7th


Keynote Presentation


Appendix V: Media Budget

Budgeted Expense

National Small Business Week
Sponsored Content and Email Ad
ICON Conference
ICON Conference Sponsorship
Sweepstakes Toolbox
Sweepstakes Facebook Custom Audience Credit
Custom Conference Booth
Keynote Presentation
Auditorium Rental
Online Viewer Sweepstakes
Keynote Speakers
Print Ad
Social Media Ads
Interstitial Ad
Awareness Email Blast
Second Awareness Email Blast
Keynote Signup Email Blast
Webinar Email Blast
PR Sweepstakes Follow-up Production
PR Sweepstakes Follow-up Post Production
Direct Mail
Shipping boxes
Business Announcement
Miniature Tool Box


Campaign Total





Appendix W: Forecast

Minimum Expected

Expected Communications

Maximum Expected Communications

Percentage of Target
Market Made Aware of
Custom Audiences




Forecasted Number in
Target Market Made
Aware of Custom




Percentage of Target
Market Considering
Custom Audiences




Forecasted Number of
Target Market
Considering Custom










Maximum Expected
Communications Outcome

Proposed KPIs

Awareness KPIs:
Consideration KPIs:
-Video views
-Video watch time
-Email openAwareness
-Landing page hits
-Inc. subscriber views
-Email click through rate
-Sponsored blog
-Direct mail custom URL hits
subscriber views
-Social media-Inc.
-Social media sponsored post
-Sponsored blog post hits
post impressions
-Social media sponsored engagement
post impressions
entries entries -Webinar viewing duration
-Webinar signups
-Keynote attendees
-Webinar signups
-Keynote Live-Keynote
views Live views
-Keynote viewing duration


Consideration KPIs:
-Video watch time
-Landing page hits
-Email click through rate