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Greenhouse effect is a phenomenon in which radiation

transmitted from the Sun is trapped by the atmosphere
in a planet. This phenomenon is caused by different
type of gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor as well
as methane. The gases allow approaching sunlight to
pass through. However, heat radiated back from the
planets surface is maintained. Other gases such as
nitrogen and oxygen also absorb and emit a small
amount of radiation. But the radiative effect on the
atmospheres temperature is too weak so they are
often neglected.
The impact of greenhouse effect is to make life
possible on Earth, but it may also bring an end to life as
we know it. One of the biggest problems we face due to
greenhouse effect is the rising of sea levels. The
greenhouse effect had already caused the worlds
oceans to rise to 4-8 inches. It may sound little, but this
has caused the erosion of some island. Due to the
effects of global warming, many people had to move to
higher grounds. If the sea level keep rising, it can cause
great suffering.
Besides this, the greenhouse effect causes the
increase in droughts and floods. The rising of
temperature and the evaporation of water from the
ocean causes violent storm activity to increase. The
different type of storm activity includes powerful
hurricanes, pacific typhoons, severe localized storms
and tornadoes. These storms often result in flooding
and property damage.

Moreover, there will be less ice and snow. The

greenhouse effect caused glaciers to shrink faster
worldwide. It also seems to be that ice are melting
faster then expected. The cause of drought and lack of
domestic water supply are because of the area that are
dependent on meltwater from mountain areas.
Greenhouse effect can be very dangerous. Therefore,
we must try our best to reduce this phenomena. There
are a few ways to reduce the greenhouse effect. One of
the easiest ways is to reduce, reuse, recycle. Bring out
own recycle bag to the mall so that we wont have to
use plastic bags. We can also save about 2,400 pounds
of oxygen in a year by recycling half of our household
Another way of reducing the greenhouse effect is to
drive less and drive smart. There will be fewer
emissions if we drive less. We can carpool to school or
work as well. In addition, we can cycle as well as bike to
school. It not only saves gasoline but is also a great
form of exercise. We should make sure our cars are
running efficiently when we drive. For example,
properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by more
than 3%.
Furthermore, we can reduce this phenomena by using
the Off switch. By switching off the lights when we
leave a room, we can save electricity and also reduce
global warming. Televisons, radios and laptops should
be turned off when not in use.We should turn off the
water when not using. While brushing our teeth, we
should not let the water run unless we need it to rinse
our mouth.