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Mechanic Development Program

38306-2 Tachograph, replace
Excl. programming
Special tools: 9998816

Note: Always switch off the ignition before switching off the power.
Switch off the power to the vehicle and remove the battery cable from the battery.


Volvo Elecktric Mechanic Development Program ADRO/PSPN/SUMARMAN .

Volvo Elecktric Mechanic Development Program Put the special tools in the space between the bracket and the outer frame of the tachograph. 4 Remove the contact cover. Special tools: 9998816 3 Remove the clamp. Use the tools to pull out the tachograph. 5 Remove the contact piece. Fitting ADRO/PSPN/SUMARMAN .

6 Put in the new tachograph by pushing it into position. 2 Connect the contact piece to back of the tachograph. 4 Seal the cover with lead if this is a legal requirement in the market in question.Volvo Elecktric Mechanic Development Program 1 Unpack the new tachograph. 5 Clamp the connection to the tachograph bracket. 3 Put the cover over the contact piece. local time. ADRO/PSPN/SUMARMAN . Also set the actual driving distance. transition between summer and winter time and calibrate the tachograph. 7 Use the programming tool to activate the sensor and synchronise the sensor and the new tachograph.