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Windows XP Tips 'n' Tricks

- posted by "teck" at ISONEWS.COM========================= Please note that some of these

tips e!ie yo to se a #e$isty Edito %e$edit.e&e'()hich cold ende yo system
nsable. *hs( none of these tips ae sppoted in any )ay+ ,lso note that most of these tips )ill
e!ie yo to be lo$$ed on )ith ,dministatie i$hts. Please do not e-mail me fo tech
sppot on any of these t)eaks. se them at yo o)n isk.
Unlocking WinXP's setupp.ini=========================
Win/P0s setpp.ini contols ho) the C1 acts. IE is it an OEM esion o etail2 3ist( find yo
setpp.ini file in the i456 diectoy on yo Win/P C1. Open it p( it0ll look somethin$ like
this+ E&ta1ata=787,66796774636:636:7:;;,E7E89Pid=9984<888 *he Pid ale is )hat )e0e
inteested in. What0s thee no) looks like a standad defalt. *hee ae special n mbe s that
detemine if it0s a etail( oem( o olme license edition. 3i st( )e b eak do)n that n mbe into
t)o pats. *he fist fie di$its detemines ho) the C1 )ill beha e( ie is it a etail cd that lets yo
clean install o p$ade( o an oem cd that only lets yo pefom a clean install2 *helast th ee
di$its detemines )hat C1 key it )ill accept. o ae able to mi& and match these al es. 3o
e&ample yo cold make a Win/P cd that acted like a etail cd( yet accepted OEM keys. No)( fo the
actal ales. #emembe the fist and last ales ae intechan$able( b t s ally yo 0d
keep them as a pai+ #etail = 9;55> 449?olme @icense = 9;554 >78OEM = 5>984 OEMSo if yo )
anted a etail C1 that took etail keys( the last line of yo set pp.ini file )o ld
ead+Pid=9;55>449,nd if yo )anted a etail C1 that took OEM keys( yo 0d se+Pid=9;55>OEM
Rip high-quality MPs in Windows Media Player !=========================
*he elationship bet)een Windo)s Media Playe 5 and the MP4 adio fomat is )idely
misndestood. Aasically( WMP5 )ill be able to playback MP4 files( b t encodin$ %o " ippin$"
C1adio into MP4 fomat )ill e!ie an MP4 pl$-in. So din$ the Windo)s /P
beta( Micosoft is spplyin$ a sample MP4 pl$-in fo testin$ pposes( b t it0s limited to 96
Bbps ips( )hich is petty seless. o)ee( if yo hae an e&tenally installed MP4
codec( yo can se WMP5 to ip athi$he bit ates. At yo 0ll hae to edit the #e$ist y to
make this )ok.3ie p the #e$isty Edito and nai$ate to the follo)in$
key+BED@OC,@DM,CINE SO3*W,#E Micosoft MediaPlaye Settin$s
MP4Encodin$ ee( yo0ll see sb-keys fo @o)#ate and @o)#ateSample( )hich of co se e!
ates to the sin$le 96 Bbps sample ate yo see in WMP5. *o $et bette samplin$ ates( t y addin$
the follo)in$ keys %sin$ Ne) then 1WO#1 ale'+ "@o)#ate" = 1WO#1 ale of
8888dac8"Medim#ate" = 1WO#1 ale of 8888fa88

"Medimi$h#ate" = 1WO#1 ale of 888;f<88"i$h#ate" = 1WO#1 al e of 888>ee88 No)( )

hen yo lanch WMP5 and $o into *ools( then Options( then Copy Msic( yo )ill hae fo
encodin$ choices fo MP4+ 96 Bbps( 6< Bbps( ;>5 Bbps( and ;:> Bbps. Note that yo )ill not $et
hi$he bit ate encodin$ nless yo hae installed an MP4 codec sepa atelyF the e sion in
Windo)s Media Playe 5 is limited to 96 Bbps only. 3ind the appopiate location in the #e$isty...
...add a fe) 1WO#1 ales... ...,nd then yo 0ll be ippin$ C1s in hi$he-! ality MP4 fo matG
"#$%&" ())"# PR*+R$M U#(#,T$&&$T(*#=========================$ddReo/e optional
0eatures o0 Windows XP=========================
*o damatically e&pand the list of applications yo can emo e fom Windo)s /P afte installation(
nai$ate to C+WIN1OWSinf %sbstittin$ the coect die lette fo yo e sion
of Windo)s' and open the sysoc.inf file. nde Windo)s /P Pofessional Edition #C;( this file )ill
esemble the follo)in$ by defalt+ H?esion Si$nate = "JWindo)s N*J"1ie?
e=86K>6K>88;(9.;.>989.8 HComponents NtComponents=ntoc.dll(NtOcSetpPoc((<WAEM=
oc$en.dll(OcEnty()bemoc.inf(hide(71isplay=desk. cpl(1isplayOcSet pP oc((7 3a&=f&socm.
dll(3a&OcmSetpPoc(f&socm.inf((7 NetOC=netoc.dll(NetOcSetpPoc(netoc.inf((7iis=iis.dll(OcE
nty(iis.inf((7com=comsetp.dll(OcEnty(comnt9.inf(hide(7dtc=msdtcstp.dll(OcEnt y(dtcnt9.inf(hid
e(7Inde&SDSystem = setp!y.dll(Inde&S(setp!
y.inf((7*eminalSee=*sOc.dll( ydaOc( *sOc.inf(hide(>msm!=msm!ocm.dll(Msm!
dll(3ontPa$e<E&tensions(fp<8e&t.inf((7,topdate=oc$en.dll(OcEnt y(a .inf(hide(7msms$s=ms
$ocm.dll(OcEnty(msms$s.inf(hide(7msne&pl=ocmsn.dll(OcEnty(msnmsn.inf((7sma tt$s=oc$en.
y($ames.inf((7,ccesstil=oc$en.dll(OcEnty(accesso .inf((7Comm,pps=oc$en.dll(OcEnt y(comm
nic.inf(I1E(7MltiM=oc$en.dll(OcEnty(mltimed.inf(I1E(7,ccessOpt=oc$en.dll(OcEnt y(op

oneSetpPoc(i$ames.inf((7 HLlobalWindo)*itle=Windo)*itle Windo)*itle.
Stand,lone="" *he enties that inclde the te&t hide o I1E )ill not sho) p in ,ddK#emoe
Windo)s Components by defalt. *o fi& this( do a $lobal seach and eplace fo (hide and chan$e
each instance of this to ( %a comma'. *hen( sa e the file( ela nch ,ddK#emo e Windo)s
Components( and t)eak the installed applications to yo heat0s content. Cool( eh2 *hee ae een
moe ne) options no) nde ",ccessoies and tilities" too.
1reate a ,hortcut to &ock 2our 1oputer=========================
@eain$ yo compte in a hy bt yo donQt )ant to lo$ off2 o can doble-click
a shotct on yo desktop to !ickly lock the keyboad and display )ithot sin$
C*#@R,@*R1E@ o a sceensae. *o ceate a shotct on yo desktop to lock yo
compte+#i$ht-click the desktop.Point to Ne)( and then click Sho tc t.*he C eate Shotc t
Wiad opens. In the te&t bo&( type the follo)in$+ndll4>.e&e
se4>.dll(@ockWokStation Click Ne&t.Ente a name fo the shotct. o can call it "@ock
Wokstation" o choose any name yo like.Click 3inish. o can also chan$e the shotct0s icon
%my pesonal faoite is the padlock icon in shell4>.dll'.*o chan$e the icon+#i$ht click the
shotct and then select Popeties.Click the Shotct tab( and then click the Chan$e Icon
btton.In the @ook fo icons in this file te&t bo&( type+Shell4>.dll.Click OB.Select one of the icons
fom the list and then click OB o cold also $ie it a shotct keystoke sch
C*#@R,@*R@. *his )old sae yo only one keystoke fom the nomal command( bt it
cold be moe conenient.
1reate a ,hortcut to ,tart Reote )esktop=========================
*ip+ o can add a shotct to the desktop of yo home comp te to !ickly stat #emote
1esktop and connect to yo office compte. *o ceate a shotct icon to stat #emote 1esktop

Click Stat( point to Moe Po$ams( point to ,ccessoies( point to Commnications( and then click
on #emote 1esktop Connection.Click Options.Confi$e settin$s fo the connection to yo office
compte.Click Sae ,s( and ente a name( sch as Office Comp te . Click Sa e.Open the
#emote 1esktops folde.#i$ht-click on the file named Office Comp te ( and then click C eate
Shotct.1a$ the shotct onto the desktop of yo home compte.*o stat #emote 1esktop
and connect to yo office compte( doble-click on the shotc t
(nstantly $cti/ate a ,creensa/er=========================
*n on a sceensae )ithot hain$ to )ait by addin$ a shotct to yo desktop+ Click
the Stat btton( and then click Seach.In the Seach Companion )indo)( click ,ll file types.In the file
name bo&( type .sc In the @ook in bo&( choose @ocal ad 1ies %C o the die )hee
yo hae system files stoed onyo compte.Click Seach.o )ill see a list of
sceensaes in the eslts. Pick a sceensae yo )ant. o can peie) it bydo bleclickin$ it.#i$ht click on the file( choose Send *o( and then click 1esktop %c eate sho tc t'.*o
actiate the sceensae( doble-click the icon on yo desktop
ow do ( get the 3$dinistrator3 nae on Welcoe ,creen4=========================
*o $et ,dmin accont on the "Welcome Sceen" as )ell as the othe senames( make s e that
thee ae no acconts lo$$ed in. Pess "ctl-alt-del" t)ice and yo shold be able to lo$in as
administatoG finally )oked fo me afte i fond ot that all acconts hae to be lo$$ed o t
5i6 Mo/ie (nte0erance in $7( 0iles=========================
If yo hae any ,?I files that yo saed in Windo)s :&( )hich ha e intefeence )hen opened in
Windo)s /P( thee is an easy fi& to $et id of the intefeence+ Open Windo)s Moie Make.Click ?
ie) and then click Options.Click in the bo& to emo e the check ma k beside , tomatically c eate
clips. No)( impot the moie file that has intefeence and da$ it onto the timeline. *hen sa e the
moie( and din$ the eendein$( the intefeence )ill be emoed.
1reate a Password Reset )isk =========================
If yoQe nnin$ Windo)s /P Pofessional as a local se in a )ok$op
enionment( yo can

ceate a pass)od eset disk to lo$ onto yo comp te )hen yo fo$et yo pass)od. *o
ceate the disk+ Click Stat( click Contol Panel( and then click se ,cconts.Click yo
accont name.nde #elated *asks( click Peent a fo$otten pass)o d. 3ollo) the diections in
the 3o$otten Pass)od Wiad to ceate a pass)od eset disk. Stoe the disk in a sece
location( becase anyone sin$ it can access yo local se acco nt
1hange We8 Page 5ont ,i9e on the 5ly=========================
If yo mose contains a )heel fo scollin$( yo can chan$e font si e on the fly )hen ie)in$ a
Web pa$e. *o do so+ Pess and hold Ctl. Scoll do)n %o to)ads yoself' to enla$e the font si e.
Scoll p %o a)ay fom yoself' to edce the font sie. o mi$ht find it sefl to
edce font sie )hen pintin$ a Web pa$e( so that yo can fit mo e content on the pa$e.
WinXP 1lear Page 0ile on shutdown=========================
WIN/PCPS.#EL %Win/P Clea Pa$e file on shtdo)n' *his #e$istation %.#EL' file cleas the Pa$e
file )hen yo po)e off the compte.#estat Windo)s fo these chan$es to take effectG ,@W,S
System CentContolSet Contol Session Mana$e Memoy Mana$ement and add
the 1WO#1 aiable "CleaPa$e3ile,tShtdo)n"=d)od+8888888; o can also do this )ithot
e$ hackin$.Lo to Contol panel ,dministatatie tools( local sec ity policy. then $oto local
policies --- secity options.*hen chan$e the option fo "Shtdo)n+ Clea ?it al Memo y
,peed up the ,tart Menu=======================
*he defalt speed of the Stat Men is petty slo)( bt yo can fi& that by editin$ a #e$ist y
Bey. 3ie p the #e$isty Edito and nai$ate to the follo)in$ key+ BEDC##EN*DSE#
Contol Panel 1esktop MenSho)1elay Ay defalt( the ale is <88. Chan$e this to a
smalle ale( sch as 8( to speed it p.
,peed up the ,tart Menu :Part two;=========================
If yo confonded by the slo) speed of the Stat Men( e en afte sin$ the tip abo e( then

mi$ht ty the follo)in$+ Nai$ate to 1isplay Popeties then ,ppeaance then ,d anced and t n
off the option titled Sho) men shado) . o )ill $et mch bette oeall pefomance.
,peed up (nternet "6plorer < 5a/orites=========================
3o some eason( the 3aoites men in IE 6 seems to slo) do)n damatically sometimes--I0 e
noticed this happens )hen yo install *)eak I ;.44( fo e&ample( and )hen yo se the p e ie)
tip to speed p the Stat men. At hee0s a fi& fo the poblem that does )ok( tho $h it0s
nclea )hy+Tst open a command line )indo) %Stat btton - #n - cmd' and type sfc( then
hit EN*E#. *hiscommand line ns the System 3ile Checke( )hich pefoms a n mbe of
seices( all of )hich ae completely nelated to IE 6. At the e yo $o+ It )oks.
+roup Policy 0or Windows XP=========================
One of the most fll feated Windo)s /P confi$ation tools a ailable is hidden i$ht the e in
yo system( bt most people don0t een kno) it e&ists. It0s called the @ocal Lo p Policy
Edito( o $pedit fo shot. *o inoke this edito( select Stat and then #n( then type the
follo)in$+ $pedit.msc ,fte yo hit EN*E#( yo0ll be $eeted by $pedit( )hich lets yo modify
itally eey feate in Windo)s /P )ithot hain$ to esot to e$edit. 1i$ aond and
5orgetting What 2our 5iles $re4=========================
*his pocede )oks nde N*3S. ,s times $oes alon$ yo hae a lot files on yo
compte. o ae $oin$ to fo$et )hat they ae. Well hee is )ay to identify them as yo scoll
tho$h Windo)s E&ploe in the fte. *his pocede )oks nde N*3S.;.. Open p a
folde on yo system that yo )ant to keep tack of the diffeent files yo mi$ht one to identify
in the fte.>.. nde ?ie) make cetain that yo set it to the 1etails.4.. i$hli$ht the file yo )
ant to keep moe infomation on. #i$ht click the file and yo )ill $et a pop p men. Click on
popeties.<.. Click on the Smmay *ab %make se it says simple not adanced on the
btton in the bo&'( oshold no) $et the follo)in$ fields( *itle(SbUect(
,tho( Cate$oy( Bey)ods( Commentso )ill see adanced also if yo ha e chan$ed it to
simple( ee )ill be othe fields yo can fill in. 9.. Ne&t yo can fill in )hat ee field yo )
ant.6.. ,fte yo finished click the apply btton then OB.7.. Ne&t i$ht click the ba abo e yo
files( nde the addess ba and yo shold $et a dop do)n men. ee yo can click the
fields yo )ant to display.5.. o shold no) see a list )ith the ne) fields and any comments yo
hae done.:.. No) if yo )ant to sot these Ust i$ht click a blank spot and then yo sot the
infomation to yo likin$

$dd a Map )ri/e %utton to the Tool8ar=========================

1o yo )ant to !ickly map a die( bt canQt find the toolba btton2 If yo map d i es
often( se one of these options to add a Map 1ie btton to the folde toolba. Option One
%@on$ *em 3i&' Click Stat( click My Compte( i$ht-click the toolba( then nlock the
toolbas( if necessay. #i$ht-click the toolba a$ain( and then click C stomi e. nde ,ailable
toolba bttons( locate Map 1ie( and da$ it into the position yo )ant on the i$ht nde
Cent toolba bttons.Click Close( click OB( and then click OB a$ain. o no) hae die
mappin$ bttons on yo toolba( so yo can map dies fom any folde )indo). *o nmap
dies( follo) the aboe pocede( selectin$ 1isconnect nde , ailable toolba b ttons. *o
!ickly map a die( ty this option. Option *)o %Vick 3i&'Click Stat( and i$ht-click My
Compte.Click Map Net)ok 1ie.If yo place yo My Compte icon diectly on the
desktop( yo can make this moe in only t)o clicksG
Teporarily $ssign 2oursel0 $dinistrati/e Perissions=========================
Many po$ams e!ie yo to hae ,dministatie pemissions to be able to install them.
ee is an easy )ay to tempoaily assi$n yoself ,dministatie pemissions )hile yo emain
lo$$ed in as a nomal se. old do)n the Shift key as yo i$ht-click on the po$amQs setp
file.Click #n as.*ype in a sename and pass)od that hae ,dminist ati e pe missions.*his )ill
also )ok on applications in the Stat men.
,o0tware not installing4========================
If yo hae a piece of soft)ae that efses to install beca se it says that yo a e not nnin$
Windo)s >888 %sch as the Win>B dies fo a Mstek scanneGG' yo can simply edit
BED@OC,@DM,CINEKSO3*W,#EKMicosoftKWindo)s N*KCent?
esionKPodctName to say Micosoft Windo)s >888 instead of /P and it )ill install. o may also
hae to edit the esion nmbe o bild nmbe( dependin$ on ho) had the po$am
ties to eify that yo ae installin$ on the coect OS. I had to do this fo my M stek 688 CP
scanne %compatibility mode didn00t helpGGG' and it )oked $eat( so I no) ha e my scanne )
okin$ )ith /P %and a tech at Mstek can no) eat his )ods'. A*W( don00t fo$et to estoe any
chan$es yo make afte yo $et yo soft)ae installed o do this at yo o)n isk.

Use your Windows ey====================

*he Windo)s lo$o key( located in the bottom o) of most compte keyboads is a little- sed
tease. 1on00t i$noe it. It is the shotct ancho fo the follo)in$ commands+ Windo)s+
1isplay the Stat menWindo)s R 1+ Minimie o estoe all )indo)sWindo)s R E+ 1isplay Windo)s
E&ploe Windo)s R 3+ 1isplay Seach fo filesWindo)s R Ctl R 3+ 1isplay Seach fo
compte Windo)s R 3;+ 1isplay elp and Sppot Cente Windo)s R #+ 1isplay #n dialo$
bo&Windo)s R beak+ 1isplay System Popeties dialo$ bo&Windo)s R shift R M+ ndo minimi e
all )indo)sWindo)s R @+ @ock the )okstationWindo)s R + Open tility Mana$e Windo)s R V+
Vick s)itchin$ of ses %Po)etoys only'Windo)s R V+ old Windo)s Bey( then tap V to sc oll
th the diffeent ses on yo pc
1hange your 1) ey==================
o don0t need to e-install if yo )ant to ty the key ot ... Ust do this+ ;. Lo to ,ctiate
Windo)s>. Select the *elephone option4. Click "Chan$e Podct Bey"<. Ente &&&&&-&&&&&&&&&&-&&&&&-&&&&& % yo >9 chaacte podct key'9. Click "pdate" No) lo$ off
and lo$ back in a$ain. It shold no) sho) 68 days left( mins the nmbe of days it had al eady
conted do)n. Note+ If yo cack de-actiated #ELWIC.1@@ and
@IC1@@.1@@( yo ae $oin$ to hae to e-e$iste them.
Reo/e the ,hared )ocuents 0olders 0ro My 1oputer=========================
One of the most annoyin$ thin$s abot the ne) Windo)s /P se inte face is that Mic osoft sa) fitto
poide links to all of the Shaed 1ocments foldes on yo system( i$ht at the top of the My
Compte )indo). I can0t ima$ine )hy this )old be the defalt( e en in a sha ed PC
enionment at home( bt )hat0s een moe annoyin$ is that yo cannot chan$e this beha io
tho$h the shell+ *hose icons ae stck thee and yo hae to li e )ith it. ntil no)( that
is. Simply fie p the #e$isty Edito and nai$ate to the follo)in$
key+BED@OC,@DM,CINE SO3*W,#E Micosoft Windo)s Cent?esion
E&ploe My Compte NameSpace 1ele$ate3oldes o0ll see a sb-key named
9:84;a<7-4f7>-<<a7-5:c9-99:9fe6b48eeX. If yo delete this( all of theSha ed 1oc ments folde s
%)hich ae nomally nde the $op called "Othe 3iles Stoed on *his Compte " )ill be

o do not need to eboot yo system to see the chan$e.Aefoe+ , cl tte ed mess )ith icons no
one )ill ee se %especially that ophaned one'. ,fte+ Simplicity itself( and the )ay it sho ld be
by defalt.
)o an unattended installation=========================
*he Windo)s /P Setp otine is mch nice than that in Windo)s >888 o Windo)s Me( b t it0s
still an ho-lon$ pocess that foces yo to sit in font of yo comp te fo an
ho( ans)ein$ dialo$ bo&es and typin$ in podct keys. At Windo)s /P picks p one of the
moe sefl feates fom Windo)s >888( the ability to do an nattended installation( so yo
can simply pepae a scipt that )ill ans)e all those dialo$s fo yo and let yo spend some !
ality time )ith yo family.I0e )itten abot Windo)s >888 nattended installations and the
pocess is petty mch identical on Windo)s /P( so please ead that aticle caef lly befo e
poceedin$. ,nd yo need to be a)ae that this feat e is desi$ned fo a standalone Windo)s /P
system+ If yo )ant to dal-boot Windo)s /P )ith anothe OS( yo 0e $oin$ to ha e to $o
tho$h the inteactie Setp Ust like eeyone else+ ,n nattended install )ill )ipe o t
yo had die and install only Windo)s /P( sally. *o pefom an nattended
installation( yo Ust need to )ok )ith the Setp Mana$e( )hich is located on the Windo)s /P C1#OM in 1+Sppot*ools1EP@O.C,A by defalt+ E&tact the contents of this file and
yo0ll find a nmbe of sefl tools and help filesF the one )e0e inte ested in is named
setpm$.e&e. *his is a ey simple )iad application that )ill )alk yo tho $h the pocess
of ceatin$ an ans)e file called )innt.sif that can be sed to $ ide Windo)s /P Set p th o $h the
nattended installation. One final tip+ *hee0s one thin$ that Setp Mana$e doesn0t add+ o
podct key. o)ee( yo can add this to the nattend.t&t file manally. Simply open the file
in Notepad and add the follo)in$line nde the Hse1ata section+ PodctI1=&&&&&&&&&&-&&&&&-&&&&&-&&&&& % yo >9 chaacte podct key' *hen( Ust copy )
innt.sif to a floppy( pt yo Windo)s /P C1-#OM in the C1 die( and eboot+ When the C1
ato-boots( it )ill look fo the nattend.t&t file in atomatically( and se it to ans)e the
Setp !estions if it0s thee. 3inally( please emembe that this )ill )ipe ot yo systemG Aack
p fist( and spend some time )ith the help files in 1EP@O.C,A befo e p oceedin$.
"na8le 1learType on the Welcoe ,creen>=========================
,s laptop ses and othe @C1 o)nes ae !ickly ealiin$( Micosoft0s Clea *ype technolo$y
in Windo)s /P eally makes a bi$ diffeence fo eadability. At the this feat e is enabled on a
pe-se basis in Windo)s /P( so yo can0t see the effect on the Welcome sc eenF it only appea s
afte yo lo$on. At yo can fi& that. 3ie p the #e$isty Edito and look fo the follo)in$
keys+ %defalt se' BEDSE#S .1efalt Contol Panel 1esktop 3ontSmoothin$
%Stin$ ?ale'BEDSE#S .1efalt Contol Panel 1esktop 3ontSmoothin$*ype
%e&adecimal 1WO#1 ?ale'

Make se both of these ales ae set to > and yo 0ll ha e Clea*ype enabled on the
Welcome sceen and on each ne) se by defalt.
,top Windows Messenger 0ro $uto-,tarting=========================
If yo0e not a bi$ fan of Windo)s Messen$e simply delete the follo)in$ #e$ist y
Bey+ BEDC##EN*DSE#Soft)a eMicosoftWindo)sCe nt?
)isplay i8ernate *ption on the ,hut )own dialog=========================
3o some eason( ibenate may not be aailable fom the defalt Sht 1o)n dialo$. At yo
can enable it simply eno$h( by holdin$ do)n the SI3* key )hile the dialo$ is isible. No) yo see
it( no) yo don0tG
$dd al8u art to any usic 0older=========================
One of the coolest ne) feates in Windo)s /P is its alb m th mbnail $ene ato ( )hich
atomatically places the appopiate albm coe at on the folde to )hich yo a e copyin$
msic %$eneally in WM, fomat'. At )hat abot those people that ha e al eady copied thei
C1s to the had die sin$ MP4 fomat2 o can do)nload albm coe at fom sites
sch as cdno).com o am$ and then se the ne) Windo)s /P folde c stomi e feat e
to display the pope ima$e fo each folde. At this takes time--yo ha e to man ally edit the
folde popeties fo eey sin$le folde--and yo )ill lose cstomiations if yo ha e to
einstall the OS. *hee0s an e&cellent fi&( ho)ee. When yo do)nload the albm coe at
fom the Web( Ust sae the ima$es as folde.Up$ each time and place them in the app op iate
folde. *hen( Windo)s /P )ill atomatically se that ima$e as the th mbnail fo that folde
and( best of all( )ill se that ima$e in Windo)s Media Playe fo Windo)s /P %MP/P' if yo choose to
display albm coe at instead of a isaliation. ,nd the folde c stomi ation is a tomatic(
so it sies an OS einstallation as )ell. o msic foldes ne e looked so
$oodG ,lbm coe at makes msic folde thmbnails look bette than eeG
Reo/e Windows Messenger========================
It seems that a lot of people ae inteested in emoin$ Windo)s Messen$e fo some
eason( tho$h I ston$ly ecommend a$ainst this+ In Windo)s /P( Windo)s Messen$e )ill be the
hb of yo connection to the .NE* )old( and no) that this feat e is pa t of Windo)s( I think )
e0e $oin$ to see a lot of .NE* Passpot-enabled Web sites appea in$ as )ell. At if yo can0t stand
the little app( thee ae a cople of )ays to $et id of it( and ens e that it doesn0t pop p e e y
time yo boot into /P. *he best )ay simply tilies the peios tip+ If yo0d like Windo)s
Messen$e to sho) p in the list of po$ams yo can add and emo e fom Windo)s( na i$ate
to C+WIN1OWSinf %sbstittin$ the coect die lette fo yo esion of
Windo)s' and open sysoc.inf %see the peios tip fo moe infomation abo t this file'. o 0ll
see aline that eads+

msms$s=ms$ocm.dll(OcEnty(msms$s.inf(hide(7 Chan$e this to the follo)in$ and Windo)s

Messen$e )ill appea in ,dd o #emoe Po$ams( then ,ddK#emoe Windo)s Components( then
( and yo can emoe it fo $ood+ msms$s=ms$ocm.dll(OcEnty(msms$s.inf(7
M$,,(7" 5(&" R"#$M(#+=========================
, ne)( small( neat feate fo )in/P deals )ith enamin$ files. I pe sonally ha e al)ays )anted theOS
to inclde a )ay to do a mass file enamin$ on a bnch of files. o can no) ename mltiple files
at once in Win/P. Its eal simple+ Select seeal files in E&ploe( pess 3> and ename one of
those files to somethin$ else. ,ll the selected files $et enamed to the ne) file name %pl s a n mbe
added to the end'.
$,P( &$2"R =========================
Win/P does not come )ith an aspi laye. So fa almost :8 of the poblems )ith )in/P and C1
bnin$ soft)ae ae aspi laye poblems. ,fte installin$ )in/P( befo e installin$ any C1
bnin$ soft)ae do a fe) thin$s fist+ ;. Open p "My compte" and i$ht click on the C1
#ecode. If yo C1 ecode )as detected asa C1 ecode thee )ill be a tab called
"#ecodin$". On this tab ncheck ,@@ of the bo&es. apply o OB ot of it and close my
compte. >. Ne&t install the standad aspi laye fo N*. #eboot )hen asked. *hat is afte the
eboot yo can install any of the cently )okin$ cd ecodin$ applications )ith no poblems.
If sin$ C1 Ceato do not install diect C1 o *ake t)o as they ae c ently incompatable b t
#o&io has pomised a fi& as soon as /P is eleased.-note also see the aspi laye link at bottom
#"TW*R TR*U+PUT=========================
may o may not )ok( depends on yo confi$ation. add the 1)od al es sho)n belo)
inceasesthe nmbe of bffes that the ediecto esees fo net)ok pe fomance it
may incease yo net)ok tho$hpt. the an$e is 8->99. It is set at ;88 hee. make
Ma&Cmds Y Ma&*heads hae same ale. *he defalt is ;
9 HBED@OC,@DM,CINESS*EMCentContolSetSeices@anmanWokst
ationPaametes"Ma&Cmds"=d)od+8888886<"Ma&*heads"=d)od+8888886< as al)ays editin$ the e$isty can case seios poblems. If yo don0t kno) )hat yo doin$ then don0t
do it.
(#T"R#"T "XP&*R"R T$,%$R PR*P"RT(",=========================

Win/P )ill $op mltiple open )indo)s %IE )indo)s fo e&ample' into one $ o p on the task
ba to keep the desktop clea. *his can be annoyin$ at times - especially )hen compa in$ diffe ent )eb
pa$es becase yo hae to $o back to the task ba( click on the $op and then click on the pa$e
yo)ant and then yo only $et one pa$e becase yo hae to click on each one sepa ately. I think
the defalt fo this is 5 )indo)s - any combination of apps o tilities open. o can modify this
behaio by addin$ this e$ key at+ Chan$e nmbe of )indo)s that ae open befoe /P )ill
stat $opin$ them on the
*askba BEDC###EN*DSE#Soft)aeMicosoftWindo)sCent?
esionE&ploe,dancedadd e$D1)od "*askbaLopSie" modify
"*askbaLopSie" enty to be the nmbe of )indo)s yo )ant open befoe /P stats to
$op them on the task ba. , ale of > )ill case the *askba bttons to al)ays $ o p
)#, 1$1(#+=========================
)hen yo connect to a )eb site yo compte sends infomation back and fo th( this is
obios. Some of this infomation deals )ith esolin$ the site name to an IP add ess( the st ff
that tcpKip eally deals )ith( not )ods. *his is 1NS infomation and is sed so that yo )ill not need
to ask fo the site location each and eey time yo isit the site. ,ltho $h Win/P and )in>888 has
a petty efficient 1NS cache( yo can incease its oeall pefo mance by inc easin$ its
sie. o can do this )ith the e$isty enties belo)+ be$in copy and
pasteWindo)s #e$isty Edito ?esion
9.88 HBED@OC,@DM,CINESS*EMCentContolSetSeices1nscachePa
ametes"Cacheash*ableAcketSie"=d)od+8888888;"Cacheash*ableSi e"=d)od+8888
end copy and paste make a ne) te&t file and ename it to dnscache. e$. *he copy
and paste the aboe into it and sae it.*hen me $e it into the e$ist y.
this ones simple+ this is fo boad band connections. I didn0t ty it on dial p bt mi$ht )ok fo
dial p. ;.make se yo lo$$ed on as actally ",dministato". do not lo$ on )ith any acco nt
that Ust has administato piile$es.>. stat - n - type $pedit.msc4. e&pand the "local
compte policy" banch<. e&pand the "administatie templates" banch

9. e&pand the "net)ok banch"6. i$hli$ht the "VoS Packet Sched le " in left )indo)7. in i$ht )
indo) doble click the "limit eseable band)idth" settin$5. on settin$ tab check the "enabled" item:.
)hee it says "Aand)idth limit " chan$e it to ead 8 eboot if yo )ant to b t not necessa y on
some systemsyo all done. Effect is immediate on some systems. some need e-boot. I ha e one
machine that needs to eboot fist( the othes didn0t. 1on0t kno) )hy this is.*his is mo e of a
"conte )hat /P does" thin$. In othe )ods( /P seems to )ant to esee >8 of the band)idth
fo its self. Een )ith VoS disabled( een )hen this item is disabled. So )hy not se it to yo
adanta$e. *o demonstate the poblem )ith this on stand alone machines sta t p a bi$ do)nload
fom a see )ith an 3*P client. *y to find a see that doesn0t ma& ot yo band)idth.
In this case yo )ant a slo) to medim speed see to demonstate this. @et it n fo
acople of mintes to $et stable. *he stat p anothe do)nload f om the same se e )ith
anothe instance of yo 3*P client. o )ill notice that the a ailable band)idth is no) bein$
fo$ht oe and one of the clients do)nload )ill be ey slo) o both )ill slo) do)n )hen they
shold both besin$ the aailable band)idth. sin$ this "t)eak" both clients )ill ha e a fai sha e
of the band)idth and )ill not fi$ht oe the band)idth.
%R*$)%$#) 1$%&"=========================
*his t)eak is fo boad band cable connections on stand alone machines )ith )in/P p ofessional
esion - mi$ht )ok on ome esion also. It )ill pobably )ok )ith net)oked machines as )
ell bt I haen0t tied it in that confi$ation. *his is fo )in/P only( it does not )ok on )
in>888. In the efeenced post I mentioned emoin$ the PSched e$isty ent y. *his )ay
ho)ee is bette and $ies a noticeable connection speed incease. I se 4 Com ca ds so I don0t
kno) ho) it )oks on othes at this point. I hae othes bt I didn0t test on them. It does not
inole editin$ the e$isty.*his t)eak assmes that yo hae let )in/P c eate a connection on
install fo yo cable modemKNIC combination and that yo connection has tcpKip - VoS - file
and pint shain$ - and client fo micosoft net)oks ( only( installed. It also ass mes that )in&p )ill
detect yo NIC and has in-bo& dies fo it. If it doesn0t do not ty this. Install the speed t)eaks
fom the aboe efeenced post if yo )ant. *he chan$e this t)eak makes is noticible )itho t
them. Aefoe be$innin$+ ,. in the "My Net)ok Places" popeties %i$ht click on the desktop icon
and choose popeties'( hi$hli$ht the connection then at the men ba choose ",d anced" then
",danced Settin$s". ncheck the t)o bo&es in the lo)e half fo the bindin$s fo 3ile and P inte
shain$ and Client fo MS net)oks. Click OB A. Contine as indicated belo) steps+;. fom the )in/P
cd in the sppot diectoy fom the sppot cab( e&tact the file netcap.e&e and place it in a
diectoy on yo had die o een in the oot of yo C+ die.

>. ne&t( open p a command pompt )indo) and chan$e diectoies to )he e yo p t netcap.e&e.
then type "netcapK2". It )ill list some commands that ae a ailable fo netcap and a netmon
die )ill be installed. ,t the bottom yo )ill see yo adaptes. o sho ld see t)o of them if
sin$ a 4Com cad. One )ill be fo @,N and the othe )ill be fo W,N somethin$ o othe . 4. Ne&t
type "netcapK#emoe". *his )ill emoe the netmon die. <. Open p contol panel K system
K de man and look at yo net)ok adaptes. o shold no) seet)o of them and one )ill ha e
a yello) G on it. #i$ht click on the one )ithot the yello) G and choose ninstall. ESG yo a e
ninstallin$ yo net)ok adapte( contine )ith the ninstall. 1o not esta t yet. 9. Check
yo connection popeties to make se that no connection e&ists. If yo $et a )i a d U st
cancel ot of it. 6. No) e-stat the machine. 7. ,fte e-stat $o to yo connection popeties
a$ain and yo shold hae a ne) connection called "@ocal aea connection >". hi$hli$ht the
connection then at the men ba choose ",danced" then ",danced Settin$s". ncheck the t)o
bo&es in the lo)e half fo the bindin$s fo 3ile and Pinte shain$ and Client fo MS net)o ks.
Click OB. 5. Choose connection popeties and ncheck the "VOS" bo& :. e- stat the machine ;8
afte estat enUoy the inceased esponsieness of IE( faste pa$e loadin$( and a connection
speed boost. Why it )oks+ It seems that )in/P( in its eal to make se eey base is coe ed
installs t)o sepaate esions of the NIC cad. One yo do not nomally see in any pope ties.
#emembe the "netcapK2" command aboe sho)in$ t)o diffeent adaptes2 *he @,N one is the one
yo see. *he inisible one loads eeythin$ do)n and its like yo nnin$ t)o sepa ate ca ds
to$ethe( shain$ a connection amon$ t)o cads. this method beaks this "bond" and allo)s the NIC to
n n-hindeed