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Cox Communications is constantlystrivingto provideour customerswith the best in entertainmentand communications

services.To this end, Cox will implementa newtechnology(SwitchedDigitalVideo)on July 1, 2008 that will allow us to
maximizeour networkcapacity,enablingincreasedHD channelsand entertainmentoptions in the future. As with other
serviceswe offersuchasOn Demandandthe Cox Interactive ProgrammingGuide,this new technologyrequiresa device
capableof two-waycommunication.

Currently,two-waycommunicationis onlyavailable with a digitalsettop receiver.The currentgenerationof DigitalCable

Ready(DCR) deviceswhichrequirea CableCARDareonlycapableof accessing one-wayservices. Theywere not designed
to be compatiblewith two-way services,includingSwitchedDigitalVideo(SDV).As a result,a Cox digital set top receiver
will be requiredto viewthe channelslistedon the backofthis pagewhenthey are deliveredvia SDVbeginningon July 1,
2008 fl-iVoSeries3 andTiVo HD owners pleasereadimportant informationatthe bottom ofthis letter). Additionally, select
new channelsadded to the Cox Digital Cableand HD channellineupmay not be availableto customerswith a one-way
DCR device.

Cox can offeryou continuedaccessto thesenetworkswith a digitalor advanceddigital receiver.Thesereceiversenable

accessto the networkslisted on the back of this page as well as othertwo-wayservicesincluding:

. On DEMANDfrom Cox, givingyou access

to thousandsof programsavailableat the touch of the button, most of
them free.

o The InteractiveProgrammingGuidethat helpsyou find the showsyou want to see and can also help you control
what your childrenare watchingon TV.

lf you are interestedin an HD receiverfrom Coxwe are pleasedto offeryou one for the same price as a CableCARDfor
the first six monthsat $2.00a month. Pleasecallusat 523-242-5832if you would like to make changesto your account.

Notice to TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD ownerc: Cox, along with others in the cable industry, has worked with TiVo lnc to
developan externaldevicecalleda TuningAdapterthat will allowTiVoSeries3 and TiVo HD devicesusing CableCARDs
to accesschannelsdeliveredvia SDV.Availabilityofthe TuningAdapteris expectedlaterthis year.At that time additional
informationwill be sentto you. TheTuningAdapterwillbe providedbyCoxat no charge.In the interim,continuedaccess
to channelsdeliveredvia SDV is availablewith a Cox digitalset top receiver.

Cox Communications

Channelsrequiringa Cox Digitalset top receiverlistedon back.