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In this series of studies, Aaron Adams homes in further on a chapter of Matt´s book
and gives us some thoughts and questions for further personal or group study. This
month we look at chapter one, and in particular the life of Job.

Chapter One: The Unquenchable Worshipper.

Who could blame him really? In a matter of days Job had lost his fortune. His
children had been suddenly taken from him. The pain from the boils that covered his
skin must have been unbearable. All of it; his health, wealth, and family was gone.
Job was not dead, but that was just a minor technicality. And so Job´s outburst is
understandable, for deep suffering isn´t only looking for the pain to end, but for an
answer to the question: ´Why me?´
´If I have walked with falsehood . . . and my foot has hastened after deceit, let Him
weigh me with accurate scales and let God know my integrity . . (Job 31 v 5-6) Oh,
that I had one to hear me! Behold, here is my signature, let the Almighty answer me!
And the indictment which my adversary has written . . . I would bind it to myself like
a crown.´ (Job 31 v 35, 36b)
And how does God respond? He does not defend Himself. He does not explain
Himself. God chooses to reveal Himself.
´Have you ever in your life commanded the morning, and caused the dawn to know
its place, that it might take hold of the ends of the earth, and the wicked be shaken
out of it . . .(Job 38 v 12-13) Who has put wisdom in the innermost being or given
understanding to the mind? Who can count the clouds by wisdom, or tip the water
jars of the heavens?´ (Job 38 v 36-37)
When silence falls once again, Job finds that the answer to his suffering is not found
by asking: ´why´ but by knowing: ´Who.´ It is not found in questioning God´s
worth, but in seeing Him for who He is. God answers the problem of Job´s suffering
with the grand and wonderful mystery of His power and presence. Job himself says
as much:
´I know that You can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.
(Job 42 v 2) I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; but now my eye sees You.
´ (Job 42 v 5)
An unquenchable worshipper does not rely upon endurance, doctrine, or
determination alone. An unquenchable worshipper returns again and again to the
revelation of a God whose worth and whose love does not waver to spite our
suffering. An unquenchable worshipper can sing then with Job perhaps one of the

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most profound lines in all of Scripture:
´The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.´ (Job
1 v 21)
Matt and Beth´s song ´Blessed Be Your Name´ focuses in on this scripture, and tries
to give worshippers a voice to respond to God with praise, even in the painful times
of life. Matt writes:
´I think we´ve received more personal testimony feedback from this song than any
other. I have come across some of the harshest life circumstances I´ve heard of as
people have emailed in their stories of how they´ve chosen to worship our amazing
God even in some of the hardest times of life. More than anything, this reminds me
of how much pain there is in the world, and about how important it is to be real,
honest and true (yet always remaining reverent) in the worshipping church.´

Blessed be Your name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there´s pain in the offering
Blessed be Your name
Every blessing You pour out
I´ll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say


the name of the Lord
Your name
the name of the Lord
Your glorious name

You give and take away
You give and take away
My heart will choose to say
Lord, blessed be Your name
Questions for Discussion/Reflection
1. In this chapter of the book, we talked about worship ´that can never be
extinguished´ and then looked at the analogy of a fire needing heat, oxygen and fuel
to keep going. We can lose the ´heat´ in our worship by allowing the cares and
struggles of life to take our focus away from God. Essential ´oxygen´ can be cut off
when we don´t allow the Holy Spirit to take the role of lead worshipper in every
aspect of our lives; in church and outside of it. And finally, we can shut down our fire
´s ´fuel´ supply by not recognizing the revelation of God´s power and glory all
around us. How strongly is the fire of your worship burning right now? Could it be

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May these glimpses of Your unchanging worth continually feed a fire of Your worship in us that can never be extinguished. Whenever that moment took place. There are times when we can be so busy with the trials and ´busyness´ of life that we can miss the signs all around us pointing us on towards our God. Chapter One referenced Romans 1:20 where Paul writes that God´s divine nature is clear in the very fabric of this creation we inhabit. oxygen or fuel? What steps can you take today to stoke your worship´s fire? 2.´ Take a moment to read through a few passages from the lament Psalms to see God´s model for authentic worship amidst brokenness. a steady drumbeat marking the march towards the moment of realization. ´an underlying confidence and trust in God. Chapter 2 . Holy . power. Prayer God. 3. . please allow me the grace to see Your glory.326573804. . the train of His robe filling the temple . Looking back at difficult times you may have experienced in the past or may be experiencing now. ´ ´And one called out to another and said ´Holy. . reality came crashing down around the prophet - Page 3 of 24 . Father. .´ ´Seraphim stood above Him . what path have you chosen? Has worship been quenched by the pain of life´s circumstances? Has honest desperation given root to bitterness? Take a moment to reflect and. This chapter also brings up the issue of the two choices worshippers have in the face of adversity: to challenge or question the worth of God or to meet Him in the style of the lament Psalms.doc fading in any way because of a lack of heat. Holy. Consider the places where God may be ´hidden´ in your life. presence and love even amidst life´s darkest hours. . it becomes clear that.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter Two: The Undone Worshipper ´I saw the Lord. sitting on a throne´ ´. The intensity of the opening verses in Isaiah 6 build one upon the other. You may want to ask God to remove the blinders that may be hampering you from seeing His goodness and presence around you. if necessary. resolve to make changes for the future. songs that combine the honesty of desperation with. .´ ´And the foundation of the thresholds trembled at the voice . in verse 5. . . and King. . our Creator. .

There are moments in worship when we must. to find any way that may be unpleasing to the Lord. about the ´destruction´ of the prophet himself. They are individuals who have found themselves broken in the presence of the Lord and yet. When called. seeking. and hungering after a relationship with humanity. at the same time. that the ways in which we still cling to what Paul called the ´old self´. In Isaiah´s mind. In that story there are moments of revelation in which the Lord bursts through time and space and meets with men and women. then it´s also. But God. young and old. Saul/Paul: Acts 9 verses 1-17 King David: Psalm 51 Page 4 of 24 . meeting God in such a way marked the beginning of the end. They realize that. Chapter 6 could have ended with the doomed finality of Isaiah´s own words. When faced with one of the most glorious visions of unhindered. declare that we are undone. and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips. ´Behold.´ Undone worshippers do the hard work of turning the light of God´s glory into the corners and crevices of their souls. that we are ruined. this has touched your lips and your iniquity is taken away and your sin is forgiven. rich and poor to point them towards Him. empowerment and promise for the future. . can they begin again and fully respond to His call ´Whom shall I send. The two seem to go hand in hand. must be destroyed if we are to be in the presence of our King.326573804. He didn´t need a lesson in theology to understand that he could not survive standing on his own merit in the presence of eternal perfection.´ The Oxford English Dictionary defines ´undone´ as ´destruction. regardless of the cost.´ If Isaiah 6 is about a picture of God´s grandeur and glory.doc ´Woe is me. and some are undone. he declares his own ruination and destruction. . they humbly return to the realization that they cannot stand on their own. They are stories of undone worshippers throughout scripture. like Isaiah. found grace. that they must be cleansed. He touched my mouth with it and said. for I am undone! Because I am a man of unclean lips. in that brokenness. only once they have been undone by God´s holiness and glory and restored by His love. and who will go for us?´ Scripture Review Scripture tells an amazing story of a God searching. some are comforted. hope. Some are healed. in his unknowable. the Lord of hosts. for my eyes have seen the King. new start ´Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal in his hand . Below are a few passages to read. consider or pray through as an individual or as a group. unfathomable love and mercy grants us a fresh. true worship of God.

How do you see your Heavenly Father? Does your view of God hinder your ability to fully become the undone worshipper He wants you to be? Have the events and relationships in your family or your life skewed your idea of the God described to us in Scripture? Chapter 3 . Undone worshippers invite God to point out any sin in their lives because they knew that this was the only pathway to true and unhindered worship. Page 5 of 24 . riding into Jerusalem hailed as the King of the Jews.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter Three: The Undignified Worshipper. not forgiving ourselves though God has forgiven us. This chapter of the book highlights individuals from Scripture who seemed to be set aside for a period of time while God communicated painful but important lessons. punishing ourselves and never allowing ourselves to move on in freedom. only five days earlier. love and acceptance. David decides that he wants so much of God that he asks God to search his heart for any hint of sin. Bleeding. They had seen him. Is there anything that God may have been or is trying to say to you? While it is certainly not true that God is disciplining us every time we undergo hardship.326573804. Consider whether or not you need to move from being a reactive to a proactive undone worshipper. could it be possible that you need to reframe your idea of how God may be trying to work in and speak to you in these challenging times? 3. Many of us have real trouble balancing those notions of God in our hearts and minds. Psalm 139 verses 23-24 is a passage that strikes at the heart of what it means to be an undone worshipper. Others of us may live and dwell in our past. Perhaps that is taking place right now. We may run from being an undone worshipper because we are afraid of seeing God as some angry and wrathful Father who wants to punish and inflict pain upon us. Take a few moments to look back at the times you have felt ´sidelined´ by God. Is it time to move on from waiting for God to point out ways you need to change and begin to tenaciously pursue holiness? 2. And now they were seeing him gasping. We also looked at a difficult yet fruitful season in Matt´s life when God drew him away from leading worship to help him refocus on the important essentials at the center of God´s heart. Essential to understanding the idea of being an undone worshipper is the idea of God as both a tough and tender Father.doc Thief on the Cross: Luke 23 verses 35-43 Peter: Luke 5 verses 1-11 John: Revelation 1 verses 9-20 Questions for Study 1.

The One clothed in blinding Majesty on the Mount of Transfiguration. now silently teetering on the edge of death. Reckless. but that none can compare to the matchless worth of God. glory and power that were his in heaven. and nothing that I am that I´m unwilling to part with for the Lord´s renown. tortured and die. And dying. now having his clothes fought over by Roman guards. standing in the light and safety of that love.a love that doesn´t make sense. The One who had commanded the sea to rest and demons to flee.326573804. and even their own lives to give honor to God. Below are just a few examples of individuals who were able to cut themselves free from the cords that entangle and keep us from Page 6 of 24 . they worship with an abandon that says there is nothing I have. Our King. Jesus chose to let go of the majesty. resources. A coronation had turned into an execution. Undignified worshippers see the unreserved and passionate love that Christ displayed on Calvary .flesh that could be torn apart and blood that could be spilled. nothing I know. love and devotion hang from a cross. now struggling to take each breath. Our Redemption. unreasonable love. the pain of loss and the confusion at what had gone wrong must have been a potent combination. The One who summoned Lazarus from the tomb with a great shout. They have realized that life is full of blessings. My pride? My finances? My name? No price is too steep. but cost Him everything. These men and women show a willingness to let go of their reputations. laughed at. No treasure is too precious. And. Our Answer. And undignified worshippers live and love without reservation because they have received so lavish a love as this. It makes no sense. But why? For love (John 3:16). For his followers who could muster the strength to stay and watch the man in whom they had placed their faith. This is not the way it was supposed to end. passionate. But surely not to be spat upon. He´s dying. Scripture Review Scripture is filled with the worship of the undignified. No call is too much.doc Mocked. God´s Son had stepped into time to become one of us. He chose to put on flesh and blood .

fear of handing over finances to God. Think and reflect on the motivation behind your own ´acts of worship´ and ask God to speak to your heart about this matter.2 Samuel 6 The widow gives all that she has . we are encouraged to find a source and inspiration for undignified worship in the passionate love of God for us. or it may be something different altogether.doc true undignified worship: David responds to the goodness of God . we must cut ourselves free from those things that keep us from ´dancing as David danced. For lead worshippers this may mean not getting caught up in the ´performance´ aspect of being on stage in front of others.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter Four: The Unpredictable Worshipper She may have been as surprised as anyone in the room that evening as she pulled the alabaster jar out from underneath her cloak and broke it over Jesus´ feet.326573804. Before we can become undignified in our worship. But those of us who don´t dare step behind a microphone or play a musical instrument can also fall prey to misguided motives. spoken or served ´for God´ when it was really more about ourselves. Is there a particular area in which God has been calling you to come clean with Him so that you can fully enter into an open and uninhibited worship of Him in your life? 3. Chapter 4 . How many of us have given. where we see a picture of a Father willing to shed his status and pride for the love of seeing his son return home. This is the love of our Heavenly Father. Can the same be said of your own love for Him? 2. we are reminded that the act of being undignified in our worship must come from and overflow of love and adoration for God. It may be fear of what others will think. In this chapter. In this chapter. How have you responded to the boundless overtures of his heart to yours? His love for us has been given without reservation. Meshach and Abednego risk their lives for the worship of God alone Daniel 1-3 Peter and John refuse to stop preaching whatever the costs Acts 4:1-22 Thoughts for Reflection 1. Page 7 of 24 . Matt briefly highlighted the story of the Prodigal Son. Take a moment to reflect upon other instances in Scripture and in your own life in which the unconditional and passionate love of God is evident.Mark 12:41-44 Shadrach.´ Take a few moments to contemplate whether or not there is anything in your life that you may classify as ´too precious´ to give up to God.

326573804. ready to follow His lead regardless of the cost or sacrifice it requires. Faced with a lavish and unpredictable act of adoration. Scholars tell us that the ointment was most likely a family heirloom passed down from mother to daughter. listening to the Holy Spirit for what He has planned for each song. the love they have been shown and the love they seek to show demand nothing less. But maybe that´s the point. a woman. We´re not sure if she knew anyone at the party. It is the cry of a heart of love to a God whose worth cannot be measured. Perhaps it´s a gift from your spouse given ´just Page 8 of 24 . from generation to generation. The value of the nard inside the jar was equal to the amount a first century worker would earn in an entire year. a faint reflection of what He was about to do. what she was about to do would cost her dearly. And what did she expect the reaction to be when she. grandmothers. And maybe He saw in it. each service. It would cost her financially. as it has a habit of doing. Logic. Scripture Study Oftentimes life´s most moving moments come from the unpredictable gifts of love we receive from those around us. They were caught off guard. Did she think about the stories she had heard as a child about the mothers. Unpredictable worshippers are listening worshippers. Unpredictable worshippers understand that worship is not a measured response built to exacting specifications. It would cost her personally. gave way to love. each encounter and each life. Mark doesn´t explain the reasons behind her devotion. she was compelled to sacrifice to demonstrate His worth. Sometimes worship doesn´t really make much sense to those ´looking on´ and Simon´s other guests that evening were no exception. They realize that the call may be something they never would have expected . but Mark leads us to believe that she wasn´t on the guest list.and yet they go ahead. A gift like this doesn´t have a reason behind it. They were used to doing things the way they had always been done. After all. they said: ´How impractical!´ ´What a waste!´ But Christ loved the extravagance of her gift.doc After all. and great-grandmothers before her that had cherished the flask of precious oil? It would cost her reputation. And they are ready worshippers. interrupts dinner and anoints this teacher with so costly a gift? Yet.

reflect upon the church in Ephesus in Revelation 2. the Holy Spirit leads. It wasn´t about measuring out love in ´appropriate´ amounts. Take a moment to think about whether worship. The chapter highlights the vital role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the unpredictable worshipper. Sometimes. letting you know how much you mean to him or her. assuming that we ´know what he expects´ from our worship? 3. as we did briefly in this chapter. In this chapter. It was about responding to God´s love and glory with a ´new song´ . over the course of life.doc because´ they love you or a homemade card from your son or daughter. It is the Holy Spirit that guides our worship.´ The Bible tells story after story of men and women who threw caution to the wind and brought offerings in new. It may be helpful to. yet no longer enjoying Jesus.326573804. One sign of a worshipping heart is that it´s always looking to bless God with the gifts it has been given. Matt wrote that the church there ´seemed out of love. The unpredictable act of love is so powerful because it steps outside of our expectations and catches us off guard.´ Are we still enjoying Jesus? Or have we. forgotten the fire of our spiritual youth? What can we do to rekindle that flame of passionate and unpredictable worship that we once had? 2. For them it wasn´t about what was expected. Peter gives an unexpected early morning sermon to a gathered crowd Acts 2:1-40 Questions for Reflection 1. we come to realize that we were never intended to do it alone. exciting and unpredictable ways to God. we discussed the fact that when we allow the Holy Spirit to lead our worship.´ Page 9 of 24 . Are we listening to His voice or have we deadened our ears. however. Instead. has become centered on your own ´striving´ to ´make it happen.a lavish and fresh act of worship. It tells us that the giver is not satisfied with showing his or her love in the ´usual ways. Below are a few stories from Scripture that paint a picture of a worship that is truly unpredictable in ways both big and small: The woman anoints the feet of Jesus Mark 14:1-9 Peter jumps out of the boat to pursue Jesus John 21:1-14 Two blind men defy the crowd and acknowledge who Jesus is Matthew 20:29-34 Moved by the Holy Spirit. She is enduring hardship. in whatever form that may take. even the best of intentions can be twisted into a burden and we can find ourselves feeling pressured to do it all alone. enlivens and directs our gifts to be used to their fullest capacity of God´s glory. whether it is in song or in life.

only twenty-one verses later. it´s pretty strange to think that the Saul that made a name for himself by breathing out ´murderous threats´ against followers of Christ had begun to. Saul was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord´s disciples.´ Acts 9:22 Now any student of the Bible will tell you that the original text wasn´t written with chapters and verses attached. why do you persecute me?´ Acts 9 v 4 Page 10 of 24 . How could something like this happen? Revelation. He was a man with a mission . Saul. He was on his way to do what he did best . The Jews that Acts mentioned were surely baffled by the wondrous mystery of Jesus´ true identity. He came in intimacy. But. Still. Transformation. ´Saul. ´As he [Saul] neared Damascus on his journey.a mission from the high priest himself. He wasn´t on any leisurely horseback ride that evening as he made his way down the road to Damascus.326573804.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter 5 .The Unveiled Worshipper ´Meanwhile. He fell to the ground´ Acts 9 v 3-4a He came in an almost plaintive humility. suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him.´ Acts 9:1 ´Yet Saul grew more and more powerful and baffled the Jews living in Damascus by proving that Jesus is the Christ. it wouldn´t be a surprise if they were also baffled by who God had chosen to deliver the message to them? Saul? The persecutor had become a preacher.doc Chapter 5 . breathe out the truth of Jesus revealed to humanity. ´[He] heard a voice say to him.round up Christians. He came in power and splendor. And then God stepped in. Saul had become an unveiled worshipper.

they can hear the sweet whispers of love and intimacy. he ended up giving up his own body . kindness. gentleness and self control. are we still being transformed? Are we increasing in our love. peace. but. But now he had come face to face. we are being transformed into Christ´s likeness. He is a God of change. Acts 9:1-22 Saul meets Christ and is never the same Luke 2:8-20 Simple shepherds become bold evangelists when they come face to face with the announcement of the promised Messiah 2 Cor. different. Second Corinthians 3:18 talks about the fact that. overwhelmed by His glory. born from that life of worship. they shine with love. And. Unveiled worshippers are men and women who have themselves ´fallen to the ground´ when faced with the glory of God. The unveiled worshipper is warmed by God´s intimacy. patience. He had most certainly heard of this Jesus. Instead. Perhaps it´s time to ask ourselves. He had built a reputation on the backs of persecuted Christians. as they listen to the whirlwind of power. And he would never be the same. Scripture Review God is the same yesterday. goodness. Rooted in their Lord.his own life . faithfulness.326573804. gentleness. quite simply. These are often the story of unveiled worshippers: those who encounter God´s love and power and emerge as new creations. They shine forth with the humble and powerful grace they have seen for themselves. today and forever. through a moment of intimate and powerful revelation of the person of Jesus. Christianity would never be the same. And still. Bowing is a posture of the body and of the heart. unveiled worshippers become. Still. Simply put: when was the last time you were bowled over by God? It is important to Page 11 of 24 .doc Saul had watched Stephen die as he cried to heaven. patience. and self-control? (Galatians 5:22-23) If not. kindness. at the same time. peace. the Bible is full of the smaller changes. This chapter discusses the two sides of the unveiled worshipper: revelation and transformation. what does that say about our need to possibly ´reencounter´ God? 2. when faced with God´s glory. Scripture tells the story of the great unveiling of God´s plan for humanity. They have seen the love of the cross and the power of the empty tomb. On a much smaller scale. the changes that happen one life at a time. joy. He had meant to spend his life snuffing out the body of Christ.for the name of his Saviour. joy. 3 Paul describes the difference between the ´unveiling´ of our worship that takes place because of the message of Christ Questions for Reflection 1.

Scripture paints a powerful portrait of their defiance. Quoting Revelation 3:20. and Abednego!´ ´What are they doing?´ They had ruined King Nebuchadnezzar´s party by not playing by the rules. The music plays. we burn you alive.326573804. visible for all to see. the Scripture that we read.doc recognize that these encounters are many times God-initiated and that we can´t ´live on the mountaintop.The Unstoppable Worshipper The three of them would have been easy to spot. a missionary worshipper. 3. and discipline to sit. Jesus is saying in effect. serving Me as I eat.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter 6 . But what don´t we see? Standing alone.´ but are we missing the opening of heaven and a glimpse of God´s grandeur in the songs that we sing. reflect to those around us? Do we ever get caught up in the way in which worship makes us feel that we forget that we are meant to spread the overflowing presence of God that He showers on us? 4. to be close to you. I want to come and eat with you. I am not calling you just to be a waiter at the table. worship. . ´Let me deeper into your life. their minds must have Page 12 of 24 . Matt goes a bit deeper and describes the intimate nature of the Greek word deipnon or eat. If you´re still standing. Meshach. He writes that this meal was ´not a hurried event . And the rules were pretty simple: When the music plays. in many ways. wait and listen? Chapter 6 . like Moses´ radiating face. Is our worship missionary in this way? Do we let the light of God. .´´ Has our worship become hurried? Are we afraid to allow the words that we sing to go deep into our soul? Are we more comfortable with a ´drive through´ encounter with God than we are with the ´deipnon´ he is asking for? Is it time to ask God for the strength. shining brightly upon us in worship. surrounded by a sea of bowed worshippers. you fall down and worship my new ninety-foot high golden statue. I´m calling you to sit down with Me and for us to eat together. A crowd of thousands. The unveiled worshipper is. He or she has encountered God and the subsequent transformation is. ´Who´s that over in the distance?´ ´Those three are not still standing are they?´ ´Shadrach. the nature that surrounds us and the relationships in our lives? Reflect upon whether or not it´s time to at least pray that God would overwhelm you again. patience.

Unstoppable. A name disgraced? A torturous death? Shadrach. O king. midway through Daniel Chapter 3.placed there by Nebuchadnezzar himself. fights and kills the mightiest Philistine warrior Page 13 of 24 . God places trust in the unlikeliest of people. and Abednego weren´t wide-eyed idealistic twenty one year olds. What about my life´s work? My reputation? After all. a boy not able to fit into armor. And what about my life itself? What kind of pain awaits a man being burned alive? And still they stood. O king. the God we serve is able to save us from it.´ They cannot help but speak the truth. and declare the Glory of God. Even if I am persecuted. that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up. Even if. to a furious king makes it clear that these men were ready to pay any price for the name of God. Below are a few examples of men and women in the Old and New Testament that defied the ´expectations´ placed on them and would not stop in their quest of the Lord´s renown. These men had spent their life building a career in public office .´ Even if. Meshach. these ´outsiders´ refuse to be stopped by what is ´expected of them. The story crescendos with God´s amazing act of miraculous deliverance in the fiery furnace. ´If we are thrown into the blazing furnace. and Abednego would worship only One. But their speech. Scripture Review Throughout Scripture. Even if God doesn´t deliver me.326573804. Meshach. Shadrach.doc been racing. Even if I am killed. and he will rescue us from your hand. Even if I am laughed at. This is the song of the Unstoppable Worshipper. I Samuel 17 David. defend the honor. Emboldened by the Holy Spirit and by their passion for their Lord. we want you to know. But even if he does not. I will not stop worshipping my God. Even if I am abandoned.

´ could it be time to pray for a more emboldened worship? 3.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter 7 . it seems that this chapter on ´The Unstoppable Worshipper´ is particularly emphatic in that regard. Matt writes that. Ask God to help you begin the process of ´re-identifying´ yourself with the way in which He sees you. He was the youngest of his brothers.´ Take a moment to reflect on how you are doing lately at that very aspect of your worship . ´I´ve always found it very easy to lift up Jesus in the context of the church but very hard to find opportunities . We read about Paul´s audacious prayer for continued boldness to speak about God. 2. as a woman.doc Luke 2:8-20 Shepherds. speak and sing of God and His Goodness. he did not let those labels define him.´ Unstoppable Worshippers are adventurous because nothing is too much and no risk is too big to take to share. Considering your answer to the question above and Paul´s own desire to ´fearlessly make known the mystery of the Gospel (Ephesians 6:19). Being an Unstoppable Worshipper is to be a man or woman of unbridled freedom in Christ. Chapter 7 .and take them . are among the first to be trusted with the Good News of Christ´s birth John 20:10-18 Jesus appears for the first time after his resurrection to Mary Magdalene. who.´Unstoppable worshippers are adventurous hearts. Take a moment and ask yourself if there is any way that you have defined yourself or any way in which others have defined you that has stopped you from fulfilling the call God has for your worship of Him. However. Matt dove a bit into the story of David and Goliath.The Unnoticed Worshipper Page 14 of 24 .326573804. did not have the social status to even testify in a court case Exodus 3 God nominates Moses. He was small. David was not stopped from worshipping his God by what people said about him. Each chapter of The Unquenchable Worshipper makes it clear that worship is something that happens both inside and outside of the church. Still.lifting up the name of Jesus in your life outside of the church.outside. taking every opportunity to demonstrate the Good News of God to this world [emphasis mine]. a former prince suspected of murder with a speech impediment who has spent the last several years as a shepherd in the wilderness. He was only a boy. He recognized the call to step forward and fight for the name of the Lord. and like the shepherds above. Matt makes a striking comment when he writes. Is the spirit of adventure gone from your worship? Could you be too concerned with the cost of worship that you have become ´stopped up?´ 4. All of these things were true. whose testimony wasn´t even admissible in court. to go to Pharaoh and demand the release of the Israelites Questions for Reflection 1.

doc Matthew 14 describes a day that is about as far from ´normal´ as you could imagine. Trying to escape to mourn the loss. you may miss v. And He did it alone. this is Jesus we´re talking about. It is later that very evening when the disciples.326573804. He stopped it all. walking on the very sea itself. He ends up spending hours . and when it was evening. Mourning a tragic loss. Not too strange . And we think our schedule is packed! And still. Making the ´impossible´ possible. ´Immediately. He went up to a mountain by Himself to pray. women and children . and by the time the last bit of fish and last hunk of bread was handed out. saw a solitary figure approaching them. He made the disciples get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side. Jesus gets sidetracked by thousands of desperate men.´ Somewhere between taking a meal for two and turning it into a meal for thousands and taking a stroll on a tumultuous sea.all wanting to see and be touched by this Man they had heard so much about.until you realize that they were in a boat and the person approaching them was not! It was Jesus. Jesus takes it upon Himself to cater the entire event. Page 15 of 24 .into the early evening healing and performing miracles for the gathered crowd. 22 and 23. He begins the day by learning about the gruesome execution of his cousin John the Baptist. Jesus stopped to pray. if you´re not careful. But then again. Healing thousands. Defying the laws of nature. He mentions twice that Jesus sent the crowds away and again repeats himself by telling us twice that Jesus was alone as He prayed. When the disciples begin to get nervous about the lack of dining options for the masses of people. He was there alone. The air must have been electric. And he sent them all away. Actually. To be alone. it´s pretty clear that Matthew wants us to know a couple of things. it wouldn´t be surprising if the entire crowd knew the miraculous recipe Jesus used to create that meal. while he sent the crowds away. multiplying fives loaves and two fishes to feed all of the thousands of individuals gathered. Word travels fast in a crowd. undoubtedly still chattering on about the events that had taken place earlier in the day. After he sent the crowds away.

but remains dear to the heart of the Father. As Matt said. How are you currently involved in the Body of Christ? Perhaps you lead worship. How do you feel when another person is doing what you do? Regardless of your area of service.´ to step back and check in with God. At other times worship goes unnoticed by most. can fall into the trap of putting on a show rather than leading people closer to God. right in the middle of a packed day. Matt spoke quite directly to worship leaders and musicians. but what goes on before the King. He or she realizes that the key to ministry is not what goes on amongst the crowds. He or she knows that the fame.´ Take a moment to reflect on whether or not a busy schedule. how do you feel when someone else is playing or leading worship? Perhaps you are a speaker or group leader.326573804. even when things are ´going well. To put a finer point on it. Some worship. but things get more difficult when that begins to distract us from seeking His Glory instead of our own. If you find yourself there. we want to represent God with nothing less than excellence.doc Or rather. There are times. Questions for Reflection 1. We live in a performance culture. One famous Christian quote says something to the effect that ´I´m too busy. accolades. Maybe you speak or lead a Page 16 of 24 . good and faithful servant´ and that the wellspring of a ministry that is powerful. even if it is busy with ´God stuff´ has taken your attention away from the Lord. we get a history lesson from God´s own perspective. If you are currently serving in your local church. Almost everything we see around us is geared towards entertaining us and grabbing our attention away from the next guy. He gives us glimpses into the lives and deeds of all kinds of worship. and full of integrity is a heart focused on being ´known´ by God alone. like David´s ´undignified dance´ is there for the entire world to see. are you able to enter in and meet with God. and praises of humanity pale in comparison to the chance to hear ´well done. remembering to simplify His life back down to just Him and His Father. In so doing. The opening story in this study highlighted a busy Jesus. rather than about God Himself? 3. to be alone with His Father. Scripture Review: One of the tremendous things about having the Bible is that God Himself inspires it. The Unnoticed Worshipper is relentless in his or her pursuit of the pleasure of only One. when even the Church. An Unnoticed Worshipper is one who is willing. or do you find yourself evaluating what this other person is doing and how you would do it better? Has service of God become more about who´s doing what and how they´re doing it. how do you feel when someone else is serving in your place? In this chapter. honest. unfortunately. not to pray. 2.

What about the promise? God had spoken. undivided obedience. So many tears.326573804. What about his son? God had spoken. Whatever the case. any honest reader has to ask: What drives a man to do such a thing? Obedience.doc small group. And now this? Sacrifice what God has promised? Murder the good that was to come? Kill the hope once and for all? Take the life of his own son? The Bible doesn´t give us much detail about what Abraham was going through as he spent three days marching through the wilderness to find the place where the sacrifice would take place. Simple. and from that son a the worst imaginable way .The Undivided Worshipper No one would have noticed if he had just ignored the voice he heard that day. if sounded preposterous. with the Lord stopping Abraham at the last moment. What about his future? God had spoken. Page 17 of 24 . Still. The old man had been promised a son.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter 8 .were there a thousand moments . You may play and instrument or run lighting or sound. What about his wife? God had spoken. Was it agony to see his very own son laughing and eating around the campfire each evening? Was there a moment . Abraham would act. After all. knowing that it brought him one day closer to losing . God had spoken. take a few moments and pray about whether or not any echo of performance has crept into your service of God? Chapter 8 . So many years.his son? The story ends well.when Abraham almost called the whole thing off and headed back home to start this nation he had been promised? Did he despise the setting of the sun each day.

those ´distractions´ were good. ´Obedient to death. lust.doc Abraham´s dedication to his Lord would not be divided. fame. Questions for Reflection 1. undivided obedience. and pain. injustice. (Phil 2:8). However. noble. With so much clamoring for our attention these days. suffering. even Godly. reread this story of Christ´s own undivided passion for pure worship of His Father. The agony of sacrifice. sacrificed on a hjll outside Jerusalem. Scripture Review They may not have had mobile phones. Consider and pray about the new ways in which God may want to speak to you through even the most familiar of passages: Matthew 21:12-17 In light of your reading in this chapter of Unquenchable Worshipper. and with all your strength. with all your soul. Even death on a cross´.´ Prayerfully Page 18 of 24 . A person of simple devotion to God.nothing . even when those questions.´ It is undoubtedly difficult to avoid the potential distractions created by things like riches. This chapter discussed the temptation to be distracted and divided by ´busyness. The beeping of a Blackberry.326573804. and power. None of these . Simple. What does the Bible tell us about real people coming into contact with the choice of whether or not to answer the calls for mediocrity and distraction? Below are several passages that you can read as an individual or as a group. or hi-definition television. The ringing of a mobile phone.´ That is. Psalm 86 This is a Psalm of petition in a time of great need. but the men and women of Scripture faced the distractions common to all humanity. The well-known Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote ´purity of heart is to will one thing. an excellent description of an Undivided Worshipper. with all your mind. The pain of life´s trials. the internet. ´To will´ something shows an act of volition.will deter them from that first commandment: ´And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart. in many ways.´ Their love is undivided because they have been washed over by the ultimate expression of a love undividedGod´s own Son. are we being proactive about being undivided? Are we actively seeking out the opportunity to sit at the feet of Christ? 2. Yet what does David pray for in this time of pressure in verse 11? John 19 Read this passage with an eye towards the undivided heart that drove Jesus to endure the humiliation. it may be even easier to fall prey to the lures of being busy . The Undivided Worshipper is a person of simplicity.especially when we busy ourselves with ´good things. God had spoken and Abraham must obey.

and a cloud hid him from their sight. three days . It was supposed to be a coronation of a king. . But there he was still.doc consider how you approach the balance between activity and adoration. are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?´ He said to them: ´It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. . Israel would be restored. Again. and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem. Holes in his hands and a gaping wound at his side. . We can become divided. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. Laughing.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter 9 .´ After he said this. It was over. Alive. ´Lord. we can often find ourselves looking elsewhere for the resources and answers we need. they asked him. And then . Page 19 of 24 . And then he was buried. In times of suffering and stress. Take a moment and reflect upon whether or not your focus on being undivided stays strong regardless of the circumstances that you may encounter. Chapter 9 .326573804.The Unsatisfied Worshipper Passover week had not worked out the way the disciples had imagined it would. Psalm 86 is a helpful reminder of praying for an undivided heart. . Is there any ways in which God is calling you to change? 3. Eating. and to the ends of the earth. the initiation of the Kingdom of God. there he was. So who could blame the disciples for springing the question on Jesus? So when they met together. Talking. Hope was lost. he was taken up before their very eyes. Alive again. And then Jesus was crucified. and in all Judea and Samaria.

But we know something of how they must have felt. Wait for the Holy Spirit and then go. the joy of the Resurrection must have been all wrapped up in their question´Lord. even as I am fully known. the pain of Calvary.´ And so. We know that His work is not finished. worshipping. unsatisfied. ´why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus.that things are not yet set right. The expectation of Passover week. Now I know in part. Never accepting that the love of God´s Kingdom cannot change the injustice and pain in our world. We. We know that we have yet to see Him in his His fullness. We are left unsatisfied . ´Men of Galilee. we move forward.´ they said. Never resting in our knowledge of Him.326573804. will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven. who has been taken from you into heaven.´ I Corinthians 13 v 12 Scripture Review Page 20 of 24 . are you at this time going to restore the kingdom of Israel?´ The distance may mask a bit of the emotion that was carried in their question that day. is it the time?´ And the Lord´s response? ´The details are up to the Father.pushing for more. For we feel it as well. And always trusting in Saint Paul´s encouraging words ´Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror. along with the disciples. We know that the world is not yet as it should be . but pushing to see Him more fully in this life.doc They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going.´ (Acts 1 v 6-11) We read Jesus´ answer to the disciples with a bit of distance now. ask ´Lord. when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. Two thousand years to be exact. then I shall know fully.then we shall see face to face.

united with the Creator in perfect love and peace. The Lord returns and Creation is reborn . yet still so fragile. Is there a possibility that you have grown used to what you know about God and have lost the desire to see more of Him revealed to you? Have you become satisfied? 2. Page 21 of 24 . Take a moment to reflect upon your own desire to know more of God.´ This realization calls us back to dependence on God who has ´brought us safe this far. Here again. responds with a prayer not to wait for the Kingdom of feel that we have done enough. but to bring it to earth 2 Corinthians 5v1-10 Paul offers a wonderful picture of our unsatisfied separation from knowing God as fully as we will once we meet Him face to face and our desire to ´please him´ regardless of whether we are ´home´ or ´away´ Questions for Reflection 1. The passages below highlight that story .´ it is helpful to maintain a healthy sense of being unsatisfied with where we are and to demonstrate a ´longing to be whole. nation and world. asked how we should pray.doc In Revelation. he or she looks back on what God has done this far and draws upon His faithfulness for strength to persevere. the story of Scripture is finally satisfied. While there doesn´t always need to be ´something wrong. In any relationship. Consider your own sense of ´holy unsatisfaction´ with the current state of affairs in your own neighborhood. but in his or her pursuit of seeing His Kingdom come here among us. Throughout the Unquenchable Worshipper we have read about the intimate connection between worship and action. we have seen that the Unsatisfied Worshipper is one that is not only unsatisfied in his or her pursuit of God.326573804. In this chapter Matt writes of the Unsatisfied Worshipper´s desire to know more of God . Romans 8v18-25 Humanity and all of creation crying out to be satisfied Matthew 6v9-13 Jesus. The Unsatisfied Worshipper is aware that he or she is broken -´healed in part. 3. an individual can grow used to the idea that he or she knows someone else ´enough.´ Though still broken. In a culture that is full of news of devastation and pain 24 hours a day.´ Reflect on what God has done to bring you towards wholeness thus far and prayerfully consider what he may still desire to do in your life to bring you closer to him. There is a tendency for all Christians to stop pushing ourselves to be fully healed .´ That is often the time when things grow stale.a story of desiring more of God and acting to bring His Kingdom to earth. we can grow deadened to the suffering and injustice all around push beyond what he or she know of Him now.

To die is gain. Paul´s answer? To live? Christ. Page 22 of 24 . then.or avoid stopping . and perceptions. Alone. he ponders a question that lingers in the back of our mindsWhat does it mean to live? What does it mean to die? These are the ´big questions´ that we bury underneath grocery lists.doc Chapter 10 . car repairs and office deadlines. Your will be done.´ not stopping for a moment his life of worship through obedience.The Unending Worshipper The possibility of death seems to sharpen a person´s priorities. intimacy. in his own mind. To die? Gain. adoration. If Paul is executed He will ´see face to face´ and ´know fully´ (I Corinthians 13 v 12) the presence of ask. When time is short. Paul will forever sing and exist to praise Him.´ (Matthew 6 v10) If Paul is released He will continue to live ´in Christ. To live is Christ. Faced with the unspeakable Glory of God. at the same time. at the very least.326573804. in two short phrases. values. With death a very real possibility. Rumors of his own execution swirling. In prison. sums up what it means to live this kind of ´in-between existence´ we call Christianity. being firmly fixed on ensuring that ´Your Kingdom comes. on earth as it is in heaven. ´the unimportant´ begins to fade.THE UNQUENCHABLE WORSHIPPER STUDY GUIDE SERIES Chapter 10 . if not amongst the guards that watched him twenty-four hours a day. Paul. These are the questions that we never stop . We are to live in eager expectation of our heavenly inheritance (Philippians 3 v 20-21) while. What really matters? What does it all mean? And there sat Paul. and proclamation.

to contemplate the different types of worshippers that Matt has highlighted throughout the book. In this chapter.Christ calls us to live and pray with a distinctly horizontal as well as vertical orientation. or even a few days. you are away from Church.doc And there is the Unending Worshipper.the love it brings and the awe it inspires . Philippians 3 v 20-21. about realizing that worship is our natural. Take a few moments. It It It It It does not end does not end does not end does not end never ends. but not in front of her. Hebrews 11 v 13. Questions to Consider 1. I worship here. This is the final chapter in The Unquenchable Worshipper. we are oftentimes easily distracted and can tend to compartmentalize our worship so that it starts and ends at certain times and with certain conditions. Once we are in Heaven. Scan through the book. Matthew 6 v 9-13. this life itself ends. Like Paul. However. Reread a few passages if Page 23 of 24 . God-given response to the fact that God is evident in Creation and in our daily lives as a foreshadowing of the amazing power of His Presence we will know when we pass from this life to the next. life deals you a crushing blow. Matthew 5 v 1-12 The Beatitudes and the Lord´s Prayer are two central passages that highlight the reign of Christ and the Presence of God here in this life. they understand that worship does not end. Worship is the constant for Christians because. Scripture Review Being an Unending Worshipper is. 1 Peter 2v 11 These passages and others highlight remind us of the fact that we are not here long term and that our actual citizenship and authority rests in Heaven.that demands to be praised.´ Consider for a moment how you interact with these ideas. whether in this life or the next. in large part. when when when when the guitar is silent. but not here. Scripture portrays both of these concepts as important: the ´here and now´ and the ´then and there. Are there any ways in which you have leaned on one side of the equation too heavily . As much as is possible in this life.326573804. And it is that very Presence . is your worship of God unending? Are you doing all that you can do to ensure that the way in which you live your life echoes the passion and perfection we will find in Heaven? 3. we are never outside of the Presence of God. in this life. I worship in front of him. The passages below will hopefully help you to focus on some of these aspects of being an Unending Worshipper. we will be so enraptured with God´s presence that we will not be able to help but praise.perhaps to the exclusion of the other? 2. Matt discusses the dual recognition or focus on our earthly relationship with God as well as our eventual eternal relationship with Him when this life comes to a close.

doc necessary.326573804. Ask Him to remind you of any lessons that may have been important along the way. Ask God to highlight what He may be saying to you about your worship of Him. Page 24 of 24 .