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12 August 2016 |


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NEW ZEALAND | 12 August 2016


HomeStart: the experts take

Swati Sharma

n our last issue, we explained the

changes that the government has
made to the KiwiSaver HomeStart
scheme to allow more Kiwis buy
their first home. For the uninitiated, the
house price limits have increased from
$550,000 to $600,000 for existinghomes
and from $550,000 to $650,000 for
new build homes in Auckland. The
income thresholds have gone up from
$80,000pa to $85,000pa for individuals
and from $120,000pa to $130,000pa for
couples. This means that couples who
earn $130,000 per year or less would be
eligible for the KiwiSaver HomeStart grant
worth $20,000, which, along with the
five-year investment in the KiwiSaver
worth $45,000, would make for the 10%
deposit for a house worth $650,000
through a Welcome Home Loan.
Continuing our discussion, this week
we spoke to experts from the industry to
get you a realistic idea of whether these
changes will do any good to the prospective
first homebuyers or not. This is what they
had to say:

Rakesh Bansal,
Mortgage Adviser |
Kiwi Mortgages
The revised income
threshold at 85k for
individual and 130k for
a household under the
new rules of KiwiSaver
scheme is realistic and
covers a majority of low-wage earners. The
increase in price caps is also a step in the
right direction and will benefit, as there are
dwelling units available in this range, even
in Auckland. A basic search on Trade Me
for houses/townhouses/units in Auckland
costing less than 600k recently returned
more than 1,000 results, while for less than
$550k, the available houses were only half
that number.
That said, we believe more could be
done in terms of the price cap, especially in
Auckland. Raising price cap to 700k for old
houses in Auckland would possibly make a
lot of difference at the current price level.
The real issue first homebuyers are facing
is the deposit requirement and the banks
reduced capacity to lend at less than 20%
deposit due to LVR restrictions imposed
by RBNZ. This necessitates exploring other
and more direct solutions, for example, a
more relaxed, say five per cent, deposit
requirement for first homebuyers with
conditions that they live in the house
for at least two years and do not sell for
five years.

Ajay Kumar and

Advisors | Global
Financial Services
Something is always
better than nothing.
Increasing the limit by
$50K for existing homes
and $100K for new
homes may benefit some of the prospective
buyers. In the same way, increasing the salary
limit may also benefit some to buy their
dream home. However, from our experience,
we have only seen the grant being used in one
to two cases out of 100.
Suman Sharma,
Mortgage Advisor |
Reliance Financial
Solutions Limited
These changes will
definitely be helpful
for first homebuyers,
as increased income
limit will enable more
buyers to be eligible for subsidy under
KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme. Similarly,
with increased income caps, more buyers
will be benefitted.
These days we come across many
first homebuyers earning an handsome
incomemore than 80K individually or
more than 120K jointly. They will definitely
be benefitted with the increase in income
threshold and will be eligible to buy their
first home under the KiwiSaver HomeStart
Subsidy scheme.

Venu Chawdrapu,
Financial Advisor |
Squirrel Mortgages
In my opinion, the
KiwiSaver HomeStart
scheme will have a
positive impact on the
first-time homebuyers.
And the recent changes in regard to LVR
restrictions by RBNZ for the investment
properties all over New Zealand have
also started impacting the market, which
will favour first-time homebuyers, as
the property market will ease in the
coming times.
The $600k limit for an existing home
and the $650k limit for a home to be built
for Auckland properties will definitely
increase their chances of getting their
property. The income cap limit change to
$85k for single and $130k jointly will also
be beneficial. Earlier, in old rules, a lot of
customers missed thisopportunity.
My feeling is that apart from central
suburbs, there are some other suburbs in
Auckland where they can find reasonably
good properties soon in the price range of
$575600k for existing homes and $650k
new homes.


12 August 2016 |

Expats celebrating the spirit

of independence
IWK Bureau

t has been 70 years since a giant

nation took its first infant steps
towards becoming a secular
and democratic country. After
nearly two centuriesthe East India
Company ruled from 1757 to 1858 and
the British Raj lasted from 1858 to
1947India gained independence from
the mighty British Empire.
Over the years, under the leadership
of Prime Ministers such as Jawarharlal
Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira
Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi, India has
grown into the largest democratic
country in the world. The midnight of
August 15, 1947, holds a special place
for Indians and more so for the ones

living away from the land they called

home while growing up. Since the
day the tri-colour was first hoisted,
Independence Day is celebrated with
much pomp and gaiety across the
country with national and local parades
and flag hoisting ceremonies as we
remember the ones who selflessly gave
up their lives for generations to come.
Although times have changed, with
so many Indians venturing out of their
home country, the day still holds the
same significance as it did 70 years ago.
Celebrations have crossed the borders
of India and extended to every Indian
community across the world.
Like every year, Kiwi-Indians will be
observing the Indian Independence Day
in New Zealand. The High Commission
of India in Wellington will be
hoisting the national flag, which
will be followed by a reading of
Indian Presidents message at
Bharat Bhavan, 48 Kemp Street,
Kilbirnie where all Indians,
persons of Indian origin and
their friends can assemble at
10:15 a.m. on Monday, August
In Auckland, Indians can
gather at Shirdi Saibaba
Sansthan at Onehunga for a
flag hoisting ceremony to be
held on Saturday, August 13 at
10:30 a.m. by Bhartiya Samaj
Charitable Trust. The ceremony
will be followed by a cultural
programme starting at 11:15 a.m.

Little-known facts about

Indian Independence Day
of choosing
August 15

he date, August 15,

was chosen by Lord
also marked the second
surrender to the Allied
Forces. August 15 is also
marks independence day of
North Korea, South Korea,
Bahrain and Republic of
the Congo.

National anthem
wasnt adopted
until 1950

here was no national


August 15, 1947. The Bengali

version of Jana Gana Mana
was, however, written in 1911,
but was not regarded as the
national anthem.
Rabindranath Tagore actually
dedicated Jana Gana Mana
to the British Monarch. But
refuting the controversy,
Tagore later said that the song
was written on his friends
request and celebrates the
victory of Bhagya Vidhata
(fortune creator) of India and
not of King George V.

Made up of red and green

colour, it represented two
major communities. Later on,
Mahatma Gandhi suggested
adding white strip and
charkha or spinning wheel
in order to represent the
remaining communities and
to symbolise progress of the

The Indian tricolour

Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh)
made the first version of
current national flag in 1921.

Not many people know that

khadi or hand-spun cloth is the
only type of fabric allowed to



Living in a different country is an exciting challenge. We know because many of our banking experts are
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ANZ2835 - Indian Newslink 255x175mm_v2.indd 1

26/11/15 10:59 am

NEW ZEALAND | 12 August 2016

be used for the flag. The Khadi Development
and Village Industries Commission is the
only licensed flag production and supply
unit in India. Cotton, wool and silk are the
only materials allowed to be used as raw
material for khadi. Flying a flag made of
materials other than khadi is a punishable
offence and could lead to three years in jail
and a fine.

was sported by celebrities such as Beatles,

Johny Carson, and Sammy Davis Jr.

fter Indias independence, Portugal,

amending their constitution, declared
Goa as a Portuguese state. It was in December
1961 that Indian troops invaded and took
over Goa.

Official language

s many believe, Hindi is not Indias

national language, but the official
language. It was declared the official
language on September 14, 1949. According
to the Constitution of India, Hindi in
Devnagari script is the official language
of India.

The beginning of
Kashmir conflict

Cafe in Garden Centre

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Aucklands Kids
voting breaks

Goas independence

ccording to the records, after IndiaPakistan division in 1947, Jammu

and Kashmir would have gone to Pakistan,
had they not sent their men to attack and
occupy the state. Mountbatten had said,
By sending its irregular troops into the
state, Pakistan spoiled the whole thing.

Nehru holds the record for

number of I-Day speeches

Multi-lingual Bhagat

reedom fighter Bhagat Singh had

great command on various spoken
and written languages including English,
French, Swedish and Arabic apart from
Hindi, Punjabi and Multani, which allowed
him to easily study great philosophers
and thinkers.

Independent Indias first Prime Minister

Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the national flag
at the Red Fort and addressed the nation 17
times on the first independence day.

Vogue featured the

Nehru jacket

or his dressing style and the popular

Nehru jacket, Nehru was featured
in Vogue magazine. The single-breasted
jacket developed a fashion trend in the
West. Apart from being listed in Time list fo
global fashion statement, the Nehru jacket

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Hawkes Bay Dairy + Takeaway
Bakery + Cafe,
Weekly Sales $17,000
Rent $500 per week.
North Shore
Weekly Sales $4000
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Hauraki Dairy
Weekly Sales $15,000
Lotto + Stationery
Rent: $966.66 per month
Weekly Sales $40,000
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Indian Spice Store & Grocery

Annual Sale $1.2M Profitable
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Spice Store + Dairy
Weekly Sales $9,000
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of Aucklands future voters
will be learning about local
democracy and voting this
election time.
A total of 11,500 students from 56 schools
have signed up to take part in Auckland
Councils Kids Voting 2016. This compares
to 8,316 students from 44 schools in 2013.
The programme is designed for students
aged 11 to 15 (years 7 to 10).
Kids Voting gives young Aucklanders
a chance to gain knowledge of local
government, how it works in Auckland
and why voting is so important. It can
be adapted to suit the age and stage of
Classroom activities kick off in midAugust to capture the pre-election buildup. Students spend several weeks learning
about local issues and candidates and cast
online votes in mock classroom elections
on 23 September. The results will be
announced at the same time as the final
election result, on October 13.
Kids Voting is one of the ways the council
hopes to support participation, stimulating
awareness and discussion among students
families and friends about the importance
of voting.
Auckland local elections run from
September 16 to midday October 8. To
find out if you are enrolled, go to www.

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Indian Takeaway, Auckland CBD
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Fruit & Veg Shop

Weekly Sales $8,000
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Indian Takeaway
Closed Shop Huge Potential
Asking: $35,000 plus stock
Retail Option (Indian)
Auckland CBD
Weekly Sales $7,000
Rent: $1610 per month incl gst
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Standalone Appealing Caf
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Dairy Waikato Region

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12 August 2016 |

Grocery store fined

Stoddard Dental Square
for exploiting worker bringing more smiles to patients



ending out a loud and clear

message to employers, the
Employment Relations Authority
(ERA) has ordered a grocery
store in Wellington to pay penalties and
arrears of more than $53,000 for making
a migrant worker pay more than $10,000
in premiums.
A Labour Inspector who investigated
employment law breaches against Jaspreet
Singh found that Singh was forced to pay
his employer, Sun 2 Moon Limited, more
than $10,000 in premiums and was not
even paid the minimum wage and holiday
pay, the NZ Herald reported.
The exploitation of migrant workers
in New Zealand is unacceptable, Labour
Inspectorate regional manager Loua
Ward said.
The grocery store has been reported to
be operated by Luv Kumar Khatter. The
investigation found that Singh was forced
by his employer to pay the premium
through an upfront payment of $5,000,
regular small cash payment of $3,240 and
funding company expenses worth $2,167
on his personal credit card.
Ward said that all the employers must
adhere to the employment laws and
keep proper time and wage records for
all employees.
The exploitation of migrant workers
in New Zealand is unacceptable No
employer should require employees to pay

premiums or pay wages back. Employees

must be paid for all hours they work,
she said.
The store, Sun 2 Moon Limited, located
on the Wills St in Wellington CBD was
replaced by a new store, Indian Spice
Land, eight months ago and is under
new management.
Condemning the act of forcing a migrant
worker to pay premiums, the ERA said that
it was an abuse of power by the employer
and the money should be returned to Singh.
The grocery store was penalised for
breaching the minimum employment
standards including Employment Relations
Act, Minimum Wage Act, Wages Protection
Act and Holidays Act.
Ministry of Business Innovation and
Employment said that the inspectorate,
as the key area of investigation, targeted
migrant workers.
The Ministry encourages anyone in
such situation, or who knows of anyone in
a similar situation, to call on 0800 20 90
20 and makes sure that their concerns are
handled in a safe environment.

We do catering for
all occasions like
Birthday parties,
Marriages and any
social gathering

Open from
11am - 8:30 pm

150G Mt Smart Road, Onehunga, Auckland

Manager: 021 0573 093

ental health is one of the

main concerns of individuals
these days. With the increase
in processed food, high
sugar intake in both food and drinks and
a dynamic lifestyle, it is vital to take good
care of the gums and teeth.
Dental care is often neglected until
pain strikes in the mouth and disrupts
normal life.
Dental treatments can be an expensive
affair if not maintained well and done a
regular check-up with the dentist.
Stoddard Dental Square on Stoddard
Road, Mt Roskill, has been in the market
for barely a year and yet has made a
strong presence in the community with
affordable and professional dental service.
The clinic offers personalised treatment,
general dentistry services, and free
initial consultation.
Dental services such as root canal
treatment, crown and bridges, scaling
and polishing, braces, fillings, dentures,
whitening and gum treatment are
their specialities.
The clinic has a team of professional
are dedicated to bringing smiles
customers face.
Dental problems
have no age barrier
and can affect

schoolgoing kids, teenagers, middle-aged

people and senior citizens.
Brushing twice daily, using dental
floss and mouthwash is important but
dental check-ups should be done every six
months to avoid painful dental issues.
The patients are satisfied with our
services and most of our new customers
come through the word of mouth, said
Jayan Unnithan, Practice Manager from
the Stoddard Dental Square.
The dental clinic offers free initial
consultations and is located at 230
Stoddard Road, corner of Richardson
Road and Stoddard Road in Mt Roskill.

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NEW ZEALAND | 12 August 2016


Auckland Kindergarten association

announces open week

Discover Your Local Kindergarten

Week is returning this year,
with events taking place across
a number of its 107 Auckland
kindergartens during the week to allow
people to discover the wonderful world
of learning within.
In its 10th year Discover Your Local
Kindergarten Week will run from
August 8 to 12.
People will be able to pop along to
their local kindergarten and meet AKAs
qualified teachers and see why learning
through play is so important for a
childs development.
Tanya Harvey CEO of AKA, says,
Everyone is welcome to come along
and experience their local kindergarten
first-hand, meet our brilliant teachers and
see why AKA kindergartens are the natural
stepping-stone to primary school and how
our educational approach will best equip
your children for a life of learning.
With hours that mirror school hours
available across the AKA network and
early childhood education funding for up
to 20 hours of subsidised kindergarten
education each week, there is an option
for everyone.
AKA kindergartens offer quality early
childhood education that is inclusive of
the diversity of the children, parents and
whanau that attend.
AKA believes that children learn and
develop best when they are nurtured
and extended by teachers who are
responsive and who share with the child an
understanding of the world.

Give your child a great start to their

learning by enrolling them in kindergarten
where they will be encouraged to express
themselves and actively discover, experience
and understand the world around them
while making friends and having a lot of
fun. With introductions to mathematical
concepts, science, literacy and ICT, your
children will be well on their way to being
ready for school.
For more information about AKAs
Discover Your Local Kindergarten
Week visit
or follow them on Facebook:
09 630 9491
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12 August 2016 |

Safer communities together

New Zealand police seek to prevent crime, improve public security, and detect offenders. Here we take a look at how
the police have been actively involved with the community to make the country safe and secure for its citizens.
Sergeant Gurpreet Arora
District Ethnic Services
Coordinator, Counties Manukau

Police in action

At about 4 p.m. on Tuesday,

July 26, a man entered a dairy

in Papatoetoe. At this time, the
victim was working alone in the
store. The man was armed with
a weapon and demanded money
and cigarettes from the victim.
The victim complied with the
demands. He exited the store
and ran on foot. The victim
did not receive any injuries as
a result of the incident. The
police are following strong lines
of enquiry and are confident
of apprehending the male
responsible for committing
the crime.
At about 6:35 p.m. on Friday,
July 22, a man wearing dark
clothing entered a dairy in
Mangere. At this time, the
owner was sitting in the rear
room of the store and heard the
door buzzer sound when the
man entered the store. Upon
noticing the male on store CCTV
cameras looking suspicious, the
owner closed the door between

the rear room and the store and

pushed a panic button that set
an audible alarm. The male
immediately left the premises.
As a result, the victim was
safe and did not receive any
harm. Police are investigating
the matter.

Police in community

n an endeavour to improve
community engagement and
also make it easy and open for
members of the community
to approach and speak, police
officers regularly interact with the
public at community events.
Operation Dukan
Between May 2016 and July
2016, 361 dairies and liquor
stores were visited by Counties
Manukau Police. More than 300
hours were spent in providing

Ensuring safer communities

quality and effective engagement

with retailers. Two hundred
and twenty-four retailers were
educated and advised about
through Environmental Design).
Retailers were educated about:
Neighbourhood Support i.e. the
importance of knowing your
neighbours and looking out and
supporting each other
Trespass law and encouraged
to develop an incident report
book outlining all the incidents
by the person in charge of
the store
Advised of safety plan with












& CO






11am - 5pm, 15 - 17 UNION STREET

W W W. U N I O N C O. C O. N Z
DISCLAIMER: *Subject to approval by Home Bond New Zealand Limited of a Development HomebondTM security, the value of the required deposit, over a purchasers existing property.
Please refer to view disclaimer on Marketing Material. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of the information contained herein or for any action taken in reliance thereon. Prospective
purchasers are encouraged to seek legal, technical or other advice to satisfy themselves on all aspects. Details and statements contained herein do not constitute any representation
by the vendor or by the agents and are excluded from any agreement for sale and purchase. Changes may be made during development including to dimensions, finishes, fittings and
specifications without notice. +Gross rental yields based on Impression Real Estate Ltds rental appraisal as at 6 June 2016, as well as availability and pricing as at 6 June 2016, some dual key
residences will return a 6% gross rental yield, however the average yield is forecasted to be 5% gross. Capital and rental values rise and fall according to market conditions.*Prices start from $883,000.

practical examples including

calling police and ways of
communicating with the Police
Communication Centre
Advised to have confident
eye contact and positive body
language with the customers
A number of positive feedback
e-mails were received from
retailers appreciating the liaison
provided by police. District
Ethnic Retail Database has been
compiled for future reference.

Prevention tips

t is all about safety in the

community and therefore we
wish to share some prevention

tips regularly with our readers

to ensure they are more aware
and informed.
Jewellery: Safeguard your
jewellery and ensure it is always
stored in a safe place
Crime stoppers: If you receive
any information about suspects
for a burglary or any other
crime that has previously
been committed in your
neighbourhood or elsewhere,
and you are uncomfortable
about approaching the police,
you can anonymously report it
to crime stoppers on 0800 555
111 or fill out a form at www.

NEW ZEALAND | 12 August 2016

GFS Ajay Kumar awarded

Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2016


jay Kumar, founder

director of Global
Financial Services
Ltd (GFS) has another reason to
celebrate. Adding to his list of
achievements and recognitions
is the prestigious Mortgage
Adviser of the Year 2016
award that was presented to
Kumar at Professional Advisers
Associations annual National
Advisers Conference in Auckland
on July 28. One of the most
recognised industry awards by
the leading industry association
of New Zealands mortgage and
insurance advisers, the PAA
Excellence awards acknowledge
the efforts of its members who
values of the association: client
advocacy, diligence in their
work, compliance with relevant
regulations and professional
development. After receiving
partners, an independent panel
of judges scored the nominees
across a range of criteria.
Talking about their decision to
choose Kumar for the award, the
panel said, Ajay realised many
years ago that the value he could
add over and above getting a client

Ajay Kumar, founder and managing director of Global Financial Services Ltd

GFS offers tailormade solutions to

their customers, puts
forward better deals,
and have unique
plans that save
interest. The company
boasts of the CRM
software developed
by their team to help
their clients.

a mortgage was helping them pay

it off faster. He designed his own
Interest Saver Plan (17) years ago
and started using it with great
success. Since then he has built
his own IT platform to run it and
all his processes and still today
is using it himself to help clients
achieve their dreams.
Since 1999, GFS has been
helping Kiwis realise their
dreams by helping them get loans
to purchase their first home,
investment property, business or
commercial property. Over the
years, GFS has seen and handled

just about every type of scenario

imaginable when it comes to
lending. This rich experience
and their focus on customer
first makes then stand out from
their competition and win many
accolades from the industry.
solutions to their customers, puts
forward better deals, and have
unique plans that save interest.
The company boasts of the CRM
software developed by their team
to help their clients. Technology
has been one of the main reasons
behind their success. Kumar
says that their in-house software
enables them to upgrade it to
the meet the changing needs of
their clients.
The PAA Excellence Awardees
exemplify quality advice and
high-quality client care, CEO of
the PAA, Rod Severn said.
across the industry, [and] our
the acknowledgement and we
congratulate them on their
achievement, he added.
receiving the award, Kumar
thanked the PAA for their support
and guidance to the industry.
Kumar is possibly the only
mortgage adviser in the country

to win the top mortgage adviser

awards in a single year (or awards
season). In the past year, he
has won:
New Zealands No. 1 mortgage
adviser awards from ANZ Bank,
ASB Bank and ranked Band
1 overall by TMM magazine
based on business volume
Mortgage Adviser of the Year
2016 by PAA and Best Financial
Adviser by BNZ INIBA awards
2015 based on quality of advice
Excellence in Customer Service
by Westpac Auckland Business
Award 2015 (Auckland South)
based on customer service

The Professional Advisers

Association is the leading industry
association of New Zealands
mortgage and insurance advisers
and acts as the representative
voice of the industry. The PAA
was launched in 1953. In 2012,
the New Zealand Mortgage
Broker Association (NZMBA)
came under its fold and now the
IFA is proposed to merge with
PAA as well.

Thanks for your support!

Winner of

Ajay Kumar, Founder and MD of GFS wins the prestigious award from PAA,
a leading association of mortgage advisers:



Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2016

From Left: Bruce Cortesi, Chairman to the PAA Board presenting the award to
Ajay Kumar (Founder & MD of Global Finance) at the awards ceremony

Global Financial
Services Ltd

$4+ billion of
Loans arranged

From Left: Mike King (Master of Ceremonies), Rod Severn (CEO of the PAA)
with Ajay Kumar at the awards ceremony

Save interest on loans | Excellent customer service | Advice tailored to your needs

$2.5+ billion of
Insurance covers

New Zealands top mortgage & insurance advisers Looking after your familys biggest assets since 1999! | 09 - 255 55 00 |


Disclosure Statement available, upon request and

free of charge.



12 August 2016 |


Gaurav Sharma

Observing Indian
Independence Day

he city will play host to a series of

events in celebration of Indias
70th Independence Day, which
falls on August 15.
First up, will be the potluck dinner and a
special quiz night organised by the Indian
Cultural Group (ICG) on August 12 at the Te
Hapua Halswell Centre.
Like last year, our quiz night will focus
on questions about Indian culture, history
and current affairs, and will be hosted by
Dr Krishna and Dr Kishore. There will, of
course, be songs and dances full of patriotic
flavour, and the event will be very interactive
in nature. We will also hoist the Indian flag,
said Sandeep Sachdeva, President of ICG.
This will be followed by the Indian Social
and Cultural Clubs (ISCC) mid-winter
Ekta 2016 festival on August 13 at the
Aurora Centre.
The celebrations will be divided into two
halves. The first will comprise performances
on patriotic songs and dance sequences
based on those.
After the interval, we will have
performances in other genres. In all, over
20 groups will be showcasing their talent
in the spirit of Indian independence,
said Thomas Shaji, treasurer at ISCC.
The club has also organised a special flag
hoisting ceremony on August 15 at 7:30 in
the morning in Latimer Square in the
citys CBD.

from South Island

A mystical sufi
evening with Sartaj

ith more than 500

showin attendance at
La Vida Centre in Upper
Riccarton, Christchurch, Satinder Sartaaj,
the Punjabi singer, poet, and songwriter,
mesmerised the city with his soul-stirring
renditions of sufiaana music on August 5.
On public demand, Sartaaj, who gained
popularity with his hit song Sai, performed
various songs from his latest album
Hazaarey Wala Munda.

Satinder Sartaaj performs in Christchurch on August 5

The show started at six and went

[on] late till 10:30 p.m. as the audiences
kept demanding more and more songs
to be performed by Satinder Sartaaj.
This shows how popular he is among the
Indian-Punjabi diaspora in the Australasia.
It was all in all a family show, said
Rajwinder Singh, the event organiser of the

MANGERE BRIDGE 8 Kirkbride Road

Developers, Traders & Capital Gainers

*From $295,000

Land for sale, comes with house concept drawn up. Will this
be one of the last ever Auckland land subdivisions with prices*
from $295,000? Flat land sites in Mangere Bridge are hard to FOR SALE
come by, especially at these prices! Buy off the plans and get VIEW Sat & Sun 11.30am - 12.30pm
your share of the place, everyone is hearing, is the best place WWW.DONHA.CO.NZ ID# DHA4171
to live! This brilliant new project is only 5km from Auckland
Airport and 15km to Auckland City Centre. Motorways,
employment, parks and shopping and more all within easy
reach. Call our team to get info packs, arrange a visit to the
site, and find out more about these fantastic house and land
opportunities. Low deposit, quick start projects like this will
not hang around. Priced from only $295,000 to a maximum of
only $540,000. *Prices & availability are subject to change
without notice at any time.

12 Osterley Way, Manukau 261 2555 | 1 Arranmore Dr, Botany 265 0318

Top One Real Estate Limited

Licensed (REAA 2008)

concert in Christchurch, who along with his

team members, Indi, Harjeet, Gurpratap,
Gurdayal, Amarjot, and Ingraj, worked for
months to make the event a success. The
Satinder Sartaaj New Zealand tour the
moved to Auckland where he performed on
August 12, Singh added.

Ara plans ICT

growth; opportunities
for Indian IT
professionals rise

he Christchurch-based Ara
is implementing plans to
transform vocational training
Canterbury. Through Computing for Free,
Ara will connect a wide variety of learners in
South Canterbury with accessible training
for computer skills.
The initiative is part of a wider plan to
improve access to vocational training across
the region, particularly reaching out to those
who may not otherwise enrol in training,
with more flexible learning delivery and
innovative programmes aligned to industry
expectations. Computing for Free offers
a range of self-paced, non-assessed short
courses for beginner to intermediate
users in Microsoft Office, Web Design
and Photoshop programmes. Also offered
is the industry recognised and relevant
qualification, National Certificate in
Computing Level 3.
The move came as a report by NZ Tech
had recently noted that ICT as an industry
employs almost 100,000 people, or five per
cent of the workforce, in more than 28,000

companies and created $32b in output in

2015 countrywide.
But while the sector is growing fast with
seven per cent employment growth and has
an average wage of $95,000, companies
suffer from a shortage of skilled workers
and are looking to overseas to fill positions.
Meanwhile, Absolute ITa North Island
based recruitment firmwhich claims
to captures [more than] 39,000 realtime contract and permanent employees
remuneration as entered into itsalaries., in its latest Remuneration Report,
had also noted that IT professionals in
Christchurch, contrary to the nationwide
trend, saw the highest jump in their salary
packages [by 6.6 per cent] last year.
All this, analysts believe, augurs well for
IT professionals from India, who might be
looking to explore professional possibilities
in New Zealands South Island.

Celebration of
community radio

he Big Listen, a nationwide

services in New Zealand, was
launched in Christchurch on August 3,

NEW ZEALAND | 12 August 2016


by the Minister for Broadcasting Amy

Adams. The citys community access radio
service Plains FM 96.9, along with 11 other
similar services, are part of the month-long
initiative. Together, they, with support
from NZ On Air, produce 480 individual
programmes in more than 40 languages.
Throughout The Big Listen month
of August, each station will celebrate
their programme makers, sponsors and
supporters through special audio content,
events and happenings. More details can be
found on

A laughter riot

immy Moses, stand-up comedian

and mimicry artist from Mumbai,
and better known as the younger
sibling of Indias ace comedian
Johnny Lever, had the audience in splits
on August 6 in Christchurch at his show
Bollywood Masti Night.
Put together by Fiji-Indian Sunny
Nambier and supported by TISI Sangam,
the two-hour show had Moses mimicry
pieces of famous Bollywood stars, as well as
jokes on his observations of our daily lives.
The Jimmy Moses New Zealand tour
now moves to Auckland where he will be
performing on August 13.

Jimmy Moses during his stand-up act

Venerable Man Shin, Abbess of Fo Guang Shan

Buddhist Temple NZ, Minister Nicky Wagner and
Rakesh Naidoo, Strategic Advisor of Human Rights
Commission at the reopening ceremony

Buddhist temple

fter almost four years of

intensive earthquake repairs
carried out by the Buddhas
Light International Association
(BLIA) South Island NZ and Fo Guang
Shan (FGS) South Island, the FGS Buddhist
temple in Riccarton, Christchurch, was
finally opened to the public last weekend.
A one-stroke calligraphy exhibition
of Master Hsing Yun was launched at
the occasion.
For the last four years, the organisation
had rented a place near the Air Force
Museum and was being called the Cloud
Water Cottage. As a prelude to the
reopening, BLIA had organised a musical,
Siddhartha, in May. It was adapted from
the book, The Biography of Sakyamuni
Buddha, written by Venerable Master
Hsing Yun in 1950s, and depicted the life
of Buddha, from his birth to enlightenment.


2 ZONES. 3.10


New zones make fares simpler

Simpler Fares is the new, simpler way to work out your bus
and train fares, and its coming on 14 August 2016.
With an AT HOP card, you will pay for one entire journey from A to
B, instead of paying for each bus or train separately. Simply count
the number of zones you travel through to work out your fare.*
During your journey you can use up to five buses or trains within
four hours, with a maximum transfer time of 30 minutes between
each trip. Tag your AT HOP card on and off each bus and train.
There is a monthly pass option available.

We specialise in new and refinanced loans of

ALL types and personal risk insurances.
Get in touch with us if you are in the market to:

Purchase your dream home

Find a better deal on an existing loan
Purchase a rental property or a business
Review your insurance- Life, Health,
Trauma, Disability, Cover, Income Protection

Joe travels by bus and train across two zones from Otara to
Greenlane. From 14 August 2016, with his AT HOP card, Joes adult
fare will be $3.10. If Joe paid with cash, his fare would be $8.00.

New bus & train zones

start 14 August 2016

Contact Prateek Malhotra on 09 215 6912, Mobile: 021 424 119

Visit us at 557 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay
*Lender Criteria and conditions apply. Disclosure statement available on request

WORK6731 ATHOP1769

*Excludes SkyBus services. If you are travelling within a zone overlap area as part of a journey
and paying with an AT HOP card (this means tagging on and off within the same zone overlap
area) this may count as travelling through a new zone. From 14 August 2016 you can refer to for the correct fare.
Terms of use and registered prospectus for the AT HOP cards are available at
or at the Transport Information Centre, Britomart. The obligations of Auckland Transport
under the AT HOP cards are unsecured.




12 August 2016 |

The biggest ever building boom

John Key
Prime Minister

elping more young

families into their
own home is a
priority for National.
Thats why weve just made
some important changes to our
KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme for
first homebuyers.
These changes are part of
housing plan to improve housing
supply and affordability.
provides government grants to

New Zealanders of up to $20,000

per couple to put towards a
deposit on their first home, as
long as they fall within certain
house price and income limits.
In order to ensure more people
can access these grants, weve
now increased the house price
and income limits.
From August 1, the house price
limits increased by $50,000 for
existing homes and $100,000
for new build homes right across
the country.
These changes will help more
first homebuyers get a foot on
the property ladder, including
in Auckland.
According to independent QV
data, around 30% of all house
sales in Auckland during the first

three months of 2016 were below

the new Auckland HomeStart
house price limits of $600,000
for existing homes.
Similar figures for the high
demand areas of Hamilton,
Christchurch showed between
46 and 71% of all house sales in
the year to March in those cities
were below their new HomeStart
house price limits of $500,000
for existing homes.
Since the KiwiSaver HomeStart
scheme started last year, its
helped more than 15,000 New
Zealanders across the country
into their first homenot just
in the main cities but also in the
regionsand its expected to help
around 90,000 people over five

years. Nationals comprehensive

housing plan is delivering results.
Were now in the middle of the
biggest building boom New
Zealand has ever seen. And its
about to grow even more.
Latest building consent figures
just out show more than 29,000
homes were consented across the
country in the past yeara 12year high.
This included more than 9,600
homes consented in Auckland
more than double the number of
five years ago.
Construction Pipeline Report
predicts Aucklands residential
building work will grow by another
58% by 2018. That would mean
adding another 40,000 houses

Building a prosperous and fair NZ

Kanwaljit Bakshi
National List MP

working hard to
ensure all New
workplace environments.
National is committed to
boosting jobs for New Zealanders
economic growth.
We have ensured workplace
rules are fair and balanced to

help create jobs, protect workers

rights and ensure New Zealanders
are working in safe environments.
The government is committed
to continue improving the
employment relations framework
in a way that encourages fair
and supports competition and
innovation in the economy.
National has made New
Zealands paid parental leave
framework more modern and
flexible in an affordable way.
Weve extended PPL from 14
weeks to 18 weeks in the last
two years.
entitlements to more workers
and increased the flexibility of

the scheme, meaning more Kiwi

parents are now eligible for PPL.
This is a practical way to ensure
parents get more time with their
children and help New Zealand
kids get a good start in life.
National has increased the
minimum wage every year since
coming into office, from $12 to
$15.25 in eight years. This is an
overall increase of 27%, compared
to inflation of around 11%.
We are focussed on giving our
lowest paid workers more money
in their pocket without imposing
undue pressure on businesses or
hindering job growth.
National is committed to
ensuring the employment law
is fair and supports a flexible,

modern workforce. We are

focussed on improving NZs
employment law framework to
encourage fair and productive
workplaces without imposing
unnecessary compliance costs on
employers in general.
For example, we banned
zero hour contracts, where
guarantee any hours of work
be available when required
without compensation.
Were protecting employees
rights so its easier for them
to plan their financial and
personal lives.
The government has set up
a working group to develop

every three years to Auckland

right through until 2022thats
almost another Dunedin every
three years.
To help meet this demand for
new housing and construction,
we are supporting the industry to
train more skilled workers.
There are currently 38,000
people in training for construction
jobs across the country and
were funding an extra 8,000
apprentices and trades training
places over the next four years.






David Shearer
Labour MP

uckland house prices

have doubled since
National took office.
According to the
reserve bank, 46% of houses for
sale in Auckland are being bought
by investors.
Aucklands home ownership
rates were already down to 61.5%
by the 2013 census, and theyve
dropped like a stone in the three
years since then.
As such, its become nearly
impossible for most young
New Zealanders to own their
own home.
So, with close to half of New
Zealand facing a future of renting,
we need to make sure its a
comfortable and practical option
for Kiwi families. While renting
is commonly accepted overseas,

have no heart because people are

moving through them so quickly.
As rents have risen across
Auckland and the nearby regions
such as Hamilton and Whangarei,
were seeing this happen already.
Children move from one
school to the next as rents rise
and parents are forced to move
further and further out.
at school as well as social
opportunities. When a child
is constantly on the move,
they arent able to form solid
relationships with neighbours
and the wider community.
On top of this, its become
common for tenants to have
to fight through the Tenancy
Tribunal to get their bonds back
at the end of their rental terms or
just give up and walk away.
I would like to see our rental
laws reformed to give people who
rent the security and confidence

to be able to put roots down in

their communities, to participate
in neighbourhood groups if they
want to, and to commit to the
local school.
When a family knows theyre
likely to be moved on from their
house, theyre less likely to invest
time, money or energy into
the upkeep of the house or the
establishment of, for example,
a veggie garden or sandpit for
the kids.
On the other hand, if they
hold a secure long-term lease,
theyre going to feel free to make
improvements that will not only
benefit them and their children
but also enhance the feel of
the community.
To achieve this, we need to
think about what we want from
our rental laws.
For a start, I would like to
see stable rents that are not
allowed to escalate wildly. Id
like to see longer-term leases so


momentum and helping more

New Zealand families get ahead.

principles for dealing with claims

of pay equity under the Equal Pay
Act. The group will recommend
how to achieve pay equity
consistent with NZs employment
relations framework.
Towards encouraging and
assisting entrepreneurs, National
hours legislation to better suit
modern businesses.
Under the proposed, local
communities will choose whether
or not to allow shop trading on
Easter Sunday.
There is always more to do.
We will continue to listen to New
Zealanders and work towards
building a prosperous and fair
New Zealand.

The growing woes of first homebuyers

here its historically been seen as
a stop-gap measuresomething
you do briefly while studying or
saving for a house.
Thats no longer the reality.
Long-term renting is where
the future lies for many New
Zealanders. Its up to us to
move with the times and make
sure that the rental system is
fair, sustainable, and fit for
purpose now that the scene
has changed.
When renters rights are
weak, families who rent become
second-class citizens: transient,
always vulnerable to being moved
out, their children forced to attend
multiple schools and dealing with
all the disruption that entails.
As anyone who has moved house
recently knows, its a stressful and
expensive process. We shouldnt
be forcing it repeatedly on the
same growing group of families.
Its also a recipe for disaster:
communities will develop that



families can establish themselves

chosen neighbourhoods.
And Id like to see greater
protections for tenants against
arbitrary eviction or having
spurious reasons.
everywhere in the world, a balance
needs to be struck between the
rights of tenants and the rights
of landlords.
Landlords deserve a fair deal
too, but at the moment with the
drop in home ownership, it all
seems tipped in their favour.
Its our responsibility as
parliamentarians to make sure
the law is fit for purpose as
society changes.
As more and more New
Zealanders rent their homes, its
time for our focus to turn to the
fairness of our rental laws.

g | 12 August 2016


Budget 2016: $17.2m to

support Syrian refugees

Jonathan Coleman
says $17.2 million
over four years in
Budget 2016 will help to support
the 500 Syrian refugees arriving
in New Zealand over the next
two years.
The government wants to
support the Syrian refugees
settling in New Zealand to
adapt to the Kiwi lifestyle, says
Dr Coleman.
Many of these refugees have
suffered a great deal of trauma
and they will require ongoing
specialised support.
While many of the refugees
will need counselling and support
services, others will need help to
manage a range of disabilities and
chronic health conditions.
The right support for refugees
from the outset gives them the
best chance to succeed here in
New Zealand.
Last year the government
announced New Zealand would
welcome 750 Syrian refugees over
the next two-and-a-half years in

Funding boost to go towards health costs associated with the refugees first six
weeks at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre

response to the ongoing conflict

in Syria.
This funding boost will go
towards health costs associated
with the refugees first six
weeks at the Mangere Refugee
Resettlement Centre.
This includes an initial GP
assessment and immunisation,

as well as access to mental health

and disability services.
The funding will also go towards
ongoing health costs, from
primary care in the community to
hospital-level care.
Dr Coleman says the majority of
Syrian refugees will be resettled in
Wellington and Dunedin.


$7.7m Omokoroa to Tauranga

cycleway underway

turned the sod on the
Omokoroa to Tauranga
cycleway as part of a multi-million
plan to connect the city with the
Western Bay of Plenty.
cycleway will link Omokoroa
with Taurangas existing urban
cycleway network.
This new cycleway will play
a vital part in a planned cycle
network that will offer more
cycling and walking connections
between Tauranga and the
Western Bay of Plenty, providing
people with a range of transport
options, Mr Bridges says.
Over the next three years, about
$15 million will be invested into
cycling projects in the Western
Bay through our Urban Cycleways
Programme to help establish
cycling as an integral part of the
areas transport network.
The project includes a bridge
over the Wairoa River and will
provide an alternative way to

access the urban communities

in the area, schools, parks and
reserves and Tauranga Harbour.
It will also provide an alternative
route to the State Highway 2
corridor that connects the area to
Tauranga City.
It is expected to be completed
by June 2018.
Mr Bridges said making urban
cycling a safer and more attractive
transport choice was a priority.
Cycling is an important part of
an effective integrated transport
network, it creates more vibrant
and connected communities, its
good for tourism and its a fun,
healthy way to get around.
Through the Urban Cycleways
Programme, central and local
government are working together
to deliver $333 million of new
cycleway projects throughout the
country over the next three years
the single biggest investment in
cycling in New Zealands history.
In total 54 projects are
programme nationwide.



Henderson A/22 Holdens Road

Vendors Bought Unconditionally - Urgent Sale Required

Majestically located on the inner country fringe of Henderson, lies this executive
style spacious and welcoming 1.07 hectare lifestyle property. Featuring 7
bedrooms plus study/office with 2 living areas and impressive open plan dining
and kitchen surrounded by pristine park-like lawns.

7 B 3 C 2 I 10 K 1 M
For Sale $2,250,000
View by appointment

All on one level, the flow to the Al Fresco outdoor dining/BBQ area enhanced by
the open plan fireplace leads seamlessly to the in-ground salt pool, cabana,
perfectly flat lawn and a large pond. making for the ideal entertaining
environment indoor and outdoor.

New Windsor 72 Mulgan Street

M-A-S-S-I-V-E Home - Vendor Moving To Christchurch

A double internal access garage with a separate laundry/utility room and

numerous other features too many to mention make this perfect lifestyle home.
Conveniently located, close to public transport, great schools, the Artisan Winery,
Oratia Farmers' Market and West City Shopping Centre, this sun-drenched
property is a Lifestyle Paradise.
This document has been prepared to assist solely in the marketing of this property. While all care has been taken to ensure the
information provided herein is correct, we do not take responsibility for any inaccuracies. Accordingly all interested parties should
make their own enquiries to verify the information.

Ravendra Prakash
M 021424984 P 09 825 1022

Shelter Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Shelter Realty


WOW! A huge home with 367m2 floor area more or less. A generous layout allows
good separation over 3 levels to provide plenty of room for a family to spread out
through the home.
* 6 Generous size brms * 2 Living areas * Huge master brms * 4 Bathrooms *
Chefs special open plan kitchen * 642 m2 Land more or less * Triple Car Garage
* Rumpus Room/Media Room
Furthermore, this home offers an extended opportunity to create a self contained
area for teenagers or Grandma or work from home.
This document has been prepared to assist solely in the marketing of this property. While all care has been taken to ensure the
information provided herein is correct, we do not take responsibility for any inaccuracies. Accordingly all interested parties should
make their own enquiries to verify the information.

6B 3C 3I 4K
25th Aug at 6pm, Harcourts New Lynn
(unless sold prior)
View Sat & Sun 12:30pm - 1:15pm
Bobby Sapra
M 021501661 P 09 825 1010
Rupa Sapra
M 021501406 P 09 825 1222
Shelter Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Shelter Realty



12 August 2016 |




he third National
organisations and temples to
showcase their contribution
to Fiji.
The event at Studio 6 in Suva
on August 6 drew at least 200
agencies, businesses, volunteers
and Hindu organisations.
President of Vishva Hindu
Parishad (VHP) Fiji, Jay Dayal
said, The conference provided
a platform to address how
successful Hindus have been
serving their communities.
This was in line with our

From left to right: National President of Hindu Council of Fiji Jay Dayal, High
Commissioner of India His Excellency Vishvas Sapkal, Kamlesh Arya of Arya
Pratinidhi Sabha Fiji and Virendra Lal of Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi
Sabha Fiji

He said the forum provided
fruitful discussion on activities

and outcomes carried out

in communities and their
commitment to volunteering.

Mr Patel said the one of

the major task undertaken by
the VHP was their enormous
involvement in the relief work for
post-Cyclone Winston.
Our members exercised all
due care to reach out to people
irrespective of their race, religion
or creed, Mr Dayal said.
High Commissioner of India
to Fiji, Shri Vishvas Sapkal, said
it was heartening to note that
people of Fiji had retained their
cultural values and developed
organisations to preserve them.
It is noteworthy that VHP
is trying to make Hindi society
aware of the various issues
concerning them and building
unity amongst people.

Fijis contingent in Rio

t was a proud moment for

the Team Fiji contingent
when flagbearer Osea
Kolinisau led them into
the Maracana Stadium during the
opening of the Olympic Games in
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Kolinisau who was dressed in
traditional attire was honoured
to be given the responsibility.
He focused on a bigger task in
leading the mens rugby sevens
team to claim the countrys first
gold medal in the Olympics.
Also present at the opening
ceremony was Prime Minister
wife Mary.
The Team Fiji womens rugby
sevens players were not present
as they have their two opening
pool matches.
The acting President of Brazil,
Michel Temer declared the Rio
Olympics open after the cauldron
was lit by Vanderlei Cordeiro de
Lima, who won a bronze medal
for Brazil in the marathon at the
2004 Olympic Games. Football

Team Fijis flag bearer Osea Kolinisau leads the contingent during the opening cermony of the Olympic Games at the Maracana
Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

legend Pele had pulled out

because of illness.
And in Peles absence, Gustavo
Kuerten, the three-time French
Open champion and tennis great,
entered the stadium with the

Olympic flame. Guga! as the

crowd cheered in his honour.
The Olympic flame was
then passed on to de Lima to
do the honours. He (de Lima)
was leading the 2004 Olympic

marathon when tackled to the

ground by a spectator. This saw
him miss out on winning the
gold medal that day but 12 years
later he had his moment at his
home Olympics.

for skilled
up: FNU

ijis widening gap for

the demand and supply
of skilled workers
in the hotel and
tourism sectors is being bridged
vocational institutions.
Productivity Centre (NTPC),
acting director Peni Taoi made
the remark to 22 graduates
in Nasese.
The students graduated with
certificates of attainment in
commercial cookery.
He said the training that
students received would fill the
gap in the hotel and tourism
sector compared to what it
was before.
During the training course,
students have learned to develop
a set of distinct knowledge and
qualities; the ability that you will
need to move into the industry,
he said.
He said students made a
landmark by being the first official
graduates for the department
of Hospitality and Tourism at
the university.
FNU NTPC Department of
Hospitality and Tourism Training
Officer, Aman Kumar, said the
training groomed students for
the industry.
Students learned the pressure
in the kitchen, how to interact
with guests, learning commercial
cookery and also pastry, Mr
Kumar said.
They would have the skills and
knowledge to use in the industry
or operate from home.
There were 18 units for the
graduated at the end of the
six-month course.

Bring local, Fijian made designs to the fore: Koya

Industry, Trade
Koya has encouraged designers
to utilise local and Fijian-made
products for the fashion industry.
I encourage Fijians to show
pride in local designs and Fijian
made products, he said.
Koya was the chief guest at the
2016 Project Jejemon that was
held at the Grand Pacific Hotel
in Suva on Saturday, August 6.
Fiji Sun

Fashion designing, in general,

plays an important role in Fiji,
he said.
Fiji leaves no stone unturned
when it comes to [the]
fashion industry.
Project Jejemon producer and
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
(FBC) Television show host
Andhy Blake said, Project
Jejemon is a great platform for up
and coming designers or anyone
who is passionate [about] the
fashion industry.
They can use this platform to
showcase their talent.

We would like to pride

ourselves being the biggest
fashion awards programme in
the country.
Mr Blake said they also wanted
to nurture the dreams of designers
and models and discover fresh
new talent in Fiji.
This years line-up of designers
was all fresh faces and all new
designers. But next year I am
forecasting to have more new
talent and it would be great to see
fresh talent coming from the rural
areas, he said.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Faiyaz Siddiq Koya presents the Jejemon
Project Model of the Year Award to Kristina Nagan

FIJI | 12 August 2016

Minister Akbar lauds India music group

Children and Poverty
Alleviation Rosy Akbar
commended the Indian
group of classical musical performers as
they performed for the people of Ba on the
night of August 4.
The six from Pune, India, were in
Fiji with some Indian doctors who had
been doing free health screenings and
conducting medical awareness around the
country since last week.
The Director for Indian Council of
Cultural Relations, Kishan Kanojia, said
the Indian Classical Musical Event for
Medical Awareness had been allied with
the visiting Indian doctors supported by
Sahyadri Speciality Pacific Hospitals Ltd,
the Ministry of Health and Ministry of
Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation.
We have done successful shows in Suva
and Labasa as well and these evening
performances are for the people to come
and enjoy in peace.
We are honoured to hear such live
serene voices from Pune in India, Mr

Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Rosy Akbar (centre) with the Classical Music group
from India and the doctors along with director for Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kishan Kanojia at
Civic Centre in Ba

Kanojia said. Akbar said she was inspired

by what the team had to offer, not only
in terms of medical services but also
cultural heritage.
The medical team had conducted free
medical check-ups during the day at

the designated hospitals. Group leader,

Sanjeev Abhyankar described Fiji as a
peaceful place and he was touched by the
love and friendliness of the people.
The music group left for Auckland, New
Zealand, on August 5.

Roy Krishna is Fiji Airways brand ambassador

rishna, who is captain of the

Fijian national football team
and plays for the Wellington
Phoenix in the A-League, is
one of Fijis most recognisable athletes
and only professional footballer abroad.
Im honoured and excited to join the Fiji

there allow you to just breathe. Time slows

down here, and youre never in a rush. Its
the perfect place to unplug and de-stress.
Its exactly what I do when Im home.
Fiji Airways managing director and chief
executive, Andre Viljoen, said, Were of
course delighted to add another extremely

Professional Fijian footballer, Roy Krishna, has been announced as a new brand ambassador for Fiji
Airways and its subsidiary Fiji Link

Airways team and my fellow Ambassadors,

to promote our home to the world, he said.
Im particularly keen on sharing the
very best of northern Fiji and hope more
and more people chose to visit there.
Northern spots [such as] my hometown
Labasa, Savusavu and Taveuni are raw and
naturally beautiful. The wide open spaces

popular Fijian to our pool of Ambassadors.

Our brand is all about being uniquely
Fijian, and having someone like Roy will
help us reach a bigger audience who will be
interested in visiting Fiji.
One of our most popular Fiji Link routes
is Labasa and anyone who has met Roy will
attest that he is fiercely passionate about
his hometown. Together with Roy, we



will do more to further boost the profile

of Labasa and Fiji Link. As part of the
Fiji Airways Ambassadorship, Mr Krishna
will appear in Fiji Airways and Fiji Link
marketing, public relations and social
media campaigns.
He joins National 7s Coach Ben Ryan
and Fijian-Australian sports superstar
Jarryd Hayne who are also Ambassadors
for Fiji Airways.


Local firms showcased

products in NZ

reating the right environment

for sustainable and quality
business growth was one of the
topics of discussion at the 2016
CPA Australia-Fiji Branch Congress.
Three Fijian companies showcased their
high-quality range of food and beverage
products at the Auckland Food Show,
which started on July 28.
Pacific Trade & Invest partnered with
Carpenters (Fiji) Limited, FMF Foods
Limited and J Punja NZ Limited to promote
their products in Auckland, New Zealand.
The Auckland Food show is for Pacific
Island companies that are established
and seeking to strengthen their consumer
presence in New Zealand.
The four-day event featured eight Pacific
Island companies in total at PT&Is Pacific
Hub stand. They showcased and sold their
products including, coffee, water, biscuits,
coconut oil, beer, chocolate and vanilla.
The other companies were Banz Kofi
from Papua New Guinea; Samoa Breweries
and Pacific Oil Limited from Samoa;
C-Corp Limited from the Solomon Islands
and Niue Vanilla International from Niue.
The aim
The Auckland Food Show is aimed at
consumers with some 300 stands and more
than 35,000 expected visitors.
The show picks up on consumer trends
towards fresh ingredients and flavours
from around the world, sourcing top
recipes and cooking at home for friends
and family.
Ahead of the show, PT&I Trade
Development Manager, Joe Fuavao,
said, The Auckland Food Show is a
good opportunity for the Pacific Island
businesses to interact directly with
thousands of consumers.

Auckland Office
Unit 1, 131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland
Ph 09 278 9302
Postal Address PO Box 23136, Hunters Corner,
Auckland 2025

Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP, 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe

Thought of the week

Dream big, India

The most important thing in the Olympic

Games is not winning but taking part; the
essential thing in life is not conquering but
fighting well.
Pierre de Coubertin

You cant put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.
Michael Phelps has stood by his words at the Rio Olympic Games. All eyes
are set on him when he enters the pool.
The record-breaking swimmer has captivated the attention of not just
the US but also the world. On Tuesday night, he celebrated a double triumph after
winning his 20th and 21st Olympic gold medals in the Mens 200m butterfly and as
anchor of Mens 4x200m freestyle relay.
Phelps just keeps adding medals, after all, he has found something that he loves
and has since then, never given up.
The first week of the Summer Games has seen quite a few unexpected turns,
heartbreaks, and historic moments for athletes around the world.
For New Zealanders, the first medal came from Natalie Rooney in womens trap
shootinga silver after Australian Catherine Skinner made her way to win a thrilling
1211 in the finals. Next up was the womens rugby team who settled for silver as well.
Once again the success of the bigger countries highlights Indias weakness at any
Olympics. The statistics speak for themselves: the United States and Chinathe
medal tally leadershave more than 400 participants at the Games, while India has
only 121. Even little New Zealand has almost 200 athletes in Rio.
Indians have had it hard so far. Luck hasnt favoured them as they lose out on
opportunities of getting the Olympic gold.
India, the worlds second most populous country, has been taking part in the
Olympics since 1900 and does not have many medals to its credit.
One reason for this shortcoming is the fact that Indian parents give more emphasis
to academic, and not enough to active pursuits. Sport is for recreational purposes
Another reason for the poor showing is the countrys obsession with just one
sportcricket. Indias sports authorities would do well to pay more attention to the
development of its young people on the sports field, and try and change the mentality
that work and education are the only livelihoods.
However, in Rio this year, all is not lost. Gymnast Dipa Karmakar scripted history
when she became the first woman to make it to the Olympic final. Hopes are high
from the 23-year- old who will compete on Sunday, August 14.

Pick of the week

Spotlight on Rio

Months leading up the event, Rio made headlines across every major newspaper,
criticised for its lack of preparation for the Summer Games. Amid protests, a
government upheaval, security scares, and the Zika virus, the Games continue; much
like the athletes who have crossed hurdles on their road to Rio.
But the looming question still remains: will the Olympics make things better or
worse for Rio? The real impact on the host city will probably be seen long after the
curtains are drawn.

70th anniversary

Back in India, the country is set to celebrate its 70th Indian Independence Day on
August 15day when patriotic hearts in India and beyond its borders beat as one.
On the local front, in our last issue, we spoke about how the National Governments
changes to its KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme will affect you. In our current issue, we
ask experts for their take on the amendments made to the scheme.

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Celebrating cultural diversity: The picture of the Egyptian beach volleyball player
Doaa Elghobashy facing German player Kira Walkenhorst at the Rio Olympics has
been doing rounds on social media. It shows a stark contrast between their outfits
where Doaa is covered from head to toe while Kira is wearing the traditional
two-piece outfit.

Mori Phrase: Karawhiua!

English translation: Give it heaps. Give it all you got!

Tip from the trenches

Overcoming writers block

Pull the plug on all devices and keep a

dedicated writing time

Go for a walk. A change for scenary helps

in distracting your mind.

you started
Listen to music be it jazz, classical, hip
hop, or rock
Set a timers, choose and topic
and freewrite


OPINION/EDITORIAL | 12 August 2016


Substantial issues on Indias future

economic development
Amit Kapoor

ndia has, at various points, been

referred to as a slumbering
elephant, a roaring tiger and now
by TN Ninan in his recent book as
the slow and steady tortoise. It is because it
is seen as a country with an above average
track record of growth since its reforms by
stealth began in the 1980s.
The nation seems to be going through
an interesting phase in its economic
development. Recently the Lok Sabha
approved the GST bill, which takes India
closer to the dream of creating a common
unified market.
Ninans book and Vijay Joshis recent
one on Indias long road ahead takes a
broad sweep of Indias political economy
and its future course.
Joshis Indias Long Road Ahead is
written more from an academic, theoretical
and conceptual viewpoint. It explains the
role of the state and the market and how
their performance fares in the case of India.
The chapter on education and healthcare

is particularly revealing and gives the

case of government failure and makes
the case for better monitoring and careful
analysis before increasing spending, which
has been the common wisdom in policy
prescriptions for these sectors.
The author describes the objective of
Indias economic development as rapid,
inclusive, stable and sustainable growth
of national income within a political
framework of liberal democracy. The
simple objective shows clear and precise
thinking on economic policy issues.
The main prescription is that the
markets are thoroughly distorted and for
the country to achieve rapid growth, it
would need to unleash the creative energy
of its workforce along with correcting the
distortions of land, labour, and capital
That will lead to productivity growth.
Along with this, streamlining trade policy,
entering the global value chains and an
improved investment climate are cited
as other areas requiring critical scrutiny.
In spite of this, India may not be able to
achieve the super fast growth defined as

per capita income

growth of six per cent or above for three
Ninans book, The Turn of the Tortoise
is written in a more journalistic style. He

uses his pragmatic journalistic sense to

frame a coherent framework about issues
and performance in key areas such as the
manufacturing sector where India has
underperformed and continues to do so.
Ninan, like Joshi, contends that India
has an underperforming state, which is
also the case for failure of the government
to provide basic services, and is rife with
Ninan ends the book with three mega
trends: change in the scale of markets,
shrinkage of state in sectors that are
dominated by the public sector, and
shifting centres of gravity from New Delhi
to state capitals and even at the third
tier of governance at the level of urban
The book ends on a positive note by
mentioning that the spirit of the present age
is of greater freedom and the surface churn
within the rumblings of a liberal democracy
cannot hurt the countrys stability. In that
sense, it truly is the turn of the tortoise.
The two books overall offer rich insights
for readers looking for understanding the
present and future of India.

Perfect storm gathering over

Smriti Iranis new ministry
Abhirup Bhunia

s Textiles Minister
Smriti Irani settles
into her new job
industry that is Indias largest
source of formal jobs, the
governments hope that it will
continue to be an employment
engine is under growing threat, as
job-growth plateaus and exports
wilt against the Vietnamese and
Bangladeshi competition.
The textile and apparels
industry employs 105 million
people directly and indirectly and
is thought to have the potential
to create 50 million more jobs by
2025, holding the key to growing
unrest over Indias inability to
create the millions of jobs it needs
every month.
But a rising skills gap, falling
exports, low productivity, rising
debt and low foreign investment
is jeopardising the target set for
the textile and apparels sector:
additional $30 billion in exports
and 10 million additional jobs
over the next three years.
Instead, textiles and apparels
employment fell 0.11% in
AprilJune 2015, rose 0.18% in
JulySeptember 2015 and 0.23%
in OctoberDecember 2015,
according to Labour Bureau
estimates; and exports of cotton
commodities, which account
for 24% of textile and apparel
exports, declined 34% in the last
three years, according to data
from United Nations Commodity
Trade Statistics Database (UN
Comtrade). While exports of
some commodities, such as

Textiles Minister Smriti Irani

knitted/crocheted apparel and

clothing, grew 12% and seven per
cent, textile and apparel exports
from India declined more than
seven per cent between 201314
and 201516.

Why the textile industry

is key to Indias
job aspirations

he textiles sector has been

instrumental in creating
mass employment, particularly
for women, and has lifted millions
out of poverty as they moved out
of farm jobs in many countries,
including Bangladesh, Indonesia,
Pakistan. Textiles were the largest
creator of Indian formal sector
jobs, with 499,000 added over
the last three years, IndiaSpend
reported in July 2016.
There is strong international
evidence that exports help create
additional jobs and push up
wage and income growth. With
fears that India is experiencing
jobless growth and scepticism

With fears that India is

experiencing jobless
growth and scepticism
abounding, the countrys
ability to cash in on its
demographic bonus, the
worlds largest workingage population869
million by 2020is in
doubt, IndiaSpend
reported in May 2016.
abounding, the countrys ability
to cash in on its demographic
bonus, the worlds largest
million by 2020is in doubt,
IndiaSpend reported in May
2016. But in the 15 years between
1997 and 2012, employment in
the organised sector shrank,
wrote Mint columnist Manas
this the biggest failure of
economic liberalisation.
Over 22 years of unprecedented
economic growth (19912013),
less than half the Indians who
sought jobs, 140 million of 300

million, got them, according to

a United Nations Development
Programme report. India will
need to generate 280 million
jobs between now and 2050,
the year when the working-age
population (1564) will peak, the
report said.
The rate of employment in the
sector, as we said, is dropping.
A driving reason is that cotton,
which commands the highest
share (24%) of textiles and
apparels exports, witnessed an
11% decline in production over
the last two financial years.
Crop damages in Punjab and
Haryana and low rainfall in
Gujarat and Maharashtra may
be the reason for the lowest
annual cotton output in five
years, according to a report in the
Business Standard.
This will potentially increase
prices, making Indian textile
products uncompetitive, at a time
when Indias exports are facing
competition from Bangladesh,
Vietnam and China.
While India still exports more
than Vietnam and Bangladesh
in absolute terms, over the last
three Vietnams exports grew
34.92% and Bangladeshs 13.52%,
as Indias exports declined
seven per cent.
From a 43% and 87% lead over
Bangladesh and Vietnam in textile
and apparel exports in 201314,
Indias lead has now declined to
16% and 28% in 201516.
Vietnam is a part of the
Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade
bloc, and so enjoys preferential
access to the US, the worlds
largest importing country with
19% share of global textile and

clothing imports. India is not a

member of the TPP, meaning
it does not get preferential
important markets.

Lots of schemes, but

productivity and
skills falter

here is much for Irani to

do, such as evaluate, bolster
or scrap multiple government
schemes that do not appear to
have boosted low productivity
and skills evident in Indias
these programmes include the
Technology Upgradation Fund
Scheme and Integrated Skill
Development Scheme.
One of the major problems with
the sectoras in most sectors
in Indiais the dominance of
informal establishments where
worker productivity is about
15 times lower than formal
establishments. The lack of skills
in the textiles sector pervades
levels such as workers (operators,
weavers, tailors et al), supervisors,
representatives, merchandisers
according to a National Skill
Development Corporation report.
Foreign direct investment
(FDI), a driver of productivity,
development, in textiles more
than doubled in 201314 over the
preceding year, but investment
growth stagnated in 201415.
That year, no more than 0.64% of
FDI into India went to textiles



12 August 2016 |




ndia, on Monday, August

8, took a major step
towards a unified goods
and services tax regime
across the country, with the
parliament passing the relevant
constitution amendment bill in
what is seen as the most radical
indirect tax reform in over
six decades.
The Lok Sabha passed the
amendments to the bill adopted
by Rajya Sabha during its passage
last week.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
was present in the Lok Sabha
when the bill was passed.
Intervening during the nearly
six-hour debate on the bill, he
said Goods and Services Tax
(GST) bill will go a long way in
helping states, support small
entrepreneurs and also curb the
menace of corruption.
He said that the new tax
law will be an important step
towards getting the country rid
of tax terrorism and also make
consumers the king.
Amendment) Bill, 2014 and
amendments were first declared

approved by a two-thirds majority

of 443 members of the lower
house voting in its favour in the
final vote and none against.
AIADMK, which had staged a
walk out in the Rajya Sabha, did
so in the Lok Sabha also.
The government had moved
amendments in the Rajya Sabha
to the bill, which was passed
by the Lok Sabha in 2015, to
opposition, notably the Congress.
The new regime seeks to
subsume all central indirect levies
such as excise duty, countervailing
duty, and service tax, as also state
taxes such as value-added tax,
entry tax and luxury tax, to create
a single, pan-India market.
Some items, notably potable
alcohol and petroleum products,
will be outside its purview
for now. Replying to the debate,
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
said that demand for reducing the
indirect taxes and hiking direct
taxes is not practical, adding
corporate tax in India was kept
competitive on purpose, in
comparison with other countries.
Jaitley hit out at the Congress,
saying the 18% cap on GST rate

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

was suggested by the party when

the bill was passed in the Lok
Sabha and later tabled in the
Rajya Sabha.
The leader of the Congress
in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun
Kharge took a dig at PM Modi,
saying he had opposed the bill as
Gujarat Chief Minister by calling
it retrograde in nature.
We were the creators of the
GST. We were the first to bring
the GST. We support it. Those
who are passing the GST now,
why were they opposing it when


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they were in the opposition? Had

they agreed to our conditions
on the GST earlier, the delay
wouldnt have happened. We
were never against the GST. We
always wanted to pass it. It is
wrong to say that we blocked the
GST Bill, he said.
Following the passage by
parliament, at least 50% of
the states will have to ratify
it for it to become law. This
apart, while the centre will
have have to take Parliaments

nod again for its version of the

GST, states too will need to do
the same, which may not be a
quick process.
To reach a compromise, the
government had to concede to two
main demands of the Congress
scrapping the proposal to levy a
one per cent additional duty so
that states get compensated for
at least two years and make the
dispute resolution mechanism
stronger and empowered.
But the third demand of
specifying the GST rate in the bill
itself did not accede.
Even though the idea of a
pan-India GST was first mooted
in 2003, it was seven years
later that a formal bill was first
introduced. But this lapsed when
the United Progressive Alliance
(UPA) was voted out and the
Modi government took over.
In 2014, a recast bill was
introduced in the Lok Sabha on
and was passed by it five months
later in 2015. The bill was then
referred to a Select Committee of
theRajya Sabha for examination,
which submitted its Report on
July 22, 2015.

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INDIA | 12 August 2016


Second India-Russia n-power plant may

get powerful new reactor
Anjali Ojha

s the worlds first

Generation 3-plus
nuclear power unit
was connected to
the electricity grid in Russia last
week, experts in India said the
next nuclear power plant that
India and Russia are to jointly set
up may get a similar reactor.
The Unit 6 of Novovoronezh
Russia has the most powerful
VVER-1200, with 20% more
capacity than earlier generation
VVER-1000 reactors that India
has at Kudankulam Nuclear
Power Plant. It was connected to
the Russian power grid on Friday,
August 5.
Eminent nuclear scientist and
former Chairman of the Nuclear
Power Corporation of India
M.R. Srinivasan said that India
expects to build similar units at
the second site where India and

The Kudankulam nuclear power plant

Russia will be setting up a nuclear

power plant. The launch of the
new 1,200 MW NPP, such as the
one at Novovoronezh is of interest
for India. We expect to build the
larger size units at the second site
that is likely to be made available
for Russian reactors, said
Srinivasan, who has played a key
role in the development of Indias
nuclear power programme. He
also said that the safety features

at Kudankulam Nuclear Power

Plant, built by India and Russia,
were good, but those in the VVER
1200 plants are expected to
be better.
Both sides have plans to build
commissioning of 12 power units
in the next two decades.
While Kudankulam is the first
plant with six units, two of which
are functioning now, the site

for the second plant is yet to be

finalised. Rosatom official said
that all of the post-Fukushima
requirements have been applied
to the new Novovoronezh NPP
nuclear units.
The VVER-1200 units have
better power economy, and
involve lesser staff, a Rosatom
official said.
The project provides us with
the possibility to build reference
nuclear power plants across
areas with diverse natural and
geographical conditions and
technogenic impacts.
It can be implemented on sites
with nine different foundations,
from rocks to soft soils, the
official said.
The main feature of the
VVER-1200 project is its unique
combination of active and passive
safety systems, and the nuclear
power unit is equipped with two
protective shells with a ventilated
space between them. The internal

protective shell ensures that the

space where the reactor is placed
is sealed, while the external shell
is designed to resist natural
disasters such as tornadoes,
hurricanes, earthquakes, floods,
or accidents such as explosions or
plane crashes.
Passive safety systems in the
plant are capable of functioning
even in the case of a complete loss
of power supply, officials said.
A core melt localisation device
(CMLD), or the core catcher,
is installed at the bottom of the
station protective shell. It is made
for localisation and cooling the
molten core material in case of a
hypothetical accident which can
lead to damage of the core.
The core catcher allows
to preserve the integrity of the
protective shell and thus to
exclude radioactive emission
in the environment even if the
hypothetical accident is severe,
the official added.

Indias financial conditions index improves sequentially: study

he overall financial conditions

index in India rose 28%
sequentially to 61.1 in the first
quarter of 201617 from 47.8 in
the previous quarter of 201516, indicating
healthy improvement, a joint study by apex
industry bodies said on Sunday, August 8.
The improvement shows [a] reduction
in [the] cost of funds, comfortable liquidity
position and better external financial
linkages while economic activity is yet to
pick up on [a] quarterly basis, said the
study on Financial Conditions Index (FCI)
by the Confederation of Indian Industry
(CII) and the Indian Banks Association
(IBA). A strong rebound led to the cost
of funds index jump 58% to 70.7 in the
quarter under review (Q1) of 201617 from
44.8 in Q4 of 201516, funding liquidity
index rose 47% to 67.2 from 45.7 and
external financial linkages index increased
52% to 54.6 from 36 quarter ago.
The Financial Conditions Index (FCI) at
61.1 implies a majority of the respondent
banks and financial institutions reporting
improvement, the report said.
Economic activity index, however,
declined 20% to 51.8 in last quarter from

improvement in the growth rate of real

GDP over the previous quarter.
On annualised basis, the overall FCI
declined 17.5% to 61.1 in Q1 from 74.1 in
same period year ago, as cost of funds index

Financial conditions index rose 28% sequentially

to 61.1 in the first quarter of 201617

64.6 in the previous quarter. A total of 41

major banks and financial institutions,
with combined total assets of Rs 72 lakh
crore, participated in the joint survey.
Among the sub-indices, the cost of funds
index improved maximum (70.7) in line
with the expectations of the banks and
financial institutions. Rise in the funding
liquidity index to 67.2 signals a strong
expectation of it improving further in
subsequent quarters.
Similarly, increase in the external
financial linkages index to 54.6 indicates
that the Indian financial sector remained
unperturbed from effects of the US Fed
interest rate. A majority of the banks and
financial institutions, however, expected

declined 14.8% to 70.7 from 83, funding

liquidity index 14.7% to 67.2 from 78.8,
external financial linkages index 16.5% to
51.8 from 69.1 and economic activity index
25% to 51.8 from 69 in like period year ago.



A: 1/165 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill
P: 09 620 6707
Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by
Dr Parmjeet Parmar MP, Parliament Buildings Wellington



12 August 2016 |



eserve Bank of India

kept key policy rates
unchanged in his last monetary
policy review on Tuesday,
August 9, with little elbow room
for easing due to the countrys
retail inflation inching closer to
the upper tolerance level of six
per cent.
The repurchase (repo) rate,
or the interest commercial
banks pay the central bank for
unchanged at 6.5%. The cash
reserve ratio (CRR) that scheduled
banks have to keep in liquid funds
also remains unaltered at four per
cent of deposits.
In the previous policy update,
too, conducted on June 7, the
policy rates were left unaltered.
sharper-thananticipated increase in food prices
has pushed up the projected
trajectory of inflation over the rest
of the year, Rajan said. Strong
improvement in sowing on the
back of good monsoon rains and
supply-side management auger
well for food inflation outlook,
he added.
In view of this configuration
of risks, its appropriate for the
Reserve Bank to keep the policy
repo rate unchanged at this
juncture while awaiting space for
action. The stance of monetary
policy remains accommodative

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan

and will continue to emphasise

adequate provision of liquidity.
Rajan also said easy liquidity
conditions are now prompting
banks to modestly transmit the
past policy rate cuts of the central
bank on to customers and that
pro-active liquidity management
by them should facilitate more
such pass-through.
The stock markets, which
had opened on a positive note
on Tuesday, took a sharp dip
after the policy announcement.
ground eventually.
Tuesdays policy update will
also be the last one that will afford
the central bank governor the
liberty to fix policy rates, with the

government set to entrust such a

task with a soon-to-be-constituted
Monetary Policy Committee,
the statute. The target inflation
rate has already been set at four
per centplus or minus two
percentage points. Against this,
the central bank retained the
inflation projection of five per cent
by March 2017 with risks tilted to
the upside.
On growth, Rajan said the
momentum was expected to
be quickened by the normal
monsoon that should raise
rural demand. A stimulus to
consumption spending was also

expected on account of the Pay

Commission award.
The passage of the Goods
and Services Tax (GST) bill also
augurs well for the growing
political consensus for economic
reforms, he said but added
timely implementation will be
challenging. On the whole, he
said, this new tax regime should
and investor mood. India Inc
appreciated RBIs decision to
keep key policy rates unchanged
and stick to the inflation target of
four per cent.
According to the Federation of
Indian Chambers of Commerce
and Industry, the governments
decision to stick to the inflation
target of four per cent is positive,
and in this context, a further
lowering of interest rate would
have translated into higher
President, FICCI said the
continuous focus and while
capacity utilisation rates have
improved in a few segments,
higher investments call for a
sustained uptick in demand.
FICCI would also like to
reiterate that the process of
transmission of earlier rate cuts
by banks remains slow, said
statement, we hope Reserve

Modi calls for protecting Dalits,

ending discrimination

Narendra Modi on
Sunday, August 7,
called for protecting
Dalits and said if the country
has to progress, peace, unity and
harmony cant be neglected.
Addressing a meeting of BJPs
booth-level workers of Telangana,
he said discrimination will not
be allowed and warned that the
country and the world will not
forgive us.
He also called for putting an end
to politicising the caste issue and
alleged that some parties, which
considered Dalits as their vote
bank and afraid of the initiatives
taken by his government, were
trying to raise such issues by
somehow influencing Dalits.
I want to tell all such people,
if you want to attack, attack me,
not my Dalit brothers. If you want
to shoot, shoot me, not my Dalit
brothers, Modi said without
naming any party.
He turned emotional while
addressing thousands of party
workers at L. B. Stadium.
This was the second time during
his day-long speech that Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has termed discrimination as a social problem

spoke about the recent attacks

on Dalits.
Earlier, in his speech at a public
meeting at Gajwel in Medak
district, Modi asked called for
isolating and punishing fake
gau rakshaks (cow protectors),
saying they were out to destroy the
social fabric.
At the meeting in Hyderabad,
he devoted a major part of his
speech to the attacks on Dalits.
His remarks were in an obvious

reference to the flogging of

four Dalits by cow vigilantes in
Gujarats Una town on July 11.
Sometimes some incidents
come to light, which makes heads
hang in shame, he said and
described such incidents as a sin
against humanity.
He told BJP workers that it
was their responsibility to protect
Dalits and other oppressed
sections of the society. Modi
described caste discrimination as

an evil which crept into society

thousands of years ago. We have
to admit that even 70 years after
Independence some shortfalls and
evils are there in society and they
get manifested in such incidents,
he said.
Is there any reason that we
treat our Dalit brothers this way.
What right we have to make
these sections suffer when they
are sufferings for centuries,
he asked.
Modi made it clear that
discrimination on the basis
of language and caste will not
be allowed.
We talk of whole universe one
family but we cant make Dalit
brothers our own, said the PM.
He said the BJP workers who
were working for the unity of the
society and the country would
have to expose such people.
Terming caste discrimination
as a social problem, Modi said
it was his request to all those
who want a solution to give up
politics of dividing the society.
This is a social problem. The
more we politicise it, the more it
gets complicated.

Bank of India would continue

to work on improving the pass
through of the previous rate
cuts. Another business chamber
Assocham (Associated Chambers
of Commerce of India) said while
the RBI decision to keep the
policy interest rates unchanged is
on the expected lines in the face of
consumer inflation staying sticky,
Rajans remarks on possibility
of positive impact of monsoon
on inflation and continuing
accommodative stance towards
interest rates augur well for
achieving sustainable growth.
The chamber further said it also
looks forward to the formation
of an institutional framework
for deciding the policy interest
rates in sync with inflation and
growth, through a Monetary
Policy Committee.
Industry body PHD Chamber
of Commerce and Industry
elaborated that it expects
a significant repo rate cut
in the future to facilitate
the competitiveness of the
manufacturing sector.
Gupta cited that there is a lot
of scope to reduce the repo rate
as good monsoon is visible and
inflationary expectations are
also benign.
economy should be supported by
lower interest rates to enhance
the demand for durables and
to boost up the manufacturing
sector, Gupta added.

people: Jaitley

Jaitley, on Saturday,
common people and made
governments accountable.
during a Town Hall-style event
organised here to mark the
second anniversary of MyGov
platform, he said it allows
people to interact with the
government at a minimal cost. It
disseminates information. It also
improves accountability of the
government, he said, adding that
people, especially youth living
in smaller cities, are also able to
get the same information that a
person in big cities would have.
Speaking on the occasion, Union
Law and Justice and Information
Shankar Prasad also expressed
similar views, saying that digital
democracy is the essence of India
and MyGovIndia is the biggest
platform that showcases it.
advancement has been able to
provide media tools that help
build pressure on the government
and the opposition as well.

INDIA ABROAD | 12 August 2016



Arul Louis

n Indian-American
begun a countdown
for launching a moon
lander next year after the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA)
announced it has approved his
companys venture.
Naveen Jain, the founder of
Moon Express, called the US
government OK on Wednesday
for the MX1-E moon lander
another giant leap for humanity.
In the immediate future
we envision bringing precious
resources, metals and moon
rocks back to the Earth, the
graduate of the Indian Institute of
XLRI Jamshedpur said on his
companys website.
The MX-1E will ride to the
moon orbit on a space vehicle
from Rocket Lab USA.
backers is Khosla Ventures
created by Vinod Khosla, the
venture capitalist who is an

with ISROs Moon

Impact Probe (MIP)
and NASAs Moon
Mineralogy Mapper
(M3) that it carried
recent discovery of
water on the moon
game changer for
humanitys future,
he said. Water is the
oil of the solar system
and the moon has
become a gas station
in the sky.
Moon Express is the
first private company
to get government
approval for a moon
The FAA described
Moon Express becomes the first private company to get the US approval for lunar mission
the MX-1E as a
spacecraft that can orbit to the
water on the moon as an incentive
Indian Institute of Technologymoon, make a soft landing on the
for lunar ventures. The discovery
lunar surface, and move on it by
was accomplished by the Indian
co-founded Sun Microsystems.
making hops.
Space Research Organizations
Moon Express CEO Bob
Moon Express needed the FAA
(ISRO) Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft
Richards cited the discovery of
approval because the Outer Space

Treaty requires private ventures

to be authorised by a government
that has signed the treaty.
It will be eligible to compete
for the Google Lunar XPRIZE
of $20 million for the first
private company to land a
craft on the moon, make it
travel at least 500 metres on
the lunar surface and send
back videos.
Moon Express has already
won two preliminary XPRIZE
awards for demonstrating its
technological capability to land
on the moon and send images.
The awards are the $1 million
Landing Prize and the $250,000
Imaging Prize.
Jain founded Moon Express
in 2010. Previously he had
launched two internet companies,
InfoSpace and Intellus.
The sky is not the limit for
Moon Express; it is the launch
pad, he said. Space is our
only path forward to ensure our
survival and create a limitless
future for our children.

Indian-American wins Washington open primary

Pramila Jayapal has

won an

Pramila Jayapal

Congressional District seat, and could

become the first from the community to be
elected to the US House of Representatives.
Jayapal, 50, took a commanding lead in
vote count on August 2 in the race to replace

It changed its name to OneAmerica

in 2008.
With their battle too close to call, Joe
McDermott and Walkinshaw both said
they were looking forward to taking on
Jayapal in November.
Six other candidatesDemocrats Arun
Jhaveri and Donovan Rivers, Republicans

Scott Sutherland and Craig Keller, and

independents Leslie Regier and Carl
Coopereach had no more than nine per
cent of the vote.
most of Seattle, Vashon island, some
south-west suburbs of King county and a
bit of Snohomish county.

retiring Representative Jim McDermott,

The Seattle Times reported.
Jayapal, a Democrat, was born in India
and raised in Indonesia and Singapore.
She had 38% of the vote and will advance
to the November 8 general election.
McDermott and State Representative


Brady Walkinshaw were neck to neck


behind Jayapal, McDermott with 21.5%

and Walkinshaw with 20.9%.
Were building a movement that can
clearly stake out a positive vision for
the future of America at a time when too
many people feel cynical about change,
and when too many people are struggling
to make ends meet and put food on the
table, Jayapal, a Democrat who has
represented the 37th legislative district in
the Washington State Senate since 2015,
said on the night of August 2.
Jayapal is also an activist. She founded
Hate Free Zone after the September
11 attacks in 2001 as an advocacy group
for Arabs, Muslims, and South Asian
Americans targeted in the wake of
the attacks.


Auckland Office

Level 1, 21 East Tamaki Rd, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025

Ph: 0800 BINDRA (246372)

Authorised by Mahesh Bindra,

Parliament Buildings, Wellington



12 August 2016 |


Rio round-up: August 5 to 11

By the time she finished, Deepa was sixth

in vaults and 27th overall and had to endure
a nervous wait of five hours for the other
two sub-divisions to finish. With no other
competitor managing to surpass her score
in the individual vault, Dipa managed to
enter individual vault final and grab a piece
of history.
Deepa will compete in the finals on
August 14.

at 55, 66, 77 and 88. However, as

Rooney faltered, the Australian made her
way to win a thrilling 1211.
Rooney, 28, is the second New Zealand
shooter, after 1968 bronze medallist Ian
Ballinger, to win an Olympic medal.
Im stoked. Its an incredible feeling,
she said. Of course Id like to have the
gold, but to come away with the silver still
feels great.
In the past, Rooney has scored fourth and
fifth places at the last two Commonwealth
Games. In the 2012 Olympic Games, New
Zealand had qualified only one shooter and
Ryan Taylor represented the country.
I havent had the best of luck in the past
and to finally crack it at the Olympics is
awesome, she said.

Rooney earns the first

medal for New Zealand

Sevens women claim

a silver

With Summer Olympic kicking off on August 5, it has been a week of

historic moments and medals amid heartbreak for athletes. Here are
highlights from the week that was at Rio.

Fiji defeats New Zealand

to enter Rugby sevens

n a thrilling and tight game, Fiji mens

team defeated New Zealand in the Rugby
sevens quarter final by 127 on Thursday,
August 11.

After scoring first, Fiji was led by New

Zealand at half time by 75 but quickly
picking up after half-time, Fiji managed
to overtake in the fianl few minutes and
finishes 127.
At the time of printing, Fiji was still to
face Japan in the semi-finals on Friday,
August 12.

Gymnast Dipa creates

history by entering
Olympic final

ipa Karmakar created history by

becoming the first Indian gymnast to
enter the Olympic finals at the Rio Olympic
Centre. The 22-year-old qualified for the
final round in the individual vault final of

artistic gymnastics after finishing eighth on

the standings on Sunday, August 7.
Competing in the third sub-division,
Dipa had an average score of 51.665.
She managed to perform her muchvaunted Produnova vault cleanly to score
14.850 on the vault, 11.666 on the uneven
bars 12.866 in balance beam and 12.033 in
floor exercises.
The Tripura gymnast scored executed
the Produnova in her first attempt on the
vault to 15.100 with 8.1 for execution and
7.00 for difficulty. She scored 14.6 on her
second attempt with 8.6 for execution and
6.00 for difficulty.
In uneven bars, Deepa scored 7.166 for
execution and 4.5 for difficulty. In balance
beam, she scored 7.566 for execution and
5.3 for difficulty while in floor exercises her
scores read 7.133 for execution and 5.2 for
difficulty with a penalty of 0.3.

atalie Rooney claimed a silver medal

in womens trap shooting on August
8, making it the first medal for New Zealand
at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.
In the final against Australian Catherine
Skinner, she led 42 and still level-pegging

he New Zealand womens rugby team

lost to Australia in the final, to settle
for a silver on August 9.
The team had defeated Great Britain in
the semi-finals with a final score of 257
and headed into the finals with high hopes
of earning a gold medal. However, the
Australian team dominated possession in
the finals and scored 24 consecutive points.
We came out here to win a gold medal
and we are bringing back a silver. But
silvers still good in New Zealands eyes and
we hope we have done them good, said
New Zealand captain Sarah Gross.
Its a medal. Its getting on to the
podium. We came out here to grow a
womens legacy. To get more women and
more children playing rugby and I hope we
did that around the world and hopefully
next time we come to the Olympics theres
a lot more women playing rugby.

Liverpool thrashes Barcelona in International Champions Cup

adio Mane scored

his first goal as
Liverpool recorded a
comprehensive 40
win over FC Barcelona in the
International Champions Cup
at the Wembley Stadium on
Saturday, August 6.
League (EPL) club completed
against the Spanish giants,
Klopps team treated the
sell-out crowd to an exciting,
fluent display.
The impressive Mane
opened the scoring after
a quarter of an hour with
an excellent finish after
Adam Lallana and Roberto
up well.
out of the blocks in the
second half and were 30
up by the 49th minute
thanks to an own goal

and a typically classy finish from

Divock Origi, Liverpools official
website reported.
Marko Grujic added further
gloss to the scoreline with a
brilliant looping header in injury
time, and Klopp is sure to be
satisfied with an encouraging
performance and result against
a true heavyweight of European
football with Liverpools EPL
opener at Arsenal now just eight
days away.
But the Reds did not have
to wait long to take the lead as
Mane rounded off an excellent
team move 15 minutes in.
Lallana pickpocketed Juan
Camara deep in his own half
and broke forward, played a
neat one-two with Firmino and
then fed Mane, who finished
with aplomb, high into MarcAndre ter Stegens net from
close range.
Messis effort appeared to
spark Luis Enriques side into
life, and Mignolet was called
into action shortly before the
half-hour mark. The Belgian
made a sharp save from Arda

Turans deflected effort before

the Turkish midfielder put the
rebound wide.
Philippe Coutinho then curled
an effort wide after shrugging
off the attentions of Aleix Vidal
and Mignolet denied Suarez as
an entertaining, end-to-end first
half came to an end.
Klopps side flew out of the
traps after the break and put
the result beyond doubt with
two quickfire goals early in the
second half.
First, former Red Mascherano
could only divert the ball into
his own net under pressure
from Jordan Henderson after
Mane had again got to the byline
superbly, and Liverpool were
three to the good a minute later
when substitute Origi finished
coolly after being played in by
Kevin Stewart.
impossible to contain Mane and
the Senagalese shot wide after
some dazzling footwork before
Grujic rounded off the win with
a clever header from Lazar
Markovics cross.

FEATURES | 12 August 2016


By Manisha Koushik




Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and associate of world renowned celebrity astrologer Dr Prem Kumar Sharma.
A practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui consultant is based in India but maintains a
global presence through the online channels. She is available for consultations online as well. Let her tarot cards do the
magic and numbers make you understand which choices in life will be best for you! E-mail: |
Website: Contact: +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +919015607139


(March 21-April 20)

(April 21-May 20)

(May 21-June 21)

You will need to guide someone regarding a new job

or task, so be prepared for it. Much effort may go into
preparing for something important on the academic
front. Meeting friends is likely to be high on your
agenda this week. Your loving and caring nature will
be appreciated by one and all. Cheque or cash for an
outstanding amount may be received soon. This is
not the week to experiment with a new dish.

A change in the programme is very likely, but it

will suit you better. Create a serene and tranquil
environment, if you want to retain focus on your
studies. Your efficiency at work is likely to get noticed.
Freelancers are certain to get more opportunities.
Some new ideas may come to you regarding a
venture undertaken. Blessings of a family elder will
be reserved for you for your helpful nature. A good
dose of relaxation will recharge you completely.
Lucky No.: 15 / Lucky Colour: Turquoise

A problem on the professional front may beg your

attention, so dont ignore it. Developing contacts with
influential people is likely to ease personal problems.
Someone may appear rude and arrogant, but is loyal and
trustworthy, so overlook his or her shortcomings. Your
life path gets clearer and more defined on the academic
front. Assess the marketability of what you buy in bulk
beforehand to prevent losses. Getting stressed out over
an issue is a possibility towards the end of this week.

Lucky No.: 4 / Lucky Colour: Royal blue


(July 23-August 23)

You will need a push to get going in a professional
venture and that push will be forthcoming. Problemsolving with the help of knowledgeable people
assumes importance on the academic front at this
juncture. A new relationship is on the cards for those
seeking love. Financial support is likely for those
pursuing higher studies. You feel on top of the world
this week and are likely to accomplish much. Ill health
poses no problems for those pursuing their passion.
Lucky No.: 1 / Lucky Colour: Dark red



Lucky No.: 1 / Lucky Colour: Magenta



(June 22-July 20)

You may not be in a complete picture, so dont base
your judgement on limited information and make
decisions. On the romantic front, instant gratification is
what you seek and what you get, so have an enjoyable
outing with partner! An oversight in money matters is
indicated, so remain alert. Old grudges and negative
thoughts may disturb your mind. Meditation and matters
spiritual will prove uplifting and help in getting destressed. Academically, you are likely to shine.
Lucky No.: 9 / Lucky Colour: Sandy brown


(August 24-Sep 23)

(Sep 24-October 23)

(Oct 24-November 22)

If you keep your timing right, it will be difficult to miss

a good opportunity. The week appears enjoyable,
as you get to spend it with friends and relatives.
Promotion or raise in on the anvil for those serving
with the government or with top MNCs. You are likely
to ace the competition on the academic front by the
dint of your hard work. Your competitive spirit and
diehard ambition keep you in top form.
Lucky No.: 3 / Lucky Colour: Dark yellow

The week seems immensely fulfilling on the

professional front, as new deals are negotiated
and signed. You will have a leg up on rivals on the
academic front, as competition hots up. Socially, you
can expect a hectic time in the company of friends
and relatives. Good judgement will be your strength
in playing the stocks. On the fitness front, your efforts
of coming back in shape succeed. Passions rage on
the romantic front, so rejoice!
Lucky No.: 17 / Lucky Colour: Purple

Buying a piece of property is on the cards. Dont let

a situation get out of hand, as it may not be in your
favour. Someones guidance on the academic front
will work wonders in achieving your aim. There is
a strong possibility of estranged couples getting
reunited. Charting your career path will assume
importance at this juncture. A good nights sleep is all
that is required to bring your energy back. You may
plan a get-together.
Lucky No.: 8 / Lucky Colour: Saffron


(Nov 23-December 11)

(Dec 22-January 21)

If you are getting the right break on the career

front, you must give it a serious thought. Stay clear
of office politics. A chance for a raise is likely to
fizzle out. It is in your interest to exchange notes
on the academic front. Dont let anyone dampen
your spirits for taking up a challenge. A friend or
relation may request you for help. Those in the fray
will get a break in their favourite sport.
Lucky No.: 2 / Lucky Colour: Peach

You will need to do something special to celebrate

a special event, so get started right now. Clarify
your position with superiors at work, before the
blame game gets to you. On the romantic front,
do remember partners special day or you may
get into big trouble! A car or a dream house is
about to become a reality for some. A drive to the
countryside is likely to give you the thrills. Health
remains satisfactory.
Lucky No.: 11 / Lucky Colour: Off White



(Jan 22-February 19)

(Feb 20-March 20)

The ambition you harbour will only get realised

through good networking. Dont expect anyone
to spoon feed you on the academic front. For
homemakers, daily dull and drab routine may seem
like a heavy burden. It is time to take a muchdeserved break. Your fund situation may become
worrisome if you continue to spend with nary a care
in the world. Extra energy may be required to handle
a complex situation. Be just in your decisions.
Lucky No.: 6 / Lucky Colour: Peach

A chance encounter with someone influential is likely

to solve your current problems. Remain truthful, even
if the situation goes against your interests. Truth
generally prevails. Joining partner in another location
is indicated and nearness will provide a sense of
fulfilment. Those in the government service may look
forward to a profitable week. Setting aside some time
for yourself will help achieve mental calmness. Dont
sit on the judgement seat, if you feel biased as you
may wrong someone.
Lucky No.: 9 / Lucky Colour: Brown



12 August 2016 |


Aanad Madhav
I am...
I am the breeze that blows over the field
I am the wave that crashes on the beach
I am the sunray that shines through the window
I am the fire with the deadliest flame
But, most importantly, I am a girl
Who holds a past that cannot be undone
And a future that is yet to begin

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Jacqueline keen
to work with
SRK, Aamir Khan

12 August 2016 |

poster launch
of the film
based on Buddhist monks.
He added, I love monks
because just now I returned from
Darjeeling Mirik and I am always
a very great devotee of Buddha, I
am a devotee of all religions.
Lahiri had recently made a
short film Slum Stars that won
awards at international festivals.

Khan in the 2014 actioner Kick,
now wants to work with Shah
Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan.
Asked if she is keen to work
with Bollywoods other two
popular Khans, Jacqueline said,
Absolutely. I think that is on
everyones wish list... It enriches
you as an actor... More the actors
you work with, you learn a lot.
The 30-year-old actress, who
is currently riding high on the
success of her latest release
Dishoom, an action-adventure
film which also features Varun
Dhawan and John Abraham,
says it is a dream to work with
superstars such as Shah Rukh
and Aamir.
They are legends, she said and
added, Its about growing and
learning as an actor, so definitely,
I would love to work with them.
Jacqueline is currently gearing
up for her next release A Flying
Jatt, directed by Remo DSouza.
The film also stars Tiger Shroff
and is set to hit the screens on
August 25.

Bappi Lahiri
to send song of
religious chants
to Grammys

usic composersinger
Lahiri says that
he is a devotee
of all religions and has created
a song of Gayatri Mantra and
Buddha chants, which he plans
to send to the Grammy Award
something of only chants
which will be going to the
Grammys. There is Gayatri
Mantra and Buddha chants in
it because people abroad like
chants tremendously.
You can check Tina Turner
on Youtube, world number one
singer, she has done so many
rock songs, but she has created
chants, it is very popular there,
Lahiri said on the sidelines of the

Talking about the film, he

said, I did the film to encourage
slum people. I am always going
to Hollywood and Quincy Jones,
renowned composer, who has
discovered Michael Jackson,
Lionel Richie, told me that
everybody is from slums, raj
mahal (palace) is made later.
In fact, there are no slums,
because when we come to the
cities, we make it a raj mahal, so I
just tried to encourage those who
sing well.
Lahiri, who is famous for
numerous compositions for the
past few decades, sang popular
songs such as Ooh La La and some
part in Tune Mari Entriyaan in
recent times.

for me
easier. Since its my debut film I
was a bit worried, but because of
his level of intensity in a particular
scene I was just reacting after a
point rather than acting. Its good
to work with someone like that,
the former beauty queen said.
So, who broke the ice?
Hrithik answered this one.
I broke the ice with a chalk.
I fed her some chalk. She was
looking for diet food and I offered
her a protein bar, but it was
actually a chalk that I had found
on the set. She ate it up and later,
I told her that it was actually [a]
chalk, he said.
Pooja shared that the two had
met during a test shoot as well.
I think the ice broke when
he (Hrithik) thought that I was
from south India, said the
actress, who has featured in
southern films such as Mukunda
and Mugamoodi.
Reminiscing about that day,
Hrithik said, I even asked her
When are you going back? She
said I am going back at 6 p.m.
Then I asked What time is your
flight? She asked What flight?
I live in Bandra. I thought she
lived in south India.
Going by his expression, Pooja,
who was born and brought up
in Mumbai, said that he looked
shocked for sure.

Im blown away
by Alia Bhatts
work: Saiyami

Acting with
Hrithik gave
Pooja the jitters

ooja Hegde is set to

make her Bollywood
acting debut with
Hrithik Roshan in the
forthcoming film Mohenjo Daro,
and the budding actress says she
was nervous while sharing screen
space with the heartthrob.
Did she get the jitters?
Of course. He (Hrithik) is a
really good actor. The plus-point
of working with him is that ... you
are so involved in a scene that

ctress Saiyami Kher,

who is making her
Omprakash Mehras Mirzya, says
she finds it mind-blowing to see
Alia Bhatts range as an actor.
There is so much to learn
from any generation (of actors).
Currently, I am completely
blown away by Alias work. She
is completely on another level
altogether, Saiyami said.
The kind of films she does is
mind-blowing. I watched Udta
Punjab and she is phenomenal,
she added.
In her debut film Mirzya,
Saiyami is paired with newcomer
Harshvardhan Kapoor. Asked if

she hopes to make inroads into

international cinema someday,
Saiyami said, I would love to
because I dont see language as
a barrier in acting. If something
comes along, it would be
wonderful. I would love to do a
Japanese film some day.

Sohail Khans
Freaky Ali
to release on
September 9

ohail Khans upcoming

Ali, which features
Nawazuddin Siddiqui and is
based on golf, will hit the screens
on September 9.

Sohails brother and superstar

Salman Khan, on Saturday,
August 6, took to Twitter, where
he shared the first look of the film.
The Freak Nawaz, poor man in
the rich man sports who became
the game changer Freaky Ali,
Salman tweeted.
This is not the first time
Sohail will be directing a film.
The 46-year-old actor-director
made his directorial debut with
the 1997 action thriller Auzaar,
which starred his brother Salman
and Sanjay Kapoor.
He then directed both of his
brothers Salman and Arbaaz in
the hit film Pyaar Kiya To Darna
Kya and Hello Brother. He
recently directed Jai Ho in 2014.

Half Girlfriend
to release on
May 19, 2017

ilm-maker Mohit Suris

upcoming film Half
Shraddha Kapoor and
Arjun Kapoor has been locked for
release on May 19 next year.
Co-produced by Chetan Bhagat,
Half Girlfriend is an adaptation
of the authors eponymous novel.
Shraddha on Saturday, August
6, shared the release date with
her fans and followers on Twitter.
Half Girlfriend is going to
release on May 19, 2017... Mohit
Suri, Chetan Bhagat, Arjun
Kapoor, Shraddha tweeted.
This is not the first time that
Arjun, who will be seen playing
the character of Madhav Jha, will

be working in an adaptation. He
has also starred in the movie 2
States, an adaptation of Bhagats
book 2 States: The Story of
My Marriage.

Hindi cinema
issues: Irrfan

ctor Irrfan Khan,

who fears that the
danger of losing
is lurking over the countrys
commercial Hindi films lack
focus when it comes to dealing
with important issues.
In todays time, storytelling is
changing. The young audience is
watching Hollywood cinema more
and more because we (Bollywood)
are not able to provide them
intelligent entertainment where
the film is not just a time pass,
but also has something else about
them, Irrfan said.
Regional cinema is talking
about regional issues... It is
incorporating those issues which
are of peoples concern. But Hindi
commercial cinema generalises
them... It doesnt really talk about
a specific thing. Thats where it
loses its focus, he added.

Irrfans latest release is

Madaari, which talks about a
common mans ordeal when he
loses his son in a tragic incident.
He feels its high time filmmakers took more care to offer
better content to the audience.
I think it will be more and
more difficult for Indian films to
find an audience. Either big films
that come with superstars or
some family entertainers... Only
these kind of films might find an
audience. We have the danger to
lose the young audience, said the
critically acclaimed actor.
Irrfan, who has worked in
international movies such as
Life of Pi and Jurassic World,
said India could have many
more writers.
In Hollywood, writers are
respected much more than in
India. They are paid much more
and they are secure. We are
seeing a change in the Indian film
industry as well and I hope we
could inspire many more writers
and they could get their due and
space, Irrfan said.

Auckland to New Delhi

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*Selling Period: 1 August 30 September



12 August 2016 |

The Queen of Melody to

dazzle AucklandPart II
A tte--tte with Shreya Ghoshal

We pick up from where we left off last week. Our conversation with the star takes
a more personal tone and we get to know the grounded woman behind all the
glamour. Just as with all our servings of Chai Latte, we sign
off with some trivia for you to enjoy.

Maya Shivam

Shreya: I love New Zealand. Its just such

a beautiful country, and the people are so
much fun and warm. I think the beauty of
the place is overwhelming [and] thats why
the people here are so happy. And singing
for a happy audience is so awesome! Love
the energy of this audience. I am looking
forward to some great concerts on this tour.

How do you keep a balance between

music/career and life?
Shreya: I like to keep my life minimalistic.
Doing too many things at the same time
and getting exhausted takes away the fun
of doing anything. Every time I have taken
up too much work that takes a toll on
me physically and mentally, I have
realised it is not worth it. I guess I
have found the right balance. So I
can give time to family and my own
self. I learnt it over the time.

us about
your childhood
sweetheart and
marriage? How has being
married changed/not changed
your work/career?
Shreya: Shiladitya and I met in
2005 through common friends at
our school reunion and instantly
hit it off. The friendship grew
quickly into something more.
We both are like Ying and
Yang; we complement each
other to bring a balance in our
lives. He brings calm to my
restlessness and lets me be
better at being me. So well,
after 10 years of being in
a beautiful relationship,
we got married and are
enjoying this phase of life.
Nothing has changed,
and I think I have been
out of the country
more doing my tours
since the wedding,
and juggling all my
commitments, but
he supports me in
everything I do.
He is not just
but also my
best friend. I
feel blessed.

What are some of the projects you

are currently working on?
Shreya: Jab Tum Hote Ho from Rustom
has just released and is getting a lot of love.
I am currently working on Sanjay Bhansalis
Padmavati, which Im very excited about.
There are some beautiful interesting songs
about to release soon. That apart, many
interesting songs happening all the time in
regional cinema as well.
Do you think the industry poses any
challenges to you being a woman?
Shreya: Not at all. Our music industry
respects talent and it doesnt matter
whether you are a woman or a man. All
that matters is whether you are able to give
a great song that is loved by listeners, and
how professional are you in your attitude.
No one can sustain in this industry unless
you deliver something that is from the heart
and real. For any composer-singer-lyricist,
the only bias is merit.
What do you think are the essential
ingredients for women who want to
fulfil their highest potential and live
their best lives?
Shreya: Just believe in your passion, learn,
nurture, and give it a chance. I never see why
being a woman should change anything else
about what your choices in life should be.
Never give education less importance in life.
It gives you the power to make life choices.
You are a role model for many
young girls. What is the single most
challenging thing that you need to
constantly work on to keep ahead of
your game?
Shreya: I dont like being complacent. Its
easy to go into that state of mind. I never let
the drive to do better die down. I actually am
a workaholic so to speak. And I believe that
staying humble to the art and everything
that I have got till now makes you student
for life, lets you evolve. Thats my mantra.
How do you feel about your New
Zealand performances?

Date and time: Saturday, August 20, at 7:30 p.m.

Venue: The Trusts Arena, Henderson
Tickets on sale at and can also be purchased from
Eco Travels (all outlets), Yogijis Food Mart (Mt Roskill), Auckland Indian
Sweets (Otahuhu) and Giriraj Foods (Avondale)

This is going to be your third and

each time you get a great response.
What do you think is the secret to
your popularity?
Shreya: (laughs) I dont know if there is
any secret, its all out there. I like to pour
my heart out for my audience. Not keep any
secrets. So when I am going to be on stage,
New Zealand knows its going to non-stop
music. And every song that they had in their
hearts in my song list!
You come across as a very humble
person. What is it that keeps you
grounded and real?
Shreya: My parents have taught me to be
so. I come from a family that has taught me
that real joy is in smaller joys, doing good
to people, and always doing the right thing.
What is your message for your fans
in New Zealand?
Shreya: I love you guys! Hope you all are
coming to the concerts. Cant wait to sing
for the awesome bunch of music lovers. Be
ready for a lot of good music and a lot of fun.

Birthday: March 12

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite food: Home-cooked dal chawal
You are most comfortable in: T-shirtjeans
Happiest when dressed in: A pretty saree
Favourite pastime: Watching T V shows
Signature perfume: Chanel Chance
You are happiest when: On a vacation
You would rather not: Be late
Whats the one thing you would like to
change about yourself: Absolutely nothing;)
Whats the one thing you would like to
change about the world today: Stop for
the mankind from being so selfish
about everything
What would you like to sign off with: Stay
happy, stay positive, do something good
every day, adopt a dog or any pet, go for
holidays, and never compromise on a good
sleep and a good meal:)

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12 August 2016 |

For this young fashion designer, it is all about precision. Each garment that she creates or alters is a beautifully-designed and unique piece. A fulltime product assistant, Nazneen Daruwalla started Alter Me to pursue her passion for sewing and designing. Her creations have been showcased on
a global platform at Miss Universe World and Miss India beauty pageants. We spoke to Nazneen to know more about her business venture.
Esha Chanda
IWK: What drives you to the fashion
Nazneen: To be honest, I admire the
labour side of the fashion industry more,
from developing a pattern from an image
to the full construction of the garment.
It helps to have an analytic attribute as I
enjoy problem-solving and learning new
techniques every time, as each garment is
different from the first. The key point about
the fashion industry is that it is always
changing and I find it thrilling to keep up
with it.

Nazneen Daruwalla

Nazneen: I like using both Indian-Kiwi

cultures in designing outfits.
Many people have come to see me to
design their evening dresses after seeing
my Indian cultural, tailor-made, garments
as they love the embellished fabrics and
bright colours. I take the modern trends
into consideration when clients come to see
me to design and make them an outfit, so
they always stay in-trend.
IWK: How do you manage
Alter Me with a full-time

IWK: Tell us a little about Alter Me.

What services does it offer?
Nazneen: Alter Me provides remarkable
services regarding couture. Services include
clothing alterations, personal designing,
dressmaking and sampling. I take on each
clients needs as my own project and make
sure to give them a satisfying result.
IWK: What led you to start your own
business venture?
Nazneen: I started Alter Me soon after I
graduated from Whitecliffe College of Arts
& Design. As mentioned, I enjoy the labour
side of the fashion industry, and I did not
want to work for another company when I
already had experience from my internships,
hence I started my own company, Alter Me.
Personally, I specialise in the dressmaking
service, as I like working one-on-one with
my clients; making their designs come
to life.
IWK: In your formative years, youve
interned with designers such as
Amber Whitecliffe and Thom Dolan.
How has that experience helped
you grow?
Nazneen: I had the greatest opportunity
to have interned with designer Thom
Dolan, in New York. I worked alongside
Thom and it helped me see how a small
business runs through all stages, from

Above: Nazneen Daruwala

Right: Creations from the young designer

designing to dealing with manufacturers

and then receiving the sample products.
I interned with Amber Whitecliffe when
I was in my last year at uni. I took away
lots of experience in dressmaking. Ambers
clothes are simple and beautifully tailored.
She has an amazing personality and I loved
working with her through various projects.
IWK: Tell us a little about the designs
you created for Miss Universe World
and Miss India contestants. Any other
global events where your work has
been showcased?
Nazneen: Merciana Suess was one of the
competitors in Mrs Universe New Zealand
2014. She came to me to design an outfit
for the National Round at the pageant. I

went through the entire process

of designing various outfits
for her to choose from, and
then went to source fabrics
and finally making her the
completed product.
one of the contestants at
Miss India. She already had
her fabric, and I designed an
Indian outfit for her to wear at
the pageant.
IWK: As an Indian fashion
designer in New Zealand,
how do you think the two
your work?

Open day event at

Gandhi Nivas

Date: Friday, August 19

Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Venue: 40 Station Road, Otahuhu
Gandhi Nivas invites the Indian
community for an Open Day event
on August 19 where there will be
having a talk every hour starting at
10:30 a.m. on the hour. RSVP by
calling Sucharita Verma on 09 280
4064 or drop an e-mail at info@


Nazneen: When I first

started my full-time job
I use to do Alter Me
full-time as well. But
eventually it got too
difficult and now I run
it as a hobby, as I still
love the whole process
of making a garment
for a customer in need.
I only take evening
5 p.m. Monday to
makes it a lot easier for
me to manage as I have
the remaining days of
the week to complete
the orders.

Date: Monday, August 22, and

September 5 and 19
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Venue: Te Tuhi Centre for the
Arts, 13 Reeves Rd, Pakuranga
Founded in 1975, Pakuranga
Toastmaster provides a safe,
friendly, welcoming and fun
environment for people of all

walks of life to build confidence,

leadership skills, and improve
their communication and public
speaking skills. Themes, props, and
sense of humour are ingredients
that allow participants to learn
and grow in a fun environment.
Admission is free.

Parenting workshop
in English and

Date: English groups on Monday,

August 29, September 5, 12, 19
and on Friday, September 2, 9, 16,
Chinese groups on Monday,
August 15, 22 and Friday, August
12, 19 and 26
Time: 10 am to noon
Venue: Manaia Room, Pakuranga
Library Building, 7 Aylesbury St
Pakuranga Citizens Advice Bureau
CAB will be holding a free parenting
workshop for all families with

children up to 12 years old, living in

Counties Manukau.
Participants can learn to deal
with difficult parenting issues
by observing, discussing, and
practicing positive parenting
strategies. Workbooks and tip
will be provided. Register by calling
021459520 or drop an e-mail at


Date: Monday, August 29 to

September 5
Time: Time varies on each day
Venue: 44F Portage Road, New
Jain community members are
invited to participate in the
celebration of Paryushana
Maha Parva that will see full-day
programmes starting from August
29. For more details, call Parag
Shah on 021 278 8912 or check the

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