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Science Fair

Miscellaneous Information

Question and Answer

• This year’s rotating schedule is different from last
• Each day of the week will have its own unique rotation,
with 4th period at the same time of day to
accommodate the lunch block.
• If we are off on any day(s) of the week, then that
rotation schedule is skipped for that day(s).
• Each day the first week of school is a DAY 1. Actual
rotation begins August 22.

This year, my students and I are part of a TEAM 8A –
Gifted/Advanced with Ms. Shillings and Ms. Knoff (Social
Studies) and Ms. Eason (Language Arts). We will be working on
cross-curricular content throughout the year.
Our team will require a planner for use by the students. There will
be a grade attached to the filling out of the planner. More
information on this will be given next week.
We will have the same standards and expectations across the team.
Please see the Team Letter Handout.

• Science Fair projects are required off all students in advancedlevel classes (all of my classes are advanced level!).

• Students may work on projects individually, or in groups of up to
three people. (NOTE: groups in my classes MUST be made up of
people who have me as a teacher!!!)
• More information to come the first few weeks of school, but be
thinking about topic ideas!


Volunteer forms are required of any adults wishing to volunteer on
campus (including attending field trips).

PE uniforms are on sale in the gym for TWENTY DOLLARS.

Bus information can be found in the cafeteria.

I will be sending out some additional paperwork early next week which
will need to be filled out and returned.

Lockers will be sold during 4th period beginning Wednesday of next
week. Locker cost will be five dollars for the year.