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A Christmas Carol



Before Reading


1 When the clock struck one, light shone into
Scrooge’s bedroom, and a ghost appeared.
2 The ghost took Scrooge back to his past, and
Scrooge remembered it well.
3 Scrooge’s eyes were wet because he was crying.
4 Old Fezziwig gave his clerks a party on Christmas
5 Scrooge had once wanted to marry a girl called Belle.


Students will find out as they read that the best
answer is number 3.

1 Scrooge is a cross, miserable, mean old man, who
hates Christmas and is only interested in making
2 Bob Cratchit is Scrooge’s clerk and he works in a
cold office with a small fire.
3 Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s partner, is dead.
4 Frightening things happen to Scrooge on Christmas
Eve, and he sees four ghosts.
5 By Christmas Day, Scrooge is a changed man.


1 Where . . .? Outside in the cold, snowy streets.
2 Why . . .? To make them kinder or to stop them
3 Who . . .? Tiny Tim, his son.
4 Why . . .? Because he only paid Bob fifteen shillings
a week, and she thought he was a hateful, hard,
unfeeling, mean old man.
5 Who . . .? Scrooge’s nephew, his family and friends.
6 Who . . .? Two sad and terrible children, who were
Crime and Need.


Encourage discussion. Possible answers:
1 Yes, most people give presents to family and friends.
2 The traditional meal is roast turkey with vegetables,
followed by a Christmas pudding.
3 It is a holiday for almost everybody, so most people
stay at home or perhaps go away for a few days.
Some people go to church.
4 Many people visit friends or family.
5 ‘Merry Christmas!’ ‘And a Merry Christmas to you


1+11 Scrooge was more afraid of the last of the
spirits than he had been of the others.
2+9 The spirit showed him shadows of things which
hadn’t happened yet, but would happen in the
3+14 From the businessmen’s conversations Scrooge
learnt that nobody cared about the man who
had died.
4+13 The three women sold Scrooge’s clothes because
he had paid them very badly when he was alive.
5+8 A young family had to pay some money to
Scrooge so they were happy to hear of his death.
6+10 When Scrooge wanted to see sadness at a death,
the ghost showed him the Cratchits after Tiny
Tim died.
7+12 In the churchyard, the ghost pointed at a grave
which had Scrooge’s name on the gravestone.


Encourage discussion. Open answers.

Students will find out as they read that the ‘yes’
answers are numbers 6 and 7.

While Reading

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1 Scrooge’s nephew to Scrooge, about Scrooge and his
2 Scrooge to his nephew, rudely refusing to go to his
nephew’s house for Christmas dinner.
3 The gentleman collecting for the poor, to Scrooge,
about the prisons and workhouses; many poor
people preferred to die, rather than go to those
4 Bob Cratchit to Scrooge, apologizing for taking a
day off work on Christmas Day.
5 The ghost of Jacob Marley to Scrooge, warning
Scrooge to lead a better life.



Students will find out as they read that the ‘yes’
answer is number 1 and that Scrooge will go to
his nephew’s house, to have dinner with them on
Christmas Day.

After Reading

Possible answers:
W IFE : You’re home early, Bob! It’s only three o’clock!
What’s happened? Was Mr Scrooge angry because
you were late this morning?



but now he’s happy and cheerful. not at all. He’s going to pay me thirty shillings a week instead of fifteen! W IFE : But that’s twice as much! Oh my.B O B : No. He hates Christmas! B O B : I know. he shook my hand and wished me a merry Christmas! W IFE : But Mr Scrooge never says that. W IFE : But why has he changed. W IFE /HMY. In fact. and be a second father to Tiny Tim. but I do know that he sent the big turkey that arrived yesterday! W IFE : Mr Scrooge paid for our Christmas dinner? Oh my! B O B : But the best news is this. my dear. He was always miserable and cross. oh my! B O B : And he wants to help us with the family. At first I thought he had gone crazy! He always used to say that Christmas was humbug. Bob? B O B : He said that he learnt a lesson last night that he will never forget. I don’t know what happened to him.



3 The most important thing in life is to live a good and happy life. white hair. 2 Nobody likes a cross. 4 It is never too late to change (your way of life). and think of other people. mean.'ODbless Mr Scrooge! ACTIVITY 5 AFTER READING Possible answers would be: 1 You should always try to be kind and generous and cheerful. and a cross voice s 3CROOGESNEPHEW. miserable person. ACTIVITY 2 AFTER READING ACTIVITY 6 AFTER READING s "OB#RATCHITA clerk with a long white scarf s %BENEZER3CROOGEAn old man with red eyes.

Jacob Marley. now that I’ve told you this. Dick Wilkins. Scrooge’s sister. and spent a lot of time alone. And so. 10. friendly smile s 'HOSTOF#HRISTMAS9ETTO#OMEA tall. but remember that he had a difficult life when 17 A CHRISTMAS CAROL XXX © Oxford University Press ACTIVITY 7 AFTER READING ACTIVITY 3 AFTER READING OXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY STAGE 3 ACTIVITIES ANSWERS he was younger. Fred. 2 My dear Fred. It was too late for Scrooge to change his ways. but soft. she married another man. Tiny Tim died later that year. until one day he was found dead in his bed by one of the cleaningwomen. Good titles: s Mr Ebenezer Scrooge s The Ghosts of Christmas Eve s Time to Change Interesting titles. and that was the reason why he never married. Ebenezer too became cold. I know he seems to hate people.&REDA young man with a happy laugh s 3CROOGESSISTERA warm-hearted little girl s 'HOSTOF#HRISTMAS0ASTA figure with long white hair. as a child. Before I die. Take care of yourself. The Cratchit family were very unhappy. but they don’t tell us much about the story: s Humbug! s The Wings of the Night Titles not relevant to the story: s A Cheerful Man s Tiny Tim s Merry Christmas s #HARACTERSFROM3CROOGESPASTBelle. and nobody cried at his death or put flowers on his grave. but they tried to be cheerful and were always kind to each other. Mr and Mrs Fezziwig s #HARACTERSFROMHISPRESENTTiny Tim. 5. young skin s 'HOSTOF#HRISTMAS0RESENTA figure with long brown hair and a warm. my dear boy. and soon he became as mean and miserable as he had been before. in the cold. silent figure in a black robe s "ELLEA beautiful young girl who loved a cold-hearted man s -R&EZZIWIGA large. There was a girl who loved him once. but poor Bob had to work very hard for it. When he was older and started work. Scrooge’s heart grew colder and colder. so this will probably be my last letter to you. there’s one thing I want to ask you – try to be a good friend to your uncle Ebenezer. There was no extra wood for the fire in Bob’s office. and think of me sometimes. and Scrooge never became a good friend to the Cratchits or a second father to Tiny Tim. Now he lies in the graveyard. 7. Sadly. I don’t think I have long left to live now. 1. he began to show an unhealthy interest in money. hard ground. Poor Ebenezer! I know that you. 8. 6. kind-looking old gentleman s 4INY4IMA little boy who could not walk s *ACOB-ARLEYA spirit who had been unable to rest for seven years This is just one possibility: Ebenezer Scrooge did not do everything that he had promised. hard man. our father was a cold. He did pay Bob Cratchit thirty shillings a year. You see. will feel sorry for him. But when she realized that he would always love money more than her. who didn’t love Ebenezer at all. when I am gone. with your warm heart. 4. Your loving mother . 9. a beautiful young woman called Belle. Bob Cratchit ACTIVITY 4 AFTER READING Correct order: 3.