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So much of an Indian one can be, or no matter how long you have been in India,
you only get the vibes of being an Indian when you hear “PADHARO MHARE
The feeling of this slogan echoes throughout the lanes of every village, city and
town, and can only be found in RAJASTHAN. A place which was marked by the
reigns of several kings. Its palaces and forts are reminders of the many kingdoms
that historically vied for the regions. A state which is known for being neighbours
with Pakistan, for having enormous deserts and various pilgrimage sites.
One small part of it is the town Bundi.
The town of Bundi is situated 35 km from Kota and 210 km from Jaipur.
The city lies near a narrow gorge, and is surrounded on three sides by hills of the
Aravalli Range. A substantial wall with four gateways encircles the city.
Best Time To Visit:
Summer season in ‘Bundi’ is normally hot, with the temperature increasing up till
44 degrees Celsius, and thus advised not to visit around this time.
Rainy season is a pleasing time to visit for those who love the showers with the
temperature over around 24 degrees Celsius.
Winter is the best time to visit Bundi. The weather during this time stays cheered
up with temperature between 2 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.
Tourist Attraction:
In ancient times, the area around Bundi was apparently inhabited by various local
tribes and this gave a more Indian-ness to the monuments it holds. Listed below
are regarded as the main places of attraction:
Taragarh Fort:
Established in the year 1354, Taragarh Fort or ‘Star Fort’ is still considered as one
of the most impressive forts. With its vegetation in the outfield, this fort lies on a
steep slope. Even being the main tourist attraction by itself, the view from the fort
is picturesque. There are three gateways to the fort, well known as Lakshmi Pol,
Phuta Darwaza and Gagudi ki Phatak. It offers a panoramic view of the city of
Bundi situated in Nagpahari of Aravalli ranges.

Also it has a half submerged temple at the center which is dedicated to Lord Varun Dev.Sukh Mahal: Built in the 19th century. Located on the banks of river Jait Sagar. The major attraction is the pristine water which reflects the whole of the city. yet a quintessential palace – with several man made lakes. The Hatia Pol is another important peculiarity of the Ratan Daulat. Beauty takes guard as it is bring situated around flourishing gardens. but Bundi is still hidden from the tourist map. It is also said that underground tunnels run from the palace as they were once used for the King’s exits. Dabhai Kund: One of the largest ‘Kunds’ in India. this palace is famous for its step wells and water tanks. Ratan Daulat: This majestic monument holds a character reference to the knighthood and magnanimity of the Rajput rulers. one can hear the noise of the silence felt at the palace. with steps leading down. Raniji ki Baori: . Bundi Palace: Located on the foot of the Taragarh Fort. The specialty of this lake is that it is square shaped. The best wall paintings in the Bundi style are still available in the Chitrashala. Blessed with natural beauty. Shaped like an inverted pyramid. These paintings are displayed in excellent conditions. There are also carvings built within the stables for horses. well preserved and truly fascinating to attract millions of visitors. this palace depicts an epitome of engineering. exquisite statues and classic Bundi art. Nawal Sagar Lake: Being the most important backbone of ‘Bundi’. this lake is an artificial lake that can be seen from the Taragarh Fort. the visit will depict the architecture of the place and is attracted by most tourists. it boasts a historical significance to be remembered. One can learn about the bygone era and get completely nostalgic about the olden and golden days of India.

the empty tomb has 84 pillars. According to various beliefs. holds a significance for a married couples. sports and music Best time to visit: Nov-Dec confirming the dates Kalji Teej Festival: Again a two day festival celebrated with the beginning of monsoon. It was constructed during the reign of his son Maharao Raja Budh Singh who ruled Bundi from 1695 AD to 1729 AD. it strengthens the bond between married couples. Tejaji Fair Festival: A five day occasion. Kshar Bagh: The forbidden garden as by the Government holds the tombs of the royal families standing in their architectural splendour. It was built as a tribute to the king’s care taker in his childhood. with numerous temples dedicated to Tejaji as a saint. The tourists are captivated by other programs including dance. where various handicrafts and houshold attires are displayed for sale. A well with steps and being 46 meters deep. It is basically a two storey building having strong roots and domes on corners. It is a common belief that Tejaji can protect his devotees from snake bite and therefore he is worshiped with utmost devotion throughout the region. It includes a variety of traditions with artists performing bands on elephants and camels Best time to visit: 1st week of August. Chaurasi Khambon Ki Chhatri: As the name ‘Chaurasi’ means the number 84. it is also known for a multi-structure setting with places to worship on each floor. strong and standing straight since 1740. Best time to visit: Sept-Oct How to reach Bundi: .Also known as the Queen’s stepwell. as was built by Rao Anirudh Singh. An impressive structure filled with carvings of various animals is mesmerizing. Fairs And Festivals: Bundi Festival: A two day occasion which reflects the traditions and cultures of Rajasthan. the pillars are filled with carvings with an elephant statue at every corner.

Bundi itself has a small railway station. it is a source of inspiration to art-lovers. So one can easily reach Jaipur. . Due to the existence and survival of immense the artifacts. BY RAIL: India. is approximately 1 hour away from Bundi. splendid palaces. Bundi is well connected to all parts of it by various modes. Taxis or buses are convenient which can lead you here. a wide network of road connects Jaipur. the Rajasthani culture.Despite being on the southern part of Rajasthan. has an airport which is 220kms from Bundi. Being located in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan. forts and lakes and gardens enhances the beauty of the region. Kota or Ajmer by rails and further a bus or car can take you to Bundi. Ajmer etc with rest of India BY AIR: Jaipur being the capital of Rajasthan. which makes it easy for the tourists to visit conveniently. BY ROAD: Kota being one of the major cities in Rajasthan. which is connected by Agra and Kota. Also. is majorly connected by railways. So a bus or a car is convenient to take you from Jaipur to Bundi. Also.