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Suzana Milevska
Research, curatorial and theoretical interests:
Visual arts and postcolonial critique of hegemonic power in art;
gender difference and feminist art;the construction of visual memory in photographic
arts in postsocialist and transitional societies;
collaborative and participatory art practices.
‘Agency and Reverse Recuperation’, More Europe, Copernicus Science Centre,
Warsaw‘Curatorial Agency as Cultural Translation and Knowledge Production’, lecture
at ECM, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
‘Curatorial Theory and Practice: A Reverse Perspective’, Angewandtes Ausstellen, University
of Applied Arts, Vienna
‘Feminist Art as Agency: Apophatic vs. Kataphatic Principle’, TransYgoslav Feminsms:
Women’s Heritage Revisited, Gliptoteka, Zagreb, Croatia, 17.10.2013.
Balkan is Now, moderator of the debate
(curator Gulsun Bal), DEPO, Vienna. 10.10.2013
“Highly Curved Loops of Space-Time: Art History in Regional Perspective”, inaugural
lecture, Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 15.10.
2013 ‘Woman must put herself into the text: Feminist Agency of Sanja Iveković’s Art’,
workshop in the context of Sanja Iveković’s solo exhibition Unknown Heroine, 15
participants, 27.01.2013, Calvert 22, London
“Lack and Supplement: Gender and Agency in Public
Space”, How to Identify with Difference Curated by Elke Krasny, Kunstraum
Niederoesterreich, Vienna, 29.01.2013.
‘Staging the Transgression’, Civil Partnerships: Queer and Feminist Curating, TATE
Modern, London
‘Post-Representational Curating: Talking About Curatorial Agency Suzana Milevska’
In Conversation with Nora Sternfeld, Alvar
‘Epistemological and Ethical Turn in Curatorial Knowledge Production -practice and
theory-‘ PhD by research programme with Renate Lorenz, Academy of Fine Art, Vienna
‘Art Practice
Based Research: Events of Production of Knowledge, Artistic Research and
Ethical Conundrums’, Conference
report, SHARE/ELIA
Conference, KUVA, Helsinki
'The Reciprocal Relationship between Art and Visual Culture in the Balkans,”Space
‘Can the Subaltern Speak East’, Workshop at the Gender Check,
curated by Bojana Pejic, MUMOK, Vienna
‘What can transnational feminist theory learn from regional
feminism’, Feminist Review Conference, Feminist Theory and
Activism in Global Perspective, SOAS, University of London, London (UK)
‘Internalisation of
Institutional Critique’, Evaluating and Formative Goals of Art Criticism in
Recent (De)territorialized Contexts,
AICA, Seminar, curator and

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