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Anniversary Concert – 2 x 45 Minute Halves, 4 minute per piece
Graham Speech - Remember Nick, Jim, Helen
1. Consider Yourself, Oliver! – Ensemble
Soloist 1 - Tom Nicoll, Soloist 2 - Jake Collis, Soloist 3 - Ben Rolph,
Soloist 4 - Alice Tunningley, Soloist 5 - Dexter Montgomery, Soloist 6 - Louisa Turnbull
2. SMASH!, Smash - Rhianna Howard & Grace Meehan
3. Someone Like You, Jekyll & Hyde - Charlotte Tofts
4. Overture & Hot Honey Rag, Chicago - Olivia Bentley, Matilda Bourne, Gemma Gray, Louise Lachance, Faith
5. Bad Guys - Male Ensemble
6. Purpose, Avenue Q - Jake Collis
7. Somewhere, West Side Story - Founding Members Ensemble
8. If Mama Was Married, Gypsy - Katie Galley & Elizabeth Johnson
9. Maybe, I Like it This Way, The Wild Party - Annie Goddard
10. One Day More, Les Miserables – Ensemble
Val Jean – Jon Baron, Cossette – Elizabeth Johnson,
Eponine - Matilda Bourne, Marius – Jake Collis, Enjolras – ?, Javert - Luke Hunter, Madame T - Louise Lachance,
Thenardier - Billy Herring
1. I Got Rhythm, Crazy for You - Ensemble, main soloist Alice Rydzik - other soloists non tappers (tofts!)
2. Secret Backstage Performance
3. Seven Seas of Rhye, We Will Rock You - Billy Herring
4. A Little Too Much, Shawn Mendes - Isabella Chapman, Alice Rydzik, Charlotte Tofts, Bella Tull, Alice Tunningley
5. Bring Him Home, Les Miserables - Jonathan Baron
6. Holding out for a Hero, Footloose – Female Ensemble
7. For Good, Wicked - Ian Willingham
8. Too Late to Turn Back Now, Bonnie & Clyde – Matilda Bourne & Ed Tunningley
9. I Know It’s Today, Shrek The Musical - Issy Chapman, Bella Tull, Alice Tunningley
10. Wig in a Box, Hedwig & the Angry Inch - Luke Hunter (or duet with Jack Lenox)

11.You Can’t Stop the Beat, Hairspray - Ensemble, featured soloists Ashton & Dexter

GG) 19:30-21:30 Bad Guys . SM) 14:00-17:30 Dress Rehearsal.Witham Public Hall (RH. Ben featured soloists) Saturday 16th July .Ensemble (Dexter.Spring Lodge. The Barn (TD. Jon. GG)
 13:30-15:30 15:30-17:30 Former WOW! Members Dance . SM)
 10:00-11:00 11:30-16:00 Bad Guys. Tilda. Olivia. SM) 10:00-16:00 Revision. GG. Faith featured soloists) Thursday 4th August . Ensemble Saturday 20th August . TD. LL. Shelley.
 Sunday 12th June . Alice T. Ensemble Friday 26th August . Zoe. Ensemble and All Soloists Saturday 27th August . GG. Alice R.Witham Public Hall (RH.Spring Lodge . Billy. Ensemble Monday 22nd August . GG. TD. Bella. RH?) 11:00-16:00 You Can’t Stop the Beat . Jake. LL. TD. Katie.Ensemble (Alice R.Witham Public Hall (RH.Spring Lodge. GG.Witham Public Hall. Katie.Spring Lodge. Male Ensemble
 Revision. GG) 19:30-21:30 One Day More . RH?) 19:30-21:30 You Can’t Stop the Beat . Ensemble and All Soloists (Cleaning once finished!!) . Tilda.Bella. Tom N) Monday 25th July . The Barn (RH. SM) 19:30-21:30 Revision. Louisa. TD. GG. Faith. Charlotte. Luke. TD.Male Ensemble (featured soloists TBC) Sunday 10th July . GG.Witham Public Hall (TD. Matilda & ?) Saturday 13th August . The Barn (RH.Gemma.Witham Public Hall (RH.Ensemble (Elizabeth. TD.Spring Lodge.New Hall (TD) 10-12 Tonight (featured soloists TBC) Thursday 11th August . Louise. Faith featured soloists) Saturday 6th August . Charlotte T Thursday 30th June . SM) 19:30-22:00 Music Call. GG) 10:00-16:00 I Got Rhythm . TD. Bella. Tilda. Matilda 
 Current WOW! members Dance . TD.LL) 19:30-21:30 Holding Out for a Hero (Issy C. Louise.Witham Public Hall (RH.Ensemble (Dexter. LL.Barn (RH. LL. Issy C. Set Consider Yourself (featured soloists TBC) Sunday 26th June . CRS (TD.Witham Public Hall (TD. LL) 19:30-21:30 Holding Out for a Hero (Issy C.Witham Public Hall (RH. GG) 10:00-15:00 Sing through all songs. Tilda. Ben featured soloists) Friday 15th July . Hall 4 (TD. GG. TD.

com Sarah Molina Emma Sewell Natalie Wilkinson Olivia Bentley Andrew Ould Elaine Jiggins caffesala@hotmail.Jake Collis Elizabeth Johnson Charlotte Tofts Ben Rolph David Shields Annie Goddard Ian Willingham Louise Lachance Sarah Davies Bella Tull Isabella Chapman Ed Tunningley Grace Meehan Matilda Bourne Alice Tunningley James Harris Dexter Montgomery Jonathan Baron Faith Rogers Alice Rydzik Louisa Turnbull Shelley Moore Luke Hunter (formerly Marks) Tom Nicoll Simon Palmer simonpalmer07@hotmail.

Jacqui Williams Katie Galley Billy Herring .williams82@googlemail.