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GeneralCOST Estimator™ for Excel™

Construction Cost Estimating Software for Excel™
CPR, Inc. (C). 2002-11. All Rights Reserved.
Release Notes:
Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista or Windows 7
Excel 2000/2003 or Excel 2007/2010
There are two ways:
1. Click on the GeneralCOST Estimator shortcut icon on the desktop
2. Click the Start button. Then click All Programs. Find and point your mouse on GeneralCOST
Estimator program group, then click on GeneralCOST Estimator
Be sure to click on "Enable Macros" button at Excel's macro warning.
The GeneralCOST menu will be automatically inserted among the Excel menu system
between "Window" and "Help".
FOR OFFICE 2007/2010:
In response to security warning, click on Options, then "Enable this content".
This will allow the program to run on MS Excel 2007/2010. When GeneralCOST Estimator
opens, the program menu can be accessed by clicking on Excel's "Add-ins" menu.
Excel's "High" level macro security will not allow Excel macros to run on the computer. The
standard setting is "Medium". If your setting is at "High", you should switch to "Medium"
security in order to run GeneralCOST Estimator.
To change level of security:
1. In the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Security
2. Click the Security Level tab, then click Medium
FOR OFFICE 2007/2010:
1. Click Office button
2. Click Excel Options button at the bottom
3. Click on Trust Center menu
4. Click on Macro Settings
5. Click on Enable All Macros
Click on Start > All Programs > GeneralCOST Estimator. Then select
“Uninstall GeneralCOST Estimator”
This shall uninstall GeneralCOST Estimator from your computer.
User registration unlocks time limited restrictions.
CPR, Inc. will provide free technical support services to registered users by phone, Internet website and
by email.

This will cause your copy of GeneralCOST Estimator Trial Edition to become a legally registered copy licensed for one (1) user. This means that in order to legally use it beyond the 7-day evaluation period. then select “Enter Authorization Code”. Enter it here. GeneralCOST Estimator Trial Edition will cease to function.GeneralCOST Estimator Trial Edition is a Shareware product.cprsoft. After the 7-day trial period. you must complete registration by purchasing it. click on GeneralCOST and purchase the registered software. By Phone: Call 1-800-970-2771 with your registration and payment method. We will provide your Authorization Code at that time or by return of call or email. . Once you register GeneralCOST Estimator and receive your Authorization Code. Multi-user Site License available. You may register your copy of GeneralCOST Estimator as follows: Online: Visit our website at http://www.