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From: Rivello Angeline

Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2016 3:52 PM

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Subject: Teacher Leader Pilot School Selection Committee

Teacher Leader Pilot School Selection

Committee Welcome Letter
April 20, 2016

SUBJECT: Welcome to the Teacher Leader Pilot School Selection Committee

Dear Pilot School Selection Committee Members,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Delaware Teacher Leader Pilot School Selection

Committee! We are so grateful that you have agreed to dedicate your time to this
important endeavor. The five teacher leader roles to be implemented in the pilot will
create new leadership pathways for teachers while providing essential supports for
students, teachers and schools. The pilot will be crucial to moving the CAECCs
proposed new career ladder and compensation system forward, giving participating
schools a chance to be trailblazers in shaping practices to be implemented in a
scaled-up teacher leader program.

You and your selection committee colleagues will play an essential role in the pilot
process. Your task is to select schools that have a clear understanding of how the
teacher leader roles will contribute to their strategic goals, show strong
commitment to the pilot effort, and understand their roles and responsibilities as
well as the challenges they can expect to encounter.

At the same time, were aiming to represent as many of Delawares school counties,
levels (elementary, middle and high) and types as possible. Having a diverse group
of schools that are committed to working together to implement the roles faithfully
in a way that meets their school needs and contributes meaningfully to pilot
learnings is essential to making the pilot a success.

The School Selection Committee includes the following members:




HR Director, Woodbridge School


Professor, Wilmington University

AVID Coordinator/English Teacher,

Mount Pleasant High School
Elementary Librarian, Towne

Nauman, Jennifer

Principal Shields Elementary:

President of Principals (DASA)

Rogers, Meghan

Social Studies Teacher, Skyline

Middle School

Meghan.Rogers@redclay.k1 us

Stahl, Kerry

English Teacher, Milford Senior

High School

Thomas, Erica

Science Teacher, William Henry

Middle School


Thomas, Erika

Elementary Teacher, Bancroft

. us

Thorpe, Karen

Business Manager (Retired),

Colonial School District


HR Director, Christina School



Elementary Teacher, Harlan



Cameron, Jason

Hinds, Thelma
Howton, Robyn
Johnson, Michele

Tucker, Josette
Woolley-Roy, Phyllis


Your participation in the selection process includes four important benchmarks:

School applications and accompanying materials, including a more detailed

pilot overview, have been already posted to
teacherleadership. Please read carefully through these materials by April
22. They contain the instructions schools will follow to submit their
School applications are due before midnight on April 22. We will compile
them and send them to you along with an agenda for our selection meeting
no later than Sunday, April 24. It is possible that we will have some LEAs
applying on Monday and that information will be forwarded as soon as we
receive it.
Our meeting to select schools is from 12:00 to 4:00pm on Tuesday, April 26
in the DOE library conference room at 401 Federal St #2, Dover, DE.
The full committee will be divided into teams to review applications to
reduce the pre-reading burden. Please carefully read the agenda and school
applications that youll be responsible for scoring before we meet.

We will provide additional details on how the selection process will take shape
before and at the school selection meeting. Until then, we would like to express our
thanks once again for your participation.


Angeline A. Rivello
Associate Secretary
Teacher & Leader Effectiveness Unit,

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