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Implementing Enhancements in a view

By Raghava Vakada, Mouri Tech Solutions

“In this tutorial, I would like to explain about Implementing Enhancements in a Webdynpro View. If you do
not wish to display certain UI elements that exist in the layout, you can suppress such elements in your
enhancement. The Enhancement can be created using the SAP standard webdynpro applications and
custom applications. In this tutorial I am doing enhancement in custom application that should be in
display mode and simply select the respective UI element and then choose its context menu
entry Remove Element”.
In this demo, I am executing a WebDynpro application that already exists.

The application having two images result shown below

Switch to change mode to display mode and select the “GROUP_CP” UI component.Get back to the Webdynpro component and select the “Layout” in the view for UI enhancement and you can observe two different Groups in the “RootElementContainer”. .

Description “Second Image Group Enhancement” and Click “Continue Button”. Enter the enhancement name “ZENHANCEMENT_2IMAGE”.Go to the menu bar “ViewEnhance”. .

Enhancement Created Select the Enhanced UI component. Open the Context menu and “Remove Element” .

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