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The advancement in information technology has greatly influenced the business transactions but
has not been widely adopted in several medium scale restaurants.As industries are rapidly
expanding, people are seeking for more ways to purchase products with much ease and still
maintain cost effectiveness. The vendors need to purchase the products in order to sell to end
users. The manual method of going to their local food sales outlets to purchase food is becoming
obsolete and more tasking.
Also the existing system happens to be a non-computerized operating system where all
operations are done manually by the waiter carrying paper and to take down the order of the
customer or making an order over the counter. This leads to mistakes because the waiter might
not understand what the customer had ordered therefore serving him/her a different menu. And
the customer might not take it lightly with the waiter which may lead to misunderstanding.


Our proposed system has several advantages

Let customers order food online and by smartphone.

Group ordering
Delivery and take out management
Less error
Look and Feel Environment
Quick transaction
Customer feedback

As a result our system give emphasis to fast ordering, quick service, and happy customers which
are its keybenets. Thus, fewer service trips by sta, greater table turn over, and repeat
customer visits.


To combine Wireless technology and Android OS to automate food ordering process.

To build a web based application for online order handling process.
Real time customer order and payment handling.
Improve efficiency and reduce error.
Increase customer satisfaction.
Manage busy sales counters.
Build customer credit database.
To minimize the imperfection in conventional system by reducing the working of a
To make provisions for obtaining feed-back from the customers and provide the
restaurant a means of review of their service.

A number of wireless applications for restaurant ordering have been analyzed, developed and
implemented in restaurants. These have been implemented using PDAs (Personal Digital
Assistant), Windows Mobiles or Android Mobiles.

Existing system:
PDA based system:
The feature of PDA systems was that customers or waiters key in ordering process. Using
wireless technology there was easy communication between the PDAs and server. But PDA
based system also had several drawbacks. PDAbased system increased the restaurants
expenditures. PDA systems also did not provide any real time feedback from customers. Menu
cards in the PDAs were not attractive and uninformative as it did not support images.
ChowNow: ChowNow is online food ordering system that includes facebook ordering smart
phone and web based ordering. This application is mainly developed to assist the customers
where any customer can order food online and can take advantages of food delivery and take out
Our system also possesses similar features, however our system focuses on assisting not only
customers but also the restaurant and caf staffs. Websites, smart phone app will be developed to
handle all the food delivering and take out services. ChowNow apps provides the credit card
payment options and the payment is transferred directly into the restaurant bank accounts.
much more user friendly and the payment action can easily be carried even if they do not have
any sort of credit card. They could be able to open account using prepaid balance and can order
from their address using our online ordering enable smart phone app.
Our system uses web based application and smartphones. Android smart phones attract
both the general and commercial users. Android devices have gained massive popularity and
have innovated use of mobile technology in the automation of routine task in wireless
environment. Android is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones
and tablets. Location Based services using Android OS Motivated by the use of Android mobile
OS in Health and other applications, we present the use of Android Devices in Business
applications, namely the food ordering system in restaurants. Considering the promising future of
Android market, it is beneficial and worth to write applications for android that target mob of

Food can be ordered through the internet and payment can be made without going to the
restaurant or the food vendor. So there is need for a wide range of publicity and enabling direct
order, processing and delivering of food through online system. For this system, there will be a
system administrator who will have the rights to enter the menu with current prevailing prices.
The main advantage of this system is that it greatly simplifies the ordering process for both the
customer and the restaurant. Once an order is placed on the webpage that will be designed, it is
placed into the database and then retrieved, in pretty much real-time. At restaurant end all items
in the order are displayed, along with their corresponding options and delivery details, in a
concise and easy to read manner. This allows the restaurant employees to quickly go through the
orders as they are placed and produce the necessary items with minimal delay and confusion.
The greatest advantage of this system is its flexibility.
Use case Diagram of our system is presented below:


On front end our system consists of 3 main modules as follows:

a. Smart phone App for Restaurant:

In order to provide service to the normal customers, those who dont bring smart phone,
there are two methods to take order from customers coming to the restaurant.
Stationary tablets: Tablet is provided on the entrance of the restaurant or a
number of tablets are assigned for some group of table to make food orders.
Here customers interact with the tablets rather than restaurant staffs.
Waiter device: Waiter approaches the table with his handheld device which
contains a digital menu to make orders. The order information can simply be
forwarded to the kitchen.

b. Kitchen display:
These are present at the kitchen near chef so that he should be able to see what a
particular has ordered. All the ordered items are displayed on the screen giving the table
number below.They should be sufficiently large to be seen by chef at a reasonable
Chef should be able to notify when a particular item is ready.
c. Smart phone App for Customers:
Gives customer the ability for online ordering from any locations. Mainly designed to
handlethe Delivery and take out/pickup order requests. The Android application is used to
find out the location in restaurant according to its latitude and longitude. The payment
actions are mostly carried out online. For this various option for payment are made
Cash on Delivery: This is an easy approach for a payment where a customer pays the bill
after he/she is satisfied with the service.
Net banking: Options for net banking will be made available. Customer can make their
payment with credit cards, PayPal,etc. However in context of the current situation of
lacking the net banking features in our country our system primarily propose a prepaid
balance recharging process.
Prepaid balance: Our main focus goes on prepaid balance. Any customer who wishes to
achieve the food delivery and takeout features provided by the restaurant, he/she must
sign up an account by purchasing a digital recharge card.Here an advance payment is
made on restaurant to gain a payment balance. The balance is shown in customers
smartphone whichcan also be transferred to another account online if they wishes.

Features on customers mobile app:

Create an account.
Manage user account.
Log in to the system.
Navigate the restaurants menu.
Select an item from the menu.
Customize options for a selected item.
Add an item to their current order.
Review their current order.
Remove an item/remove all items from their current order.
Provide delivery and payment details.
Place an order.
Confirmation of the received orders.

A web page will be developed using php to handle all the server and database management
activities. Only Manager or admin staff can update and make changes to the menus.
Menu management activities:

Add a new/update/delete food category to/from the menu.

Add a new/update/delete food item to/from the menu.
Add a new/update/delete option for a given food item.
Update default options for a given food item.
Update additional information (description, photo, etc.) for a given food item

The functionality provided by this component will be one of the first things noted by the
restaurant user, as they will have to go through it to configure their menu, etc. before beginning
to actually take orders. Once everything is initially configured, this component will likely be the
least used, as menu updates generally do not occur with great frequency.

Conceptually this system is built using following components:

The android application is used to make orders from tablet or any android device.
The restaurant-owners laptop/tablet will keep track of customer records and also
customize menu using server application.
The central database is used for restaurant-owner to store updated menu information and
order details.
The Android application is used to find out the location in restaurant
according to its latitude and longitude.

Report order

Fig: System Architecture of ordering process


3. Providing service to the customer

Online food order

Waiter (Servic


Online Bookin
Selection o
Pay bill through cash, credit ca
Customer Fe


The project mentioned in proposal is scheduled to start immediately after permission is granted
from our department. Timeline for project is presented below:

Submitting the proposal to the Department

Organize a meeting for Feasibility study and division of task among project
2nd meeting to gather ideas about the individual progress.
Discuss about problem faced in the initial phase of design and solution.
Each member must show 20% progress done.


Discuss about further progress and problem faced.

Improvement to prototype and iteration.


Integration of code for prototype model.(40% of progress must be done by now)

Debugging and testing of prototype model.


Proper documentation for progress report.

Submission of progress report and prototype to the department.
Project member discussion and completion of 50% project.
Project and problem faced discussion and completion of 80% project.
100% progress must be done by all member and integration of code for final product.
Debugging and testing, completion of development of final product without any bugs
and error.
Completion of proper documentation for final report.
Final report submission to department.




The project will involve the following budget details for its completion:

Items and Tasks



Web Hosting(Ultimate Plan Per Year)

Domain Registration(free in ultimate plan)
IDE(for DVD)
Play store





If all goes well we wish to accomplish everything we propose soon before the schedule.
Customers and restaurant/ caf staff will be able to take much benefit from our system.
In this paper, we have presented digital restaurants smart phones to customers. Instead of
using PDAs to interface with customers, we are using smart phones or tablet to provide
necessary interfaces for customer to view and order menu. With private login system, customers
can view and make order and receive updates in real-time and collect receipts right from the
smart phone itself. It allows customers to navigate the places or directions in restaurant and also
it allows restaurant owners to manage orders from customers immediately whenever he or she
logged in into the system. Our experience in developing digital restaurants and inter-restaurant
navigation using smart phones shows the capabilities of wireless communication and smart
phone technology in fulfilling and improving business management and service delivery. This
system is convenient, effective and easy so that it improves the performance of restaurants staff.
After the completion of the project well be able to provide all the features we proposed for our
system. We could shape the applications according to the users requirement by generating the
updated versions of the application.



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