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Have you ever wondered...

Should I take the SAT, the ACT or the Accuplacer?
When should I be taking the test that is right for me?
Why are these tests important?
What changes have they made to the SAT?
How are the tests scored? Is it ok to guess or not to
Can I and should I take it more than once?
How can I pay for the test if I can’t afford it?

Join us for a free workshop!
When: Thursday, August 18th, 6 - 8 pm
Where: Shelbyville High School’s Breck Auditorium
Facilitator: Whitney Ramsay, Admissions Counselor at Franklin College
Who should attend: High school freshmen, sophomores, & juniors, and/or
their parents.
You will also be provided with:
Resources for testing prep
Testing dates
Test taking tips