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Language and Culture

Key Concepts.
To discuss audience and purpose
McDonald’s Ads. – To generate a discussion on our own cultural bias
and create awareness for how cultural values shape our
interpretation of texts.


You are going to view several McDonald’s ads from around the
Guess the country from which each ad comes.
Do not be afraid to discuss cultural stereotypes and
These ads may amuse you or disgust you.
Make an inventory of your initial responses to the ads in the
table below
Explain why these ads work in some cultures but not in others.





 "How could the text be read and interpreted differently by two different readers?" . Written task 2 – Refer to several of the prescribed questions. Be sure.Assessment Further oral activity . such as Ikea or Toyota. in which classmates guess the origin of the ads (different ads) and a discussion ensues on cultural sensitivity.This lesson could be given as a presentation. however. to focus on Anglophone cultures. This same principle could also be applied to other multinational corporations. This question may be explored in relation to several ads from various cultures.

WE come to understand their importance. After reading this text.2.1. DECONTEXTUALIZATION      What do we know about the context in which a particular text was written? Often times we look for contextual clues. Decontextualized text Here is an example of a decontextualized text. Building material for growth and repair of .. the name of its author and the year of publication. Give evidence from the text to support your claims.e. You will come to realize that we often project our understanding of the world onto texts in order to make them meaningful. such as the title of a work. as you look at a text out of context and make educated guesses about the context. write a 300­400­word response in which  you comment on the following. Protective material for the maintenance of health. The diet must supply. Good feeding means the provision of essential materials in the right proportion. a text that has been stripped of all  its contextual clues. 2. These bits of information carry a lot of meaning and help us interpret texts.  When was this text written?  Who wrote it?  Who was their target audience?  What kind of effect did this text have on its target audience? In view of the difficulties that will have to be faced when catering in war-time it is more than ever essential to bear in mind the importance of well-balanced meals. i.

Vitamin D.g. ie to grow. and for the production of heat. carbohydrates (starches and sugars). from the point of view of diet planning are calcium. Fuel material fat.proteins. marmite.B1.protein. oatmeal. Building materials . fish roe. Protein. Roughage plays a useful part in stimulating the movement of the large intestine. carbohydrate.vitamins. Pulse vegetables. First class protein is of better quality. cod liver oil. Fuel material to provide the energy required for muscular work.. that from vegetable sources second class protein. vitamins. Vitamins. Vitamin B1. carrots. Dark green vegetables. The following table shows the richest sources of the more important constituents of the diet. . mineral matter. Protein can be obtained from both animal and vegetable sources. every effort must be made to maintain the necessary supply of animal protein. Foods are made up of one or more of the following. mineral matter.the body. These constituents may be grouped according to their function as follows.Protective material. Dark cabbage leaves. That from animal sources is called first-class protein.. bemax. iron and iodine. Halibut liver oil. roughage. who have not only to repair worn-out tissue. Animal fats (except lard). wholemeal flour. The most important of these from the point of view of diet planning are A. water. heart. mineral matter. liver. In the case of children. and C. fat. however. Spinach. but also to create new tissue.D. Mineral matter. halibut liver oil. Dark lettuce leaves. Roughage. yeast products e. Roughage is the name given to the indigestible matter in foods of vegetable origin which is excreted unchanged. kidney. tomatoes. cod liver oil. The most important of the forms of mineral matter.g. Animal fats (except lard). roughage and water. B2. 3. Nettle leaves. nuts. PROTECTIVE CONSTITUENTS VITAMINS Vitamin A. Dandelion leaves. eggs. In "hard-times" it may be necessary to increase the quantity of vegetable protein in the diet and to reduce the quantity of animal protein. phosphorus. e.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like QUESTIONS: 1.g." or "Text 2 is written for men. Vitamin C. In each set (L'Oreal. lemons. Raw liver. Foods of animal origin. For whom is this ad intended? 2. bemax. The following ad has broken records and won awards in the advertising industry. Raspberries. oranges. e. because it was written by a man.Vitamin B2. so it appeals to people who like poetry. . e. citrus fruits. tomatoes. For whom is this ad intended? How might it appeal to its target audience? SHOW OLD SPICE ADD .g. blackberries. marmite. and Dove) Ad 1 targets men and Ad 2 targets women. yeast products. and most other fruit to a lesser extent. grape fruit." How do we move away from such simplistic interpretations of texts and shallow analyses of target audience? Context is important: There are three agents involved in any kind of communication. young raw carrots. TARGET AUDIENCE      For whom is the text intended?' Many Paper 1 samples include phrases such as. Nivea. the reader (context of interpretation) and the kind of person that the writer thinks will read the text (target audience). the writer (context of composition). whole meal flour. How might it appeal to its target audience?   The following sets of ads promote the same product to two different target audiences. "Text 1 is a poem. raw green vegetables.

want their husband to be Evidence from the texts to support these claims: .... Evidence from the texts to support these claims: . . How would you describe those interested in the second ads (Ad 2s)? In other words what qualities describe them and how can these be attributed to the language of the texts? 3.. are competitive...QUESTIONS 1.. .(for you to fill in) Second ads These ads target women who.are technical. 4. . In the table below you see two sets of statements that describe the men and women that the ads target.... Find evidence from the texts to support these claims... how would you describe those interested in the first ads (Ad1s)? 2. First ads These ads target men who... .want to appear tough and strong. As far as target audience is concerned.

. ... ...(for you to fill in) FIRST ADS L’Oreal .a caring father.want their men to be like TV stars.want to care for their men...



 but also significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The man who gives a damn is the man who comes out on  top.' In an age where emails and monitors have  replaced faces and handshakes.Copy reads:  "A real man takes time to double­check his reflection in the mirror. He sees truth in the axiom: 'You  never get a second chance to make a good first impression. helping you look and feel ready for whatever challenges come your way.  New Nivea for Men Age Defying Moisturizer will help you to maintain a youthful appearance."  Ad 2 .  Q10 Revitalizaing double action shave gel and balm from Nivea for Men smooths and energizes your  skin. the man who steps out his door in the morning lookin fresh and clean­ shaven is the one who will be remembered. It not  only works to prevent signs of aging.

Dove Ad 1 .


He sees truth in the axiom: 'You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.' In an age where emails and monitors have .Nivea Copy reads: "A real man takes time to double-check his reflection in the mirror.

the man who steps out his door in the morning lookin fresh and clean-shaven is the one who will be remembered. It not only works to prevent signs of aging.replaced faces and handshakes. Q10 Revitalizaing double action shave gel and balm from Nivea for Men smooths and energizes your skin. The man who gives a damn is the man who comes out on top. New Nivea for Men Age Defying Moisturizer will help you to maintain a youthful appearance. helping you look and feel ready for whatever challenges come your way. but also significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines." AD 2 .



How will you comment on the different target audiences of the unseen texts that you receive on you Paper 1 exam? 2. This is because women are almost always involved in the decision of purchasing a new car. you would be surprised how feminine they can be. Paper 1 1. How about car advertisements? Despite suggestions that car ads appeal to macho men. If there is a lot of technical language such as 'micromoisture'. . then you have an argument for concluding that the target audience in technically inclined. Notice that the strategy in this activity is to focus heavily on the text. In a presentation of several ads. show how gender stereotypes are reinforced by advertising agencies.Ad 2 FURTHER ORAL ACTIVITY 1. 4. What other industries target the same product to men or women differently? 2. 3.

uk/style/boost-yourcomplexionThere will be a lot to comment on. Notice the sentence structure here as well: "the ads target men who are. Compare one of the ads from thee above to a text on this site.." This relative clause comes in handy for commenting on target audience. http://www.menshealth.