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Advanced Algebra II 10th Grade

Mrs. Bermudez,, Bayside Academy, 20162017

The world is full of magical things waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~Bertrand Russell

This sophomore level course provides an extensive review of skills introduced in Algebra
I. Students will begin work with more complicated linear and quadratic equations,
inequalities, radicals, and polynomials. Algebra II students also study complex numbers,
conic sections, exponential and logarithmic functions, matrices, probability and statistics,
and trigonometry. Students in Advanced Algebra II work at a quicker pace and cover
material more in-depth than students in Algebra II. Students are expected to have
completed Advanced Geometry and Algebra 1.
Unit Pacing
Students will revisit concepts from Algebra I with a more challenging lens, and be
introduced to more advanced algebra and mathematics. The units below are tentative:
Fall Semester
Unit 1: Review
Unit 2: Linear Functions
Unit 3: Systems of Equations
Unit 4: Quadratics
Unit 5: Polynomials
Unit 6: Radical Functions & Inverses
Unit 7: Exponentials & Logarithms

Spring Semester
Unit 8: Rational Functions
Unit 9: Function Analysis
Unit 10: Conic Sections
Unit 11: Probability & Statistics
Unit 12: Trigonometry

Course Requirements
Students are expected to come to class with their supplies, as appropriate for the
lesson, each day.

Required items for Advanced Algebra II:

-Pencil, paper, and graph paper
-Graphing calculator (TI-83, 84, or nSpire (non-CAS))

Occasionally, students will need to have their laptop in the classroom for data and
evidence collection and online assignments.

Course Evaluation
and Assignment of Grades
The course is graded
using a point system. To the
right is a general guide,
but points may vary slightly per
20assignment based on
student time and effort needed
to complete the

10 While all tests will be
announced well in advance,
quizzes may be pop
and given unannounced but
count less than
scheduled quizzes. If a student


10feels they performed

poorly on a quiz or test, they
may work with me oneon-one to improve their
understanding and

Each semester will
conclude with a cumulative
exam counting for 20% of the semester grade.

Classroom Policies
Students are expected and required to follow all school rules, including the rules of
the classroom and of the dress code. Detention and possible administrative action
will be used when classroom rules have been broken.
Students will have 2 days (including the day of return) to complete and turn in all
makeup work for each excused absence. Upon returning to school, students should
check with the teacher immediately to see what needs to be made up.
Arrangements should be made in a timely manner (at the teachers discretion)
before or after school for quizzes, tests, or to learn material covered during an
excused absence.
Students who have UNEXCUSED absences will not be able to make up any missed
grades. This includes any work missed because of an unexcused tardy.
Students who are absent due to school-related activities should see me before the
absence and turn in all work on time.
Students will receive a zero on any assignments for cheating. Copying or letting
another student copy your paper is cheating, and both situations will result is a

Classroom Website
Updated progress and content of the course can be found at:
Parents can also keep track of student progress in all their classes using

Note to Students:
If you need extra help, you may see me for instruction or guidance. I will work with
you during breaks or after school, as necessary. Do not hesitate to ask for
assistance - sitting quietly when you do not understand may only get you left
behind and lost. Be willing to ask questions and to stick your neck out! Most
importantly, be positive a positive mind is the most powerful tool you can equip
yourself with!

To Parents/Guardians:
Please feel free to call and leave a message at the school, 251-338-6300, if you
ever have any questions or concerns. I will return the call as soon I can. You may
also email me at I look forward to working with
your child this school year.