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The Benefits

(Lesson on Understanding of Technology Learners)

Today's generation, the learners appearing smarter because they are now involve
through computer class and they
are now called digital learners.
computer is said to be a big help to
many of us because it makes our
work easier. As a matter of fact,
these new technologies are already
changing our lives. It is also very
important in learning in the
classroom especially if the teacher
will give a lot of requirements, the
technology is always in our side.
We all know thar there are a lot of benefits derived from the use of information
technology or digital resources. Understanding Technology is really a big advantage for
us future teachers. We can be able to know what appropriate material to use that suits to
their abilities and skills. It also helps us to maintain the focus and interest of our learners,
and in that case the learning process will become enjoyable for them. It is also
advantageous in the part of the teachers, because it allows them to explore and to
discover new instructional materials using technology. It engaged them to more hi-tech
and modern kind of learning environment, and it makes their life easier than before and
less hassle. Additionally, this daily exposure to high technology will stimulate the brain
and enhanced the skills of every learner through exploring the positive benefits of
technology. Furthermore, this current technological revolution is creating an itellectual
revolution, faster and better than before.
So as a future educator, the world will more high in technology, so I can apply this
learning in the near future by using computer in very effective way.



financial fraud and other exploitative use of technology. Also today as we can see the more technology advancing the more crimes was happened. destroys the family and causes aggression. So. But it should not be abused nor be used in a wrong way because I believe that these technologies are not invented to destroy or to degrade all humanity rather these are being invented to help us in all aspect of our lives. Various technologies are helping people to their lives luxuriously. there are also some disadvantages to being up to date with the latest technology. people cannot imagine their lives without the use of technology. Abusing technology bring us into violence where a lot of people suffered as being victims of some negative effect of using it. Today's generation everything is involved with technology. But with more luxuries comes the negative effects technology has on people and society as a whole. we know that educational technology is indeed very helpful to us. these dangers continue to affect peoples and cultures while widening the gap between rich and poor country. CHONA R.(Lesson on Dehumanization Brought by Technology) In society today. Pornography is one of these effects which can destroys personal and social morality. DELA CRUZ BSEd III-C Title . we can say that eventhough how modern the world today we can avoid those things that can cause violence and bad influence. violence and degradation of the attitude to the role of women in the society. One of the most issue was happened today is the dangers of dehumanization inwhich technology brings into societies. pornography. such as through ideological propaganda. Sad to say. However. The misuse of all these new devices could potentially cause a wedge to come between humans and the outside world. While technology is providing many advantages.

information. the more benefits it provides for students at every education level. teach them how to gather useful information using the internet. it allows how to use properly different capabilities of the computer and apply these when we will be teaching in the future. CHONA R. and use this information properly in finding solutions on the problems they encounter at the classroom setting. and in the outside world.(Lesson on Developing Basic Digital Skills) Nowadays we are in a digital world where technologies are superior. These six digital skills affect the learners when they are using technology. Moreover it opens the way for complex and higher cognitive skills. collaboration. we as digital learners should not only acquire those digital skills but also we should aim to go beyond with those skills to be more effective and influence to others especially our future students. So. It is increasingly growing its importance in the education sector. They should be flexible and creative in searching new ways to efficiently utilize and develop the basic digital skills which students truly need. Teachers in this generation are now implementing the use of technology in the teaching learning. To develop basic digital skills students should develop their digital fluency skills: solution. the school. DELA CRUZ BSEd III-C . So. We will be able to impart this to our students. The more technology advances. media and creativity fluency.