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Second Grade News

August 15-19, 2016
Our learning Targets for the week –

Math –Place Value– ones, tens, and
hundreds, standard form, expanded
form, and written form
ELA – reading assessments
- Kevin Henkes author study
-Character traits
-Story elements: characters, setting,
problem, and solution
Writing: Personal Narratives
Grammar: Nouns
Science – Animal Life Cycles
Social Studies – Rules and Laws

IMPORTANT DATES August 16 – Picture Day
26 – PTO Meeting @ 6:00, then Movie Night
31 – Progress Reports
September5 – Labor Day
9 – Fall Festival 5:00-9:00------19-23 – FALL BREAK

Remember the DOTS are warnings.
When students are on yellow or red,
you’ll see the words yellow or red.
You may send a healthy afternoon snack
for your child each day. You may send a
water bottle for your child to keep at
their desk as long as it is water only.
Classrooms are kept very cool. Students
may need a jacket.
Sign agendas every night.
Party Invitations- We are not allowed to send
home party invitations from school. Any
birthday cupcakes MUST be dropped off at the
front office.

Students need earbuds
for the computer lab.

~~~~More INFO on the back~~~~

Hill City is fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive PTO.
They have many new and exciting activities planned for our families this year.
Please consider joining with a $5.00 donation per family.
Thanks for your support!

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school too. (print out sheets to complete) (stories to read) (math practice) (great place to study addition facts) (kid friendly search engine) (see appropriated level books for your reader) (listen to stories) (print stories with questions for comprehension)
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School Vision Statement:
Graduation and life
preparation for all.