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Ahmed Ibrahim

Professor Carol Clark

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In this course I learned a lot about myself and the other people around me. Now I see
myself and others from a different perspective than I used to. In this course there were
three perspectives I learned about; which are the typological, psychological and neurophysiological. Studying these perspectives made me understand people on a deeper level
and different than before. One of the people that this course helped me to understand
them better and differently is my friend. I used to think of him as an annoying and
irritating person, I hated how he always told me what I should do and what I should not.
He was like my guilty conscience in a human shape. But then I learned about the shadow
and the shadow projection which helped me realize a lot of different things I wasn’t
aware of. What is more, what dramatically changed my perspective and mindset was an
exercise called “3-2-1” which made me realize that I was wrong all the time and that the
problem was within me. What made me feel annoyed and irritated with my friend was the
hidden drive within me to do exactly what he was saying but instead of doing it, I felt
pressured and stressed every time he reminded me of my goals. Another person this
course helped me in understanding him better is my little brother. I used to think that he
had limited abilities but when I when I studied the typologies I realized that everyone has
his own gifts and unique abilities that are different from the others. I also understood that
One’s strength can be other one’s weakness and vice versa. This includes my brother who

I thought of him before as weak but after this course it made me pay attention more and
realize his strengths which made me believe in him more. In addition, most importantly
this course and the perspective in it made learn a lot about myself and my weaknesses
and strengths. It me pay attention to my drive and desire, and I became less pressured
and stressed because I started thinking about pressure and stress as the drive and desire
hidden inside me which me motivated instead of having anxiety. It even helped me and
made me start taking steps toward my goal and get back on track. I now understand
people better and on a deeper level.