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03............................................Choose A Used Car Dealer
05...............................................Choose a Furniture Store
07....................................................Choose a Boat Dealer
09...................................................................Choose Tires
11.............................................Choose the Right Hospital
13.......................Choose an Outdoor Wood Stove or Outdoor Pellet Stove
15...........................................Choose an Auto Body Shop
17............................................................. Choose Hospice
19........................................................... Choose a Church
21.................................... Build a Effective Web Presence
23......................................................... Choose a Mattress
25.................................................. Choose an Audiologist
27.................................................. Choose a Funeral Plan
29....................................Choose Windows & Patio Doors
31............................................................ Choose a Career
33............................................ Choose a New Car Dealer
35............................ Choose a Cancer Treatment Center
37....................................... Choose a Propane Company
39....................................Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon

In the Market
for a Used Car?

Where You
Buy Matters.

Don’t get burned by dishonest
dealers. Every pre-owned vehicle
we sell comes complete with
vehicle history report, 100-point
inspection and a 30-day money
back guarantee.

PRE-OWNED Vehicle Factory

• Affordable Prices • Best Pre-Owned Vehicles • All Vehicles Come With Warranties

Over 200 vehicles to choose from! If we don’t have what you want in one
of Northern Michigan’s largest inventories - We’ll find it!

Honesty and Integrity are the Foundation of Our Business!


1110 N. Mitchell • Cadillac, MI • 775-2413
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5:30 PM, Sat. 8 AM-2 PM, Other by Appt.


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a Used Car Dealer.
When you have worked hard and saved up everything that
you have, finding the best used car dealer is important.

You do not want to end up with
a lemon that you cannot return.
You also do not want to pay more
than you should. Of course, the
dealer will need to make a profit
- which is perfectly reasonable but you still should have an idea
of the price you should pay for
the vehicle you want the most.
When it comes to spending
If you come across more than one positive family review of a specific
money, there is always an intelligent process you must go through to avoid
dealership, take that as a sign to check that dealer out. Your family will
making mistakes that you can take back. Here are some tips on how to
never steer you to give your money to a bad dealer.
choose a used car dealer.

1. Choose Your Vehicle

One of the worst mistakes that you can make is attempting to shop for a
car without knowing what you want.
The very first step in the process is deciding what kind of car you want. If
you do not know the exact make and model of the vehicle you desire, you
should at least narrow it down to the automobile type.
Decide whether you would like a sports car, an SUV, a pickup truck or a
van. That way you will not waste your time looking around at shops that
do not have what you need.

2. Search the “blue book”

The next thing you want to do before you choose a dealership is get an
idea of the amount you want to spend with the dealership.
You can search the Kelly Blue Book ( for the make and
model of the car you desire. That way you have a general idea of the price
range you want to stay in.
It will keep you in perspective so you know roughly what to pay for a
particular car. In addition, search newspapers and online sites to see the
asking prices for cars that you’re interested in buying.

4. Search Locally and Online

Next, you want to gather a list of local dealerships. You can find this
information in your telephone book and online. Write down the addresses
of the top used car dealerships.
Call them up and make an appointment to come in a look at their inventory. You can even ask them what kind of financing they have and if they
offer extended warranties on their vehicles and such.
Try to make appointments with all the establishments on the list. You are
going to research many dealerships before you choose. Picking a place to
buy a car from should not be decided on quickly and in haste.

5. Visit the Dealerships

Stop by each dealership that you have on your list. Look around for cars
that you want. Have in depth conversations with the sales clerk to find out
if he is someone you are comfortable doing business with.
Ask about the financing options, the warranty programs, the maintenance, past owner reports, and anything else you can think of that makes
you feel more secure.
Do not make a purchase on the first visit. You have more shops to look at.
Grab a business card and move on to the next location.
After you have stopped by all locations on your list, you can research
3. Talk to Friends and Family
customer reviews of the ones you thought were the best establishment.
The first thing you can do to attempt to find a reputable dealer is speak to This is how you will narrow it down to the No. 1 dealership. The dealer
your closest friends and family members.
with the car you want for the lowest price with the best customer review
If they buy used cars like most people do, they will be perfect sources of will win your business.
information on how their dealer treats its customers.
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

Cadillac News -

How to Guide 2016







SAVE 59%

Jasmine II Sofa
compare at $1349 / Art Van Price $699








20 OFF





Old US Hwy 131


Plett Rd.

N Mitchell St.

Works Ave.




2240 N Mitchell St | 231-306-1120

How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News



Arthur Rocker Recliner
compare at $899 / Art Van Price $499


E. Boon Rd.


OR 0% FOR 50

SAVE 58%

20% OFF

SAVE 67%

Super Pillowtop Queen Mattress Set
compare at $1709.99 / Art Van Price $859.99




Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM
Saturday 9AM-9PM
Sunday 11AM-7PM

08/12/16 | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a Furniture Store.
Look for a store that sells quality, long-lasting furniture.

With all the eclectic choices available today, there has
never been a better time to buy new furniture. Whether
your budget is big or small, choosing new seating, tables
and accessories can make a big difference in your daily
Furniture gives your house a personality. It creates an
ambiance that sends a message to guests about who you
are. What is your particular and unique style? What do
you value most in furniture?


Look for a store that sells quality, long-lasting furniture.
While inexpensive accessories can be bought cheaply and
changed often, big furniture investments – sofas, dining
tables, and the like – need to be purchased for the long
That means putting solid construction before a pretty
Solid construction isn’t always apparent at first glance.
It should feel solid, not flimsy, of course. Beyond that,
find out as much information as possible about the frame,
materials, and what kind of warranty it comes with.
A well-trained staff can inform you about their furniture,
how they’re built and why the construction matters. The
best stores have employees who act as guides and teachers,
not pushy salespeople.


It is best to pay more for a quality piece than to try to save money on
something that will not last in the long term. The bigger the investment,
the more important the design and build quality become.
Concentrate on finding the best value. An inexpensive sofa will not be a
good value if it is built with cheap and weak materials. Likewise, the most
expensive love seat will have a wise investment if the frame is not built
It’s best to look for brands with a long track record and good reputation.


Every store has a different customer service policy. Choose a store that
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

is well known for being loyal to its customers.
Inquire about return policies. Some furniture stores will allow you
to exchange an item within a certain time limit if it doesn’t meet your
expectations. Learn what fees are involved if you have to return an item –
if that is allowed at all.
As well, ask about the store’s delivery policy, including how much it
costs, how far they’ll deliver and how quickly your furniture will arrive.
If you are comparison shopping, factor the delivery cost when
considering different stores. A low-priced couch will not save you money
if it comes with an expensive delivery fee. It may be worth it to pay a
little more for the couch if free or reduced cost delivery is available.
The bottom line is that there are only two things that matter: the quality
of the furniture you are purchasing, and the level of service you receive.
Once you discover them both, furniture shopping can be a fun experience
that that will beautify your home for many years. And you can be happy
and comfortable with the furniture for generations to come.
Cadillac News -

How to Guide 2016


Fun enjoyed around the world… Built in our community!


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a Boat Dealer
Whether you are a novice or experienced boater,
you could use the advice of a reliable boat dealer.

Boating is an American favorite past time.
Who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon soaking up the warm sun on
a boat? The smell of salt and sound of seagulls can make all your stresses
feel miles away.
Whether you are a novice or experienced boater, you could use the
advice of a reliable boat dealer.
Purchasing a new or used boat is not a small investment. You will need
to find a vehicle that meets your needs and ensures the safety of you and
your passengers.
A brand new boat is typically expensive. A used model will be less
costly, but you might be inheriting problems that will carry a large price
tag in the future.
You can find dealers from a variety of sources, but you should do your
research before setting foot on the lot.
Find a dealer who is Marine Industry Certified. A certified dealer has
met or exceeded standards in a variety of areas ranging from its facility to

the level of service.
It also means that the dealer will guarantee service both before and the
You can ask friends and family for recommendations. Also, check with
local consumer websites, the Better Business Bureau and your local
Before going to a dealer, do some research on boats and manufacturers.
Visit the manufacturer’s website, boating forums and consumer
websites. Read comments and ratings for various models.
Some cities have annual boat shows. These events can provide valuable
information about dealers and boat models.
You might also think about where you plan to go boating. Dealers near
your favorite boating spot will spare you from having to trailer your boat
for hundreds of miles should it ever need servicing.
Purchasing a trailer, docking and storage are also aspects to keep in
mind as you purchase a boat. Leave enough money in your budget for
these items.
After you have narrowed your list to several dealers, it is time to speak
to them. Go in person and bring a list of questions to ask them.
When you have selected a boat, make sure it is NMMA certified. This
certification ensures that the boat is built according to the American
Boat and Yacht Council’s standards and will meet U.S. Coast Guard
Do not select a dealer or boat right away. Ask to test drive boats you are
thinking of purchasing.
The engine should not be warmed up for you. You will need to start the
engine yourself to feel comfortable handling the boat. Make sure there is
no potential for overheating the engine.
Perform a visual inspection and test run before negotiating with the
dealer. If you are still interested in the boat, haggle with him about the
price. Make sure you don’t go over your budget. It will be hard to enjoy
a boat when you can barely afford it.
Ask the dealer if he will include essential accessories in the purchase
price. He might even include your registration fee in the total cost. If the
fee is not included, you will need to register your boat at the Department
of Motor Vehicles.
Finding a trustworthy dealer will help you find the best solution for
you so you can relax and enjoy your boat.

Friday, August 12, 2016 |

Cadillac News -

How to Guide 2016





Tires have been our business since 1965!
High Quality Products
Certified Technicians 

Redesigned for improved ride comfort,
fuel efficiency and a quieter ride 
Reliable wet performance 
Delivers quiet, comfortable year-round







Fuel Fighter Technology offers
improved rolling resistance, which
helps increase fuel efficeincy, as
compared to the Firestone Affinity
Touring tire.


(H,V-Rated. 40,000 Mile on W-Rated)




Good For The Purchase Of Any Tires,
Wheels or Services We Offer.
• CV
• Ball
• Tie Rod
• Rack-NPinion
• Wheel
• Coil Springs

Front starting at $29.95*
4 Wheel starting at $42.95*
*with 4 tire
• Camber
• Caster
• Toe
4 Wheel

See us BEFORE you buy tires
for the best value.


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News



Enhanced traction in deep mud
and snow 
Adapts to travel in wet or dry weather 
Tuned for a smooth and quiet ride


(P-Metric sizes only.)


• Shock Absorbers
• Strut Suspension Units
• Strut Replacement




Summer Performance 
Impressive performance on wet and
dry roads 
Ultra-high performace with racinginspired technology
Trademarks of Brickyard Trademarks, Inc.,
are used with permission.


Ask About Our





Provides off-road, all-season,
maximum traction performance 
Aggressive sidewall lugs for pulling
out of deep ruts and mud 
Tread pattern designed to accept
studs for winter conditions

Turn Rotors,
Pack Wheel

*Certain restrictions and limitations apply.
See your authorized retailer for complete details.

Our First Price
Is Your Best Price...

All Prices Include Mounting, Balancing And
Sales Tax Out-The-Door




South U.S.-131 • Cadillac • 231-775-7382
OPEN: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-5:30 pm, Sat. 8:00 am-1 pm | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose Tires.

The tires on your vehicle can affect your safety & driving enjoyment.
Choose tires that match both your vehicle and
the way you drive.

How Many Tires Do I Need?

All four tires should be identical size. If your tires
don’t match, you could have handling problems.
For instance, one end of your vehicle may not
respond as quickly or completely as the other end,
making the vehicle more difficult to control.
If you need to replace one tire that has been
damaged, replace it with a tire of the same size and
speed rating. A tire that doesn’t match the other three
tires on your vehicle could affect your driving safety.
If you need to replace two tires and the remaining
two have a lot of tread depth left, replace them
with tires that match your existing set as closely as
possible. Identical new tires are best but others of
the same size and type can also provide good results.

Should I Buy A
Different Type Of Tire?

If you are replacing all four tires, you can explore
another category of tires. If you want longer lasting
tires, better traction or a smoother ride, there are
tires that will help you accomplish this.

What Size Tire Do I Need?

Tires must be able to carry the weight of your
vehicle. If a tire is overworked just carrying the
load, it will have little reserve capacity to help your
vehicle respond quickly and safely. Do not buy
undersized tires.
Check your owner’s manual, vehicle door jam or
glovebox, to find the size of tire recommended for
your vehicle.

What Weather And Driving Conditions Will The Tires Face?

Select a tire that suits the driving conditions you
face most often:
• Snow or ice: Snow tires
• Heavy Traffic: More responsive tires
• Winding roads or in the mountains: A tire that
handles well
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

• Extensive highway driving: Tires with a smooth,
quiet ride.
If you face very different driving conditions
(heavy snow in the winter and lots of highway
driving in the summer), consider selecting two sets
of tires. You’ll get better driving performance and
longer total wear from your tires.

What Kind Of “Look” Do I Want?

Think about whether you’re happy with standard
tires or you want the added flair of custom wheels
or plus sizing.

How Can I Find The Best Value?

Something Your Tires Don’t Need
Nitrogen in Your Tires

Have you noticed that many tire stores now offer
nitrogen as an alternative to compressed air for your
vehicle’s tires? The theory behind this practice is
that pure nitrogen is less subject to contraction and
expansion than the regular air we all breathe, and
that inflating your tires with the gas will save you
fuel as a result. The truth is, standard compressed
air is already around 78 percent nitrogen, and the
differences between a tire filled with standard air
and one filled with nitrogen are negligible at best.
If the service is free, don’t turn it down, but don’t
pay for it, either.

Simple fact: In the long run, cheap tires won’t
save you money. They don’t last as long as higher
quality tires and may result in a rougher ride and
inferior handling.
Your goal in tire shopping should be to find the
highest quality tire that meets your specific needs
and your budget.

A Tire Has Several
Important Functions:

A tire’s ability to maintain its course affects the
vehicle’s ability to drive in a straight path. The tire
has to help the vehicle steer regardless of road and
weather conditions.


A car tire has to carry more than 50 times its own


The flexibility of a tire helps it absorb bumps
on uneven road surfaces and provides a stable ride
for the driver and passengers while protecting the


Tires transmit the engine’s power to accelerate
and the braking force to stop.
How well the tire performs these functions
depends in part on how well the tire is maintained.

1. Proper size of tire for the vehicle
2. Correct load range (ply rating) of tire for
3. Driving habits & average mileage/year
4. Pricing should include mounting, balancing, new valve stems & tire disposal
5. Facility should be capable of checking all
aspects of tire vehicle wear & handling:
Alignments, Wheel bearings, CV joints &
axles, tie rods, ball joints, shocks & struts
and brakes
6. Experienced, knowledgeable sales staff
and certified licensed mechanics plus
trained tire technicians
Cadillac News -

How to Guide 2016


Where Healing Happens Every Day
A hospital is just a building until you fill it with people.
Then it transforms into an extraordinary place of
commitment and care. We never forget that it’s our
people – the dedicated team of individuals who bring their
diverse skills to the task of healing – who make us strong.
Together, we are a hospital.

Cadillac Hospital


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose the Right Hospital.
Selecting quality health care services for you,
a relative or friend requires special thought and attention.

Knowing what to look for and what to ask will
help you choose a facility that provides quality
care and best meets your needs.
Sometimes people aren’t left with the option
of choosing a hospital, especially in the case of
an emergency. Consider asking the following
questions to help you make a well-informed
decision about your health care needs.

General Questions
• Is the hospital accepted by your insurance,
HMO or PPO plan?
• Is the hospital conveniently located? Can you
and your family get there easily for scheduled
as well as emergency medical care?

Is the hospital accredited by a nationally
recognized accrediting body, such as the Joint
Commission? Joint Commission accreditation
means the organization voluntarily sought
accreditation and met national health and safety
standards. The Joint Commission provides
on-site surveys to review the hospital’s medical
and nursing care, physical condition, life safety
program, special care units, pharmaceutical
services, infection control procedures and a
number of other areas affecting patient care.

• Does the hospital have a written description
of its services and fees? What resources does
the hospital provide to help you find financial
assistance if you need it?
• Is the hospital clean? Visit the hospital and
look around. Ask to see the waiting rooms and
patient rooms.

Questions about
your specific needs
• Do the services and specialties provided by
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

the hospital meet your specific medical needs?
Do you have a medical condition requiring
specialized attention? Your medical history and
current medical condition may affect the type
of hospital you choose.
• Do you know the hospital’s success record in
carrying out the specific medical procedure
you need? What is the training of the doctor
who will perform the procedure? Ask how
often the particular procedure is done.
• Does the hospital explain the patient’s rights
and responsibilities? Ask to see a copy of the
hospital’s patient rights and responsibilities
• Do you know who is responsible for
maintaining your personal care plan? How
are the caregivers kept informed about your
specific care needs? Can you or your family be
kept up-to-date on your medical care?

Questions about
discharge planning
• Will a discharge plan be developed for you
before you leave the hospital? Ask what
services are available and what your primary
care doctor’s involvement will be.
• Does the hospital provide you with the
necessary training to continue your care in
your home after you have been discharged?
Ask what training is provided in changing
bandages, taking medications or using medical
equipment or devices. Does the hospital
provide you with easy-to-understand written

• Does the hospital have social workers? Ask
what services the social workers provide.
Social workers usually help patients and
their families find emotional, social, clinical,
physical and financial support services.
• Will I see my doctor during my stay at the
hospital? Some hospitals participate in a
Hospitalist Program. A Hospitalist is an
Internal Medicine physician who specializes
in caring for hospitalized adult patients. Your
primary care physician, and in some cases
an Emergency Room physician, may refer
you to a Hospitalist when you are admitted
to the hospital. In other cases, you may
be admitted by a specialist who will treat a
specific condition, while a Hospitalist will be
consulted for your general care. A Hospitalist
may also evaluate you prior to surgery, so that
your stay is as safe and efficient as possible.

What you should know:
• Look for an agent who is a member of the local
board or association of Realtors.
• An agent should explain and disclose their role
and who they represent.
• The agent should advise you on how to prepare
your home for the market.
• Be sure the professional shows enthusiasm,
listens well, instills confidence, and has a
personality that is complimentary to your own.
Cadillac News -

How to Guide 2016


Free Yourself from High
Heating Costs!
600-lb. capacity
integrated hopper
with large top
loading door.

Everything an outdoor wood
furnace should be.

Models as low as

For a limited time



Introducing the revolutionary new patentpending, EPA certified, clean-burning Classic Edge
from the leader in outdoor wood furnaces.

Outdoor Wood
Pellet Furnace

• The Classic Edge is the perfect combination of
performance and value
• Easy to operate - FireStar II controller takes
guesswork out of operating
• Easy to maintain - firebox design and heat exchanger system
make for easy maintenance and cleaning

Dealership Name
Address, City, State
Phone / Website

• Can reduce heating costs by up to
• Heats for days on a single loading
• Heats entire home, multiple
buildings along with water and more
• Easy to install and adapts to any
existing heating system, including
radiant floor
• EPA Phase 2 qualified with wood
pellets as a fuel source
Outdoor Wood Furnace

*Price shown is a base price in U.S. dollars for a Classic Edge 350 and excludes tax,
freight, dealer setup and system components. Prices may vary. See your dealer for
details. All Central Boiler outdoor wood furnaces adapt easily to new or existing
heating systems. It’s important that your outdoor furnace and system be properly sized
and installed. See your local dealer for more information.



White Pine
Outdoor Boilers, Inc.

©2016 Central Boiler – Ad Number 16-1702

This ad size is 5” x 5.2”



How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose an Outdoor Wood Stove or
Outdoor Pellet Stove.

Outdoor Wood stoves and outdoor pellet stoves are
effective and efficient alternatives to gas, oil or electricity.

Outdoor Wood stoves and outdoor pellet stoves have benefits as an alternative heat
source, but selecting the right one for your
home requires careful consideration.


Outdoor Wood stoves are made either
from cast iron or welded steel. Both are made
to burn wood and then distribute the heat
through your home.
The choice of metal has no influence on
the stove’s operation or performance. People
choose either steel or cast iron based on price,
where the stove will be located and how it fits
into a home’s décor.
Outdoor Wood stoves work due to basic
combustion. The wood burns and produces
heat, ashes and smoke.
A stove outfitted with a catalytic converter
makes use of the leftover combustibles, reducing emissions and boosting efficiency. A
properly designed stove without a catalytic
converter can still be efficient enough to burn
wood completely, leaving little ash and smoke
behind. There are pros and cons to both types
that affect the operation of the stove.
The most efficient outdoor wood stoves
have an efficiency rating between 60 and 80
percent. These ratings are not standardized
and are often misunderstood by the average
consumer. Buy your stove from a reputable
dealer who will give you straight answers to
your questions and who will make sure you
understand what you’re buying.
You can do some preliminary work by calculating the cubic footage of the area you’re
going to be heating. You’ll also want to know
the size of the logs you’re going to be burning.
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

Logs 16 inches in length are recommended
because they’re easy to stack and handle. The
log capacity of your stove should be about
three inches longer, or 19 inches.
Cheap wood stoves aren’t really a bargain
in the long run. Their internal parts may wear
out quickly and aren’t replaceable. Better
stoves will be made of better materials and are
covered by a warranty. Understand the terms
of your stove’s warranty before you complete
your purchase.


An Outdoor pellet stove works on the same
principle as a traditional wood stove. However, these stoves can burn other fuels besides
wood, such as sawdust, waste paper, wood
chips, bark and other organic materials com-

pacted into a pellet. Some can also burn corn
and walnut shells.
Outdoor Pellet stoves have been proved by
the EPA to be the cleanest solid-fuel burning
appliances. They are often suitable for apartments and condominiums when wood stoves
are not. They are also exempt from EPA emissions standards.
Outdoor Pellet burning stoves come in two
types: freestanding and fireplace inserts. They
all have a feeder attachment and a hopper to
feed the pellets into the stove. Newer outdoor
pellet stoves have thermostats and sensors to
regulate the speed the pellets are being fed
into the stove, controlling the heat output and
regulating the temperature.
Outdoor pellet stove manufacturers provide
specific schedules for product maintenance,
which helps the stove deliver more efficient
home heating. Due to the increasing popularity of outdoor pellet stoves as an alternative
source of heat, both stoves and the pellets are
easy to find. Manufacturers recommend using
high-quality pellets to keep your stove burning cleaner and needing fewer repairs.
Like the outdoor wood stove, an outdoor
pellet stove should be chosen based on the
size of the home or room it is expected to
heat, its efficiency and its appearance. More
traditional outdoor wood stoves and outdoor
pellet stoves both prove to be a more efficient
and cost-effective heat source than electricity,
natural gas, propane or heating oil.
Outdoor wood and outdoor pellet stoves
involve a major outlay of cash. Both should
be installed by a professional, which will also
cost you money. But you’ll soon recover these
costs from the money you save on utility bills,
and you’ll keep on saving in the years to come.
Cadillac News -

How to Guide 2016





FREE Estimates On All Makes And Models
Loaner Cars with
all Body Work

Let our certified technicians restore your vehicle to
condition or better.
We utilizewith
the latest
state-of-the-art equipment and good, old-fashioned
commitment toall
in order to provide
customers with unparalleled results.

Oil Change
• State-of-the-Art Frame Straightening
Factory Color Matching
Oil Change•• Custom
Dings, Dents & Bumper Repair
Windshield & Glass Repair 24.95
Special ••Includes
quarts oil, filter diesel & synthetic extra
5 quarts
oil, filter dieselCars
& syntheticWith



Be Sure
to tell
your agent
On The
North End
or 1-800-4-GODFREY
Body shop
is your choice!
U.S. 131 North, Cadillac On The Busy North End
775-4661 or 1-800-4-GODFREY


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News

Used Vesicles

Used Vesicles | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose an Auto Body Shop

A good auto body shop will ensure that your car, truck, SUV or minivan
is repaired quickly, affordably and correctly.
Does your vehicle have dents and dings, scratches and bumps, or
even more serious damage?
Anyone who has experienced a car accident knows that it can be
a calamitous event. Once you have dealt with any resulting health
issues, you will have to contend with damage to your automobile.
Whether your car has experienced significant damage or simply a
scratch, you will want to find an auto body shop that is trustworthy
and dependable.
A good auto body shop will ensure that your car, truck, SUV or
minivan is repaired quickly, affordably and correctly.
The shop you choose should be able to complete all manner of
work, from a minor touch-up to a full-body repair.
Your friends, family and colleagues might have recommendations.
After all, auto body shops are an unfortunate, but necessary, part of
life for most people. Once you have a list of companies, research each
shop on the Internet and read customer reviews.
Testimonials, negative and positive, should be considered. But
keep in mind that no business has a 100 percent satisfaction rate.
Someone will always be displeased. Also, more people are likely to
leave a negative rather than a positive comment.
A good source for finding an auto body shop is your local newspaper. Local businesses advertise and many times you can find special
deals to help save you money.
Once you have created a list of shops, contact them on the phone
and ask pertinent questions. How long have they been in business?
What are their specialties? How soon can you bring your vehicle in
for an inspection?
Ask to set up an appointment for an inspection, which should be
free, and further investigate the business. Look around their lobby.
Is it clean? Do they have their license and any awards or certificates
posted? Do they care enough about their customers to offer reading
material, coffee or water?
Consider their prices. Are they comparable to other body shops?
While you want to find that deal, remember, cheaper is not always
better. Understand that you will often get what you pay for when it
comes to auto body work.
Low prices may be tempting, but they typically mean sub-par
work, used parts and paint incorrectly applied.
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

Feel free to ask the manager or owner for references before they
work on your car.
You can also check their previous work. When you see a car with
paint drips, panels that are misaligned or paints that don’t match,
look elsewhere. You will not save money if you need to have the
improper work redone.
The shop should inspect your vehicle for repairs that are not readily visible. Oftentimes, there are hidden damages that cannot be detected until repair work begins on the vehicle.
Finding an auto body shop may not be the most pleasant business because it usually means your vehicle has suffered some kind of
damage. But finding the right shop will make the experience much
more pleasant and you will be happy with the repairs. Especially if
you find the right shop that knows how to repair your vehicle so it
looks the same as before, or even better.
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When you have to make one of life’s most important
decisions, Hospice of Michigan is there to help.
Wherever you call home, our expert care
teams will be there providing the support you
need to have the quality of life you deserve to
live in peace, comfort and dignity.
Call us any time of day or night to get
the help you need and learn why
we’re the most trusted hospice care
provider in Michigan.

Call 24/7 toll-free 888.247.5701 or visit
Hospice of Michigan – 932 N. Mitchell, Cadillac

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Choose Hospice.
With an emphasis on comfort & quality of life.

Hospice provides care to terminally ill
patients in their home, hospital or nursing
home, whichever is the most appropriate
setting. With an emphasis on comfort and
quality of life, a team of physicians, nurses,
bereavement counselors, Social Workers,
home health aides, volunteers, and clergy
provided clinical, spiritual and emotional
care to patients and their families experiencing a life-limiting illness. Medications
and medical equipment costs are usually
covered, based on eligibility.
With all the choices out there today, you
may wonder how to choose a hospice. Following are points to consider when choosing a hospice for you or your loved one:

• Experience. Ask how long has the

hospice organization been in the community
and how many patients they serve.

• Availability. Are palliative (comfort)

care and supportive services available 24 hours a
day, seven days a week?

• Continuity of Care. Is the hospice

whose staff is certified hospice and palliative
care to assure that you will receive the most
advanced care available.

• Pain Management. Ask about the

hospice agency’s philosophy on pain management. Hospice affirms life and neither hastens
nor postpones death. An effective hospice will
provide pain management and care during the
end-stage of life, with the goal of helping patients remain pain-free and as active as possible
for as long as possible.

agency affiliated with a hospital to provide continuity of care should you need to be hospitalized?
Does it have relationships with long-term care
facilities? A good hospice will assist with longterm care placement when needed and provide
hospice services while you are a resident.

recognize dying as part of the normal process of
living and believes the quality of life is as important as the length of life.

• Team of Care Providers. A good
hospice agency will have a strong team of experienced staff as well as experienced volunteers
who will all work together to provide you and
your family with the best possible care.
It’s important to look for a hospice agency

• Services. Ask about the types of services
available to you and your family. Hospice services typically include:
• Medical direction of the patient’s care, provided by the patient’s personal physician and/or a
physician affiliated with a hospice program.

Friday, August 12, 2016 |

• Quality of life. Hospice caregivers

• Regular nursing visits in the home to monitor
the patient’s condition, provide appropriate
care and maintain comfort.
• Home health aide services for the patient’s
personal needs.
• Chaplain services for the patient and/or loved
ones if desired.
• Social work and counseling services.
• Bereavement counseling to help patients and
their loved ones with grief and loss. Ask how
long it is offered and what type of support is
• Medical equipment (hospital beds, oxygen
tanks, etc.)
• Medications for symptom control and pain
• Volunteer support to assist loved ones.
Consider these and other questions you may
have when choosing a hospice organization.
Hospice is a very special kind of care that can offer you and your family support at a time when
you need it the most. It’s important that you
choose an agency that you feel comfortable with
and that can offer the services you need.

With an emphasis on comfort
and quality of life, hospice
provides care to terminally
ill patients in their home,
hospital or nursing home.
There are many factors to
consider when choosing
a hospice, including how
experienced the hospice
organization is, and what
services are provided.
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Rehoboth Reformed Church
Please Join Us
Welcome to Rehoboth

Our name was chosen 126 years ago when our church was founded.
Rehoboth means room for all. We are a church with rich history and
modern style. Come join us just as you are.
• Fun Family Activities
• Youth & Adult Mission Trips
• Vacation Bible School

“Now matter who you are, or where you’ve been, you’re welcome here”


Get Involved
We have cutting edge childrens
ministry and relevant Middle &
High School groups. Dynamic
Teen Ministry and Fun Kids

Come Join Us
Come join us along with Pastor
Adam Every Sunday at 9:30 am
for a life changing sermon.

Life Changing Preaching

126 Years!!

Like us on Facebook
8372 S. Lucas Road, McBain, MI 49601 Service Sunday 9:30 AM


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Choose a Church.
The key is to find a church that has
them in proper balance and fits your family.

We’ve all heard that the choice and purchase of
a home is one of the most significant decisions
a person will ever make. In this temporal world
that may be true. However, choosing where you,
and your family, will learn the things of God and
serve the Jesus Christ has eternal ramifications.

Similar to buying a home,

choosing a church home you need to consider
its foundation, structure, function, and environment. Before we consider those important components, please realize that no church is going to
be perfect. Some local churches may be in seemingly excellent condition, while others are obvious fixer-uppers! Many fall somewhere in between. You need to evaluate how you, and your
family, can contribute to that ministry so it is not
just another church, but truly a church home.

Investigating Its Foundation, Jesus

said that the wise man builds his house upon rock
and the foolish man builds his house upon sand
(Matt. 7:24-27). When storms come, the foundation determines the durability of the church. A
church’s foundation is crucial. There are three
main components that make up the foundation
of a strong local church: reverence for the Bible,
Biblical focused preaching and Biblical doctrine.

Examining Its Structure,

once you
are satisfied with the foundational, you need to
look at its structural components. The structural
components of a local church provide not only
its strength, but also dictate the character and
direction. Look things like church government,
are things orderly, staff, leadership and size. Are
there people of all ages, because a healthy church
should have all ages represented.

Friday, August 12, 2016 |

Seeing How It Functions, when satis-

fied that the foundation and structure are fitting,
then look at how the church functions. Does it
fulfill the purpose for which it was designed?
Does it meet the needs of the people inside and
outside the church? Look for an emphasis on
worshipping God. See if the leadership stresses
the importance of honoring and glorifying God
in all things (1 Cor. 10:31;Col.3:17). Also observe the involvement of the individual members. A strong local church is marked by love.
Do the members seem to genuinely care for one
another? Do they minister to each other’s needs?
Does the church have a strong children’s, teen
and adult programs?

Checking Its Environment,

through and sense the atmosphere of the place.
It can feel cold and gloomy or warm and inviting.
It can have a homey feel or it can be imperson-

al--almost like a museum. Doubtless you have
had the same experience when attending various

Am I Right For This Church? Now

look at yourself and ask, Are there opportunities
here for me to become a part of this church family? Does the church focus on my whole family
and not just adults? The decision you are about
to make will greatly affect your spiritual life and
the lives of your family. In fact, the decisions you
make now will affect your descendants and the
generations to come. That’s a sobering reality.
Remember that no church will ever perfectly
fulfill all these criteria. There is no perfect church.
Also, remember that every church is going to have
its own special blend of the characteristics. The
key is to find a church that has them in proper
balance and fits your family.
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Does your business or
organization need a website?

We can do that!

CN Digital Solutions provides these digital marketing services that will
help your business grow both online and in your store front location.
You have a vision. We have the resources.

Let us build a website that works for you...not us.
Digital Marketing services include:

• Website Design and Development

• A fully customized, professionally-designed
website that is imaginative yet highly professional
• Content Management System (CMS) - This
system allows you, if you so choose, to manage,
make changes, add inventory and upload photos
to your website - entirely yourself, without hitting
you with extra charges.
• Mobile and tablet friendly version
• Search Engine Optimization - We will help you
develop SEO Optimized content for your website,
weaving an established list of keywords/phrases
into the customized content that we write for you.
• CMS Training/Support

Websites starting at $495

• Mobile Marketing

If you already have a website, we can take your
exisiting site and make it smartphone functional.
Stay connected with customers no matter what
device they are using.

For as low as $245

• Social Media Management
and Consulting

Facebook, Google + and Twitter
We will post for you or help you shape the
conversation yourself.

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We will help you develop SEO Optimized content
for your website, weaving an established list of
keywords/phrases into the customized content
that we write for you.


• Reputation Management
(Claim your listings)

Yelp, Google Places, Merchant Circle,
etc. We will go out and claim your listings
– helping your internet reputation.

• Email Marketing

We’ve recently partnered with Constant Contact,
a national email marketing platform. We use their
platform and templates and apply our design eye and
copywriting expertise to take the work out of your
email marketing program.

Call today to set up
your FREE consultation.

• Web Advertising at
Reach over 4,200 visitors per day with a
vibrant, interactive message. By advertising
at, your information can be
accessed by users 24/7/365.

• Google AdWords

We are AdWords Certified and will design and
manage your campaigns in Google’s advertising
program. Working with your marketing goals and
within a budget of your choosing, we will create
ads targeting potential customers who are already
searching for your products or services online.



How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Build a Effective Web Presence.

A few things every business should do to
have an effective digital presence.

In the modern world, a strong digital presence
is no longer a luxury for a business: it’s a necessity.
With smartphones, tablets and mini laptops, most
shoppers are online while on the go and using
technology to make purchasing decisions more
than ever before.
So what does a small business have to do to stay
competitive in the digital marketplace? Below are
a few crucial elements and a few pitfalls to avoid
in order to create a successful digital presence.

WARNING: If you decide to build your own
site, or even if you have someone build it for you,
be sure that you own the rights to the content on
your site. Downloading something from the Internet and using it on your site is quite often a
copyright violation and could cost you thousands
of dollars.

Have a website

Have good SEO

This should come as no surprise. With the
internet facing 30 years of ubiquitous use, a
website has become the gold standard of digital
marketing, and those without one are often passed
over by potential customers simply because they
didn’t show up on a Google search.
There are many affordable options when
choosing a company to develop your new
website and several build-it-yourself options
online. Whichever route you choose, be sure that
the website has a content management system so
you can make necessary changes without having
to call the “internet guy” every time you need to
make a minor change.
Also, make sure the site reflects your branding.
Having a website that looks nothing like your
business or does not reflect the needs of your
customers can work against you. To be safe,
hire a digital marketing consultant to help you
determine the appropriate theme, colors and
design elements. There will be a cost associated
with such a service, but it’s well worth it when you
see business being driven by your web presence.
With smartphones and tablets quickly becoming
the primary web-browsing tools, make sure your
site is mobile friendly. Some site templates display
well on mobile devices, but many do not. There
are companies out there who integrate mobile
sites with their web development packages, so
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

both web and mobile sites are controlled by a
single content management system.

If you just stopped reading to Google “SEO”,
you probably need a little help here. SEO stands
for Search Engine Optimization and is perhaps
one of the most important elements of your
digital presence.
Building a website without SEO is like building
a storefront on a hill back in the woods with no
sign by the road—your customers will never
know you’re there, even if they’re looking for
SEO works by using keywords to identify
your site. How it works can be complicated and
changes on a daily basis (literally three times per
day on average), so it’s best to leave SEO up to the
experts who get paid to keep up with latest trends.
However, not all SEO operatives are created
equal and, due to the complicated nature of the
process, it’s easy to be fooled by industry jargon
and aggressive sales techniques. Make sure you
ask them to explain in laymen’s terms what they
will actually be doing for you; if they understand it
themselves, they should be able to explain it to you.

Get Social

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and
all the other social media sites that seem to
pop up every day have taken a strong foothold
in the world of digital marketing. With more
than 1 billion people, Facebook leads the way
and has quickly become a staple in the digital
marketing mix.
However, having a social media presence can be
time consuming and costly if not done properly.
On the surface, Facebook is very easy to use and
provides a lot of analytics to determine impact.
However, the simplicity of use can lull you into a
false sense of success because Facebook is actually
rather difficult to use correctly—that is, if you
don’t understand how Facebook actually works.
To learn more about how to make Facebook
(or other social media sites) work for your
business, do some research online or consult
with a social media marketing expert who can
train you on the basics.
There are companies that will take on the
task of managing your page for you, but this
can be expensive and they simply don’t know
your business the way you do. If possible, find
a local company that knows your market and
understands your business.

WARNING: Be careful of social media marketers who promise a large number of “likes” almost overnight. These are often purchased likes
or come from some form of arrangement where
invitations are sent out to a large email list. You
may get a lot of likes, but the likelihood of someone from another country coming into your gift
WARNING: If someone says they can get you
shop in northern Michigan and making a purchase
to the top of the list on search results, they are
is pretty low and not a good measure of success.
misleading you. Google’s algorithm is a closely
guarded secret and to guarantee placement is just
not possible.
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Go See the

Mattress Ladies!
Guaranteed Lowest Prices in MichiGan
we wiLL Find Your Best niGhts sLeeP

Budget Mattress Set: Twin $99, Full $119, Queen $159 King $299
Budget Deluxe: Twin $129, Full $149, Queen $199
Polk 10 Year: Twin $249, Full $349, Queen $399 King $599
and many many more!

choose from 30 styles
Your mattress is the most used
piece of furniture in your home.
We will fit you needs!

Sofas Starting At $299

Power Base with a 12”
Gel Mattress $1499

Sectionals Starting At $699

“Where comfort is within your budget”
12 Months Same
As Cash!
Delivery Available

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7421 E. Boon Rd., Cadillac
(1 1/4 Mile West of Old 131)


Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-6;
Saturday 10-3, Sunday/Monday Closed | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a Mattress

Investing in a mattress is one way to improve your quality of life.
A good night’s sleep is sometimes all it takes to wake
up the next day feeling ready to conquer the world.
Investing in a mattress is one way to improve your
quality of life.
Try sleeping on an old mattress. Chances are, you
won’t feel rested in the morning.
Sleep deprivation will affect your mood, health
and job performance. A new, quality mattress that
provides you with a restful night’s sleep is well worth
the price.
Don’t be confused by the choices available. Take it
a step at a time and you will find the perfect mattress.
Ask your friends and family for recommendations,
and then start browsing. Or you can scour the Internet
for information and start narrowing your choices.
Purchasing a mattress is a long-term investment
in your health and self-esteem. Don’t be afraid of
looking at pricier options. Often, expensive mattresses
may be on sale or part of a closeout event. Quality
do have levels of firmness. They also require a larger bottom sheet
mattresses last longer, so you will not have to go through the trouble of
because the pillowtop adds to their extra thickness.
buying another mattress in a year or two. Or worry as much about the
• Coil spring construction are great choices for people who want a firm
mattress sagging and breaking down.
mattress. This option has the ability to keep your spine aligned. Most
Consider your bed size. Is it time to buy a bigger bed? Perhaps you
mattress stores can show you samples of their product lines. Choose
would like to sprawl out and relax.
the best construction you can afford.
Here are a few other things to keep in mind:
• Do you need a firm or soft mattress? People with a bad back, neck or • “Memory” or high-density foam or latex mattress are helpful if you
have physical issues, such as skeletal pain or circulatory problems.
leg pain, or other circulatory problems might require firm support to
This mattress conforms to the shape of the body. It also minimizes
keep their spines aligned. Other people prefer flexible support that fits
pressure points from the head, shoulders and hips.
the contours of their bodies.
• Do you sleep with another person? Mattresses made of memory foam • Adjustable air mattresses allow each person to change the firmness
through electronic and mechanical devices that control air chambers.
might be beneficial, as it will give you a personalized experience
It is an ideal choice for partners who need to have different mattress
without disturbing the other person’s sleep.
preferences. You can also alter firmness for yourself, depending on
• Standard mattresses can exacerbate allergies if you are sensitive to
your physical condition.
lint, cotton, dust or dust mites. If you or your partner have allergies,
When shopping for a mattress, don’t be afraid of lying down and trying
consider getting a latex, foam or water mattress. You might also think
it out. Roll over and pay attention to how your body feels. Are you
about getting a hypoallergenic mattress cover.
Inquire about the mattress guarantee or warranty. A standard warranty
When you are looking at actual mattress options, the following are
is 10 years. If the warranty is shorter or non-existent, look elsewhere.
popular choices:
Remember, your mattress is a long-term investment. Choose wisely and
• Pillowtop mattresses are famous for their softness; however, they you will be rewarded with years of restful nights and energetic days.
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

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A world’s first: Clinically
proven better than normal
A world’s first: Clinically
hearing with less effort.*
proven better than normal
The new Signia
hearing aids.
ease*of hearing redefined.

Hear the colors of sound
Enjoy life’s rich sound. In all its glory

Smart cars, smart phones - smart devices are all around
us. They’re intuitive to operate, they interact with you and
adjust according to you situation. And now they’re becoming
wearable. At Signia, the new name for Siemens hearing
instruments, it’s nothing new. We’ve incorporated advanced
technology into wearable devices since we began making
hearing aids over 130 years ago.
Today we’re continuing that tradition with a comprehensive
range of smart hearing aids.


Motion® M

Motion® P

Motion® SX

Motion® PX

• At a busy restaurant
• Listening to your
favorite music
• At the train station




Signia Pure


A world’s first: CliniCAlly proven better thAn
• Outdoors in wind
aid technology
• In churches &
all day long and in every situation.
only signia’s latest hearing aid technology makes
• At the concert
hearing effortless, all day long and in every situation

$500 OFF
$500 OFF

Only Signia’s latest hearing
aid technology makes hearing
 At a busy restaurant
 Outdoors in wind
all day long and in every situation.

Call today for a complete hearing evaluation to see if the new
At the concert
 At the train station
of Signia hearing aids
Signia hearing aid
product is the right
fit for you.
Outdoors in wind In churches &
 At a busy
 your
 Listening

• Toll
Free 1-877-775-9398
favorite music
 At the concert

 At the train station
 Listening to your
favorite music

 In churches &


FREE hearing screening.
of Signia hearing aids


FREE hearing screening.

* Two clinical studies have shown that binax provides better than normal hearing in certain demanding environments (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum,
2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss using Carat binax or Pure binax hearing
aids with narrow directionality, compared to people with normal hearing. The new wireless, two microphone Motion and Insio binax models have the same directional performance
as the Pure and Carat binax. Veronika Littmann, Matthias Froehlich, Joel Beilin: “Objective listening effort assessment: The benefit of primax”, Whitepaper, Sivantos GmbH, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 Sivantos, Inc. All rights reserved. Sivantos, Inc. is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG. 2/16 D-7377

“The Professional Choice for Hearing
Healthcare and Balance Assessment”
231-775-9398 or toll-free 877-775-9398
Left to Right: Dr. Kelly Pendrick, Audiologist
8872 Professional
normal hearing in certain•demanding
environments (University
2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum,
Dr. Sharon Blackburn, Audiologist • Dr. Amie Ruppert, Audiologist
2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss using Carat binax or Pure binax hearing
aids with narrow directionality, compared to people with normal hearing. The new wireless, two microphone Motion and Insio binax models have the same directional performance
as the Pure and Carat binax. Veronika Littmann, Matthias Froehlich, Joel Beilin: “Objective listening effort assessment: The benefit of primax”, Whitepaper, Sivantos GmbH, 2016.
Copyright © 2016 Sivantos, Inc. All rights reserved. Sivantos, Inc. is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG. 2/16 D-7377



*Studies conducted at University of Northern Colorado (2014) and Oldenburg Horzentrum (2013) showed that Speed Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate
hearing loss using binax with Narrow Directionality, compared to people with normal hearing. Hearing instruments help many people hear better, but cannot solve every hearing problem or restore normal hearing. Features vary by
technology. ©2014 Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. All rights reserved. 10/14 D-7315C-14


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose an Audiologist.

Audiologists provide extensive hearing aid services to patients with hearing loss.
Most of the hearing aids in the United States are
dispensed and fitted by Audiologists using the most
advanced, computerized procedures and state-ofthe-art equipment to individualize their fittings.
Hearing aid options are fully discussed with patients
based on the results of a complete hearing aid
evaluation that includes selection and verification of
the devices most appropriate for the patient. Followup, care and hearing aid accessories are readily
available from Audiologists dispensing hearing aids.
Audiologists provide extensive hearing aid
services to patients with hearing loss. In addition,
Audiologists are experts with other types of assistive
listening devices (ALDs) including individual
and group listening systems, telecommunication
devices, and personal alerting equipment. Finally,
Audiologists provide education and training,
which are crucial steps in ensuring that patients
receive optimum benefit from amplification and
communication devices.
Audiologists have special training and may be
found in medical centers, private practice and have
passed a demanding competency examination A
minimum of a masters degree program is required to
practice as a certified audiologist and most master’s
programs are transferring to doctoral programs.
These professionals belong to several national
organizations guided by a Code of Ethics requiring
that Audiologists’ services must be provided in an
ethical manner.

Hearing-Aid Selection & Fitting

The hearing-aid selection process begins with a
comprehensive hearing test. If you are a candidate
for hearing aids your Audiologist will discuss this
with you at the conclusion of the hearing test. The
Audiologist may suggest seeing a physician to obtain
medical clearance for purchasing hearing aids, due to
possible medical/surgical intervention. If you agree
to the recommendation of purchasing hearing aids,
the Audiologist will typically schedule a HearingAid evaluation. At this visit, the Audiologist will
discuss the available styles and technologies that
are most appropriate for you. Also at this visit the
Audiologist will take impressions of your ear canal,
explain the policies and procedures regarding how
the instruments are dispensed, and inform you of
the cost of the hearing aids.
Usually, it requires a couple of weeks for the
hearing aids to arrive. At the Hearing-Aid Fitting,
you will wear the hearing aids for the first time to
be sure they are comfortable and that whistling
is not present. It is also during this visit that
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

your Audiologist will take additional measures
to verify that the hearing aids are providing
optimum amplification. To accomplish this, many
Audiologists use real-ear measures to verify the
performance of hearing aids. This procedure allows
the Audiologist to assure you that the hearing aids
are optimized for your hearing loss. Finally, your
Audiologist will counsel you extensively on the use
and care of the hearing aids and review the warranty.
You should ask your Audiologist about the benefits
from aural (re) habilitation services such as speechreading, auditory training, assistive listening
devices, communication strategies and counseling
to supplement benefit received from amplification.
Finally, you will be scheduled to return to your
Audiologist to determine if you need to have the
hearing aids adjusted.

How To Purchase Hearing-Aids

Hearing-Aid Signal Processing
Hearing aids can be divided into three major
technologies. At the time of the hearing aid
evaluation, your Audiologist will guide you through
the numerous options available to determine which
of the following general technologies would be most
appropriate for you.
Conventional with
analog signal processing:
These are the most basic hearing aids. They
typically provide “linear” signal processing where
soft, average and loud sounds are amplified equally.
With these hearing aids, patients often turn up the
volume control for loud sounds. These devices
usually require the Audiologist to send the hearing
aids to the manufacturer whenever changes are
necessary. These instruments are a good choice for
patients where finances are a major consideration.
Programmable with
analog signal processing:
These are analog instruments with digital
programming that allow the Audiologist to change
the parameters of the hearing aids via a computer.
This might be necessary to compensate for changes
in hearing or sound quality. Most of these hearing
aids provide “nonlinear” signal processing, where
they amplify softer sounds more and loud sounds
less. Because this signal processing automatically
adjusts volume, many of these hearing aids have
several memories “stored” in the hearing aids
that are available for improved understanding in
different listening situations. A remote control may
be necessary to access these memories or change the

volume. Some of these hearing aids also include more
than one microphone for enhanced understanding
of speech noise.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
with Programability:
This is the most current level of technology
available. Hearing aids with DSP are capable of
providing millions of calculations per second on
the signal(s) received at the microphone before
they are amplified and sent to the listener. Some of
these hearing aids allow the Audiologist to “divide”
the frequency response into numerous bands for
significant flexibility in shaping the response of the
hearing aids to more closely match the individual
needs of the patient. Some of these hearing aids
include more than one microphone to further
enhance the understanding of speech in noise. One of
the advantages of these hearing aids is the capability
to reduce or eliminate feedback or “whistling.”

5 Points for Hearing...
Admit that you have a permanent hearing
problem. “Honesty is the first chapter in the book
of wisdom.” Thomas Jefferson
2. Be aware that it may take a while for the brain
to adjust to a hearing aid, so you can’t always
determine right away if you will like it.
3. Bring appropriate expectations: Hearing aids may
help you cope more effectively in communication,
but they will not restore normal hearing.
4. Be aware that hearing aids do not work well in all
situations. Educate yourself about hearing.
5 Practice, Time and Patience–Your Keys to
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As a member of the community since 1932, Peterson
Funeral Home understands the importance of caring and
respect. Taking the necessary steps now to plan and fund
your funeral is very important to your family’s future. In
fact it is very comforting to know that your wishes are
known and carried out. For professional guidance in your
time of need, call or visit us today.

24 Hr. On Call Staff
Preplanning Arrangements
Traditional Burial
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Megan Meyering-Brinks | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a Funeral Home.
Having to plan something as costly and
monumental as a funeral can be difficult.

Looking for a funeral home isn’t a
pleasant journey.
Making funeral arrangements can be
hard. Dealing with the death of a loved
one is a challenge.
That’s why it is better to think ahead so
you can have a clear mind while making
these difficult decisions.
Most people don’t have much experience with planning funerals. When the
time comes to visit a funeral home, they
find prices vary dramatically. Indeed, funerals can be costly.
Planning before your time of grief will
help you make wise decisions under difficult circumstances.
Here are some things to consider when
you must select a funeral home.
The first step is to find out if the deceased has made any funeral arrangements and whether these plans need to be
changed. Sometimes weather may be an
issue or other factors may get in the way
of what has already been planned.
If no arrangements were made, ask
family and friends to see if the deceased
made any specific wishes. If possible, respect those wishes.
If pre-arrangements with a local company
exist, then contact that company. Arrangements bought years ago may not cover the cost
of the funeral or represent the latest wishes of
the deceased. If you are in this situation, look
around to see if another funeral home has a
better arrangement, or make adjustments as
To find the right funeral home, ask family,
friends and pastors for a recommendation. It
is a good way to focus on funeral homes with
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

excellent reputations. You might also consider your own experiences at funeral homes in
your city.
If you cannot get referrals, look on the Internet. Select three or four funeral homes that
might fit your needs. Visit each one with a
close friend or relative.
Budget is a major concern for most people.
Inquire about basic fees. Ask about services
the funeral home may offer and if payment arrangements can be made. Ask questions and
take notes. Staff members should be patient
with you.

It is important to get written estimates
for everything. Ask about hours for viewing, in-house versus off-site services, cremation services, additional fees and special
The Federal Trade Commission mandates
that funeral homes must provide customers
with a price list. If you believe the casket
prices are too high at one funeral home, you
can purchase the casket elsewhere without
being subjected to additional charges.
Do not decide on a funeral home right
away. Think about it for a bit. The decision
should be made with clarity.
After deciding on a funeral home and
type of service, documentation is the next
step. The funeral director can help you
with the required forms and permits. You
should have a copy of the death certificates
and make the actual burial or cremation arrangements.
When other relatives or friends are involved, it is best to find a funeral home that
fits your family’s needs. Talk with them
honestly and compare notes. Don’t allow
yourself to be pressured into additional
services you don’t need or can’t afford. Stay
within your budget.
Talk to the funeral home and tell them who
in the deceased’s family is authorized to make
decisions. Be very detailed about your expectations and what kind of arrangements you
want. Tell them if something is not being done
according to your intentions.
Good funeral homes will guide you through
the process to ensure that the funeral runs
smoothly for everyone. In your time of grief
and hardship, preplanning can give you a
small measure of comfort and peace.
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The Toughest Window
on the Block
Top 10 Reasons Why Polar Seal Windows Are Better Than The Competition


Where’s the beef? How ‘bout more vinyl in
your vinyl window? More walls and thicker
walls means less chance for cold winter winds to
seep in through your windows. More chambers
help insulate; even as well as foam filled frames
insulate… it’s proven in test results!
SuperSpacer®, the only TRUE WARM-EDGE™
Silicone foam air spacer separates inner and
outer pane of glass so cold can’t transfer in
quickly like metal spacers. Conducts 100 times
less temperature than other “warm edge” steel
spacers, reducing the chance of condensation,
sweat or mold on your brand new windows.
The #1 rated Low E glass in Canada is your
best bet to save heating dollars. As winter gas
bills soar, using the right kind of Low E becomes
even more important. Our “HardCoat’ Low E has
the same net heat loss as an R-19 wall because it
allows more FREE solar energy in than any other
Low E or Heat Mirror available.
Triple Ultrasonically welded weather-stripping.
50-100% more weather-stripping than others seals
out wintery drafts better. Welded fibers remain
longer than woven and pile directors keep those
fibers standing up straight. Black weather-stripping
lasts longer and looks better years down the road
by hiding dirt.
Aluminum screen wire lasts longer. Sure, it’s
tougher to get aluminum wire screens installed
in the home without denting them (that’s why
we package them separately), but once they’re
installed, they won’t sag, fade and deteriorate like
fiberglass screen wire.


Interlocking sashes eliminate leaks. We take
the time and workmanship required to make a
window with sashes that interlock. Polar Seal
has engineered a window that keeps out the
winter winds better than windows simply relying
on butting the sashes together and hoping the
weather-strip will stop the air.
Deep pocket sills and jambs cut wind down. 90
degree angles make it tougher for air to penetrate.
However, most forget this feature at the sill. By
sinking the sashes into deep pocketing jambs and
sills, air’s chances of getting in to your home are
slim to none.
78 different color and wood combinations.
Choose from 3 main colors (white, tan or
earthtone), add 4 real wood-look interior options
(Light Oak, Dark Oak, Cherry or Paintable/
Stainable Simulated Oak), and 7 exterior color
options (white, tan, earthtone, green, clay,
terratint, bronze and gray!)
Double strength glass looks and performs
better. Thicker glass resists breakage better and
lays flatter than single strength, reducing awkward
concave reflections. Go ahead, knock on our glass
and compare it to the others.

Unmatched Service: Lifetime Limited Warranty.
No other vinyl window manufacturer that we know
of stipulates in their warranty that they, the factory,
will make house calls to service their products.
Our warranty is worth much more than the paper
it’s printed on; it is a contract between Polar Seal
and the homeowner.

“Your Full Service Glass Shop”


1722 N U.S. 131 (Next to Arby’s) • Cadillac
800-922-GLAS or 231-779-3960
Licensed & Insured.


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose Windows & Patio Doors.

Whether building or remodeling, windows and patio doors are an
integral design factor in your project and a reflection of your tastes.
They can be practical elements in your
home and enhance architectural features,
like a living room bay window. Windows
and patio doors protect you from
Mother Nature, so care must be taken
in  selection.  Today, you have a myriad of
choices.  Time should be set aside so you
know what products fulfill your needs,
tastes and budget.
When considering options, you may be
seeking a natural look, the ability to match
your color scheme or maintenance-free
features.    20 years ago, vinyl windows
were unheard of in residential construction
in Michigan.  Now they comprise over
50 percent of all sales and are  gaining
Why are vinyl products so
popular?  Vinyl is affordable and can be
custom sized to your openings affordably.  They
require little maintenance and vinyl does not rot,
rust, warp or corrode.  The multi-chambered
extruded frames provide optimal thermal
efficiency during harsh winter months.  Many
manufacturers offer several interior and
exterior color combinations, some even offer
the traditional wood look on the inside of your
home, if you have your heart set on the warm
tones and beauty that only wood can radiate.
Windows come in many styles and functions:
venting and non-venting, double hung, gliders,
or casements and awnings that crank out. There
are also specialty units like bays, bows, garden
windows and custom shapes such as triangles
and trapezoids.  
Windows are the creative
building blocks that let light and air pass into
your home so you need to select styles that fulfill
your purpose.  Some homeowners prefer to have
all windows the same, while others consider the
room and function in determining the style.
Energy concerns have made consumers
aware of the glass options available.  Years
ago windows were made with single panes of
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

glass and then storm windows were added to
increase efficiency.  Technology has given us
products that optimize the energy efficiency
of our windows.  Low-emissivity or Low-E
coatings on the glass, gas fillings in the sealed
cavity between the two panes of glass and
polyester films suspended between the panes are
readily available.  Low-E coatings are popular in
northern climates where heat loss during winter
is a major concern.

Choose Windows
and Patio Doors

Non-conductive spacers between the panes of
glass decrease radiant cold transference across
the spacer channel, reducing condensation, mold
growth and reducing outside noise volume.  As
energy becomes more costly, technology will
help increase energy conservation without
hampering construction design flexibility.
Window manufacturers have their products
independently certified by the National
Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) against
a set of standards.  
Consumer can easily

compare product to see if they meet
energy efficiency needs. Use the U-factor
rating to compare products.  The lower
the U-factor, the better the glazing resists
heat transfer and the higher the energy
performance.   Double hungs and gliders
must be loose enough to slide in the track,
so they have higher air infiltration rates than
casements.  Casements, however, crank out
from the house so they can impede traffic
flow in a walkway.
Because there is so much to consider
when purchasing windows, find a dealer
who is able to educate you about all the
aspects of the products.  Windows and
patio doors are no longer ‘one size fits all’
products.  Warranty issues may need to be
addressed like stress cracks and seal failures,
so your window dealer must let you know
how these issues will be handled.  Although
price is important, the support system that
backs up the products that you purchase is
just as important.  Also, most windows are
manufactured per customer order so they are
not warehoused in a factory waiting to be
sold.  This means that you need to plan ahead
and start working with a dealer of your choice so
you have time to make knowledgeable decisions
about the windows needed for your project.
The installation of a window or patio door
is just as important as the product itself.  Even
the best window can be installed improperly,
causing performance and operational issues.  Be
sure to find an installer who is reputable and has
references readily available.
Condensation problems arise because air can
only hold a limited amount of water vapor and
cold air holds less than warm air. The moisture on
the glass is an indication of the level of humidity
in the home, not the quality of the window,
although non-conductive spacers, Low-E glass
and gas fillings may help reduce condensation.
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College Credit



Explore and Train For Career Success While in High School
Earn Academic Credit

• Aligned to the Michigan Merit Curriculum
• Earn high school credit in English, math, science or applied arts
while you explore a career

Earn Scholarships

• For post-secondary education
• For tools to enter the workforce

Earn FREE Credits

• Last spring, 12 students graduated with an Associate’s degree
from Baker College through the Career Technical Center’s 13th
year program. This opportunity is FREE to the students and their
families with an approximate value of $30,000
• Earn college credits (concurrent, articulated and dual)
• Free credit opportunities with Baker College and articulated credit
opportunities through other institutions
• Over $125,000 in college scholarships were awarded in 2016!


• Combining the classroom with hands-on learning
• On-the-job, practical, and real-world experiences
• Taught by experienced professionals on state-of-the-art equipment
• Work-based learning and co-op opportunities

Career Success

• On-the-job experiences = informed career choices
• Save $$ by starting college or a career with a focus and a plan
• Interviewing techniques, training, and aptitude testing available
• National Career Readiness Certification validates job force

Explore and Train for Your Success

• Enrollment is free
• Plan now and enroll for your 11th and 12th grade years
• Students spend half of their day at the WMCTC, while the other half
of the day is spent at their local high school. Busing is provided.
• For a fee, adults may enroll in daytime programs when space is
• Call 231-876-2200 today for additional information or ask your high
school counselor to arrange a visit

Automotive Technology

Intro to Health Care

The Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center Mission is to “Prepare Students For Career Success”. Please go to
for program specific information or call us to set up an appointment to meet with a counselor or instructor at 231.876.2200
Proudly serving Cadillac, Lake City, Manton, Marion, Mesick, McBain, Pine River and other northern Michigan Schools.

The Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District does not discriminate in any of its educational programs, or employment practices on the basis of race, creed, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, handicap or English speaking activities.


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a Career.

Some people are born knowing what their career passion is in life.
For most, however, this “passion” won’t
become realized until an experience sets them
on course for their career. Regardless, lifelong
personal success depends on you.
Yes, qualities such as ambition, dedication,
education, and skills all play a role in
determining your future, but true success will
also be determined by well-developed strategies
concerning academics and career. But what, then,
are the right steps to take in order to achieve these
desired results? Everyone has different paths
they choose to take, but here are some tips to
consider before making a life-changing decision.

you best, begin developing a plan to reach your
career goal.
Select a training center
You’ll need one that offers a college degree or
training program to meet your career goal and
financial situation.

Research funding options

Find out about financial aid and scholarships
that could help support your efforts to attain
your goal.

Develop job-hunting skills

Think about what you want to do and find out
more about the kind of training, education, and
skills are needed to achieve career goals.

As you prepare to graduate or move into
the job market, you should develop a true
understanding of how to locate and secure jobs
in your industry and know about different hiring

Assess skills & interests

Develop interview skills

Develop a career plan

Think hard about what you enjoy, what you
are good at, what kind of personality you have,
and your values. You don’t want to work hard
toward a career you’ll dislike.

Research occupations

Find out more about the nature of the jobs that
interest you such as educational requirements,
salary, working conditions, future outlook, and
industry certifications.

Compare your skills

Compare your skills and interests with your
selected occupations. The career that matches
your skills, interests, and personality the closest
may be the career for you.

Choose a career goal

Once you’ve decided what occupation matches

Friday, August 12, 2016 |

Develop an impressive résumé style along with
dos and don’ts. Learn acceptable interviewing
techniques and develop communication skills.

Seek assistance

Go to a career guidance center at a school
or college or a local library for additional
information and help on career planning and
don’t forget about Internet resources.

Fastest growing jobs
in Michigan

01. Registered Nurses
02. Customer Service Representatives
03. Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer
04. Accountants and Auditors
05. Elementary School Teachers, except Special
06. Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational

07. Industrial Engineers
08. Computer Systems Analysts
09. Human Resources, Training, and Labor
Relations Specialists
10. Network Systems and Data
Communications Analysts
11. Insurance Sales Agents
12. Management Analysts
13. Dental Assistants
14. Purchasing Agents, exe. Wholesale, Retail,
and Farm Products
15. Dental Hygienists
16. Bill and Account Collectors
17. Public Relations Specialists
18. Sales Managers
19. Market Research Analysts
20. Computer Software Engineers, Applications
21. Skilled Trades (Welders, Machinists,
plumbers, masons. etc.)

• Compare your skills and interests
with your selected occupations
• Develop an impressive résumé and
polish your interviewing skills
• You will need a school or training
center that meets your education
and financial requirements

• What occupation matches you best?
• Do you have a plan to reach your
career goal?
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When You Pay Thousands of Dollars for a Car,
Don’t Expect Special Treatment,


In theory, buying a car sounds simple. You find a
car you want. You have what it takes to buy it. But
for some reason, the dealership has found a way to
make the whole deal irritating.
At Highpoint Cadillac GMC, your exclusive
Cadillac and GMC Truck dealership, we know that
our customers are respected in both their personal
and professional lives, and you can expect to be
treated with that same level of respect the moment
you come into our dealership. It’s the type of
preferred treatment people everywhere deserve
and appreciate.
Visit us at Highpoint today. You will leave with
your self-respect intact and be located comfortably
in the driver’s seat of a new Cadillac or GMC Truck.


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News

South End Business US-131 • Exit 177, Cadillac
(231) 775-1222 • 1-800-828-9852

SALES HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 8:30 AM-6 PM, Sat. 9 AM-1 PM
Mon.-Fri. 7:30 AM-5 PM, Sat. 8 AM-NOON FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a New Car Dealer.
New car buyers are often afraid of overpaying when they
have to interact with a new car dealer to purchase a vehicle.

Because of this initial anxiety in the minds
of car buyers, purchasing a new or even a used
car has become a tactical encounter instead of
a simple negotiation for a good price on a new
or used car.
There is a way to handle the entire process of
car buying that consists of just a few calculated
steps that will result in your finding a good car
dealer you will be very pleased with.
Selecting the right kind of car for you and
your family is by far the biggest thing to
consider. If you have a large family and you
take frequent trips with the family, you should
be looking at an SUV or a van to accommodate
everyone. On the other hand, a college student
buying a car will find that a small sub-compact
or a compact car will meet his needs adequately.
preferences when determining the type of the
vehicle and related options. In case you have a
long travel drive to work on a daily basis, you
should think of a smaller vehicle having a good
MPG rating. Also, items like hybrid models
and suitable options for your needs as well as
your locale should be considered. Those who
live in cold weather must seriously consider a
style of vehicle with all-wheel drive or frontwheel drive.
Friday, August 12, 2016 |

The next step is to spot vehicle types that
interest you. Internet sites as well as other
highly regarded resources are available for you
to do research on styles which fit your needs.
You really need to select from several models
that interest you.
Test driving the vehicle first, prior to making
any concrete decisions to purchase or to speak
about price is the correct way to proceed. You
have got to identify your top two or so choices
so that you can select a new car dealership to
start discussing buying a vehicle.
Do not get caught up in talking about sales
agreements yet; you’re still in the process of
contemplating the ideal choice for your newcar.
When you decide on a few cars you would
consider purchasing, start to research the
dealers in your local area. For your best two
vehicle selections, it is best to find the closest
couple of dealers for that make of vehicle. This
is important in getting the selling price down,
since dealers for the same types of vehicle will
compete for your sale.
Also make sure you have looked out for
current sales of the car you are interested in.
Automobile producers have several sales that
may enable you to get a greater deal on the

automobile of your choice.
In addition at particular times in the year,
such as the product year-end occasions, you
can get a better deal on a brand new automobile.
If you are adamant, and want to hold out for
the best possible price, get in touch with the
dealerships in your local area with a request
for a price quote on your top two favored
models. This way when it comes time for
you to complete a buying decision, you will
possess price quotes that you can use to get a
potentially better offer on the vehicle.
After you have received price quotes from
the closest dealerships, start contacting dealers
of your favorite vehicle selection. Obtain the
dealerships’ very best price on your automobile.
Then you may wish to go to these dealers and
begin talking to sales agents regarding your
potential automobile purchase.
It is critical that you only deal with a
dealership you’re comfortable with. Because
of the large price of a car and the long-term
commitment you are entering, you will find
that it is worth it to invest a few extra dollars
to get a seller who gives you a good buying
experience and who meets your car buying
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How to Guide 2016


Cancer. We will get through this together.
A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing experience. We want you to know that you are
not alone – we’ll walk with you every step of the way.
Our experts at the Cadillac Cancer & Infusion Center are here to provide and guide
your care so that you can stay close to your home, family, and friends.
We’re here for you. We’ll get through it together.
To learn more, call 231-876-6420.


How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a Cancer Treatment Center.

Whether you, a friend or a family member receives the devastating news,
a cancer diagnosis is frightening for everyone involved.
Cancer is a terrible disease that affects
millions of people. Almost everyone has
someone they know that has cancer or is in
Cancer is one of the most wide-ranging and
complex diseases. If you or a loved one has
been diagnosed with cancer, it might be hard
to decipher all of the treatment options.
Patients will need expert-level care and
lots of support. Choosing a place to receive
treatment may seem overwhelming.
If you need the services of a cancer treatment
center, here are a few things to consider.




Following the advice of a doctor is one of
the most important steps in treating cancer.
First choose who will do the treatment. A
qualified specialist will guide you through the
process, answering questions patiently and
accurately. Oftentimes, patients select doctors
based on the type of cancer they have been
diagnosed with.
Receiving treatment at the center where your
specialist practices will be to your advantage.
Your doctor will have working relationships
with other staff people who will assist you
during your recovery process.
Insurance coverage is another consideration.
Review your policy to verify that your doctor
and cancer treatment center are covered by
your insurance. Understand the deductibles,
co-pays and coverage limits that are already in
place. This information will also assist you in
the decision-making process.

Friday, August 12, 2016 |

If at all possible, find a qualified cancer
treatment center in your location.
Treatment may involve lengthy and repetitive
chemotherapy or radiation treatments, so
traveling for long periods of time will exhaust
your bank account and body.
Sometimes, people believe that big
cancer facilities in large cities will offer
better treatment, but that is not always the
case. Depending on your diagnosis and
recommended treatment, you may be able to
find comparable treatment close to home.

Cancer affects many people. Unfortunately,
this means it will be easy to find first-person
recommendations about the best treatment
Ask your network of friends and family
who have faced a cancer diagnosis -- or
supported loved ones through the process.
They may have wise advice and detailed
impressions about the cancer treatment
centers they used. You will be able to get an
idea about what to expect and the quality of
care you will receive.
Research on the Internet can help you find
local centers as well as read reviews from
patients and loved ones. Check your local
newspaper for centers in your area. Sometimes
you may be able to find a promotion or other


Many cancer treatment centers offer plenty
of support services for their patients.
Connecting you with nonprofit groups and
community health resources will inspire you
on the road to recovery. Centers will also
set up counseling sessions for caregivers and
people going through similar situations. This
help goes beyond medicine for the body. It
will assist you emotionally and mentally.
Most cancer patients and loved ones find these
services invaluable.


Some cancer treatment centers offer
specialized care.
Many centers are on the leading edge of
medical research. Depending on your diagnosis
and doctor’s recommendation, you may be
a candidate for clinical trials or experimental
Ask your doctor what trials or treatments
might be effective for your particular type
of cancer. If necessary, you can allow this
information to guide your decision.
Find a cancer treatment center where you
and your loved one will feel comfortable. Not
all centers are hospital-themed. Many provide
a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere to make
the experience a little easier.

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A Trusted Member of Your Community For Over 58 Years.


Family Owned Since 1954


• No tank lease fee*
• New tank set & leveled
• Complete leak test

• Up to 40’ of copper
• New tank
• Two regulators

5507 W. Houghton Lake Rd.
Lake City

*With required usage

How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose a Propane Company.
Follow these tips to help you select the
best propane provider in your area.

If you’re thinking about using propane, find a good propane
company you can count on for all of your needs and advice.
Propane can be a great alternative to using electricity. People
in rural areas use propane for home heating and cooking. It is
particularly popular in areas unreachable by natural gas lines.
A quality supplier can guide you through the process of using
propane. He will sell the fuel at a reasonable price and provide
service and repairs.
When the power flickers, you will be glad you chose to use
Follow these tips to help you select the best propane provider
in your area.


Regular customers to any business often get better service.
Establish a good relationship with your supplier, particularly if you heat
your entire home with propane.
The best companies will work hard to develop a strong relationship
with you as well. They will treat you with respect.
Buy tanks from a reputable company that sells high-quality products.
The company should also provide service for the tanks they sell.
If you use a propane-fueled barbecue grill, exchange your empty tank at
an authorized propane dealer for the best service. Bringing your tank to a
convenience store or big-box retailer may not give you the best value for
your money.


Purchase the best quality tank you can afford. It will last longer than a
cheaper one, and you won’t have to worry about leakage.
High-quality tanks are made with heavier metal, so they are built to last.
Their valves and hoses are not prone to breakage.
A high-quality dealer will replace a faulty tank without question. Also
ask about ways to save money on propane. A regular delivery schedule
may come with price breaks. Locking in an annual price will help you
avoid price fluctuations.


Propane companies are subject to government requirements and
standards. When you visit the office, look for certifications and licenses

Friday, August 12, 2016 |

that should be displayed prominently.
If they are not posted, request to see them. Salespeople are also licensed
by the government. They should be happy to show you their licensing
and certification for your state.
Remember that you are protecting your family, life and property by
asking for verification. Any reputable dealer will be more than happy to
show their documentation to you.


Before doing business with any propane company, check their safety
and customer service record.
State public service commission’s usually oversee propane supplies.
Speaking to them can be quite informative.
The Better Business Bureau is the best source for information on
customer service complaints. Avoid a company with too many safety
infractions and too many dissatisfied customers.
However you should not discount a company that has responded to
complaints and resolved issues.
Family, friends and neighbors are also great sources of information about
propane dealers in your community. Ask them about their experiences.
Most propane dealers are safe, honest and highly reputable. Time and
research will determine which dealer is a good fit for you. Once you
have selected the best dealer in your community, work to establish a
relationship with them. Having a friend in the business is a very good
thing on a cold winter’s night.
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How to Guide 2015


Run with the


and find out "how to" use newspaper advertising to grow your business.

Your #1 Source

of Local News, Sports &
Advertising Information.

Experts confront
multiple explanations
for surge of killings
on page a7

Clinton uses convention
to send message to
wary GOP voters on page a4


July 29, 2016

Cadillac, Michigan
75 cents

Trusted. Local. Connected.

Cadillac woman becomes U.S. citizen at 68


Ann Willinger registered to vote right
after being sworn in as a citizen
by mardi suhs
cadillac news

Osceola County
candidates vie
for trustee,
Republican candidates from Highland,
Evart townships run for
trustee and supervisor

See Page C3, A4.

Testing confirms new,
rarely seen whale in
Pacific Ocean
Genetic tests confirm that a mysterious, unnamed species of beaked whale
only rarely seen alive
by Japanese fishermen
roams the northern
Pacific Ocean, according to research
published this week.
The testing shows the
black whales, with bulbous heads and beaks
like porpoises, are
not dwarf varieties of
more common Baird’s
beaked whales, a slategray animal.

See A8.

CADILLAC — In a small house near
the fairgrounds, Max and Ann
Hansen recently held a celebration in the back yard beneath a
bright red tent — complete with a
red, white and blue cake.
Ann was the guest of honor.
The 68-year old immig rant
from the for mer Yugoslavia
was celebrating her U.S. citizenship, a dream that came
true on July 19.
Ann always wanted to be
a citizen, but she feared she
couldn’t afford the application
fees, especially while raising
five children, and later, while
taking care of her husband.
“We talked to somebody that
said they paid $10,000 in fees
to become a U.S. citizen,” Max
said. “She was here legally.

courtesy photo

rylie reagan poses with
her “Top 10” award she
received for having the
sixth most callbacks after
her audition.

She had her green card, but we
couldn’t afford the fees.”
With plastic oxygen tubes
dangling from his neck, Max
stood near his wife to help tell
her story. Max was diagnosed
with terminal lung disease 14
years ago and eventually Ann
quit her job to take care of
him. When she turned 65, her
application for Social Security
benefits was denied. The name
on her green card didn’t match
the name on her earnings documents.
Ann Willinger was 3 years
old when she immigrated to the
United States from war tor n
Yuguslavia in 1948.
Everything she remembers
about her family history has
been carefully hand-written in
a spiral notebook. But many decourtesy photo
tails are missing.
Ann Willinger, of Cadillac, smiles after receiving a certificate of u.s. citizenship at
sTOry COnTInueD On PAge A2
a swearing in ceremony held in grand Haven on July 19.

‘This is the
real deal’

Dream of being an actress
coming true for 12-year-old
Cadillac resident

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by gabrielle martin
cadillac news

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oung girls across
the country dream
of being a teenage
star on Nickelodeon or Disney, but for 12-year-old Rylie
Reagan that dream may soon be a reality.
Rylie recently auditioned in Florida for Premiere, a talent scout company that works to pair talented
children with acting opportunities
in films, commercials and music,
and was one of the few children
to receive multiple callbacks.
In the coming weeks, she will
be traveling to Los Angeles and
New York City to decide where
her acting career may go next.


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The first step in pursuing
a dream

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Cadillac News

With a grin from ear to
ear, Rylie said, “Acting is
my favorite thing to do.”
She has been in several
productions locally, her
favorite being the Junior
Footliters production of
“Alice in Wonderland”
in which she was the
Cheshire Cat.
The fact that Rylie loves
acting is no secret in her
family. Before Christmas
her aunt, who works for
an advertising company,

passed along some information about
upcoming Premiere auditions in Detroit.
So, Rylie got a script, memorized
it and went down for the auditions,
where there were over 1,200 kids auditioning for a handful of opportunities to go to Florida for the final Premiere auditions.
After several rounds of auditions
in Detroit, Rylie was chosen as one
of about 15 kids from Michigan to
receive an invitation to audition in

Auditions in Florida
For the past several months, Rylie
has been using Skype to get lessons
from a Premiere coach and has been rehearsing scripts for two commercials,
two scenes (one for a sitcom and one for
a soap opera) and two monologues (one
dramatic and one comedic).
Earlier this month, Rylie, her mom,
Jenn Reagan, and her cousin, Emily
Lepine, traveled to Florida for the auditions.
“It was very, very nerve-wracking,”
Rylie said of her first audition. “I’ve
never really done an audition for anything except local plays ... I was scared,
but then when I got on stage and I actually did it I was like, ‘Ok. I can do this.’”
Rylie auditioned in front of over
30 industry professionals, including
agents, casting directors, Disney representatives and Nickelodeon representatives, over a period of several days.
sTOry COnTInueD On PAge A2

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How to Guide 2016 - Cadillac News | Friday, August 12, 2016


Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon
Here are some tips to help you find the
best surgeon for your needs.

When you are having a major surgical procedure on your
musculoskeletal system, it is essential to find the best medical
professional for the job.
The right orthopedic surgeon will help heal injuries to your
shoulders, hands, joints or knees. These medical professionals provide
help for sports injuries or joint replacements.
Time, persistence and research can put you on the right path to
recovery. Here are some tips to help you find the best surgeon for
your needs.


Ask your primary care physician for the names of orthopedic
surgeons. Your doctor is the best resource for finding a medical
professional who can handle your case effectively. Other medical
professionals in his practice might also be able to refer you. It is
important that you find a surgeon who specializes in what you need.
For example, a man with a sports injury and an elderly person who
needs a knee replacement will require two very different doctors.
Request information about the surgeon’s background, where he
attended medical school and where he did his residency.
Many orthopedic specialists become experts at performing one or
two types of procedures. Keep in mind that the more experience they
have with cases like yours, the more likely you will have a good outcome
after the procedure.

Full Spectrum

The best surgeons help you with preparation and recovery from your
medical treatment. They do more than just perform an actual procedure.
They will take the time to answer all your questions patiently and offer
practical suggestions to help you hasten your recovery. As well, the
Qualified doctors don’t often share the same philosophy when it comes doctor will look at your lifestyle to help you become healthier. He will
to medical treatment.
not simply fix your broken or painful body part. Changing your lifestyle
Some surgeons prefer having patients try other options – such as and taking better care of yourself may lessen the need for surgery in the
physical therapy, dietary or lifestyle changes – before performing surgery. future.
Others think it is wiser to do surgery before a problem gets worse.
At your initial consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, try to
Hospital Privileges
understand their medical philosophy. Think about whether it matches
Surgeons must be allowed to operate in facilities. Different hospitals
your expectations.
have different levels of technology and equipment. You will want to have
The surgeon should make you feel comfortable and confident. A
the procedure done at a hospital that is equipped to fit your needs.
good bedside manner, with excellent knowledge, experience and
If you prefer to have the surgery performed at a particular hospital,
communication, will make you feel more relaxed about your health care
check to make sure the surgeon is approved to operate at the facility.

Friday, August 12, 2016 |

Cadillac News -

How to Guide 2016


Specialized Orthopedic
Care and Treatment
Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital, partnered with Drs. Paul Bizzigotti,
Sudhir Rao and Aleksander Tosic offer specialized care and treatment in all areas
of orthopedic injuries and conditions. These fellowship-trained and experienced
orthopedic surgeons provide complete care by offering the procedures below:

Ankle and Foot

Skin and Soft Tissue

• Adult flatfoot reconstruction
• Ankle arthroscopy
• Ankle and triple arthrodesis
• Ankle replacement
• Bunion, hammertoe correction

• Scar revision
• Skin and muscle flaps
• Skin graft

Sports Medicine

• Partial and total elbow replacement
• Tennis elbow

• Hip preservation surgery
• Total hip replacement, including
minimally invasive techniques

• Partial knee replacement
• Revision knee replacement
• Total knee replacement

• Clubfoot
• Congenital limb anomalies
• Hip dysplasia

• Arthroscopic surgery
• Bankart repair for recurrent
• Reverse shoulder replacement
• Rotator cuff repair
• Total shoulder replacement

Paul Bizzigotti, MD
Cadillac Orthopaedics
8872 Professional Drive
Cadillac, MI 49601

• ACL reconstruction
• Ankle ligament reconstruction
• Joint preservation procedures,
including cartilage grafting and
correcting osteotomy
• Repair of ruptured tendons-patellar,
quadriceps, achilles, rotator cuff
• Shoulder instability reconstruction

Paul Bizzigotti, MD

• Treatment of adult and pediatric
fractures and nonunions of the
appendicular skeleton

Wrist and Hand
• Carpal tunnel release
• Fasciectomy for Dupuytren’s
• Finger and thumb joint arthroplasty
• Nerve decompression, nerve repair,
nerve graft
• Partial and total wrist arthrodesis
• Rheumatoid hand reconstruction
• Skin and soft tissue contractures
• Tendon repair
• Trigger finger
• Wrist arthroscopy

Sudhir Rao, MD & Aleksandar Tosic, MD
Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine of Cadillac
803 Lynn Street
Cadillac, MI 49601

Sudhir Rao, MD

Aleksandar Tosic, MD