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Brief Description of Program

A national mandated priority public health program to attain the country's
national health development: a health intervention program and an
important tool for the improvement of the health and welfare of mothers,
children and other members of the family. It also provides information and
services for the couples of reproductive age to plan their family according to
their beliefs and circumstances through legally and medically acceptable
family planning methods.
The program is anchored on the following basic principles.

Responsible Parenthood which means that each family has the right
and duty to determine the desired number of children they might
have and when they might have them. And beyond responsible
parenthood is Responsible Parenting which is the proper ubringing
and education of chidren so that they grow up to be upright,
productive and civic-minded citizens.

Respect for Life. The 1987 Constitution states that the government
protects the sanctity of life. Abortion is NOT a FP method:

Birth Spacing refers to interval between pregnancies (which is
ideally 3 years). It enables women to recover their health improves
women's potential to be more productive and to realize their
personal aspirations and allows more time to care for children and
spouse/husband, and;

Informed Choice that is upholding and ensuring the rights of
couples to determin the number and spacing of their children
according to their life's aspirations and reminding couples that
planning size of their families have a direct bearing on the quality
of their children's and their own lives.

Intended Audience:

Men and women of reproductive age (15-49) years old) including adolescents