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American Government

Democracy and You
Citizenship & Participation in the U.S.
This course will acquaint you with the principles of
democracy and the workings of our society, but - more
importantly - it will help you refine your own understanding
of what it means to be a citizen and how to make democracy
work for you! You are the leaders of tomorrow, and your
world will look different from every generation's before you.
This class will give you the tools to make the world you want.

Mr. Redman

Fall 2016

GOVERNMENT | @RedmanSocStudy

Seminar Spirit
By all means, if you are most
comfortable with raising your
hand before speaking, you
may do so. That said,
government is a collaborative,
communicative topic, and I
encourage you to share your
ideas freely! You do not need
my permission to speak, and I
encourage you to come to
class ready to discuss!

Diversity of
Many topics faced by
governments are complex and
multifaceted. As a result, some
issues will challenge your
opinions. Debate can be
healthy! Don't be afraid to
challenge ideas and opinions
in this class, just be respectful!

Government is for all of us. In
this classroom, we do not treat
others differently for any
reason. No one will face
discrimination due to race,
gender, religion, ethnicity,
socioeconomic status, or
LGBTQIA identification.
Hilliard City Schools

Course Expectations
This course will acquaint you with the basic principles of
democracy and the essential workings of a democratic society.
Naturally, this will entail a study of our government and a focus
on the legal foundations and institutions as they relate to current
political, social, and economic issues. Topics are wide ranging,
but this class will not be exclusively devoted to learning about the
government policies that already exist.
The other major goal of our class is for you to leave with a better
understanding of your own beliefs about how your world should
work, and to be armed with the tools to make that happen!


FALL 2016

Themes & Assessment
The biggest ideas we'll cover, and how you'll be graded

Foundations of
The Founders, the
Principles, and
important documents
like the Constitution.

Where do your grades come from?
Your 9-week grade is based on a points system. Grades come from tests,
quizzes, homework, in-class assignments, projects, and your personal profiles.

Make-up work will be given in different formats. Homework will be given
occasionally to enhance understanding. In-class work will often require
collaboration. Projects vary in topic & format. One or two projects may be
assigned during each 9-week grading period. Many grades come from:







You know the drill!
Multi-Choice & Essays,
given at benchmarks,
w/ review time.

Essay prompts that
cover several topics will
need a video response
w/ deeper thought.

Later in the year, we will
have regular Socratic
Seminars to discuss our
learning & share ideas.

Hilliard City Schools

Participating in
Parties, voting, and
Interest Groups. Your
Gov. in action!

Structure of
The branches, the
powers, and the
Federalist system.

FALL 2016

Political Profile Projects

Making Social Studies Work For You

In politics, it is just as important that you understand
your own political values and beliefs as it is that you
understand how the political system works. To that
end, over the semester you will develop your own
personal Political Profile. This profile will:

I received my M.Ed. from OSU,
where I completed my undergrad
studies in History. In addition to
history, government, and social
studies, I love all things nerdy. I love
comic books and watching sci-fi
shows like Star Trek and Doctor
Who. I read everything, from
adventure novels to classics! I love
nature and have four pets, all
rescues: three cats and a dog named
Oscar, a Jack Russell/Heeler mix!

• Help you understand your own values
• Enable you to articulate why you feel the way you do
• Clarify your stances on important political issues
• Help you find the party or ideology best suited to you
• Give you the tools to understand & respond to challenges
• Enable you to put your beliefs into action as a citizen
I am available for questions and concerns. Never hesitate to ask
verbally or in writing for help. Don't wait till it's too late!