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2016/2017 5th Grade Spanish


Seora Kastrati

Phone 631.668.2474


5L Spanish



Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish! In this class we will be immersing ourselves in the

culture and language of Spanish speaking people around the world. We will be refining
our communication skills, gaining different cultural perspectives, comparing the Spanish
language and culture to our own, connecting our world language skills to other subject
areas and seeing the strong Hispanic influence even within our own community.
We will be using the Descubre el Espaol textbook and materials which we will access in class online. There will not a
be any official textbooks or workbooks sent home.
1. To be able to view our own world through others perspectives.
2. To be able to successfully communicate in Spanish in specific situations.
3. To be able to identify and appreciate the Hispanic influences in our lives.
4. To able to understand the importance of learning a new world language.
Students are required to come to class each day with a pencil and their red book homework planners. They will be
given their own folders which they will be responsible for bringing home for assignments and returning back to school
on the days when they have Spanish class. The students will be given homework, usually one time per week, and must
bring their homework with them in their folders when they return to Spanish class.
The students will be given homework assignments each week. They will usually be given on Mondays and be due on
Wednesdays. It is the students responsibility to remember their folders and homework assignments in order to receive
full credit. They are also responsible for studying vocabulary throughout the week. This will help them on classroom
quizzes and tests.
Homework is a time to practice what you learn in class. When you are learning a new language, the more you use it,
the better you get! The goal is not perfection, but effort. Homework assignments must reach the following standards:

Must be done neatly so that I can read it

Must not be rushed or done carelessly
Must show effort that you attempted to complete the assignment to the best of your ability.

Spanish grades will be split into four areas: class participation/classwork, homework, assessments, and projects.
1. Class participation/classwork grades count for 40 % of the overall quarterly average. This grade will be based on if
the student comes to class prepared, the students effort, and conduct throughout the class period, and classwork.

2. Homework grades count for 10% of the student grade. Students will get 10 points for handing in homework on time.
Homework must be done carefully and with the students best efforts. If the student comes to class without an
assignment, they may hand it in up to one day later for 5 points. It is their responsibility to bring the homework to me
or put it in my mailbox by the next day or it will be given a grade of 0. A score between 0-10 will be given if a
homework assignment is turned in and does not meet the standards.

Late homework must also be turned in with a signed Late Homework Submission Slip
Homework will be posted on the website and it is the students responsibility to collect homework if
they are absent and turn it in on time.

3. Assessments will represent 30% of the students grades. Assessment dates will be posted on the website as they
approach and also be given notice of in class. It is the students responsibility to study their folder materials for
4. Projects will 20% of the students grades.
* Grading is subject to change at teachers discretion
Extra Credit:
Each marking quarter students will have the opportunity to hand in extra credit assignments. Each assignment is
worth 5 points that can be added onto the students lowest assessment grade. There are different options for extra
credit and students can pick from one or more each quarter. It is important to know that each option may only be done
once per quarter and each option but be about the country we are studying.
Extra credit options include drawing a map, writing a biography, creating a brochure, or making a slide show
presentation. Specific details are available on the website and will also be handed out to the students.
Extra credit is further explained on the website.
Extra Help:
I can be available for extra help upon request by student. Times will vary and may be before or after school depending
on scheduling. If a student would like extra help they are required to come to me at least one day prior.
Behavior Policies:
Disrespectful behavior towards any teacher or student will not be tolerated and could result in a phone call home,
recess detention, or afterschool detention. Students will be collaborating to create classroom rules and must then
follow them during class time.
Students will have the opportunity to earn a fiesta for good behavior. Once the class has earned this, through
positive, good behavior and effort, we will spend a class devoted to special activities that reflect the culture of the
country we are studying at that time. These special activities may include playing games from the country, arts and
crafts projects, listening to music and learning dances from the country, as well as other opportunities to engage in the
cultures in a fun, positive way.
Classroom seating and jobs:
Students will have assigned seats and be given the opportunity to help when assigned a classroom job. If a seating
arrangement does not work out, students will be switched. Jobs and seating arrangements usually change each

Course Topics:
Some of the topics and vocabulary we will cover are:

Special events
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Family and friends
Community and home

Please take time to review this syllabus and my website. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have any
questions. Keep this syllabus at home as a reference.

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